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Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Rp

By _Apocalyptic_
Backup thread

This takes place in the universe of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. You can play different cannon Characters and OC. During this I will place as some cannon and a lot of my Ocs to flesh them out.
Cannon Characters I'm playing as
Stolas ( Stolas x Blizzo all the way)
Then of course my OCs
I'll mostly be Meltdown and Ludacris but I have others to.
I would like this to take place after "The Circus" (from Helluva Boss)
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_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

Meltdown was walking around his hands behind his back. His bat ear would twich as chatter from other demons could be heard. His teeth could show as he watched everyone walk about. His bat eye would stay closed as he walked his cat paw covered it up.

Alastor would walk about with his yellow teeth gleaming. Some ragtime music could be heard from him. He would snap his fingers to the tune. He would laugh to himself shaking his head.
CreekSummer   155d ago

But, Somewhere else, something strange appeared.

A portal the rippled and hummed.

Five figures came through the portal. Four human, one not so human.


Summer breathed heavily as she squatted down and caught her breath. “Every- Everyone okay?”

She got a few mutters and hums.

“Okay uh-“ she stopped, looking up at a red sky. “Huh? This isn’t Nexus City…”

Summer turned and glared at a curly haired boy. “Matthew!-“

“What? I-…” The boy coughed. “I didn’t do this! I may have control of the dimensional dust but doesn’t mean I would send us to- here…?”
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

Meltdown cat ear would hear some commotion but he couldn't quite make out what was being said. His eyes snaped over to the bright light from the Portal. His ears would twich as he was now intrigued by this unknown thing. Meltdown's hat would slightly fall off his head as he tried to make his way to it slowly. He would see the quick flash of something flash by him which he assumed was one of those fallen angel things. He seemed.

Chill on the other hand was going fast as his little wing would take him to the light. He thought that this was his way back home. That they realized he did nothing wrong so they came back for him. 

" I'm here! I told you I did nothing wrong!" He piped happily but stoped as he say the others and that they wasn't angels. He huffed and crossed his arms. 
" oh your not who I thought."  His cute small ears twiched as his glowing hallo would brighten then dim. To them he seemed out of place light he didn't belong there.
CreekMatthew   155d ago

Matthew backed up and tried to go back through but the portal closed on them.

“Oh come on!- first we get chased by some spider jester! And NOW we don’t know where we are!”

Matthew panicked as he looked around and then at the cat angel. “And what the hell are you?! And where the hell is this place!”

Summer had backed up and was reaching into her backpack just in case.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago


" well my name is Chill and well my friends got banned from Heaven and took Mr with them. Well you already now it hell." Chill looked to summer,  " I'm small if you wanted you would swat me away." His taill swayed in the air as he floated about.  " beside I'm trying to prove I'm worthy to get back to Heaven!" He fixed up his glasses. 
" beside what are you doing here your human not a Demon or angel." Chill looked at everyone one at a time.

Meltdown was walking his tail would push other demons out of his way. He stayed to the shadows ad he walked. Soon he would hear Chill and the others talking so he stayed still and tried to see them from the shadows still confused on what the hell happened.
CreekBriana   155d ago

Briana butt in before Matthew could spit any sort of bullcrap.

“So hell…? Interesting. And yeah we’re human, what about it?”

Briana seemed more sassy and annoyed with everything as she looked around.

A smaller and younger looking figure came up to the cat angel and offered him a purple lavender flower.

Briana was going to pull him away but Summer stopped her.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

He clapped his hands with a smile, " well you see that means your not a Demon because once you die you get transformed. And your not human. So I'm just happy I don't have to deal with demons."  Chill looked to the flower then to the small figure. He seemed confused on what was happening. He slowly reached out a paw like hand.
" is this for me, or are you just showing me it?" Chill as as he got down closer to the ground. 

Meltdown eyes shown it was humans not animals they was living. He rolled his eyes at the kindness of the cat angel. Meltdown let out a story but still watched not wanting to just jump out yet. His makeshift tell swayed side to side like a cats.
CreekKevin   155d ago

“For you…” he spoke in a whispered and moved forward so it was almost in his face.
“Do you want it?”

Briana didn’t seem to trust the cat angel at all but had to trust Summer on this as she watched Kevin carefully.

Matthew went and snooped around the place they were at. He swore he saw eyes somewhere.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

He would nod as he took the flower. The flowers was almost as big as he was.
" thank you, " Chill nodded " also who are you all, as you know I'm Chill." He was pleased with having the flower it has been so long since he has went up to earth.

Meltdown would see Mathew and took a steep back a few branches would break. 
" Shit." He would run Mathew would see something run to another nearby tree. Meltdown would look around tring to find Mathew not wanting to be found but knew at some ponit he would be found
Creek     155d ago

“I’m Kevin. Those are my friends.” Kevin pointed to Summer, Briana, and Matthew.

Summer smiled. “I’m summer…”

Briana glared at chill. “Briana.”

Matthew would back up. “Guys?- something is watching us-“
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

Chill would give a slight glare to Briana, " you know miss I'm not half as scary as the demons here." He would tell her.
" nice to meet you all though." He nodded. His head turned to Matthew, " well I'm sure something will always be watching here." He would say. " but this isn't the safest spot here if you all agree then I can take you to a safe hotel. " his golden eyes seemed to glow more.

Meltdown would finally come out of his hiding spot. He was abnormally tall. He seemed to be a make shift animal make of different types. He seemed to also look like a doll. He would take off his hat and hold it as he walked closer. They all would see twoteth poke from his mouth witch made him look goofy. He stopped a ways off.
CreekSummer   155d ago

Summer immediately turned and took out a large sword from her bag. A glistening pink sword with a star on the bottom and where the dark pink handle was.
A star emblem was also in the middle of the sword which seemed to be powering up.

“Who the hell are you? We’re you watching us?” Summer looked the strange doll demon up and down.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

Chill jumped at the sight of the sword and turned showing his teeth. 
" Meltdown, and yes I was. You see I bright light isn't common here you see miss." He ponited to where the light was. His eyes moved to the sword, " and that sword will just hurt Me not kill me." He would cross his arms still not getting closer.
CreekSummer   155d ago

“That’s the point. I don’t kill.” Summer glare at Meltdown.

Matthew backed up. “Fuck this shit. Nope. I’m gone.”

Briana sneered. “Dont just go out into some weird environment!”

Matthew flipped her off but stopped seeing the place. He came back. “Nevermind.”
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" then what the hell are you doing  down here?" His ear twiched his arms uncrowded. " if I wanted to hurt you I would of done so already." He stated then rolled his eyes at Chill, " is that little -" he ponited with his bear paw to him." Whatever bothering you?" He asked chill got into his face. 
" my name is Chill you numb skull! " chill yelled all meltdown did was laugh at it. 
" well you got some friends at lest." He ponited to the flower.  Meltdown looked to the red sun, " any of you have a idea on where to go then that's safe? I mean you all seem to have a brain and know what your doing correct?" Meltdown asked. 

Chill flew back to the other angrily.
CreekKevin   155d ago

Kevin just watched them all argue and fight so he quietly walked away and out into the streets.

He just walked around and ignored stares of demons. Luckily none of them did anything.

He quickly bumped into another figure when he was a bit away. He slowly looked up and tilted his head. He didn’t seem at all scared and more curious.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" hey I'm walking," husker would stop and almost drop his bottle. " your a human!" His wings unfurled. He looked to his bottle then to Kevin then hid the bottle. " what are you doing here?" He asked still not believing what he was seeing.
  His tail would sway as he looked behind him for any other human unsure on what to do.  Husk eyes would look around for anyone to help. 
(Sorry if thus isn't who you wanted I'm not sure I'm sorry.)
CreekKevin   155d ago

(Don’t mind lol :P)

Kevin just stared up at him. “Yeah. I’m 14 years old.”

Kevin then looked behind him then at Husk. “I was here with my friends but they’re arguing with somebody. I wanted to explore.”
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

( okay :D)
He would stop, " oh well don't you know that that's very dangerous?" He asked the small child. His wings would go back down . He looked and saw a bench. His hand would grab his hand and make his way over to the bench. 
" hey kid, who was your friends arguein' with?" He asked putting him in the bench and crossing his arms. His eyes would glare and any Demon who stop and looked over.
CreekKevin   155d ago

“A weird doll looking person! Somebody named Meltdown?” Kevin shrugged then his eyes widened. “Wait!-“

He went through his bag and he pulled out another flower. A carnation.

“Flower?” Kevin offered the flower to him.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

His ears twiched as he gently took the flower and put held it. His frown for the slightest moment turned to a smile.
" oh meltdown won't do anything to them he stays at the hotel. " He shrugged.  As he  sat down beside him still a bit weary. 
" so kid why are you and your friends here any ways?" His eyebrow rasied.
CreekKevin   155d ago

“We we’re running-“ Kevin jumped hearing a loud noise and a familiar shriek.

“Oh! We were running from him!” Kevin pointed in a certain direction,

A large spider jester looking creature was roaming the place, hissing and seeming to be sniffing, or looking around.

the creature had large spider like legs coming from their multi splatter colored poncho. On their head were two sets of horns and a wide mouth opening up with an eye looking through it with sharp teeth.
On the sides of their head were weird tendril things, curled and curling all the way down aorund their cheeks. (Something similar to kingdom hearts heartless-)
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" that a ugly thing." He looked  like he had a sour taste in his mouth. " how about we go fie a fly kid?" With waiting on a response he picked up Kevin and flew high into the sky. " you see your friends anywhere?" He asked still holding tightly to him as he watched the unknown spider thing.  His tail swaying as if he would ponce on the thing.  Husk would start to fly from where Kevin ran from but still slow enough for him to point where his friends was. He would keep his hat in his mouth so it wouldn't fly away.

Kevin would be able to see some tree bend from the wind created by his wings. His eyes would scan the land as he saw what he assumed was hid friends along with Meltdown. He dove down then keep a lightly hold on him. Meltdown was just starring confused. Chill had now taken Meltdowns hat
CreekKevin   155d ago

Kevin pointed to one direction before the creature saw them.

“You…” the spider thing growled and screeched.

It jumped high into the air and landed in front of husk and Kevin.

“Finally.” It cackled and opened its mouth quickly. It was fast enough to almost take a bite as it was trying to do.

Kevin pulled husk to the side quickly as it missed. “Run!” Kevin screamed but it more sounded like a quiet yell.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" fuck you!" Husker would through the bottle at it. Husker grabbed Kevin and started running. 

" Meltdown fucking help me!" He would yell. The make shift dool quickly ran over and clawed at the spider and jumped back. His third eye opened more reviling a red eye that seem ed to have two irs.  He would attempt to bite him but jump back more. His teeth would grow shaper as he looked bout now backing away unsure on what to do.

Husker would look trying to find anyone to help. 
" Invasion! Theirs a Invasion!" Husker screamed.  He would try to fly to anywhere to keep him safe. His teeth was gritted ad he would try to keep him safe from the spider. His ears was back.
CreekSummer   155d ago

Before the creature could blow an attack on him, Summer came out and put the sword up. A large blast form the star in the sword went at the creature, making it hiss and fall back.

“You- AGH!- HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?!” Jester then slowly grew bigger and bigger, mouth and teeth becoming sharper and more legs coming out from underneath their poncho.

“AHH!” Jester screeched and lunged at summer, using their spider legs to attack summer.

Summer dodged each one, blocking with her sword and getting to a certain area. “MATTHEW!”

Summer dodged the next attack and rolled out of the way.

Matthew came out but he was like a blinding light, and almost electric like. Matthew came out and sent a wave of lighting at jester.

Jester screeched louder, but it didn’t seem to do much as he only grew lager.

Briana then came out as she saw Jester about to bite down on Matthew. She had rollerblades this time and sped over there, grabbing Matthew and moving out of the way.

“FUCKING- AGH!” Jester screeched.

(Yeah I’m not good with fight scenes sorry lol-)
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

Meltdown would leap at Jester biting down as hard as he could. Soon the ground under Jesters feel would start to fall down showing a black void. The gourd under the others would stay.  Soon meltdown jumped off to the others his tail swayed .
" the hell are you!" Hus voice was like a roar.  He would try to make su= everyone was safe. 

Chill would grab a stick that was twice his size and throw it at him. 
" leave them alone!" He would go to the others terrified of the thing he saw. His look would turn to a glare at Jester.  His claws would show but didn't move to attack him. 

Meltdown would start to shove a near by tree hearing it start to break and snap as he shoved it. Hid bat eye was pure black now. 
" why don't you leave?" He hissed. He was planing on trading him in the void.
( it's all good!)
CreekBriana   155d ago

Jester had backed away and growl, getting out and running off. But he stopped for a second.

“Eyes will continue his plans. Mortals. We will stop at NOTHING!” 

Jester then went through a large portal as his form shrank and he was now gone.

Briana scoffed and her rollerblades went away. “Did we leave anything behind?”

Matthew had gone back to normal and landed on his butt. “Ow!- and- no I don’t think so? I hadn’t for sure.”

Summer shrugs and hummed quietly.

Kevin smiled and hugged Husker. “Thank you mister!”
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

They would watch as the ground seemed to be back to normal.
" hey someone tell me what that thing was about?" Meltdown ponited to where Jester was. Then shook hus head confused.  Hus eyes moved docisinf on each sound. " I'm not going to get anything am i?" He whispered with a sigh as he took his hat and put it on. 

Husk would laugh. " yeah yeah kid also call me Husk." He would tell him as he landed beside Summer putting him down still holding his flower.  Chill would tightly hold onto his own. All three of them looked to the humans waiting for some kind of explanation onwhat had just happened.

Chill went to Kevin, " the Demon didn't hurt you did he?" Chill clearly didn't trust any of the demons.
CreekMatthew   155d ago

Briana held Kevin close but Kevin shook his head. “Nope!”

“And that was jester.” Matthew sighed and shook his head.

“Demon of greed and comes from where we were at before. He feeds on the fear of children but especially the greed of others…And this place could be the reason why he could turn into- THAT!”

Summer nods. “Yeah- and nothing of our stuff but our abilities work…Which sucks- we need to contact somebody- and fast- but requires a few things-“
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" well I'm surprised."  Chill nodded as he flew around trying to see if anyone was harm so he could help them.

" well that sucks because well welcome to hell." Meltdown would say earing a slap from Chill.  He nodded to Matthew, " well what is it you need anyways?" He asked trying to help or something. Meltdown leand on a neat by dead tree.

 husks tail swayed as he crossed his arms 
Husk yawned, " well that Jester IA horrid, also I'm sorry you all gotta deal with that" hevwould add. Chill would try to slap husk but backed off when he hissed at him.
CreekMatthew   155d ago

“Well…we need a radio, tape, a translator just in case, Some sort of food, and we also need something else- a crystal. Any type is fine.”

Briana shrugged. “Yeah don’t question it. It’s weird.”
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" well, I know where a radio is um tape sure food got it now a crystal um that's a good question buy I'm sure someone knows where some are." Husk would say, " would you like for us to show you,' he asked. 

Chill would think, " oh and I know someone who might be able to get you a crystal thing."  

Meltdown would nod, " yeah your right that is weird with what you need." He added. " but your positive this will work?" He asked blinking.
CreekMatthew   155d ago

Matthew nods. “Yeah. I’ve done it before!”

Briana looks at them. “Is it fine to use that hotel? It would be safer for us that way, especially with everyone..staring.”

Briana held Kevin close to her. Kevin didn’t seem to care and just hugged her.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" yeah seeing how that is where everything is and don't worry the ones in there won't hurt you." Meltdown  lead them over and hold the door for them. as they walked in they say that it was all the way a mess but not the neatest. 

A small Demon would be runing around cleaning. A blonde Demon was chasing after her tring to get her to take a break. Then a Demon in a eyepatch sat next to a pink spider Demon. A tall man would turn he was waring red.

" oh hello friends what brought you to this hell hole?" Alastor Asked his voice cricking sounding like a radio his smile grew and he held out a hand for them to shake.

" oh leave them alone Al." Husk rolled his eyes and went bend a bar and sat down watching the place. Tge blonde would run over to meltdown and jump happily.

" you brought friends!" She smiled, " wellcome to the happy hotel how may we help you?" She asked
CreekSummer   155d ago

“We need to borrow the place to make a radio to contact a friend. We we’re going to somewhere else but…”

“We got attacked and had to flee and accidentally ended up here- and yes we’re human.” Briana spoke.

Matthew looked at the radio demon. “Hell no. If I know horror movies that shit ain’t good-“ Matthew backed off.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" oh me bad? You got it all wrong friend-"  al would try to talk but nifty ran to his dusting him off.
" so dusty Al." Then she ran to the group and dusted their shoes. " we must keep this place clean, oh also my name is nifty." 

" oh humans well we can try to be helpful after all we are here to change and be better! Charlie but her hand on her wasit. " oh I'm Charlie." She added.  

Meltdown would come back with a old style radio and put it on a table. " would this work.?" He asked. Al would walk around still with a smile planted on his face humming. A ragtime song could be heard from alastor.
CreekSummer   155d ago

“Yes this can work. Matthew and Briana?-“

Briana nods and gets the radio. “We can change this up in about…2 hours.”

Matthew lit his hands up and nods. His hands sparked with a bit of lighting as he followed Briana to the bar.

“And Kevin?” 

Kevin looked at Summer. “Yeah?”

“Go look around- just- be careful.”

Kevin smiled and nodded. “Can I look around mrs.Charlie?” He said with curiosity and stars in his eyes.
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

" oh of course you can. And you can just call me Charlie." She would smile and nodd. They would hear Vaggie giggle from her seat. She would get up and walk over to Charlie. She waved to them.

Alaster would slightly pull his hair knowing that they was destroying his own radio. He turned to husker, "oh Husker you and Meltdown own me a radio." He would say 
" sure whatever " Husk rolled his eyes. 
Alaster would shake his head and walk off away from the radio. 

Meltdown would sit in a seat talking to the pink spider. But then rolled his eyes as he watched Matthew.

*Teleports into the hotel*
CreekKevin   155d ago

Kevin smiled and walked around, mostly looking in rooms but came to the pink spiders room and laid in his bed.
Kevin was tired from all the fighting and wanted to lay down and rest for a few days, maybe a week.

Summer tapped her finger as she looked at a map. The map showed different worlds, a completely different world, a new dimension.

“Okay so…We have no dust- and it may take days- who should we call?”

Briana shrugs. “Most likely call Bomber? I mean- he’s good with technology- but he doesn’t exactly like us.”

Matthew came in. “What about Weller? He may not be the closest but we are closer to him than anybody else- except for the other hero’s and all-“

*Dahlia walks around*
"Hey, anybody got any whiskey in this joint? After falling down here, I need some thing to keep me sane."
*Dahlia smiles as she walks over to Kevin* "How's it going bud?"
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

As he laid their a pig snort would be heard.  Soon after a small pink big walked over to him and licked him. The pig would lay next to him. The pig would snort slightly  in his ear. 

Charlie would listen to all of them. 
" um can I ask what is the dust your talking about is?" She asked
" and who those people your saying is?" Vaggie sked in a sassy tone as she looked to the group.

( hey Dead_Boi2004 if you want I can make a roleplay just for us.)

"Oh, hey... I'm Dahlia.." *She looks at Charlie* "I came looking for an old friend of mine, he went to hell back in '93, and I need his help with something, do you know where I can find a Jason Voorhees down here?"
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

She looked over to Dehlia. " oh um no notreally not I'm sure I can fond out." She sanoed and books appeared next to her as she looked through them. " well I know he's down here." He mote than likely in the bar near by".

"Thank you, I'm going to be a second, he's not really a talkative guy. And I am quite the opposite, and while you have the books out, check for a Kurdt Cobain, he ended up down here."
*She walks out*
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

As he laid their a pig snort would be heard.  Soon after a small pink big walked over to him and licked him. The pig would lay next to him. The pig would snort slightly  in his ear. 

Charlie would listen to all of them. 
" um can I ask what is the dust your talking about is?" She asked

" and who those people your saying is?" Vaggie sked in a sassy tone as she looked to the group.
CreekBriana   155d ago

Kevin smiled and hugged the pig.

Briana looked at them. “Our friends- I can show you picks if you want? And if my phone isn’t dead…”

Matthew laughed. “I’m literally pure energy? Hello?-“ 

Briana rolled her eyes. “Shut up…” she turned her phone on.

“Oh!” Summer spoke. “It’s a dust we use to travel from dimension to dimension- well- our dimensions-“
_Apocalyptic_     155d ago

The pig snorted and it little curly tail wagged in a way.

Charlie would smile and nod, " oh really ? That so cool!" She smiled more," oh you can also charge it there we have phones too." Charlie took out her own phone and showed them.

Vaggie would nod, " also these friends what are they like?" He asked Briana. As she took a steep closer to her starting to get used to the group. 

" wow Vaggie can be nice!" The pink spider said and laughed. Charlie looked over.
" yeah just not to you, Angeldust!" She yelled to him her bow turned to horns but then went back to normal.  " sorry.:
CreekBriana   155d ago

Briana smiled and showed them a picture. “These guys.

The photo had many of them but some stood out more.

For one a box head character. A brown box and swirls of rainbow colors going over their left cheek and right eye.
Their clothing a gray hoodie, blue jeans and red shoes. A paintbrush behind their back.

Another seemed to be a lemur and  rabbit mix. Large blue rabbit ears and a stripped white and blue lemur tail.
Their clothing seemed to one of a mechanics. Slightly baggy yet seeming comfortable.

Another was a bomb head. Clothing like a generals and an eye patch over their left eye. His expression seemed more mad and insane than others in it.


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