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akuma4longcrow reed   154d ago

(Hello hello)
Creek     154d ago

(Ima start us off!)

In the ‘Happy Hotel’, now named Hazbin Hotel, Thing were going as they usually did.
Except for a few things.

One, there were these moving…Vegetables?
The vegetables ranged from carrots to broccoli to radishes.
They just appeared in an empty room one day and now stuck around.

Another, everything seemed more tense around hell. Sightings of many things coming around, some predict that it’s the work of angles.
Maybe a day of death coming sooner, it’s had many pondering.

Currently, the news was on. A new reporter now on the scene.

“Breaking news down near the new turf war!” The report spoke, a hint of happiness but also a bit of worry? 

“There has been yet another sight of these so called ‘Angels’. And the mysterious black goo that’s been around the rings of hell!”

The reporter held up a bag of the goo. “The Goo is something that nobody has even seen before! Out of this place? Another dimensional being? Who knows! I’m Kerry Lake! Signing off!”
akuma4longcrow reed   154d ago

Crow took the remote and turned that station off as he had heard enough about the angels and all that in was quite stupid how stupid people were these days,crow thought people had stopped debating if it was angels or not since all the signs of it being angels were there. But what did he care? He was bored and wanted some excitement so he checked in with Charlie. “Hey Charlie! I’m gonna head out,I’ll be back later or maybe I won’t,who knows”. 

Charlie replied with the usual “ok but be careful crow,there’s been a bunch of talk about angels and he day of bla bla bla bla”

That’s not what she actually said but that’s all that crow heard so crow walked down the stairs and out of the hotel. Crow walked around. It having a specific place in mind really just trying to entertain himself. So crow decided to go check out the spot the reporter was at which really wasn’t hard since there was a bunch of news vans and helicopters there.
Creek     154d ago

Kerry Lake was there brushing her ginger hair and checking her nails. “How’d I do this time Jhon?” She glanced at her co-worker.

“O-Oh! Stunning as always ma’am!- but- dimensional beings?”

“What? Give the people what they want! And so and so fourth…” Kerry rolled her eyes. “I’m doing much better anyways than that snapping neck w***e!” 

“Y-Yes! y-you are Kerry!” Jhon lightly shook, ears slightly going down.
akuma4longcrow reed   154d ago

Crow would show up to the scene and see the two bickering “you know I did like the old news anchor better,except for when she fought with Charlie” 

He was quiet with his comment and continued to the crash site looking around “well there’s nothing here so I’m assuming they got it wrong? Or maybe the thing fled before they were actually able to capture the angel?”

Crow then would sigh “I do love hell but there nothing fun to do around here anymore,sometimes I do miss killing”
Creek     154d ago

Kerry seemed to overhear and she went to crow. “Yeah yeah EVERYONE misses her after she went missing or some crap. But, I did see that angel! Flew by and dropped this feather.”

Kerry snapped her fingers and Jhon went into the van, grabbing a clear bag and giving it to Kerry.

Kerry then showed the feather to Crow. A light pink feather that was very long yet looked at soft as clouds.

“They say it’s just a demon who dropped this! I say it’s bullshit! I’ve never seen any demon carry this kind of feathers before…”
akuma4longcrow reed   154d ago

Crow would here her speak up and turn to look at her standing in front of him.he thought he just pissed off the worlds biggest mean girl wannabe but it turned out they weren’t as bad as he thought.

Crow watched her snap her fingers and watched Jhon go and get the plastic clear bag and he looked into it.there was indeed a pink feather.

Crow just shrugged tossing the bag back to them believing what she said but he also was definitely not gonna let her believe there was angels in hell.

“Ok and how many pictures of the “angel” you saw have you got? Right,and you two were the only people to see this angel? Uh-huh,so your probably both hallucinating from the heat around here”

Crow immediately went off in search to find the angel
CreekMolly Berryton   154d ago

“I- It isn’t even that hot down here!…” Kerry huffed and crossed her arms. 

“Come on Jhon…We’ll find some more evidence and prove this theory!”

Jhon sighed. “Yes ma’am…”

Kerry and Jhon walked off.


Currently, a small carrot creature was walking around with a blue collar around their neck. A just in case thing each of them had if they got lost or stolen.

Highly unlikely for anybody to take something as strange as a walking carrot dog thing.

The carrot stopped and sniffed around, squeaking and following a scent, scooting over to an area and bumping into a demon.

The carrot looked up and sniffed them before walking off.
akuma4longcrow reed   154d ago

Crow smiled holding his head high in triumph watching the reporters go away and drive off but he really didn’t care at the moment and was more focused on finding that angel! But then life had different plans when he felt something bump into him and sighed.crow looked down at the little carrot on a leash thinking the thing was actually quite cute and he grabbed the leash deciding it was his now.he then pulled out the feather he had stolen with his sick skills and held it down to the thing so it would follow the scent and he then just started to follow the thing around.
Creek     154d ago

The carrot had caught a scent and immediately went to sniffing around the place.
It bumped into a few demons but eventually went into an alleyway.

The scent grew stronger for it as it barked and ran into the alleyway, coming across a large strange winged cocoon.

The carrot went up to it and started to sniff it a lot, sneezing a few times and sitting in front of it.
akuma4longcrow reed   154d ago

Crow followed the carrot closely and looked around to see where they were going not wanting to get lost or not remember his way back to the hotel.then when crow looked around in the alley and didn’t apologize to the demons his carrot like pet had bumped into he saw the big cocoon knowing for a fact that wasn’t normal.but crow smiled and knelt down looking at the carrot petting it like you would a puppy “your such a good boy,good job” he talked in a manner you’d talk to your dog to.

Crow then touched the cocoon
Creek     154d ago

The cocoon had let out a large pink burst of energy, the wings opening up.

An angle with light red ish pink hair and pink skin. Her outfit a large and beautiful white and pink dress. Her boots pink and gold lining on the brim of them.

She looked up at Crow with glowing pink eyes as she slowly sat up, being much taller than Crow.

Her wings slowly expanding out, being a large wingspan, possibly 3 eagles long? 2?
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow looked at the cocoon open as he started backing up unsure of if he wanted to be close to something he wasn’t sure if it was harmful or not. So when the thing spat that angel out he immediately knew it was one because nothing looked like that and roamed around in hell. also the wing color matched up with the feather from as crow picked up his new carrot pet just in case he needed to run he asked one simple question. 

“Who are you? What are you? And would you like to come to the hotel?” Ok more like three questions
Creek     153d ago

She had fell to the ground and groaned in pain, holding her left arm and her right wing folding up.

The carrot wiggled out of Crows grasp and to the angel. It chirped and squeaked at her, cuddling close to her.

The angel sighed and gently pet the carrot creature.
She looked up at Crow with a saddened and hopeless look, like she were asking for help.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow looked down at them studying her condition and looked at how she was hurt knowing the other wouldn’t be able to move much or at least wouldn’t be willing to move much he took it upon himself to help her.

So crow picked her up almost falling to the ground as he started to carry her to the hotel and smiled looking at the carrot “oh so he’s yours,the little guy is quite cute” he smiled
Creek     153d ago

The angel , who had wrapped herself in an old dirty cloak to hide herself, nodded and hugged the carrot.

The carrot rubbed their head on her and squeaked again. 

The carrot noticed a demon staring and it growled at the demon, but was gently pulled back by the angel.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow then looked a the demon and sneered at them annoyed that they were staring at the injured angel and he started to hurry eventually getting to the hotel and voice to his room yelling to Charlie “Charlie we have a new residence! They will be staying in my room for now!”.

Charlie yelled back “ok crow!”

And so crow walked into his room putting the angel down gently on his bed and then started petting the carrot “so why are you in hell” he went and got medical supplies starting to patch up her wounds
Creek     153d ago

The angel threw her cloak off and sighed, laying on the bed and spreading her wings out.
She only replied with a small whimper.

The other vegetable creature had come around and gathered in crows room. They dropped their chores they were doing and went to the angel,  comforting her and staying close to her.

The angel pet them in response and hummed.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

crow looked at them and smiled just continued to patch them up as the other vegetables swarmed his room and he knew he would have to take them all in to.which was fine they were all pretty cute. Crow finished patching her up and put away the medical supplies “so can you speak? It’ll be hard to ask you questions if your not able to”

 Row would back up some but grabbed one of the vegetables and pet it still allowing it to be near the angel though.
Creek     153d ago

The Angel nodded and pointed to her mouth. She still needed to recover it seems.

The vegetables sniffed her and cuddled close, purring and sleeping beside her.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow sighed and nodded “well I’ll leave you here with your vegetable pets” crow felt like doing something else anyway.

Crow walked out of the room and went to get some dimensional dust since he wants to go out and try something new.he didn’t really expect to find anything and it was to find new people to mess with for his wonderful entertainment
Creek     153d ago

The angel laid in bed, letting herself sleep. She hasn’t noticed Charlie being there and watching with wide eyes.


One of the vegetables had decided to follow Crow, hugging his leg and sniffing around. It seemed to be around because of the scent the angel carried that rubbed off onto him.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Charlie watched the angel wide eyed and confused why one would ever be in hell and that the things on the news were true as she rushed to crow “CROW!! You never told me there was an angel here!!”

Crow heard this and looked down at the vegetable smiling patting his head and creating a portal to go through it so he didn’t have to deal with Charlie who sighed staying behind and going back to the room to watch over the angel.
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable followed Crow through, looking around and sniffing the ground around them.

The vegetable has never been here before. Never anywhere expect the hotel and hells streets since they couldn’t go anywhere to other realms. And there was no dimensional dust.

The vegetable clung to Crows leg again, purring and rubbing its head on his leg.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow smiled and looked at the vegetable petting there head happily and looking around “just stay close to me little guy and we will be fine,Im very happy that lust gave me this dust before hand”. 

Crow never really was gonna share it with anyone since well it was a personal gift on his last birthday though his birthdays never mattered.didn’t matter to his creator satan,and he had no friends so it didn’t matter to them. So crow started to explore.
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable sniffed around, finding this place to be terrible and abandoned. It didn’t like it.

The vegetable squeaked and climbed up Crowd arm and into his shoulder, sniffing around more and looking in a certain direction.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow raised his eyebrow and looked at the vegetable “is everything ok little buddie?” He looked around and then followed the gaze of the vegetable trying to see whatever it had been looking at or smelled.

Crow started to walk around but he definitely thought the place was rather abandoned but not truly terrible
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable went off his shoulder and sniffed around, stopping at a corner and growled, barking and jumping back.

In that corner was a small black blob. It seemed to be squished?
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

crow looked at the blob and looked at the vegetable and kept distance from the blob “something killed it?” He would look at the blob “but how? I remember one of these things in the hotel but we couldn’t destroy it,eventually it just left”
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable hissed and tapped the blob.
When it moved the vegetable took a bite out of it and ate some of it.

The blob wasn’t alive anymore and the vegetable just ate the chunk it ripped out.

(Vegetables were made to fight against the evil blobs.
The vegetables and blobs are able to consume one another.)
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow looked at the ground and sighed continuing to travel around the place whistling for the vegetable to come with him since he might leave the dimension soon from it having a lack of people and him being rather bored. 

(Ok,I like the idea of the vegetables)
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable barked and went to crow, climbing onto his shoulder and licking itself clean from the black goo.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

crow would look at the vegetable and pet it happily and continued onwards and after a while he would start getting the dimensional dust to travel to another dimension
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable climbed onto crows arm and sniffed the dust.
It backed up and laid on his shoulder, watching him use the dimensional dust.

The next place looked like a club. The radish smelled a different scent and growled quietly.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow looked a the  vegetable on his arm and walked through the portal looking around.once he saw his surroundings he smirked “now this is more my style!” Crow being the demon of greed and lust loved clubs and in all honesty in his true form he looked like he could work at one.but who cared since see was trying to go relatively clean anyway.
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable was growling at everything and staring at everyone.


Somebody from the third floor stared down at them, walking off to somewhere else with a small huff.


The vegetable had seen them and started to bark, going to the flight of stairs to get to the top of the third floor.

Kind of strange to see a small vegetable, hopping and climbing the stairs with its small stubby legs.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

crow would head towards the clubs bar wanting to get some wine or a nice bottle of champagne but then he felt somebody staring at him and he realized the radish had sensed it to.crow would look at the radish bark and jump off his shoulder and he hurried after it being quick not wanting to lose the vegetable since it had grown on him in the short time he had been with it and was sure the angel would be sad if he lost the vegetable. Crow finally reached the vegetable when it got to its destination and picked it up.
Creek     153d ago

The radish barked and growled at a feathered looking angel creature.

Their face and entire body were covered by a long white cloak. Gold lining on the hood and ends.
Long light tan wings came from the back and were neatly folded. The sides of their hood had smaller wings.

They turned around. They had no mouth but their dark brown eye seemed to show boredom.

“Crow…Radish…” The figure glared at them both. “Why are you back here…”

The radish barked louder, growling and even hissing at the angel creature.

They stared at the radish and sighed. “…Really?”
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow looked at them and raised an eyebrow and then smiled recognizing them “aww but every time I’m around we have such a good time” crow looked at the radish and held them close as he went and laid down on the couch looking at the other chuckling “but then again you don’t know how to have fun now don’t you!”

Crow cackled to himself and then walked up to them “plus you know I help bring in business when I’m at the hotel,because of my looks and because im Satans creation” crow then would sit up and pet the radish happily. “But if you hate my company that much I’ll leave,just you gotta give me some more dust before I do”
Creek     153d ago

“Lust is unfortunately not here today.” Azuewl’s wings bunched up more and puffed up.

“Something about another missing demon…Someone relating to the hotel you live in…”

The vegetable went off of Crow and to Azuewl, sniffing him and then nibbling on his cape, letting out a small squeak.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow nodded shrugging “I’m sure he won’t find anything,I have seen nobody enter the hotel or leave it all day” crow lied not really sure if he should tell the truth the azuewls 

Crow saw the radish start nibbling azuewls cape and he went picking it up so it wouldn’t do any damage to the cape
Creek     153d ago

Azuewl sighed and shook his head. “Somebody named…Nifty? Went missing…Your cleaner. It’s the reason she hasn’t been around.
Lust is searching with Charlie currently. He believes it has something to do with the goo going around here…”
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

“Nifty…nifty….oh shit nifty! I thought she had just gone out with al to do something! She was really kind to,even if she was a weird one to” crow shrugged and continued to pet the radish “well I thank you guys for helping” crow got up and looked around “so how are you and lust doing? Aren’t you to a thing”
Creek     153d ago

Azuewl nods and his wings open slightly. “Yes…You can say that.”

“It’s- strange? I like it but it feels strange? Weird when we are working as well- as- many don’t know…”

The vegetable had tilted their head and barked, tail(?) wagging slightly.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow nodded and shrugged “yeah,I always thought lust wasn’t the dating type but I think he probably picked someone good” crow finished making the portal “but I still don’t know how he managed to get you”

Crow looked back at azeuwl “well I should be going,gonna try and bother one more person,wonder if they will actually catch me this time” crow cackled some “but whatever,tell lust I dropped by” he fell backwards through the portal holding the radish
Creek     153d ago

The radish squeaked in panic, yelling as they fell.

Azuewl sighed and smiled, walking to the office. “They’re gone Lust…”

Lust smirked. “Thank you my dear~…Now, let’s continue our research on this stuff…?”
Lust showed Azuewl a bag of goop that pulsed and glowed with multiple colors.

Azuewl nodded. “Yes my love.”


The vegetable held on right to Crow, screeching from fright.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

Crow looked at the radish and sighed “little buddie I’m pretty your gonna wanna be quiet for this one” he smiled as he landed on his feet.

Crow looked around dusting himself off and looking at his radish friend.crow started to walk around wondering when the person he was looking for would show up though they weren’t friends he did love annoying them. It was very fun to him and the other.well he didn’t really care how they felt.
Creek     153d ago

The vegetable saw a large dark castle and saw they were in front of a door labeled ‘jester’.

The vegetable squeaked and hid in Crows hoodie, shaking and whimpering.


From behind the door there was muffled laughter. Echoey and sounded psychotic.
akuma4longcrow reed   153d ago

“Ah you know them to? Well don’t worry little buddie I have this under control” crow smiled and walked into the castle with no regard for his own safety.

Him eyes and jester have known each other since he was younger anyway so he didn’t really care much about them.zorzon and satan might have a thing going on to so zorzons like a second dad to him anyway. But it was the newer guy he liked to annoy.
Creek     153d ago

The door opened up to show a circus.
A few rips and tears through the tent that showed a starry night outside.
The large tent seemed abandoned with the overgrowth.

A floating purple creature with two large horns that had golden chains on them, the sides of their head having something similar to kingdom hearts heartless (idk how to describe it-)

Their outfit was a multi colored poncho and they had robotic legs and arms that played with various carnival toys.

The vegetable whimpered and clung tightly to crow.


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