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Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

By Sunfall

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Join Headmistress Mcgonagall, Defense against the dark arts teacher Harry Potter, History of magic professor Hermione Weasley, (but everyone calls her professor Granger to prevent confusion), Flying instructor and quidditch Coach Ronald Weasley, Charms teacher Ginny Potter (professor Weasley), Potions Master Draco Malfoy and many more!

Your a student at Hogwarts, (2nd-5th year please), nothing's gone wrong... Yet.. Everyone's happy now that the dark Lord's gone for good, but Maximus Malfoys up to no good.

I'm only asking for a few sentences and proper spelling.
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SunfallLizzy Weasley   153d ago

Lizzy put her 6 books of light reading on her desk before greeting her charms professor. "Isn't It a lovely morning Professor Weasley? Classes are starting again!" Lizzy took a deep breath in and sat down, grabbing her parchment and quill out of her school bag.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   153d ago

Jaisyn ran into charms, Elias following close behind. Both Slytherin students had poor time management skills and were known to screw off between classes. They thought they were late for class and that's when they realized, they didn't have charms at that moment.

"I told you Elias" Jaisyn said, scoweling at her best friend.

"Hey! I forgot okay?!" Elias replied defensively, his forced american accent completely throwing off Jaisyn and more than likely whoever else was in the room.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   153d ago

Lizzy glared at them commenting to her fellow hufflepuff classmate, "Slytherin 's, never on time, in the right class, never do their homework properly. Honestly the most hated house." She picked up her quill preparing to take notes as soon as the class started.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   153d ago

"I heard that, you pansy" Jaisyn snapped at the Hufflepuff, dark eyes shooting daggers. Oh if looks could kill, Lizzy would be dead.

Elias smiled politely and apologized, "I'm sorry for her actions.. She often doesn't think before she speaks" 

"Shut it" Jaisyn said, taking a step closer to Lizzy in an almost threatening manor. She didn't plan to do anything, it was just to scare her. Show her how real Slytherin's can be.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   153d ago

Jumping up from her chair Lizzy resorted, "Oh please, all you slytherin are good for is killing people and being evil, but try something, Headmistress will have you in detention for the rest of the semester." Lizzy locked eyes with Jaisyn. "I can't believe I have to deal with you 7th years for the entire year!"
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   153d ago

"At least I can stand my ground" Jaisyn sneered before curling her hands into fists. Nothing angered her more than the stereotype that all Sytherin's were evil. Take a look at Elias, the thing that got him into that house was his ambition, not his ability to be cunning.

"J.D" Elias said calmly but it had a bit of a sharpness to it. One tone that he only ever used if she had overstepped a line and she definitely  had
SunfallLizzy Weasley   153d ago

"Are you saying I cant?" Knowing she had set the both of them off she pressed on, noticing Jaisyns clenched fist, Lizzy added, "What are you gonna do? Punch me? Wow very wizard like for a 7th year, you probably don't know enough spells to dual me." A smirk came across Lizzy face
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   153d ago

"You little sh-" Jaisyn quickly uncurled her hand and pulled out her wand. A forbidden curse at the tip of her tongue.

Elias stepped between the two girls, you could tell by his body language that he was irritated. He thought that Jaisyn was acting just as childish as a first year student.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   153d ago

Lizzy reached for her wand but before she could grab it they all heard the professor shout a spell as both Jaisyn and Lizzys wands flew into her hand. She stepped down and over to them saying. "Lizzy I expected better from you knowing your parents, and you two must be 7th years and know fighting is not tolerated here at Hogwarts. I will see all three of you after class, 10 points from Hufflepuff and 10 from Slytherin. Now find your seats if you'd please."

 Lizzy huffed with annoyance and slammed into her seat, glaring as Elias and Jaisyn walked away.
Sunfall     152d ago

_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

sorry!! i didn't know how to respond lol//
Sunfall     152d ago

Oh that's ok )
SunfallLizzy Weasley   152d ago

Lizzy grabs her books at the end of charms, stuffing them one by one into her school bag which surprisingly doesn't even look full. She throws her bag over her shoulder, scribbles a bit more On a piece of parchment she had used for notes in class, then rolls up the parchment and puts it in her bag with the quill. 

With a glaring look at Elias and Jaisyn, she walked over to Professor Weasley, who was sitting at an old wooden desk facing the class room.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

Jaisyn muttered something underneath her breath as she walked out of the room, Elias's hands on her shoulders as if to stop her from going back and hurting the younger girl. 

Elias called back, "Sorry about Jaisyn"
SunfallLizzy Weasley   152d ago

Lizzy said nothing, only looked down waiting for what the professor had to say.

 "Jaisyn if you want your wand back you best come over here." Professor Weasley said when she spotted the two heading for the door.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

She groaned and walked back, a bit of an attitude in her step. She didn't want to even interact or be in the same classroom as Lizzy but just her luck, she would be stuck with her all day.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   152d ago

The professor cleared her throat and with a wave of her wand opened a drawer. Three pieces of parchment, each folded into thirds, flew out and suspended themselves in mid air. 

"Mr. Elias Whitmore", the first piece of parchment unfolded itself, across the top it read "Elias Whitmore", the page was only three fourths of the was filled. I

"Ah, pretty clean record, a few problems but no major ones. One night of detention, and I shall not add this little mishap to your record. Come back to my classroom at 5:00." With another wave of her wand the parchment folded itself up and slid back into the drawer.

The second parchment unfolded this time having "Lizzy Weasley" written across the top. The page was less than half full, with a sigh the professor said, "No issues other then one your first year, because you attempted to draw your wand this will be added to your record. Two weeks of detention. Same for you come back at 5:00." Again waving her wand, Professor Weasley had the parchment folded up and put back in the drawer as the final piece opened up.

This one was not like the others but unfolded to the length of three pages, having the name "Jaisyn Dean" written at the top with two and a half of the pages filled. "My, we've had a bit of trouble with you Jaisyn, again because you drew your wand I must add it to your record. Also seeing that you drew your wand first, you will receive three weeks of detention. You as well are to be here at 5:00 every day." 

 Waving her wand once more the last piece of parchment folded itself up and fell into the drawer just before it shut. She handed the girls each their own wand adding the parting words of, "Now let's not get into anymore trouble, seeing as the 5th and 7th years have most classes together. I believe you have potions next, I'm the event you are late, explain to your professor I needed to see you after class."

 Lizzy grabbed her wand and stormed out the door, heading for the dungeon.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

"this is such bull" Jaisyn yelled as she stalked out of the classroom, grabbing her own wand harshly from the professor. 

Elias looked at the professor and said, "I sincerely apologize Professor Weasley... Jaisyn is......dealing with some stuff"

This wasn't uncommon for Elias to do, for him to come up with excuses for J.D was almost a daily thing. It exhausted him but he still loved her all the same, platonically of course.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   152d ago

"That's perfectly ok, oh and one more thing Mr. Whitmore, I know you tried to stop the girls so take 5 points for Slytherin. And really you better get to potions, Draco doesn't like students to be late." The professor added with a smile. 

Lizzy turned looking at Jaisyn, "thanks to you I have detention, detention! I've never had detention! I've kept the record clean for 5 years and you've come and ruined it!"
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

Elias nodded and ran to catch up with the girls, of all professors he enjoyed it was Professor Malfoy. Then again, maybe it was his raging hormones that made him like the most hated class. 


"Suck it up" Jaisyn snapped, eyes narrowing slightly. She never told anyone why she was such a mean person, not even her best friend knew it.. It was because she was hiding something, the whole Dean family was trying to cover it up because it would ruin the pure-blood status if anyone found out.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   152d ago

"Oh you wouldn't understand keeping records clean by the look of yours!" Lizzy exclaimed some of it almost sounding like a hiss. Noticing her voice change, she spun around, reciting spells as she raced for the dungeon.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

Jaisyn went to run after her, eyes ablaze with rage but before she could, someone grabbed her wrist. 

Looking back, she saw that it was just Elias and she began to complain about this little annoying fifth year student as they sped-walked to Potions.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   152d ago

By the time Elias and Jaisyn had reached the dungeon, Lizzy was sitting to the left of a 7th year hufflepuff. She had put down her school bag and had taken out her wand, quill, a few books, and some parchment. Now she was sitting, talking to the hufflepuff next to her.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

"BOW DOWN YOU PEASANTS" Jaisyn said, stumbling into the room, laughter and joy painted her expression. In the walk to the dungeon, she managed to calm herself down and go back to her usual, goofy defiant self. 

Elias smiled awkwardly as he followed the boisterous female into the classroom.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   152d ago

Lizzy grabbed her wand wanting to get back at Elias and Jaisyn she chatted a quick spell in a whisper, pointing the whole light that came out of her wand at the twos feet. The spell tied Jaisyns shoes together and with a chuckle, lizzy placed her wand back On her desk watching Elias and Jaisyn walk.
_ellis_Elias and Jaisyn   152d ago

The spell didn't affect Jaisyn because she found herself wearing a pair of heels. They were kitten heels but still a pair none the less. She often found ways to incorporate muggle ideas and fashion into her uniform.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   151d ago

With a hiss of annoyance Lizzy returned to the lesson that was starting.

After potions had ended Lizzy packed up her stuff and walked out with the same hufflepuff wizard she had been sitting next to. Not able to remember what was next she asked the wizard, "What class do we have next?" He replied in a kind manner, "We don't have one it's study hall, I'm sure you'll be busy." 

Racking her brain Lizzy remembered study hall was when the students were required to complete their homework from any previous classes. The library entrance had been charmed so that any student had to complete at least one page of homework or they couldn't leave. Lizzy, being the student she is, completed all her homework with time to spare.

As the Lizzy and the wizard entered the room, they found the last empty table to sit at and both got straight into their homework.
SunfallLizzy Weasley   151d ago

After awhile Lizzy rose to her feet, "History of magic is next" then rather loudly she continued, "It wouldn't hurt certain students to actually pay attention." Grabbing her school bag and putting in her homework as well as a few books she walked down a row in the library, putting several more books in her bag.


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