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Survive [1x1 For MourningGlory]

By Lovely_Poison


Desdemona Sterling



Soft-spoken, kind, people pleaser, loyal

Desdemona was a kindergarten teacher for the elementary school that she attended when she was a child. On her off days, she was often at her mothers' house, helping her with gardening or just hanging out to watch silly Rom Coms. On the day the world ended, she was out buying a birthday gift, a new watch for her mom. Unfortunately, she never got to give it to her, and though it's broken now, she continues to wear it as a reminder of what she's lost.

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Lovely_PoisonDesdemona   19d ago

[center [b "Yes mom. Yes, I know. No, don't worry about it. I'll take care of it as soon as I get there, I promise. Yes ma'am. I love you, too. See you soon."]]

[center A sigh escaped Desdemona's lips as she set her phone on the passenger seat next to the watch she had just bought. Her mother didn't know it yet but it was her birthday present. Desi had seen the way she had looked at it the last time they'd gone to the mall together. As soon as she'd been paid, she'd gone out to get it for her. She knew she was going to get scolded for spending the money, but she'd been careful to budget everything out and had known she could afford it without issue. Deep down, her mother would love it and be thankful, even if she wouldn't show it right away.]

[center That was what she was looking forward to as she drove down the road, humming along with a song on the radio. Today was going to be a good day. She could feel it in her bones.]

[center Only she'd been wrong. She hadn't known that when the car ahead of her suddenly swerved and crashed into the one beside it. Nor did she know it when the driver of the car beside her got out to go check on the other ones. She wanted to get out, to go help, since that was the kind of person she was, but something kept her inside of her Kia. Something didn't feel right. She'd been right, too. The person that had been driving the first vehicle, the one that had swerved, had fallen out of their car. As soon as the third driver reached out to check on them, the first driver turned and sunk their teeth into them.]

[center Desi would watch in shock and horror as the guy would scream and pull away, blood painting the ground and face of the biter before he sunk his teeth into his neck. The next few seconds happened so fast that she didn't have the words for it. The man convulsed, went limp, and then within those few seconds, was back up. Both of them quickly turned their attention to the woman in the car that had been hit, breaking through her window and tearing at her as she screamed.]

[center Without another thought, Desi hit the gas, wanting to get away from the scene as fast as she could. It was a good thing, then, that she wasn't stuck behind a ton of cars like the others had been. It gave her plenty of time to speed away, her heart pounding as the fear and adrenaline ran through her. Reaching out, she grabbed her phone, quickly dialing her mother again with shaky hands. [b "Mom? Hey. I need you to lock the doors, okay? Don't ask questions. Just lock the doors and stay inside until I get there. It won't take too long ok? If you can, check the news channels. No, no I said don't ask. Just do it, please?"] The desperation in her voice must have been what convinced her mother to listen. [b "I'm ten minutes away. Keep the doors locked."]]

[center She'd pulled off the highway then, taking the exit that would take her straight home. The music on the radio didn't seem to fit the way she was feeling so she reached over and turned it off, the silence feeling heavier now. Whatever was happening felt like a nightmare. Like it couldn't be real. Being distracted, Desi didn't see the stop sign that she was driving through, nor did she see the car that was coming right for her. Not until it slammed into the side of her car, causing hers to spin before it came to a stop. She groaned as a sharp pain shot through her leg, looking down to find a piece of glass from the window wedged into the top of it. Taking a deep breath, she gripped it and yanked it out with a hiss.]

[center It was then that the other driver came over, screaming something at her, though she was too dazed to really hear her. Looking up at the pissed-off woman, she didn't have a chance to warn her when something came up behind her. The anger turned into pain as it sank its teeth into her shoulder. Gasping, Desi undid her seatbelt, scrambling over the seats and middle console to get out on the passenger side, dropping the box on the way out. Grabbing it, she hurried to her feet, doing her best to ignore the pain in her leg before she made her way down the sidewalk, figuring out fairly quickly where she was.]

[center It didn't take her much longer to make it home, hurrying up to her door. She tried the knob first, hoping she would find it locked, but her heart skipped a beat as it turned. Throwing it open, she limped inside before closing it behind her, setting the box on the table that rested against the wall right beside it. She was about to call out, to see what her mom was doing, when she heard something from the kitchen. Slowly, she started walking that way, stopping in the doorway.]

[center The scene before her was enough to make her sick as the undead creature chewed on the body on the floor. One she recognized so well. Glancing at the stove, Desi could see the pan her mother had set out to start making something, though it was obvious she'd never got the chance to start it. Then she looked over to see the sliding glass door, which led outside, was wide open. [i No...] Her mother liked to leave it open on nice days to let the breeze in. With how close she and the undead were to it, she could only assume that she'd gone to shut it when she'd been attacked.]

[center Moving over, she grabbed the pan, her body feeling numb as she held onto the handle tightly. Without a thought, she reared back and hit the thing on the back of the head with a sickening sound. It wasn't until then that she started bringing the pan down repeatedly, tears starting to roll down her face as more blood spattered the floor. It felt like forever before she finally fell to her knees, the tears blurring her vision of the now unmoving creature, before she dropped the pan on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/6Opfdjb.jpg]]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/KuL9ort.jpg]] [center The bar was fairly full for a Saturday morning, not something that Elias Baker was used to, but he wasn't going to complain. The tips were coming along just fine, which meant he'd be pretty good for the end of his shift that day. Working at [i The Black Cat] had never been in his plans when he'd gotten out of the service, but it was a decent side gig and helped him pay for anything that he was coming up short on or if he just wanted some extra cash. Sure, things were hard now, but once he was done with college, he'd be set.]

[center With a sigh, he finished cleaning the glass in his hands before he put it away, turning his attention to the counter as someone whistled at him. Smiling at the young woman, he walked over, placing his arm on top of it. [b "What can I get for you today?"]]

[center Blue eyes looked him up and down, what she could see of course, before she returned his smile. He recognized the look that said she found him attractive. He also recognized the silver ring on her left hand. If she really wanted to pick someone up then surely she would've taken it off. [b [i "Maybe something sweet? Why don't you surprise me?"]] Her tone was definitely flirtatious, but he shrugged it off before nodding.]

[center It didn't take him long to whip something up, a mix of pineapple juice, tequila, and lime, before he handed it to her. [b "Alright, sweets. Want to pay now or put it on a tab?"] It didn't take long to get a tab set up for the woman, who did a small flip of brunette hair before she walked away. Once her back was turned, the smile would falter. How would her significant other feel to know that she was out and about, flirting with bartenders, and possibly other men in the vicinity? That was one of the reasons why he still hadn't settled down.]

[center While he was overseas, his fiance at the time had left him a message to let him know that she was calling off the engagement and moving away to live with someone new that she had found. It had torn him up inside and he hadn't tried to tie the knot again since. Seeing that woman's attitude just brought back the painfulness of the memory. Knowing he had to shake it off, he turned away, going to check the stock in the fridges when the door suddenly crashed open. The chatter of the room quickly died down as he looked over to see what was happening.]

[center A man had stumbled in then, holding onto his side, blood staining his shirt and hands. [b "Jesus Christ..."] He would've run over, which was his first instinct, but another man that had been sitting at the bar was already moving over to check him out. Taking out his cell phone, Elias dialed 9-1-1, shocked when he got a busy signal. He'd never heard anything like that when calling the emergency number. Thinking that maybe something was wrong with his service, he tried again, only to be met with the same thing.]

[center Normally panic would've set in, but having worked in the military, it took a lot to actually get to that point. Shaking his head, he put the phone back in his pocket, working his way towards the office so that he could use the landline that resided in there when the man from the bar said the guy was dead. A wave of dread washed over him then before he turned to look over at them. [b "Put a jacket over him, someone, and I'll try to get ahold of the police."]]

[center [b [i "What do you mean try?"]] the woman from before asked, clearly freaked out by the whole thing.]

[center It was then that Elias realized what he said. Mentally cursing, he shook his head and offered her a reassuring smile. [b "I just have to use a different phone. Mine isn't working at the moment and I'm hoping the bill has been paid for the landline."] It was a bullshit story if he'd ever heard one but she seemed to buy it before she nodded, her fruity drink now forgotten. With that, he would make his way to the office, walking over to the desk to grab the phone. Once again, he got a busy signal. [b "Damn it all,"] he mumbled. Something was going on which did finally worry him. When was 9-1-1 [i ever] busy?]

[center A scream from the barroom caught his attention. Moving from the desk back out of the office, he would stand frozen as the previously dead man was moving again, burying his teeth into the man that had helped him before, a jacket laying on the ground beside them. It was like a horror movie then, one that Elias had seen one too many times, as the victim began crying out for help, trying to punch the undead man to get him off of him. It didn't work, however, and within seconds, he went limp.]

[center It seemed the chaos broke out then with everyone scrambling for the doors and running over one another to get out. The first undead man moved to attack another person as the man on the ground started moving again as well. Elias didn't hesitate then to shut the door to the office, locking it before she made his way to the other side, where a door led to the outside of the building. Convenient, that much was for sure. Reaching the desk on his way out, he grabbed the handgun that he was made to keep hidden inside. He liked to keep it on him at all times but wasn't allowed to carry it when he was working.]

[center Sneaking out the back after checking that it was still loaded, he glanced around before he made his way to his car, slipping inside. His house was a bit too far to drive, which proved to be difficult anyway when people were running around and cars were abandoned on the road. As he drove, he ignored people as they screamed for help or were run down by whatever undead bastards were tackling them. He didn't have time to think as he drove, too worried about getting to somewhere safe.]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/6Opfdjb.jpg]]

[left [pic https://imgur.com/E02nNwC.jpg]] [center A week had passed since the world turned to shit.]

[center Only a week since she'd had to bury her mother in her backyard.]

[center Making her way towards the store, Desdemona took a quick look around inside before she slowly opened the door. The power had been shut off sometime between that first day and now, so she wasn't worried that it would make any noise. It wasn't a large store, just a small convenience one, but it was good enough for her for the time being. It was still stocked with plenty of stuff, which would be great for her as she moved on. Her bag was empty so she'd be able to fill it with plenty of things.]

[center Moving around the counter, she took a second to look away as she spotted the dead body of what she had to assume was the store owner or clerk who worked there at the time. She was still trying to get used to the sight of the undead or the damage left in their wake. It wasn't easy, that was for sure. She went to turn away when a voice spoke behind her, making her blood run cold. [b [i "Drop the bat now."]] The voice was deep and rough like the man was tired or had smoked a little too much.]

[center Nodding, she slowly leaned down and set it on the ground, putting her hands up. She opened her mouth to say something but couldn't think of what would be good in this situation. [i You should've checked it out first,] she thought to herself. [b [i "Slowly turn around,"]] he said. She could hear him take a step back. Slowly turning, chocolate-colored eyes widened as she came face to face with the barrel of the gun in his hand. [b [i "Have you been bitten?"]]]

[center She quickly shook her head. [b "You're free to check if you feel the need to."]]

[center He seemed to consider it before shaking his head. [b [i "Any other weapons?"]]]

[center [b "Just the bat, which I'm doubtful is useful against a gun."]]

[center The two stood there in silence for a moment, staring at one another. Desi had to wonder if he was going to just pull the trigger and leave her for dead, but that fear went away as he slowly lowered his arm. [b [i "You're lucky I'm a nicer person or I would've just put a bullet between your eyes without hesitating."]] After putting the handgun back in its holster, he held his hand out to her. [b [i "Elias Baker. Hate to have met under these circumstances."]]]

[center Slowly nodding, she hesitated before she reached out and took his hand, giving it a quick shake. [b "Desdemona Sterling. The feeling's mutual."] She glanced down at the bat. [b "May I?"] With his own nod, she would reach down and grab it, strapping it to her bag as she looked around. [b "Are you going to give a shit if I look around?"]]

[center He shook his head before motioning around. [b "All yours. I've already grabbed what I could fit,"] he said, pointing to his own bag on his shoulder. Not exactly how she thought her day would start, but she wouldn't complain too much. He seemed decent enough. He could've shot her and he didn't, which gave her some hope that he wouldn't do it while her back was turned again.]


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