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By StolenRelics-

Hello, and welcome to my search thread. As of recently I am needing some really good distractions. I'm more than willing to talk about what characters we want to use and bring into play. It's also getting to be that time of year again as well. Fall & Halloween are rolling around, so I'm wanting at least 3 stories based around those two things. I am searching for at least 2 more stories at the moment. I will list some of my do's and don'ts and we can move along from there. So please don't be shy to message me and we can get something going together. As of right now I'm begging for a distraction.

My role play do's.

Pictures; Mostly I use real pictures, but if you don't want to use real then I ask that you please use Digital Art one's. Anime photos are too childish and to me are not that appealing to the eye at all. I would like the photos to match the theme of the story we decide on. If you don't like a photo I'm using, you are welcome to ask me to change it, because I will do the same with you. So please don't get pissed off with me if I ask you something simple.

Plotting; I would love to have someone willing to help me plot out the thread or threads we have together. I want to talk and get to know my partner. I would love for you to message me and let me know of what ideas you have in mind, and tell me if I need to change my post. I will end up doing the same thing for you, so please don't bitch at me if I ask you to add onto your post.

Multiple Characters; I will be playing more than one character because it'll help move the story line along, so I would love it if you did the same thing for me! Like I said it'll help move the storyline along, and it will push both of us out of comfort zones. If you refuse to play more than one character then you and I will not be good partners. I want someone who will push me, and I'll push you in return. Honestly it's not that hard to do.

Mature Topics; I love mature topics inside of my threads. The Cybering will be time skipped or taken else where. There are Minor's on this site, and I personally don't want to get kicked off this wonderful site. I have been here for over 11 years now, and I would like to keep it that way, so please make sure you are keeping it clean. Also when I say Mature Topics, I do mean Drugs, Partying, ect.

Genres; I can do anything and everything. My favorites are Horror, and Slice of life. I would be wiling to try something new as well, so please let me know if you have anything in mind, and I will be more than happy to try it out! If you aren't comfortable with a genre, please tell me, because I will end up telling you the same thing. I want this to be enjoyable for all parties involved.

My role play don'ts.

Minors; I will tell you right now, I will be asking if you are Eighteen or older. I will NOT write with minors, because it makes me really, really, really uncomfortable! So please if you are under the age of Eighteen years old, then please move along. Because I will tell you right then and there that you and I will not write together at all until you are of age. The reason as to why, is because a lot of my threads are mature, and I would like to keep it that way. I would like to have a mature writer as a partner, and not some child getting butthurt because I won't write with you.

Insisting on one gender; If you only insist on playing one gender, and one gender only then you and I will not be good writing partners. I want someone who's willing to step out of their comfort zone, and break out of the norm. I myself am a Female, and I would like to play the female lead myself. I do have some females in mind that I want to use, but I will be adding in Male's as well, unless the thread is straight up homosexual. So please, don't insist on playing one gender, and one gender only.

Making me do all the plotting; The reason I love writing with people is for their ideas as well. I would love it if you brought ideas to the table as well. If you make me do all of the plotting, then you and I will not be good partners whatsoever. I want someone who's not afraid to tell me what they like, don't like ect. Just be aware I will be doing the same thing with you. If you only say things like "I'm down", or "That's okay with me", then I won't want to write write with you. I want someone to help push the story along, make the story something we both enjoy. So please don't make me do all of the plotting.

One liners; If you are only wanting to do One Liners, then fuck off. One Liners kill the storyline for me. There's nothing to work off of, and they kill the story right before it starts. I love details inside of my threads. If you don't give me something to work with, and I ask you to change your post more than twice, then I will have to delete the thread, and start over new. So please make sure you give me something to work with, and I'll do the same thing for you. So again, please don't do One Liners, at fucking all.

Ditching; If you get tired of the thread, all you have to do is tell me. I don't want to start something, and have you all of a sudden ditching out on me. If I get bored of the thread I will message you and let you know. So please I ask the same thing of you in return. It's only fair to keep me updated, because if you ditch the thread without a word, then I will not write with you again in the future. So please make sure to keep me updated, and I will do the same thing in return for you.

Now that I'm done sounding like a total bitch, and you are still wanting to write with me then kindly send me a Private Message and we can get something going. Please? I'm pretty much begging at this point. I'm really needing the distraction. Thank you and happy writing!
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