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~Forever Hellbound ~

By _Apocalyptic_
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This is for a book thing I'm writing because why not. This takes place in the universe of Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel by Viv with some of my twist fell free to tell Me what you think.
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_Apocalyptic_     141d ago

One moment a man was breathing his last breath the next,  falling.[i no, this can not be right.No.] The dead man was flailing his arms around as he fell deep and deeper. The air would escape his lungs as he fell down with a sickly thud. Luckily he was able to crawl out of the road. His head would throb as he passed out. It was clear that hours had passed by the time he woke up. His head still throbbed.

He would remember what happened but not how he got there. The world seemed to have an eerie red tint over the town. His eyes would look at everything. Everything was some kind of Demon monster thing. Soon the man jumped up and then ran. His heart felt like it would come out of his chest. Soon he would hear a familiar voice call to him.

" There is my dear friend!" Would be heard it sound like from one of the old radios. The sound would put him off a bit but he knew that voice. His face lit up.

" Oh, thank God! Someone, I know..." the man turned to face the voice to star in horror, " Jesus who the hell are you? Your not Alastor!" The man backed away. Alastor would grab his wrist and yank him back.

" oh but I am Dear, Sebastian," Alastor would look him up and down, " Well at least I have some bit of humans unlike you!" He would force him to turn. As he turned he would see a monstrosity. He was a doll with mich-mach parts, a bear, bat, bird, cat, snake, and gator. He still wore something like what he wore to his work. The man put his bear paw and cat paw over his cat ear and Bat ears and started to yank. He wanted this to be some sick drunken nightmare he was having. He saw what sounded like a friend still smiling yet the smile wasn't kind but a threat  to the taller monster.

As he yanked he would feel pain and hear popping. He felt something on his paw stop as he closed his eyes. His tail would lift up as he yanked and scratched at it. He would see blood and stuffing. He fell to the ground as a mix of animal screams rang out. Alastor would bend down over him.

" My, my what a horrible sound you make. Everyone has their own way of deal I suppose. You need medical help right away my friend, this way!" He would point with chipperness in his voice. He yanks the bloody doll to flood him. As they walked smaller demons would laugh and Sebastian would claw them before getting yanked away.

When they stop Alastor shoved the doll inside. An old Imp was in there sowing a 'Thing' he turned to the red light and hunkered down.

" Fix him, good man." Alastor shoves the doll toward him. The imp would quickly nod and run over. Sebastian would try to swat him away, but Nothing. He attempted to move, but nothing. He could feel the pain of all that was happening. By the time the imp backed away he was seeing double and his tail was sore. Yet from what he could see the imp was bloody. [I blood? I still bleed? Oh fuck me my head]

" there you are good Sir." Alastor the man who seemed to put fear into this poor thing would give it some money before once again yanking him away. He would close his eyes hoping he would wake up only to open them and see this deer thing posing as Alastor pulling him to where ever he felt like. He would kick at it. Soon he saw the thing's head turn around to face him even when his feet faced forward and walked.

" Don't do that again!" Alastor would hiss but he would watch as the taller Doll passed out out of fear. Which was odd seeing how he never fears anything before. He tall red head Demon laughed as his growing deer horns would go back to small twig like things. He used his power to make him float and follow him to his home


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