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Expedition Academy

By Cat22
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Hell from above

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((I’m here! I just didn’t check the thread at all yesterday.))
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((But anyway, I’ll try to get a starter up tomorrow. It’s getting rather late for me.))
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It was another day at Expedition Academy as classes were just about to begin for the students and teachers alike. While normal schools would just teach normal core subjects such as math, science, or history, the academy taught students everything they needed to know about adventuring which included combat, how to use weapons efficiently, and how to disarm traps. However, the normal classes were still offered as well although nobody ever really takes them.

Bartz had arrived in class rather late and seemed to be a little worried about missing too much of class. He currently had Magic 101 at this time and he knew that the teacher didn’t really like it when students were late to their class hence the reason why he avoided being late as much as possible. However, a certain silver haired roommate of his was proving rather difficult to get up which meant that he had to wake him up. Due to that, he had run a little late to class which was the reason why he ended up running into the class as fast as possible which seemed to catch the attention of Vaan and Tidus who also had the same class.

“Bartz, where were you when class started?” Vaan asked Bartz. He wanted to know where Bartz had been prior to class starting.

“Well, Firion was proving to be a little hard to get up this morning and I couldn’t just let him get into trouble. Besides, it’s not like the teacher will notice all that much.” Bartz said.

“Do you WANT us to get in trouble, Bartz? Go sit in your seat before the teacher notices that you were late to class.” Vaan said before he watched Bartz walk over to his seat.
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(I'm so sorry for not being online I got caught up in high school stuff, but could you maybe make shorter posts?)

Travis flew to his school in hopes of being able to start his dream of being an adventurer like his grandparents were. When he got there he landed on the roof of the building to scope out the other students he might have an encounter with.
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“You’re a little late, Bartz but where’s Firion?” Tidus asked Bartz. He noticed that the young wanderer had entered the class a little late however, he also didn’t see Firion with him which he thought was slightly concerning. The reason why he was concerned about that was due to the nature of the tardy sweeps. He thought that they were a rather stressful part of the school day and due to that, wanted to avoid them as much as possible and in fact, he wouldn’t really wish for anyone in the school to get caught up in one of those tardy sweeps either.

“Well, he was a little hard to get up this morning but he said that he’d be here eventually although if he is going to arrive before the tardy sweeps has yet to be known. For his sake, I hope that he does, though.” Bartz said.

Firion could be seen entering the school and appeared to be in a bit of a rush for some odd reason. He was a little concerned about getting caught up in the tardy sweep that was dreaded across the school since NOBODY wanted to have to deal with having to track down the school’s escaped mystical creatures again. “Please don’t be too late…” He muttered softly as he ran into the classroom that his other three friends were in.
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Hell from above

Travis jumped down and walked in the school, looking around at everything he could. He was amazed at all the cool stuff hung on the walls, like pictures of famous adventurers, different important landmarks seen throughout the years, and all the special items of each previous adventurer taught at the school.

(Every adventurer has 1 special item they have that no one else does)


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