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Big Swords n Existential Dread (Extra friggin literate)

By Brendan_Fraser
Backup thread
Hey! Back after a while (probably about 7 years or so!) to look for some writing partners!

I’m looking for some dark + low fantasy. Maybe some light forbidden romance or enemies to lovers, action, adventure, dark contemplative character moments, and strange inexplicable occurrences in a chaotic and gritty world.

As long as the writing is good and you’re a flexible about the time it takes to reply, I’m in.

I’d like to trade samples before discussing rp. Samples are important to me, so I won’t consider rp unless we share them first.
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Brendan_Fraser     163d ago

Hey! Sorry. I can post samples here if that’s cool. Apologies in advance for discord formatting, if it’s an issue.
Brendan_Fraser     163d ago


[i I think this is really representative of my general post length and writing style. I love lots of scenery, contemplative moments mixed with action, and interesting character arcs. I can write significantly longer stuff than this and am happy to send examples.]

Selin snorted. She was too exhausted, and he was too far too justified, to muster her spite. Moonlight, subtle and silvery, began to unravel over the clearing. Without the sound of the fire the night time was steady and loud. The strange darkness gave way to strange details: the texture of the earth, the obscure forms of distance, the silent curve of the riverbank and the dark, gleaming water beyond. Blood that appeared as small slivers of light reflected in a sticky pool. 

She hesitated for a moment before retrieving her sword and looked away as the dead man’s chest squelched with blood and viscera. Where adrenaline had been exhaustion now bloomed. The bloody sword, the bed roll nearby, Selin’s sleeping place. The thought of sleeping in the darkness, away from the warmth, from the certainty of light…

Luz dragged her bedroll next to Selin’s. For a moment she sat in silence and ran a cloth over the blade. Steady circular motions, regular, automatic. An easy task for shaking hands. As she gripped the hilt to holster the blade she could feel again what it was like to push it through a chest. Unbearable exhaustion battled a paranoid awareness of the unknown dark. She curled up on the bedroll, facing the man, and felt words pooling in her throat. 

“You’ve killed before?” Luz asked quietly, and amended after a pause, “Pe— …humans, I mean.” She looked at him with round tired eyes and clenched hands and taut shoulders and an expression that was unbecoming on an apparent warrior. 

“Does it get easier?”
Brendan_Fraser     163d ago

For sure! Which one?
AseroxChatn'   163d ago

I'll also chuck a couple of samples in here of my most recent stuff if you're interested. I think we were going to RP together a little while ago too Voss, but it fell through when the poster I think got a bit too busy to start :|
AseroxAlexander Dimea   163d ago

[center [pic]]
[i [ The Tomb of Dimea (Music)]]

[i "A child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth."]]

Snow drifted steadily down onto the roof of a black limousine, slowly making its way down the short final street to its destination. The mausoleum that Alexander had long since called home loomed nearby, towering against the dark overcast skies as the car squeaked gently to a stop. How he hated this place, this monument to misery; but it was the only home he knew, and in a strange way, though he despised it, he still somehow felt living here made him better than everyone else. What was that called again? Cognitive dissonance? No matter. He put it out of mind as the door opened.

Stepping briskly out into the cold, crisp air he shoved his hands into his jacket pockets with a frown, winter had been especially bad this year, poor business dealings with the Bhudev's aside. The car door closed behind him as the the limousine gradually pulled away, Alexander's dark leather shoes crunching the snow beneath them as he walked up the path. A tall dark figure dressed in an expensive suit stood watching from the top of the stairs, a lit cigarette trailing smoke from his mouth. [i [#6666FF Father?]]

[#FF3333 "You're late."] The deep gravelly voice came, not at all concealing his irritation. [#6666FF "I was h-"] Alexander was cut off as he tried to reply. [#FF3333 "No excuses. Don't make me wait any longer."] The middle aged man turned his head with a derisive sniff, before himself turning brusquely to go back inside. [#FF3333 "Come, there is work to be done. I need you to check over something."] Dutifully and silently, Alex followed, taking one last look at the dreary skyline before stepping inside.

[center [pic]]

[#6666FF "I've had a look, there's too many discrepancies to just sweep under the rug, Father. Whoever did this was sloppy and it's going to cost to cover it up, we'll need to call Yaroslav again to get the FTS to drop this, or someone at Internal Affairs."] His tone was even as he gave the verdict, setting down the documents in front of him. [#FF3333 "Damnit Peter, you sniveling bastard . . ."] Nikolai hissed, mumbling to himself as he paced. [#FF3333 "We [i can't] keep paying people off like this, Alexander. If you'd pulled your head in and actually did what I asked, none of this would be happening!"] he seethed, glaring at the impassive Alex. [#6666FF "Sorry, father."] came the reply. [#FF3333 "Useless, everybody's just so useless. Do I have to do everything myself?"] Nikolai rubbed at his temple as he considered. [#FF3333 "Fine, I'll make the call. Go, leave me."] Standing quickly, Alex made for the door before pausing. [#6666FF "I won't fail you again, Father."] The tall man just waved him away in response, already dialing a number and slumping down into a leather couch by the window with an exasperated sigh.
[center [pic]]

Alex's first step out of the room faltered: He felt like he was falling, and in that brief moment of panic a chill shot up his back. A drop where none was expected; His stomach lurched painfully as he tried to make sense of what happened - Thankfully, the floor was only a foot or so lower than he'd thought as he dropped harmlessly onto the soil beneath. [i Soil . . beneath?]

His eyes darted up to a familiar, if alien sight. A broken black sky with a dim white sun, with thin white wispy clouds flowing lazily towards it in a spiral, all watching over a warped and barren land, save for an enormous onyx tree. This is where he was first introduced to- [b "Hello again."] Those words, that voice, somehow seemed all-encompassing in this place. The voice was almost a physical thing, curling around him and caressing in a strange, disconcerting way. He turned and bowed as his wits returned to him, keeping his eyes downcast. [#6666FF "How may I serve?"]

Quick and to the point. Bandying insincere flattery or asking pointless questions here would end up with him punished, one way or another. They had high expectations of him, for whatever reason. His lips drew to a thin line as he remembered the last time he had failed, an uncomfortable memory. [b "An item of great import has come to Earth somehow, I have felt this."]

Alex waited silently, still bowed, unsure if he should speak. [b "A book. It is imperative that you find it, and bring it here, to me."] As it spoke, its words oozed in a way that sent a shiver down his back. [#6666FF "W-where am I to find this book? What [i exactly] am I looking for?"] he ventured stammering, still not daring to look up. [b "Am I to do everything for you? You will know it when you see it, and I desire it. That is all you need to know. Success, is not optional."]  Sweat beading from his forehead, Alex stumbled as he was flung back into the mansion, tripping to the floor as his world re-oriented, barely catching himself with his hands. It seemed cooking the books would have to wait.
AseroxGytha Fovey   163d ago


[center [pic]]

It had been an issue getting Fife to stay in his cat carrier. Maybe she shouldn't have called it that within earshot, but he was already too big and plump to fit in boxes made for other mice. Gytha looked over the carrier smugly. [+green "Well, maybe ye should not be stuffin yer gob so much?"] - A series of squeaks piped up out of the carrier. [+green "Eh?! Me' weight's not the problem 'ere!"] huffing as she walked up to the counter. [+green "Whens the first available flight to uh, . . "] checking a piece of paper she'd written it down on earlier. [+green "Rome, please!"] The quizzical attendant looked her up and down, eyes lingering on the carrier at her side, then looking to the patchwork clothes this girl seemed to deem fitting for wearing in public. Gytha merely smiled her wide smile. 

[center ----]

"[+green [i Ble~ech!]]" Gytha retched into the bag as the plane seemingly tossed her about uncontrollably, like a ragdoll in a rollercoaster. Not only had she never flown before, but the turbulence was something else entirely. Supposedly, this wasn't particularly bad turbulence, but given a chance to speak, Gytha would strongly disagree. She had long since shifted to the colors of her forest, a soft shade of green painted across her face as she heaved a non existent lunch into the now second bag provided her. Why was it always carrots? Had she even eaten carrots? She could only hope that Fife was having a better time of it, but there was little she could focus on other than her current predicament. [i [+green Two and a half hours of this?!]] How could people survive travelling the world like this?! The pilots were probably the true Claimants here if they could withstand this as their day job. No, scrap that, they were as powerful as the Ancients themselves. She held back another retch as the plane shifted violently up and down with a shudder, her stomach lurching every time it moved unexpectedly. 

[center ---]

Gytha sobbed as she reunited with the carrier holding Fife, crumpling down on top of it with her backpack at her side. Passers by watched incredulously as this girl blubbered at her pet cat (?) in the customs line, whispering or giggling as they moved past. Surprisingly, Fife had considered it like an extended, if scary joy-ride. Perhaps travelling in her backpack or car these past few years had toughened him up to the constant jostling, and though Gytha felt a tinge of annoyance at how much easier he'd had it, she was just happy to be on solid, unmoving ground again. The customs agents barely spoke to her when she finally came up to them, a snotty disheveled mess. Some people were just bad flyers. 

Gytha was glad for the reasonably cheap motel room, her wallet was in a rather sad state and she hadn't dared check her bank account since last week. Enough cash for a few days expenses maybe. There was probably still enough money in her account  . . Right? She'd settled in to the small cubicle of a shower for nearly an hour now, running piping hot water over herself in an attempt to wash out the smell of vomit. She'd have to change outfits too. Luckily she'd brought a spare set, who knew you'd need so many outfits when traveling?  Her mother had passed on the news of the Coliseum event, but she wasn't really sure what that was. A big roman building where people fought. Would she have to fight someone to get in? She drew her lips to a line as she considered. On her best day she couldn't fight her way out of a wet paper bag, but she could certainly run fast. Maybe she'd be the first to get there, and could still this textbook or whatever before anyone else got there? Now that was a bright idea!

[center [pic]]

Gytha panted as she ran through the streets, her small backpack rocking back and forth, bouncing around with each step as she scrambled through the crowds. How were there [i so many] people here? What on earth did they all do in this place? And the way they spoke, a kind of rhythm to their words felt so, well, [i foreign.] The world really was a big place. But she had to keep her eyes on the prize here, and no matter how delicious this Pasticiotti filled with cream was, she'd never be distracted by - she looked down realizing her mistake, already having been drawn in by the hawkers and vendors. [i No!] She'd never be stopped by such simple trickery! The little shortcake muffin things were barely delicious enough to - She fled with all the will she could muster, bolstered by a fear for her wallet. It was some time before she made it to the coliseum, sweating and puffing. She'd managed to only buy a few more snacks and knick knacks. [+green "Sa~afe."] she wheezed, walking towards what looked to be a gated entrance. This place was [i big], like, four houses tall big, but much, much wider. She gulped as she thought about how much effort it would take to move all that rock. In her stupor, she idly walked up to the gate before a voice called out to her from the side. Something about not being allowed here? Was that right? Did the Roman Queen live here or something? It was pretty beaten up for a palace. She waved at the man then wandered away nodding, a devious smile across her lips. [+green "Fife, I'll need yer help on this one!"]

A loud high pitched scream filled the courtyard as the near cat-sized mouse scrambled up to the man, followed by curses and shouts, trying vainly to shoo it away. It was too quick for the man, hurriedly running up his leg before leaping off and fleeing further down the street, the shocked security guard wiping himself down in a dance of the heebie-jeebies before walking towards where Fife had run off, cautiously peering around for the huge mouse. Gytha, the little sneak that she was, had used this precious time to jump the gate, landing with a thud and scurrying to cover. She was in. What now? There was a textbook or something in here Florita wanted. As she skulked slowly down the halls she eventually came to a strange set of ruins, covered in moss and framed with grassy paths. Is this where she needed to be? She jumped as something crawled up her leg, realizing only after a moment that it was Fife. She tried not to let on that he'd gotten her back now.

AseroxChatn'   163d ago

Let me know if it's not really what you're after. o/
Brendan_Fraser     163d ago

yoooo awesome, thanks for the samples! Those are great. I'm happy to find some more of mine if you'd like to see.
AseroxChatn'   163d ago

Won't say no to some free samples ;D


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