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love and rocĸ & roll

By Hana_Panda13
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"Breaking news! Play boy, heartthrob Muse A from the band Bat Boys is engaged. Let's take a moment of silence for our chance with him. Now that's done, let's start a poll to see how long it'll take before his fangirls rip that poor girl apart."

Muse B recently moved to New York City from her small town in hopes to actually live her life. She's been in the city for a month, when she moved there, she didn't have a lot of money so she had to move into an apartment with a few other people. Within the month that she's been in the city, she became really good friends with her roommates, so when they invited her to some rock band, she jumped at the chance. Though she wasn't really one for the band, she was just excited to be apart of a group. But she unaware of how the night would really go as her friends pulled her to the front of the crowd, right in the line of view of the band.

Muse A is (the lead singer/guitarist/or drummer) of the Bat Boys, he is also known as the heartthrob of the band. He has a much larger following than his fellow band mates, which doesn't bother them too much since it's helped them build such a large following. The unfortunate thing, he's also a major playboy and has had multiple girlfriends since they become famous. This, his band is not too fond of, they feel like his multiple relationships are causing him to loose focus on the band as well as making them all look like players. So to get his band off of his back, he lies and tells them that he has actually been dating a girl for a while and even proposed to her. Now he just needed to pick a girl that would be willing to follow through with this ploy.

You see where this is going. Things are weird enough as it is that Muse A is lying to his best friends and now has Muse B doing the same, but things get worse when Muse B started liking the band's photographer while Muse A's ex comes back into his life. Where will this go? Will they end up with the other people or will they fall in love during this ruse?
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Hana_Panda13{rocĸ & roll}   150d ago

[center [font "times roman new" Thea stared at the tv as the picture came across the screen for the fifth time today. It was on a different news outlet but it was the same picture. The very picture that would define her life from here on out. [#DC143C "Did last night really happen?"] She asked out loud to her two roommates, not taking her eyes off of the tv screen. "It did," she heard April say from her spot in the kitchen where she was cooking dinner. April was done sitting on the couch after the third time the picture had popped up. Thea still couldn't believe that what happened last night actually happen, no matter how many times the photo aired.]]

[center [font "times roman new" "Have you decided if you're really going to do this or not?" She paused the screen and finally looked away to look at Jensen, her other roommate. He was curled up on the couch next to her, where he's been since the first airing. He was just as amazed and as stressed as she was that he had picked all of his nail polish off from his nails. "Think about how amazing it would be to be engaged, fake or not, to a rockstar!?"]]

[center [font "times roman new" The looked back at the paused screen, reading the head line. "Lead singer of Bat Boys is officially engage." With it was a photo of Thea and that very lead singer, fingers intertwined with their hands over their heads. Thea had a face of shock and he had a face of being very pleased with himself. In the corner was another photo of their hands, zoomed in to show the ring of Thea's finger which was actually one of the ones he was wearing that night that he put onto her in front of the sold out crowd. She looked down at the ring that was still on her thumb. Was she ready for this?]]

[center [pic]] 

[center [font "times roman new" [b The Day Before]]]

[center [font "times roman new" Athena James grew up in a small town. The type of town where nothing happens and no one leaves. Everyone knows everyone and her dad, who was the one to start calling her Thea, was one of the most known people in town. He's the sheriff of town, as clique as that sounds but it's true. But growing up, she felt like belle from Beauty and the Beast, wanting adventure in the great wide somewhere. And the somewhere was not the hoe down town that she grew up in. After graduating high school, she took on two jobs to save up enough money to move away as well to pay for a place to live until she could make the money at a new job in whatever city or town she moved to.]]

[center [font "times roman new" It took her a few years but she finally saved up enough and two weeks ago she had finally moved to New York City. She was able to find a nice apartment with two other people who she ended up bonding with rather quickly. Both of them were fans of rock and roll bands, chains, dark nail polish, and coffee. So much coffee. April is small pixie girl who cooks amazing food and is constantly dying her hair. The current color being purple. She actually helped Thea dye her hair when she moved it. Thea used to have caramel brown hair and now she has a fire-like color.]]

[center [font "times roman new" Jensen, their other roommate, has shoulder length brown hair. He always has his nails painted, wears move jewelry than her, and currently obsessed with some band called the Bat Boys. Which brings us to this moment now, the three roommates were slowly making their way to their spots at one of their concerts. Jensen had scored some tickets from a co-worker at his bar that came down with covid, along with the other people that co-worker had planned to take to the concert. April was ecstatic to go, while Thea would have been fine staying home but she has never been to a concert so she decided to tag along.]]

[center [font "times roman new" Thea was at the front of their group, making slow progress to their seating with such a long line in front of her but she finally made it to their spot. It was a pretty decent spot, it wasn't right at the stage but they were decently close enough. She turned to go down their aisle when a pair of hands grabbed her arm. "Nope, we're not actually sitting here, we're going right up front," Jensen said as he started leading her through the large crowd to get them to the front. [#DC143C "Won't we get in trouble if security catches us?"] She complained, though she wasn't really fighting him. The idea of being right up front sounded exciting.]]

[center [font "times roman new" "Hell no, they are more worried about girls getting topless and the guys doing coke in the bathroom." Thea quickly looked back at him, shock on her face. Before she could say anything, she bumped into the fence that separated the crowd from the stage. She still didn't have time to say anything because as soon as opened her mouth, band members started to come out onto the stage and the crowd drowned out any words she even thought to say.]]
FROSTBITE4395{Rock & Roll}   122d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

[center [#008000 "Renound rocker, Lukason "Lionall" Tia, better known as Revelation by his millions of fans, died today at twelve o' three, he was seventy three years old. The authorities have yet to release any information as to the cause of death. It truly is a sad day for the world right now."] A newsman said on a T.V. that had been left running as Paramedics loaded up a Seventy-Three year old man into a body bag, It appeared as if he had been shot and stabbed multiple times.

[#ff6900 "The worst part is, I enjoyed the fame."] 

Fifty years before his death[#0ebff1 "Luke! I need you here! Not in whatever fantasy your living in. We started this band when we were in middleschool with dreams we never thought we could accomplish, and now we're here living them. I need you to get your head in the game, man. Or else your out of the band, you don't start showing improvement in the next few shows, we're cutting you. So get your shit together."] Dawn said, he was Lukas's best friend since elementary school, They had both grown up listening to bands like Iron Maiden, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day and even Shinedown. [#7200ff "Hey guys."] Jasha said, She had a soft voice, barely got past her lips if you weren't listening hard enough, she was the drummer for the band and also Dawns wife, [#7200ff "I hope I'm not bothering you two, but the show is starting in a couple of minutes."] she said, exiting the room, Closing the door behind her. [#ff6900 "I understand, Dawn, Don't worry, I've got it all figured out."] Luke said.

[#ff6900 "Can you see them!?
Running faster that the bulls!?
[b It's Like they've been there forever! Foreverr!! FOREVERRR!!]"] A young man sung on a stage. Once the concert was coming to a close Lionall looked out at the audience and gave them all a big smile [#ff6900 "Thankyou all for coming out tonight! And I have a very special announcement for all of you! ]" he yelled, Pulling a girl with Firey red hair out from the audience, [#ff6900 "Thea..."] He said, getting down on one knee, [#ff6900 "... Will you marry me?"] he asked with a smile.


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