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Survive [1x1 Closed]

By Lovely_Poison
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UsernotFoundExperiment #290   171d ago

The hospital named St. Andrews, the only home that Experiment # 290/ Daniel knew, sat lit up. the only place that had electricity in this whole fucked up world and to anyone that saw it, they knew it was warm and safe in there, for most people.

Daniel hums as he drew on one of the walls in his room behind some glass " What do you think 125? Should i add more grass?" he turned to the sick and smiled, Experiment # 125 grunts and growls , raising his arms up to Daniel. The man smiled and nods " i think so too, that is what the outside looks like, remember? Before you got the sick.." he sighed and starts to paint. he heard a loud crash and bang out in the hallway as he runs and grabbed a sharpened stick " Dont worry 125! ill protect you!!" He rolled his sleeves up and held the stick tightly, his arms were filled with bite marks from the sick, but he was still alive. He slowly walked to the glass and looked out to see a person, standing in the hallway " H-hello!?!" he yelled out to them, not really hoping for a response " Doctor??"

[center [b "Shit!"]]

[center Cassandra hadn't meant to be so loud, especially since she hadn't finished scoping the place out, but here she was, the echo finally fading away from the surgical tray she had sent flying on to the floor. If she'd been paying more attention in front of her instead of behind her, she probably would've seen the cart sitting in the way...]

[center Hearing a voice call out, she froze, holding the baseball bat tight in her hands. The last thing she needed was to deal with a stranger. The dead were bad enough, but at least they were predictable. People, on the other hand... Yeah, that was a situation that she did [i not] want to repeat.]

[center Her heart was steadily pounding in her chest as her eyes landed on the figure by the glass, eyes widening. She'd kind of been hoping that she was hearing things, though that would've been more concerning. [b "Hello there,"] she finally replied back, still hesitant to continue forward. [b "Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor... Why? Do you need help? Are you hurt?"]]

[center A pit formed in her stomach. Something, and she for sure didn't like it.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   171d ago

" Oh! A Person! I havent seen one in so long!! " Experiment #290 smiled brightly as he trys to get a closer look " Please let me out! Papa forgot me in here, he said he would keep me safe but.. just.. please im so hungry" Daniel's voice got lower as he got distractied " 125!! No! Get back, i know your hungry too! You cant eat them! Please stop!" Daniel yelled as he was knocked back into the glass, cracking it as Experiment #125 growls and bites at Daniel. He struggled as he felt a sharp pain in his arm, letting out a cry as thick blood oozed from his arm onto his own face " P-please! Help me!! Ill give you anything!" He felt tears fall " Hes sick! He doesnt know what hes doing! Please.. i dont wanna die here" He yelled out to the figure in the hallway with fear in his voice. 

In this world, people have a choice what they must do to survive. Cassandra must make a choice

Save Daniel and let him stick by her 
 leave Daniel and continue her own story alone

[center A gasp escaped the young woman's lips as she took a step back. How had he survived with one of them in there with him? The knot grew in her stomach. It just didn't seem possible. Was he already infected? Was that how? No...that wasn't right. He wouldn't be getting attacked if he was. She'd seen that before.]

[center Back when she'd been with a group. one of them had been bitten. They'd hidden it, of course, but not for long. When the group had been cornered by a small horde, it had been made obvious very quickly that their friend wasn't in danger.]

[center She could still see the look of sadness and absolute horror on his face as he'd drawn their attention away. It was while he was hitting the metal rod on the wall of the storage unit that she'd seen the bite on his wrist.]

[center She gripped the bat as she shook those memories away. Now wasn't the time to worry about that. Without thinking, she brought the bat up and swung, shattering the glass. It didn't matter how loud it was or if it brought any others in their direction. What mattered was doing the right thing.]

[center Using the bat, she shoved at the undead creature, doing her best to pry it away from the stranger. She'd worry about the blood once it was dead.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   171d ago

Daniel yelled out in pain as 125 gets shoved back. it growled and snapped at the bat then all of a sudden stopped. His eyes rolled  forward to where the pupils  were showing " Brother." it growled out as it falls back. put to rest once again. Daniel panted and held his arm, a fresh bite on his scarred arm from older bites " W-whoa... 125?? hey can you hear me??" he crawled closer and shakes him " im sorry.. im sorry i couldent save you.." he cried and trys to wipe away the tears before they fall again. he sniffled and stands, turning to look at Cassandra " Whoa... you are normal! Wow i havent seen anyone like that in a long time!" his white hair and pale skin was now scattered with his own blood. He looked younger then he was since he was so skinny " I am Experiment # 290! papa used to caall me ' the cure' whatever that meant um... but you can call me Daniel!" He puts his arm up to show her " I cant get infected if that is what your worried about. some people call me immune to the virus? ISnt that a funny word? Immune?" he chuckled a bit

[center Yep. This was officially the weirdest day of Cassandra's life. Was she dreaming? Or maybe she was dead and didn't realize it. Everything had happened so fast that she wasn't quite sure how to process it.]

[center Looking at his arm, she took a step back, keeping the bat up, ready to swing if she needed to. [b "You'll have to forgive me if I don't believe you. No one's 'immune.' If they were, a cure would've actually been found by now."]]

[center And yet, some little part of her secretly hoped he was telling the truth. Could there possible be an end in sight for the madness that was the current world? She quickly shook the thought away. No, no...he was just crazy from being trapped in here.]

[center Slowly lowering the bat, she turned, looking around the hall. She couldn't hear anything at the moment, which was good, but that didn't mean the danger was over with. [b "I'll give you a chance to prove it if you want toncome with me, since I'm certainly not staying here, but if you turn, I won't hesitate to finish you off."]]

[center She paused before glancing at him. [b "I'm Cassandra."] She'd almost forgotten to introduce herself with everything else going on.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   170d ago

" Oh thank you!" he pats her shoulder and starts to walk " First we must gather some stuff, papa showed me the room before he got the sick! " He smiled at her and starts to walk to a long hallway. zombies were around .. but strangely not attacking them " Hi 122! Oh hi 156! !90 how are you!" he smiled and waved to the zombies like they were normal people " This is Cass! Shes my friend! " The zombies seemed to look at her " Say ' hello' " daniel said as the zombies opened their mouths and grummbled " Hellooooo" 

No zombies before this point talked . its not heard of " Cass these are my brothers, they were experiments before me.. they got the sick and fell asleep they didnt wake up one day.. but now their awake! Goah.. i havent seen this in such a long time!" Daniel puts his hand out to her to take it as he points to an office door " We are almost there, papa keeps food and water and other things in there! Do you trust me??" he tilts his head

[center Cassandra hesitated. He made her feel uneasy. There was for sure something off about him. [i He's definitely crazy. Maybe it's best if you just slowly back away and run.] Yeah, but then there was a good possibility he would chase after her and she had no idea if she could outrun him or not. The dead were easy to maneuver around if there weren't too many of them. They were usually pretty slow, though strong once they got a hold of someone.]

[center Despite the uneasiness in her chest, she followed him, heart pounding as they came across more of the undead. She thought for a moment that she was going to be sick. She couldn't take on this many by herself. For just a second, she prepared herself for the inevitable, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the bat. [i This is where I die,] she thought to herself.]

[center Except it didn't happen. They didn't attack her, and instead, spoke, causing her to gasp. These were [i not] like the undead outside. [i He'd said experiment...] Dear God, what had happened here?]

[center [i I need to wake up...] [b "About as far as I can throw you,"] she mumbled, finally taking his hand. It was dumb, it really was, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. She had to know why they were different.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   170d ago

Daniel smiled and held her hand, walking pass them and walked in the room. THis room was a jackpot! So much food and water! 

Daniel lets go of her and grabs a bag, opening it and eating quickly like how a zombie would a human " mmm! So good!" he smiled and eats more. His snow white hair fell in his face as he stands and looked around, he sees needles and backed up " i-i dont really like needles.. papa used them a lot... you shouldent touch them." He turned away from her, leaving his back exposed as he eats.

 Daniel was kinda like a stray dog.. someone to protect him and give him a home. but in this world, there was no nice home, or anyone to protect him. He sighed " So... i know you dont trust me or think im insane.. i can prove it.. im not like the rest of the sick... true.. i have the sick in me but... just.. just look" he turns to a screen and turns it on, turning the video feed to
 ' Day #1'

{" Hello, i am Dr. William. i am here with a boy around 16 years old, 290 say hello!"

Daniel moved uneasily as blood was getting put in an iv " um.. i am Daniel.." he looked away from the screen. this boy had dark brown hair, blue eyes and darker skin...

in the video he growled and kicked as a serum was put into the blood. he yells out in pain as bits of his hair turns white. this was only the beginning}

suddenly the screen turns black and daniel was holding his head and shaking

[center It took all Cassandra had not to pull her hand away from his the moment they walked into the room. For just a moment, all she wanted to do was grab something and start chowing down. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen so much... Was that how he had gotten by? It made sense, that was for sure. [b "Holy shit,"] she said under her breath. Maybe it wasn't so bad that she had stumbled upon this place...]

[center After he pulled away, all she could do was watch him. He was almost like a lost puppy. It was a little... odd, to say the least. Was he just playing a game to try and get her to drop her guard? Or was this really what he was like? She had no way to know for sure. The only thing that would tell her was time, and that was only if she decided to allow him to stay with her.]

[center She had to wonder if he would actually leave the place.]

[center [b "I'll be sure to steer clear of them,"] she said softly, hesitating before she leaned the bat against the wall. She was doubtful that he was going to hurt her, but she'd stay close to it just in case. She'd only moved a few feet away, looking over some of the food items, before Daniel spoke, causing her to jump a little. Turning her gaze to him, she frowned. [b "You can?"]]

[center And prove it he did.]

[center Whoever the doctor was, whatever he had done to him, it had certainly changed him to whoever was sitting before her. Walking over to him, she reached out, placing a hand on his shoulder. [b "Hey,'s okay. Do you... do you know why he did this to you? Did he do this to the others out there?"] If so, [i why] had he done it? Had he been looking for a cure? Was he trying to create a different monster? So many unanswered questions swirled around in her mind, almost making her dizzy.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   166d ago

Daniel trys to calm himself as he shakes " papa said.. that i was to be the cure for something he had released... he said I would help the world... he was wrong... it turned me into this.. isn't it funny?" He cried and sits " he told me I could help the sick! My brothers and sisters all gone! Because of me... everyone left because of me... I wish I had the sick too... so I won't have to be alone" This was all strange. Nobody wished death on themselves but here was a boy that begged for it. Daniel sniffles as he slowly eats the food he had " Cass... you can leave if you want to... i... I'm not forcing you to stay here... I know your.. scared of me.. " Daniel let's out a weak smile " just promise me one thing? Before you go... put me and my brothers to rest.. but this time I don't wanna wake up" he shakes a bit and looked down. Kinda expecting the bat to hit him, or for her to leave without him..

[center A feeling of dread washed over her. Certainly, this doctor didn't have anything to do with what had happened to the world. It just didn't seem possible. [i What if it was an experiment gone wrong?] Damn it, she couldn't shake this feeling now. It didn't help that she was standing there watching Daniel have a breakdown over it. Her heart broke for him... How could someone do what they had done to him?]

[center His next words struck her in her core. What was she supposed to say to that? She already knew she wouldn't be able to bring herself to kill him. Despite his condition, he was talking, eating, and moving around like another normal person. Killing him didn't feel right. Hell, killing the other undead in the building didn't feel right, either.]

[center For a moment, she was quiet. If one doctor had caused this, maybe another somewhere could fix him? Or even find a way to create a cure. The idea seemed far-fetched. Could that really be a possibility?]

[center A sigh finally escaped her lips before she shook her head. [b "I'm not afraid of you, Daniel. Confused? A little uneasy? For sure, yes, but afraid? No."] She walked over to him and knelt down in front of him. Her expression had softened some. What she was about to do was probably the dumbest thing ever, but she was willing to risk it. [b "Why don't you come with me? Leave this place. We can try and find a safe haven, and maybe another doctor who can help you."]

[center Did Cassandra really believe that was a possibility? Not completely, but if she could give him some hope when it sounded like he didn't have any then she was going to convince herself it was.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   166d ago

Daniel's eyes widened as he looked up at her " Really? Youll help someone that you dont even know?" his smile creeped along his face as he stands and hugged her, he smelt of fresh vanilla and sweet sugar.. " thank you! I wont let you down, i promise!" He smiled bright, but that quickly dissappered as he heard scratching on the door, the sick were hungry " oh no! We need to leave" He grabs a backpack and starts to fill it with meds, bandages, food, water and he grabs his sharpened stick " Grab what you can" Daniel said as he held the door shut " there is a latch on the celing, grab it and go up the stairs, ill try to slow them down! " he said as the door was pried open a bit, undead hands get through the cracks as they scratch and claw at daniel. he grunts and closed his eyes tightly " GO!!" He yelled out to her in panic as the door starts to crack

[center Cassandra couldn't help how tense her body became when he hugged her. She hadn't meant to do it but her body had just frozen for a moment. If he noticed then surely he would think she had lied and that she [i was] afraid of him. [b "I don't usually, if I'm honest with you. I don't trust people. Not anymore, but you seem genuine. I can't just leave you here to die."] A quick pat on the head and smile were all it took for her to relax just a little. [b "No need to promise anything. I believe you."] Damn, he really was like a lost puppy dog.]

[center The moment was over far too quickly, however, as the sound of the undead reached her ears. A gasp escaped her lips as she turned to look at the door. Rushing over, she grabbed her bat, shrugging the backpack off her shoulders a second later to grab whatever it was she could. There wasn't a lot of time to do so, and, admittedly, she wasn't quite sure [i what] all she was grabbing. She was just taking stuff and shoving it inside as fast as she could.]

[center Zipping the back shut, she looked at Daniel, her eyes wide as their hands started grabbing at him. She had to believe that he would be safe. If what he said was true then he really [i couldn't] get infected. That didn't mean that he couldn't die, however. She cursed under her breath, hesitating. She didn't want to just leave him there. It didn't seem fair. At the same time, however, she wouldn't be so lucky she one of them bit her. [b "Be careful,"] she said before quickly grabbing at the latch. With one last look at him, she hurried up the stairs, her heart pounding so hard against her chest it hurt.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   165d ago

Daniel waits until he couldent hear her steps anyone as as he lets go. The door slammed open as he turns to the zombies and growls " back off!!" with tears in his eyes, he hits one with the stick. The rest stare before attacking him, biting and scratching him. Daniel yelled and scampered back " gotcha " he smiled and snapped as the ones that bit him rolled their eyes forward and fell to sleep. He panted and looked at his scarred arms.. New wounds were there, bites that would have killed a human by now.. But.. He wasent human.. The thing he didn't tell Case was, hevwas dead.. I died a long while ago due to an illness he had. He sughe and stands, quickly going up and closing the hatch. He walked out to find Cass. Daniel feels light and warmth on his skin as he gasps. He looked out, now on the roof, to the sun rise " I forgot about this... Its beautiful" he smiled and looked at Cass " don't you think so?"

[center Cassandra couldn't remember the last time she had run so fast. Was it the time when her group had been pinned? Or when she'd accidentally alerted a group of zombies the last day she was with them? It was hard to say. It all seemed like such a blur now as she hurried up the steps. She could hear the door crash, but she didn't bother to turn around or go back. It was too risky now. She had to have faith that Daniel would find a way out of the situation.]

[center On the roof, she finally came to a stop, placing her hands on her knees as she panted. Her chest hurt now as she tried to catch her breath, causing her to cough due to how fast she was breathing in.  [b "Fucking hell,"] she mumbled under her breath. She didn't want to do that for a long time.]

[center Hearing the door behind her, she gasped, turning around with the bat raised. She immediately dropped it when she saw Daniel, relief pouring through her. [i Thank God,] she thought, watching him. The new wounds were obvious, but she didn't question him. It didn't feel like she needed to. Turning back towards the sun, she nodded, placing her hands over her eyes. [b "Yeah...yeah it is."]]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   161d ago

Daniel heard zombies climbing up the stairs as he looked over the ledge " okay. we need to jump!! " He said and without warning grabbed her and pushed off, he puts her to his chest and goes beneath her, closing his eyes and  soon landing, a sickening " CRUNCH" followed. Daniel grunts as he sits up, his arm broken but he wasent screaming, he was calm as he snapped it back in place. he stands and held her hand as he dusts her off " Are you okay? Did you get hurt?? " He hugged her again and smiled as he made sure she didnt have any wounds, just her knee was scraped up " im sorry there was no way down, we must hurry" he lets go and starts to walk, his arm was dripping now black blood as he walked " Do you know any place we can camp out for tonight? Anywhere at all?? " 

All daniel could think of was the voices the zombies yelled at him with. his friends, brothers, sisters... all sleeping but yet still moving. He didnt understand why this was... why everyone in this whole world was asleep but him and his new found friend, Cass... as he closed his eyes for a bit, his body shuts down and he collapsed down onto the tar road. he held his chest as he starts to shake and wheeze, he couldn't breath. This was one of the side effects of the drug used on him, seizures. They were scary to him, but he was used to them. he gasps for air as his eyes rolled back.

[center Turning to the door, Cassandra felt panic rush through her. [i Fuck.] They were stuck on the roof while the undead were coming for them. What exactly were they going to do? She could try to take them out with the bat, sure, but she could only do so much damage before she was overrun. She was sure Daniel could only handle so much before he was, too, so it wasn't like they had a lot of options. It was why his suggestion to jump sounded so crazy. [b "Fucking what?"] she asked incredulously, looking at him with wide eyes.]

[center Only he didn't answer and she didn't have time to react before he grabbed her, jumping off without warning. She would've screamed if not for the suddenness of it all. The wind had left her as they fell down. She closed her eyes tightly, too afraid to greet death in this way. It didn't seem fair that [i this] was how she was going to go out. [i What a truly cruel world we live in.]]

[center Upon hearing the crack, she would flinch. She thought for a moment that it was her knee as a sharp pain tore through it, though when she opened her eyes, she quickly realized it wasn't. Scooting away from Daniel, her eyes widened as he put his arm back into place. [i He's not normal,] she thought to herself. No one would've reacted so calmly to breaking their fucking [i arm]. [i Be calm. Just be calm.] [b "I'm fine,"] she said as she stood, allowing him to dust her off.]

[center [b "Don't apologize. You got us away from them for the time being. That's good enough for me."] Of course, what had just occurred left more questions than answers, but she wasn't about to say anything about that. She especially had to fight to keep her mouth shut when she saw the blood running down his arm. She was beginning to question if she was truly safe with him. [b "There's a small neighborhood not far from here. I stayed at a house there before I came here. We can camp there for the night and move more in the morning."]]

[center The idea of traveling at night was a frightening one. Cassandra hated it with a passion. It wasn't safe. So many things could jump out at them or sneak up on them. Plus, with the limited visibility, they could easily get lost. Getting to the house, however, was safer than sitting outside like a buffet for the undead, so she wouldn't argue against it. The sooner they got there, the better.]

[center As he hit the road, she gasped, rushing over to him. [b "Daniel? Daniel!"] Immediately, she set the bat down beside her and held his head, trying to keep him from hitting it against the pavement. Having been a nurse when shit had hit the fan, she recognized what was happening. All she could do was let it run its course.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   152d ago

Daniel gags and gasps for air as he claws at his throat, hitting his head on the pavement a few times before getting out of it. he gasps and threw up black tar " ugh..." he held his head and shakes a bit " what.. happened?" He looked around and rubbed his eyes, seeing he was outside with Cas " We.. we made it! Yes!" He smiled a bit as he trys to stand, just like nothing happened " look, ill explain everything when we go to the house, i promise. just for now lets get going.. we dont wanna run into the sick.." He said as he stretched his stiff arms out and cracked his back. Just up head, zombies start to fall to the ground, he grabbed cas and starts to run as a flood of zombies dropped to the floor as he did, breaking arms and legs as they stand and go after them. Daniel was planning to tell her, he was dead. he died a while ago... but he  didnt wanna scare her more, this was hard.. After a while he finds a truck " look! Lets see if we can get that started!" he held her hand and runs to it, not seeing the zombies standing around the truck.

[center Cassandra had to do everything in her power not to react or throw up herself, though it wasn’t exactly easy. Blood was one thing. She was used to the stuff, had been for a long time, but that didn’t make this any easier, especially when the stuff he was throwing up didn’t look anything close to what she’d seen in the past. It was becoming fairly obvious there was more to him than what he’d already told her. She’d let it go for the time being, however. They had no time to worry about it.]

[center [b “Looked like a seizure,”] she said softly, slowly letting go of his head. He hadn’t hurt himself, which was good, but that didn’t mean much. She wouldn’t be able to tell more until they go moving again. [b “Yes, yes we did,”] she said, standing up. She didn’t want to show it but she was becoming wearier of him. There’d been a lot of information thrown at her in the short amount of time that they had spent together. She was having a hard time processing it.]

[center [b “Yeah, you’re right.”] Gripping the bat, she had just barely glanced behind them when Daniel grabbed her, causing her to gasp. She stumbled just a little on her feet before she regained her footing, running beside him. Glancing at the truck, she seemed to hesitate. [b “Daniel, not to burst your bubble, but we would be very lucky to get that thing running.”] There probably wouldn’t be any keys inside and she had no idea how to hot wire a car. The best idea would be to just keep going. She knew where to go and it wouldn’t take that long.]

[center She sighed, though, and shook her head. [b “Okay, we can give it a quick try, but if I feel like it’s hopeless or the undead get too close, we continue on, truck be damned.”] Their lives weren’t worth the risk.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   146d ago

Daniel stopped and nods " okay, lead the way Cas" He smiled and followed her as the zombies catch a smell of them and growled, starting to limp over to them. there was about 5 or more of them that was around the truck. Daniel backed up as he heard screaming in his head, they were screaming at them for help, that they didnt want to die again " W-we need to go.. i... its too loud" he covered his ears and followed her closely , he was by her trying to get cleaned up

Not far ahead, a group of the sick were their, festing on well.. themselves... ever since the humans died in this part of town, zombies had been eating everything ... and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING. From trash to the soft bits of their zombie neighbor , they had no choice of to starve, or to eat whatever they can find.

back to the duo, Daniel had uncovered his ears and was walking " I need you to promise something to me, Cas.. i know you hate promises but this is really important .."

[center Cassandra really wasn’t sure she liked the idea of trying to get the truck running. There was just too much that could go wrong with trying to hot wire it, which was something she wasn’t even going to attempt, and it might make too much noise before they even got anywhere. One second too long and they were zombie food. As good as gone.]

[center As if the world knew what it was she was thinking, or at least worried about, a few of the undead started making their way from around the truck. She felt her stomach knot up before she pinched the bridge of her nose. [i Fucking hell…] She really did not have the energy to keep dealing with these things today. Glancing at Daniel, she raised a brow. [b “Too loud…?”] It was hardly loud to her. Sure, the groans and such weren’t quiet but they weren’t that bad, either.]

[center [b “Let’s just keep going. Walk a little faster. They can’t catch us if we’re almost running,”] she said softly. There was no point in trying to bash their brains in. They weren’t too much a threat in the open like this and really weren’t something to worry about if they could put enough distance between them. The truck was a lost cause in that case, though.]

[center [b “Yeah? What is it?”] Yes, she did hate promises. No one kept the stupid things and she certainly couldn’t say that she could be one that did.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   139d ago

" Promise me that if i tell you my story, you wont leave... you will stay.. if you find out what i am." Paimon said as he walked faster, he had his ears covered as he heard his name getting called 

" PAIIIIIIMON? PAIIIIMON ? WHY DONT YOU HELP USSSSS?" paimon covered his ears tighter and closed his eyes as he walked by Cas.. to her it was grunting and groaning but to him, it was yelling.. in pain and in anger " im sorry.. im sorry.." he whispered and kept moving. they make it out into a clearing , the zombies pays no mind to them as they eat away. they didnt have a taste for humans... but the smell...

they look up and see them, thinking Paimon was an undead, they walk up to him and yell in his face, paying no mind to Cas. Paimon looked away " Cas keep moving.. ill be there soon, i promise that.." he pushed the zombie and punched him in the face, getting a scratch on his arm as they fight. 

the sun was still down, the light was becoming less and less visible.. Paimon should stop being dumb and keep movng.

[center Cassandra glanced over at him, obviously a bit hesitant because of his words. Did she really want to know his story if that was what he was asking of her? What was it about him that would make her tempted to leave? Besides the obvious stuff she’d already seen.]

[center With the events that happened next, she knew she really should have run. Right then and there, she should have gotten away from him as soon as possible and found a place to hole up for the night. Except she couldn’t bring herself to do it.]

[center Instead, she made the dumb move to reach for him, taking a huge risk of getting hurt in the process, but she grabbed him and pulled on him, running with him instead. She didn’t say anything to him, just ran. They needed to get back to the home she’d stayed in before if they wanted to survive the night. That was her priority now.]
UsernotFoundExperiment #290   121d ago

Victor runs with her, bites all over his arms as they make it to the house. He runs in and locked the door behind them. He panted and looked to her " hey you, saved me.. Thank you " Daniel said as he kneels and takes put supplies.  He starts to wrap his arms " so.. Ready to hear it? " he stands and looked over to Case. Daniel rubbed his hair down so he can relax himself

" so um.. I am dead. I died the first few experiments . I got sick and well... Died. I was a sick and was gone for a few months. When I woke up I wasent breathing. Or warm.. As you can feel" he puts a hand on her arm " I felt bad for not telling you , but I was scaredthat you would run and abandon me. I can, leave if I scare you.., just know , you are my friend, and I will protect you the best I can. I will always protect you.. I promise." he sighed and looked down to herbefore turning around " I can show you, that I am truly dead.." he turns to heronce more and liftedhis shirt. Showing off gun wounds.

[center Cassandra felt instant relief the moment they stepped into the house. [b "Holy shit,"] she said under her breath, taking a moment to try and calm her pounding heart. She hated this with a passion. She hated all of this. Why had the world gone to such shit? Glancing over at Daniel, she quickly nodded. [b "Don't mention it,"] she said as she leaned her head back, closing her eyes. [b "Let's hear it."]]

[center Admittedly, she didn't expect the words that came out of his mouth. She frowned before she looked at him. [b "Huh?"] She gasped as he placed a hand on her arm. She was quick to pull it away, chills running along her skin. Her eyes widened as she looked at him. He couldn't be serious, surely, but there was no reason to not believe him. [b "I... fuck."] She ran a hand through her hair and shook her head.]

[center Pushing away from the wall, she began muttering something to herself as she moved past him. Finally turning around, she watched him. [b "And yet you are up... you are up, walking, talking, [i moving...] and you can't get infected, right?"] Her mind was spinning as she stared at him. This was... this was a lot.]
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Daniel lets out a sigh and nods " Yeaaa, i cant get infected. people , or well... doctors call me ' the cure' im not sure how true that is though. i know its a lot to dump on someone and i am sorry.." he puts his shirt down and sits, he stays away from her just in case she tried to kill him or something. He pulled out a muzzle and sighed " i was like one of them, the sick.. everything was gone , asleep... but i... i didnt go to sleep... i stood up and talked like i was a kid. i had to be thought to walk, and talk all over again like i was a child." he growled and threw the muzzle away from him as he had a flash back " I was in the ground, they put me in the ground. and yet... i am still here.. Walking among the sick and well.. you...." He brushed his hair back as he looked down to the bleeding bites " I can die, but i wont be like the sick. ill be... gone , ha... i guess that is a good thing." he paused and looked at her " Im sorry for not telling you.. its a lot to... understand all at once... but i truely need your help. i need to go to Cali-forni-a? i think that is what its called... a lab is there to make shots" he thinks " the C D C?'

[center Cassandra almost laughed at him. Not to be rude. She was just in a bit of disbelief. She had heard multiple times that there was a supposed cure. Each time she'd followed that line of thinking, she'd come face to face with the fact that it just wasn't true. That some poor soul had made such a thing up to make it easier to survive in this fucked up world.]

[center And yet, some part of her wanted to believe him. He was already different than anyone she'd already come across. She'd seen for herself just what he could withstand. Was it really possible that he could be the cure? Her mind spun with the possibilities.]

[center For a moment, she just watched him. [b "That is a lot to process,"] she said softly, finally leaning against the wall. She had no words to describe what was going on inside of her head. Regardless, she nodded, taking in everything he had to say. [b "The CDC? I... there's no telling if there's anyone left at the CDC, but if that's where you need to go, I'm willing to get you there."]]

[center If he was, in fact, the cure, then surely it wouldn't hurt to try, right?]

Daniel smiled brightly and looked at her " thank you! I knew from the moment i saw you, you were a good person" He stands and collapsed back down, his legs tired " Oh jeez.. i feel" he passed out , snoring softly as he fell into a deep sleep. it looked like he hasent slept in days. i mean, who could when there was a live zombie in the same room as you! It was like sleeping with a grenade with the pin already pulled. he curled up and held his knees as he rested on the cold floor. With his small form, he could be mistaken as a teenager. thin arms and legs, he was very thin , like he was starving. no wonder he ate that food so quickly

Tomorrow will be the best time to head out, new day for a new adventure. but... with if this was all wrong? The CDC Is over 1000 miles away, has a sea of zombies, and not to mention, NOBODY knows if the CDC is up and running or had been blown into shambles like the rest of the big city.

But, maybes the fear is from something else? Something in the air fearing her? This man...he had bites all over, seemingly was an experiment... and yet.. was not sick. or was he??


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