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Future "Stay awake.stay, awake. stay awake. Stay awake. Stay awake!" Y/C heard in there head as they tried to drift of to sleep it was in difrent voice including there own, it was male and female high pitch lower pitch. The voice was running over eachother. Some of them was whisperes other yelling. Soon Y/C eyes quickly flew open " Stay awake" Y/c yelled breathing deeply. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Present It's a beutfull day the sun is shining and..everyone is dead. It's not what I thought there's no blood or monsters guns, it's more like everyone fell asleep and never woke up again. Y/C goes out to work and then late in the night when you get out it seemed to quite. You could almost hear the streets lights flickering it was so quite. You was supposed to go to<insert place> but when y/c gets there you see people. You go up and shake one of them. " Hey im here" you say. When you touch them they was ice cold. You become worried and fell for a pulse you wait. There's no pulse. You go around to everyone that's asleep none of them have a pulse. One person passed out and felt for a pulse none. But you don't know why everyone is dying yer. So you go to try to find other people that's alive to try to figure why this is happing. But what will happen when your in a group? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rules 1 be able to post at lest 450 characters per post 2 be okay with darker themes 3 they will be cursing. ===================================== (This might change a bit) Stem. Something everyone has heard of but not many has seem. But what is Stem? It's a company that is fairly unkown to people. What do they do, well make technology but it's in their image of a perfect world. They are willing to do what they must do to achieve that. This is what everyone knows about this place. But something that they don't t know is that Your cold hood friend was taken by them. How do you know this you was taken by them with your childhood best friends father. For the last ten years you Though that she was dead from a house fire. Before you can process what was happening you saw Jack jump and one of the men and get shocked with a needle. One of the men turned to face you. " now that both of you are calm let me tell you why you are here. Your daughter is in trouble-" " what no she died in the fire" Jack growled at him. " no he took her" another man covered Jack's mouth. " we needed someone something to make this made up world a happy stable place. But sadly a few days ago she went offline and the place has gone to hell" he said flatly " we sent in some people but it didn't help and now they are stuck there and you to are going to get the Core back. And then we can get you out." He pointed at a lady and walked away. " first off what is the thing he was talking about was this" she pointed at a machine it had a tube in the middle and bathtubs around it. The tubs has some people in it. " how this works is-" " it takes your conscience and gives it a physical form just like back in the real world." Jack intupted her " yes but now you'll be there and your own mind will make up a safe room so you can talk to us. Beside that you also have to find the mobous people and the cor- Jane" she would put y/c in one of the empty tubs and huck y/c up and jack up snd soonwatter was around both of them and before you could leave it was almost like you was dragged under the water and then time seemed to stop. When time started it was like you was in a old house. You saw Jack.and looked out the window you saw zombies. Some was bloated some had four heads snd four arms and on the ground like dogs. Other looked like it had multiple arms or legs and head and abnormally tall. You would soon find out that they wasn't the only zombies or bad guys. But now how do you fine Jane or the others you was already told they will be no going back until you find Jane. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rules Be able to post at lest 330 characters per post. Be okay with cursing and dark themes Also be aware this is a zombie apocalypse type roleplay ====================================== Then maybe we could do like a Demon who got sent up to a human school to try and get someone as a partner. (Male female non binary ect) and they could be human, angel, werewolf but not another Demon please. We have flesh it out together. ================== Or if you want to Rp then feel free to ask.
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Adrian Violetta Hawthorne
(Rugh ideal) ~~~~~ No one in this Roleplay has heard of fnaf so this is " new" to them. Yes there is animtronics. This roleplay starts right after kids go missing and it is still happing. You are a guard which is investigating what is happing. Have fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Story For the last five years you have been going to Stars and Friends. There is a few animtronics and people in suits. It was a sunny day and you walk into the pizza place but you felt a chill go down your spine. It seemed normal, kids play, so was the suits and anmtronics. Something still seemed off. As you left the place something was off. A week later you see missing kids you read them your heart stops as you read each one of the kids was last seen at Stars and Friends. As you stop and call up the stars and Friends to get a job. You get a job but it's a guard, but you are told by the person on the phone " you are required to show up when the owner calls. So in other words you might have to be there at the day or night. " You show up for work and get told you must were a cap that's says security in white letters and a key card around your neck that is given to you. You also have a flashlight, batteries, and a tablet. Now you find out that theirs two other security guards. Now what happens? Do you find who did it or do you find out no one did? Or are you next? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anmtrontics that you know of Star-bear-dusky golden fur on hands black fur every else but around left eye which is a golden star.stiches on wrist of both hands elbow s right above knee and below both knees. And around feet and down the back but that one is cover by a. Grey vest with stars on it. Also wears a red bow tie and small black hat with red strip. The stars. Looks like a kid would do. The suit would. Be worn only and has green eyes.worn by Shawn. Fangs-wolf-grey fur around muzzle and top of it on the sides and and below is white. Grey legs and arms. A light grey tail. Black top hat big red bow and it has a cane. On its face in some place you can see inside and on its ears and really every where. Most people didn't see unless they was very close to it but they are there so it can be clean or also has amber eyes. Sugar-cat- light ish orange fur. Muzzle and stomach and inside ears is white. It had a pink hair bow on right ear. It's is ment to be on stage or be worn by someone. Handkerchief around neck witch is red. Aura-rabbit- a sort of long fur ed light golden furred. Has magenta eyes color. A big blue bow around its neck with it face the other way. Somewhat like ones worn by female puppy's. Can be on stage or worn. Eyes when being worn is forgotten and unsure. Because the woman that worn it passed but sometimes it is worn. Is worn by Aura. ~~~~~~~ My People(oc) Shawn( performer) Age 21 Looks Short brown hair about 2 or 3 inches. wears a grey hoddie and white tee shirt . blue jeans and black work boots. He is light skinned with dark circles most of the time has. He has light green eyes. Quite calm sweet busy body anxious Sexuality bi Age 22 Gender Male 5 foot 9 Has a sister Aura Irish accent ~~~~ Tannor( guard) Age 22 Looks A slicked back quiff his hair is a light brown color. His eyes is a amber brown color. His skin is light with some freckles. He is tall and a bit skinny. He wears a black hoodie and jeans with grey Ten a shoes. He is about 5ft 7. His face is a bit more narrow. Hat with security on it and key card with his name. Personality Kind quite. Calculating curious brave. ~~~~~~~~~~ Name Asher( co owner) Age 34 Gender Male Sexuality: bi Looks: green eyes tan skin slightly muscular black long sleves folded up to his elbow. Light grey pants grey boots. Cross neckless and black painted nails. And black hair. Personality can be cold at times but somewhat warms up to people. Smart serious. ~~~~~~~~ Name Alistair Smith ( guard) Gender: Male Age: 26 Sexuality Pan Looks Eyes somewhere between a dark blue and a normal blue. Hey alsi have a tase pit of grey mixed in. All the time it jives away that he is tried. "They almost seem to be able to hypnotize people from what people tell me" ~Alistair Hair He has a light ish brown hair color. He has a lightly fold out beard people can see it but it's not quite yet full. His hair is long and thick. Normally I don't do this but his hair cut looks like this " I need a hair cut I keep saying I will but I put it off."~ Alistair clothing He normally wears a black blazer sort of anyways it is seen over his right shoulder unless he is at a specal event. He also wear a black button up with the first two or three buttons unbuttoned. Sometimes the sleves are roles up to his elbows sometimes they are not. His pants when he in wearing this is also black which he wears a fancy ish belt with. His other outfit is a whit button up which he wears like the black one. He also wears with this outfit is denim jeans. This that are the same though both out fits is he wears black any military boot and a cross neckless. Unlike most he has a key card and no cap but has a police badge. Appearance He has light tan skin with a scar which is almost invisible unless you almost stare at him. It gose from his slightly above his left eyebrow badly missing his tear duct all the way to his lower right cheek. He seemed to always have a slightly tried look about him even when he is not. He is 6 foot 1. He weighs 144. When his sleves are rolled up you can see sligh muscles. personality He is often quite but he dose talk to very few people. To others they look at him as some how scary. He is integent and acts like he is decisive but at time he is anything but that. He is often distant but very very early is he close and very sweet but it's possible. Has a slight British accent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rowan( some times is guard/and repairs anmtronics/owner) Looks Gender demiboy Pronouns He/they Age: 28 Personality (Sometimes)Kind, sweet, quite, (Always/most of time) smooth talking, snappy, egotistic, sly ore will be fond out in roleplay ~~~~~~~~ Aura( performer) Female 19 Long blond hair to her waist and dark blue eyes. She normally wears a red flannel and blue jeans when out of suit. She also has light freckles on her face. She also wears a white shirt or black one. She will often wear boots. Even though she is not a gaurd she is often holding two cards one is here the other is Shawn's. Personality Kind, sweet, happy go lucky, trusting, trustworthy, talkive, Has brother Shawn Irish accent ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rules 1 of only 2 oc must be 19+ 3 semi lit 4 must be okay with dark themes and cursing not all the time. 5 send me oc please. 6 you can have as many as you want 7 one or more must be a guard 8 this can be a group or 1x1 9 I have a right to say no 10 pm me first 11 I have a right to add rules if I need to Action

Adrian Violetta Hawthorne
Flashback/ memory of things 1990-2006 Star and Friends was the best pizza place to go. Star was a bear. He was often dancing with kids and in fact you and your friends. Fangs was a wold that was sometimes on the stage by himself singing and dancing a old time jig. Then there was a cat her name was sugar sometimes dance off stage and helping out the staff other times on stage singing she mostly done solos. Well at lest from what you remember. But then there was a rabbit her name you think was Aura. She would play gutair mostly or anyways. She would go to price party's. Well most did it seemed so happy but one day you rember getting rushed out. Everything seemed normal. But the ones on the stage you couldn't remember who it was. They was weird but you can't recall how. One thing you remember it your friend Jason mother crying and shaking. And to this day you rember the gruesome scene you could see m/c's which was your friends beside you looking. It was a blood bath and he was stuck in a suit one you never remember seeing it was wet with blood and stuck all anyone saw was the things face. Every one tried to run over there but got rushed out. Present It is now 15 years later Y/c and M/C'S have chosen to get together to try to figure out what happened. Even the police don't know what happened. But as you look to it it seemed to be bulid around at lest from a blue print you found. You also find out other kids went missing in the pizzeria so what happened to them. But know you wait for them to show up to figure out what happened in there on the death of Jason and maybe even the other but will you have the same fate or worse? Rules Oc at lest 20 Post at lest 200 words or more. No homophobia Follow story line no just changing place for no reason


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