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¿♡Bloody Wonderland♤? [Version 2]

By The_Random_human
Wonderland ~a land or place full of wonderful things.
In this world everyone has a Wonderland. Why you may ask, well dear reader I'm sure you've read the book by Lewis Carroll. No? Well the Disney Movie? Well for those who don't know what I'm am taking abo<ut the heres the short of it. A young girl goes to a fantastic world call Wonderland. In Wonderland she makes may friends and helps them. The people in this world found out how to give everyone their own Wonderland. The Wonderlands have a few this in common One they all have a form of The Cheshire Cat , OH they are lovely they always smile and can fade away the last thing to fade is their big smile, Two it shows your state of mind.

Now back to the story. As life went on they was a few mishaps with this, like normal. These mishaps offen affect the poor souls who was affected by them, you would be to if one moment you was playing with a cute puppy then the next it's a giant slobbering beast and you could escape. This mishap was that two or more people's Wonderland would become one. Which that alone was unstable then it was worse whenever one of the people wasn't in the proper mind set. Then the world would start to crumble. The lovely Wonderland you made would be no more, the kind caring space would be violent, and everyone you once knew would be mad. The horrid Wonderland that had been created would case the people within to slowly go Mad. Like anything else the humans would but them all in one huge building and have them try to find the other who invaded their Wonderland. After they would have them go to therapy well sort of anyways and have them take medication this put off the Maddess for a few hours no hallucinations would happen in this time even in Wonderland.

The people would try to do the best they could to stop this mess but they couldn't, sad. Yet this is where you come in dear reader! Exciting, well sad really I'm sorry for your loss. Your wonderful Wonderland has been invaded. Now you got sent away from your house your normal life to Beacon Isle Psychiatric Institution. Now you must find the person who did this in Wonderland and in the real world. You can still tell the difference can't you Reader? Let's hope you can for your sake.

More detail about the place.
Beacon Isle Psychiatric- the place you get sent to when your Wonderland has been invaded. How they know is you start to act off to your normal self no matter what the corruption of you Wonderland, your ' mind palce'. So when you get sent here most of the time it is for good most of the time. They are strict here so you must follow the rules which in time you'll learn. Also the main reason everyone gets sent to this massive place is to find the others in your Wonderland well what's left of it. More will be found out in the Roleplay

Bloody Wonderland- this is what is left of the Wonderlands that combined. It is a mess to say the least. You have to jump and climb now to get to places. Even saying that you also have to know that now their is no safe place to go anywhere now. Trains cars buses are hardly ever used so most is just junk. Trains get pushed off the edge. But some parts of the Wonderland isn't as bad and are a bit kinder and safer. Most of Wonderland is killed or be killed. Then of course the lovely people from both worlds are now crazy to say the lest and if they was crazy well now they are just Mad now. Weapons are needed for you to live as the one friendly world has turned to kill you .

Also if you have question Pm me.
1) no one liners if I have to I will put a minimum on here
2) be okay with darker themes, cursing, violence, and gore/blood
3) pm me you Character(s) sheet
4) have okay spelling because I know I'm not perfect but please try.
5) you have questions pm me you want to just try to add your thoughts in Pm me want to talk pm me. Communication is key.
6) if you want to have some romance that can happen but just to a limt you got it they are rules here. Kiss ect find but you get it.

Character(s) sheet
Age (at lest 15+)
A bit about places in your Wonderland and Character(s) in your Wonderland
Looks ( and I would like a photo of some sorts please )
State of mind
Weapon in Wonderland ( no guns or fire power please)
Backstory(if you would like)
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The_Random_humanLewis   34d ago

Lewis would look about his dark room after being woke with a start. It was from one of his nightmares from his broken Wonderland, oh how he wished that it was his kind wilderness once again. He would look and saw that he was shaking he seemed to of forgotten his cover in the other room. With shaking legs he slowly stood the boards would let out a soft creak under his weight.he would look to his roommate and saw that he was snorting away so he walked through the darkness with his arms out to make sure he didn't hit anything.  

 He keep walking for a while until he came to a bigger rom and he slowly bent down felling around till he felt something soft ge would grab it. Luckily it was his blanket. As soon. As he grabbed the blanket he would wrap himself within in, like a child. He would stop as he looked around seeing that it was almost day light hours. His eyes would widen as he hurried to his room and onto his bed. His mind would race hoping no one saw him, and that they would some how be able to stop his nightmares. Soon a older man would interrupt his thoughts.
" Get up boy. You need to go down stairs"
the older man would say in a softer voice then go to his roommate and do the same. Lewis would put his blanket down with a shaky hand. As he crossed his arms and looked down he would slowly start to head down stairs


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