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By _Apocalyptic_
"Stay awake.stay, awake. stay awake. Stay awake. Stay awake!" Y/C heard in there head as they tried to drift of to sleep it was in difrent voice including there own, it was male and female high pitch lower pitch. The voice was running over eachother. Some of them was whisperes other yelling. Soon Y/C eyes quickly flew open " Stay awake" Y/c yelled breathing deeply.
It's a beutfull day the sun is shining and..everyone is dead. It's not what I thought there's no blood or monsters guns, it's more like everyone fell asleep and never woke up again.

Y/C goes out to work and then late in the night when you get out it seemed to quite. You could almost hear the streets lights flickering it was so quite. You was supposed to go to<insert place> but when y/c gets there you see people. You go up and shake one of them. " Hey im here" you say. When you touch them they was ice cold. You become worried and fell for a pulse you wait. There's no pulse.

You go around to everyone that's asleep none of them have a pulse. One person passed out and felt for a pulse none. But you don't know why everyone is dying yer. So you go to try to find other people that's alive to try to figure why this is happing.

But what will happen when your in a group?
1 be able to post at lest 450 characters per post
2 be okay with darker themes
3 they will be cursing.
(This might change a bit)
Stem. Something everyone has heard of but not many has seem. But what is Stem?
It's a company that is fairly unkown to people. What do they do, well make technology but it's in their image of a perfect world. They are willing to do what they must do to achieve that.
This is what everyone knows about this place.

But something that they don't t know is that Your cold hood friend was taken by them. How do you know this you was taken by them with your childhood best friends father. For the last ten years you Though that she was dead from a house fire.

Before you can process what was happening you saw Jack jump and one of the men and get shocked with a needle. One of the men turned to face you.
" now that both of you are calm let me tell you why you are here. Your daughter is in trouble-"
" what no she died in the fire" Jack growled at him.
" no he took her" another man covered Jack's mouth. " we needed someone something to make this made up world a happy stable place. But sadly a few days ago she went offline and the place has gone to hell" he said flatly " we sent in some people but it didn't help and now they are stuck there and you to are going to get the Core back. And then we can get you out." He pointed at a lady and walked away.

" first off what is the thing he was talking about was this" she pointed at a machine it had a tube in the middle and bathtubs around it. The tubs has some people in it. " how this works is-"

" it takes your conscience and gives it a physical form just like back in the real world." Jack intupted her

" yes but now you'll be there and your own mind will make up a safe room so you can talk to us. Beside that you also have to find the mobous people and the cor- Jane" she would put y/c in one of the empty tubs and huck y/c up and jack up snd soonwatter was around both of them and before you could leave it was almost like you was dragged under the water and then time seemed to stop.

When time started it was like you was in a old house. You saw Jack.and looked out the window you saw zombies. Some was bloated some had four heads snd four arms and on the ground like dogs. Other looked like it had multiple arms or legs and head and abnormally tall.

You would soon find out that they wasn't the only zombies or bad guys. But now how do you fine Jane or the others you was already told they will be no going back until you find Jane.
Be able to post at lest 330 characters per post.

Be okay with cursing and dark themes

Also be aware this is a zombie apocalypse
type roleplay
Then maybe we could do like a Demon who got sent up to a human school to try and get someone as a partner. (Male female non binary ect) and they could be human, angel, werewolf but not another Demon please. We have flesh it out together.
Or if you want to Rp then feel free to ask.
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