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By Mental
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I’m desperate. Life has taken its toll on me. I need a distraction. I do not know how long-term a roleplay will be if I dive into one, but you know what? Fuck it.

My roleplay requirements:

•Any age. I don’t do age specified roleplays.
•Do not expect my activity to be the greatest.
•I do not want you to contact me if you’re going to leave me a one-liner and no detail. Give me something to work with. I preferably would like 3-4 paragraphs bare minimum.
•Grammar is not too big of a deal for me. Just make sure I can read what you write.
•I’m open minded, but I will not do romance/relationship type roleplays.
•Tend to not do so well with combat roleplay. I’d like to learn how to do so with someone or on my own, but as for a roleplay centered around combat or involving combat, I’m not your person for that.
•Come to me with an idea. I do not have ideas at the moment. However, I can always help develop your idea further.
•I could not give two literal fucks if you are: male, female, non-binary, gay, whatever. I roleplay with people interested regardless of gender, race, identity, etc.

Start a roleplay with me if you want a laid back, no rush type of roleplay.

Trying to find my previous roleplays? Pretty sure I’ve locked or tucked them away.
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