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Come Together (Closed)

By PrincessPeach

Two girls, two kingdoms. One the legendary light and the other the legendary darkness. On the brink of war for what seems all time.

Centuries come and centuries go and yet this is the story still told.

Two kingdoms made up of angels and demons must come together to stop Armageddon the princesses of both are forced into marriage because they HAVE to be the ones to end the war and finally bring darkness and light together. The only thing is NEITHER wants to marry and they are polar opposites in every way.
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PrincessPeachKrissy   17d ago

The young woman of twenty-one's ears twitched on her head and she dug her nails into her hands as her hair was pulled (well having a brush run through it). This had been going on for the last hour and Krissy still didn't understand why such a big deal was being made of the ball being held that night. Oh wait, she did but she was NOT at all happy about it. Supposedly being twenty-one and not married the princess of "Light" was becoming an old maid. Or that was what all who were of the outer circle were made to believe. Those in the inner most circle knew the real reason. This ball was the first that Krissy was to meet her future wife AND as the legends of old foretold stop Armageddon.

[b "Mother, do I really have to be doing this? What if she and I have absolutely nothing in common? You and father got to marry for love and had a choice.... Why must I be the one forced into something I do not wish to do?"] Krissy knew that her mother would be upset with her for yet again trying to get out of this meeting and further still get out of the marriage that had apparently been arranged since before she was born. But truly, the times were changing, and the tiger-angel girl could not understand why they and their ways were not.

"Kristina, I know that you are young and that you do not understand. But when being a ruler, or in your case a future ruler you must learn to put the needs of your people before your own. You are to serve them and their best interests. And in this case, it is up to you and your future bride to bring the kingdoms together and to finally bring balance to darkness and light. Only the two of you may be able to stop the ending days that have been foretold for so long a time." Agatha said, keeping voice and words steady, though by the look on the aging woman's face it was very clear she was tired of the fight and explaining to her daughter again and again why she could not live her life as freely as most.

A sigh slipped from soft pink lips as the maid who had been brushing her hair finally was done and it fell in golden brown waves down her back. [b "I....I understand mother."] Came the quiet and defeated words of Krissy as she made her way back to the bed where the powdered pink ballgown awaited her. And upon seeing the dress, the young woman cringed and looked back to where her mother had been standing only to find the woman gone. [b [i 'Of course this would be the case...And she knows I absolutely loathe the colour pink as well...But tonight, I am not me... I am as all wish to see me as.']] With those thoughts in her mind, Krissy slipped into her dress and heels and made her way from her room and down the long halls where classical music could be heard drifting up from the dining hall.

Upon getting to the grand staircase, a deep breath was taken and a fake smile she only hoped could pass for real slipped to her lips. Once she had gained enough composure, the young woman made her way down the stairs and went to stand with her mother and father at the head of the great hall, awaiting their special guest of the evening. Though every moment that passed, Krissy found herself praying for an early end to what she knew would be a very long night.


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