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Threat Assessment

By Sarina342

Loading Simulation... Safety Protocols Removed, Please Proceed With Caution... And Yes, The Bullets Are Very Much, Real. :)

Just for me to write on my own to keep sharp. Also reference for any future roleplays.
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Sarina342Natsu   28d ago
Rogue AI

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The heavy rain that poured down from above was everything she could have wanted. Lower visibility and an open space was a setup for her own playing field. Piercing purple eyes scanned the area through her binoculars. Another small squad of men making their way forward and splitting apart. Bunching up had been what led to the first squad being picked off with two shots. Sure two or three were still writhing on the ground, but the caliber used meant that they’d been more than clipped. When gunfire erupted towards her area atop the building, she’d quickly shuffled back. A quick movement and a red canister was activated and thrown over the edge. The incendiary ignited and as she’d figured, the machine gun fire stopped. The girl peered through her scope while she ran and searched. Blind gunfire peppered near her and caused her to wince as a stray bullet tore through her shoulder. A clap like thunder reverberated and shook the rain from the rifle and herself in a split second, giving the visual like she’d had a shield coating her.

The steam from a recently used machine gun barrel in such cold temperatures was easily noticed. At least, to an overly-keen eye it would’ve been. Once more the girl had moved to the edge of the building. They’d made more than enough distance now and she’d giggled to herself at movement near the center. One was trying to drag another who’d previously been wounded. Her head tilted before she adjusted her glasses. The man dragging the other wore a patch on either bicep to mark they were a medic. Muttering to herself, she was about to turn and change positions before she’d stopped. Eyes narrowing, she turned and aimed through her rifles’ scope. Frayed stitching, the cross not raised, streak marks in the middle. The report of her rifle sounded again to put the first man out of his misery, and gave the fraud a quick death. She’d quickly peered over the edge and cursed seeing the last man scuttle into a broken window at the first floor. They had to reach the third floor before roof-access would be an option. Her decision was quick and timed with the sound of thunder rumbling. The quick-release strap of her rifle was used at the rappel rope, swinging herself over the edge and slamming through the window below her. She’d tumbled only a moment before she was on her feet. Shaking herself to rid glass from her body, and ignoring the minor scrapes and cuts she’s taken at her face, her next plan was put forward. 

The soldiers were noisy and overly thorough. Every door opened was followed by a quick [i “Clear!”] before they’d moved on. An iron lug knocked from its spot and a twist of the barrel to get it loose. This long barrel would not be needed for the next part of her plan. Though she did know it’d make a great melee weapon if she needed. Clicking the shorter barrel into place, she’d stood and tapped the lug back into place before she’d moved to the end of the hall near the stairway. The bootsteps were easily heard. Soft voices weren’t enough to hide them from her. But soon she could hear them but she’d started to move. Slow and steady strides, moving her legs out a bit more to meet each one. A quick turn to the left and she would kick the door open, but instead she listened. Boot to door on the floor beneath her was all she needed to reassure herself. The girl couldn’t hold her smirk at bay as she readied her rifle. Just when the man yelled [i “Clear!”], the ceiling above him cracked. The sound of men yelling [i “Jesus christ!”] or [i “What the fuck was that?!”] made her giggle. They’d soon received the same treatment as she’d fired through the floor.  Boots quickly running up the stairway was all that made her retreat while she’d reload. She opened a door and slammed it shut before she’d reload. Bolt back, catching the brass so it didn’t ping on the floor she sat on. Removing the magazine and delicately replacing it with a new one, gentle as if this rifle were her own child.

[i [size20 “The bastard went into that room! Clear it out!”]]

The sergeant yelled just as the walls and door were lit up with gunfire. A girl’s scream was heard when the man kicked the door open and tossed a flash grenade inside. 

[Courgette [size20 “F-Fucking assholes!”]]

She screamed out just before the men pushed inside and aimed their rifles forward… To an empty office room that was now splintered by bullets. 

[Courgette [size20 “Stu~pid id-i-ots~.”]]

The girl cooed at them before she fired. Blood spattered the wall behind the men as the bullet tore through the first three and lodged into the sergeant’s shoulder. He didn’t get time to react to the sudden death of his men or the new wound as the wall opened up. A small detonation and the girl ran into the room. The man couldn’t get his pistol from its holster in time to stop the girl from swiping her arm out, knocking him back out the door with the use of the heavier long barrel. A soft whine came from her as she would rub her shoulder. 

[Courgette [size20 “Man… that’s going to be a pain to get out of there.”]]

She huffed, wagging the rifle barrel. A scratch to her cheek made her tense before her eyes narrowed. The sergeant had managed to grab his pistol. Though she stepped closer when he’d go to fire another round at her. The click that followed made her giggle to herself. 

[Courgette [size20 “Ouchie. Should really be careful there sir. All that gunk you drudged through out there could’ve made that jam worse. Because I mean, a barrel jammed with… debris!...”]]

The girl lunged forward, using the momentum and her own strength to shove the barrel into the man’s chest. Reaching down, she slowly pulled him so she could lean him against the wall. His wheezing breaths causing her shudder while she’d unsling her rifle. Collapsing it’s stick, she’d turn it to grasp the short barrel and continue her point.

[Courgette [size20 “...Would only lead to a possible backfire of your weapon. And you really must be kind to them. They’re your best friend on the battlefield after all. Isn’t that right my dear lovely Hina~?”]] 

She giggled as she swayed in place. But before the man could try to speak up, his eyes widened as she’d swing the rifle. The collapsed stock acted as a battering ram to shove the long barrel through the man’s chest properly, the wall behind him cracking. She hummed to herself now as she leaned down to grip the barrel and tug. But she grumbled and tugged as best she could before planting both feet on the back wall. Another firm pull and she tumbled back with an “Eep!” before righting herself. While she dusted her clothes, a crackling made her tilt her head and step forward to the corpse. Plucking the radio from the man’s him, she lifted it towards her mouth. Clearing her throat, she humming a moment before pressing the button.

[Courgette [size20 “Mic check, one~ two~? Hello dear idiots who have the nerve to interrupt my work. I’d just like to tell ya, that it’s not very nice. You don’t see me wandering around to keep you from doing-... Er, well killing you when you’re trying to kill me doesn’t count right? Anyway~, let me just tell ya that if you interrupt me or any of my partners, the same thing will happen like it did today. This is the ever wonderful cleaner Natsu, signing off.”]]

She nodded her head before moving her thumb from the button. Though her smile waved as she felt the sweat start to develop and her face flustered at the voice that followed. 

[Teko [size30 “...Natsu, you poor precious idiot. Didja have that written down or something? Oh! No you always did love being dramatic. Remember how you’d always act out your favorite romance scenes from-”]]

Natsu screamed and quickly threw the radio out the window in front of her, as if anyone was there to listen. Huffing, she grabbed “Hina” and went to work. Soon the girl was adjusting her cloak and heading out into the rain to gather again, and once she had what she wanted, the cleaner would quickly head off into the forest. The new name patches she carried would certainly gain attention with her commander… hopefully.


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