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PrincessPeachPeach   172d ago

[i "Stay out of the woods. There are things you can't imagine in there."] Those were the words that four friends had been told since they were children. And the older they got, the more those two sentences were told to them.

Years passed and the group are now in their early adult years. It's been two weeks since an old classmate had been found dead in the woods. Not only dead, but almost mutilated beyond recognition. Now the four want to know JUST what is in the woods beyond their small town. What the adults had been keeping from them their whole lives.

So they decide that they will tell their families they are going camping for the weekend. Not a lie, but the WHERE is. They plan to stay in the woods and to hunt down whatever killed their old schoolmate.

What they don't expect is the game of cat and mouse that ensues. Can the four make it out alive? Or will there only be one by the time the weekend ends?

Never know unless you join Secrets of the Woods.
PrincessPeachPeach   172d ago

She was the smart and nerdy girl. She had a few close friends but not many. But she had the grades and could get into any college she wanted. 

He was your stereotypical jock. He only cared about his sport and the girls he could get. Grades meant nothing to him and he had no plans for his future. He wanted to live for the day.

He was failing English and needed a "C" or better to get out of high school. And she was the one chosen to be his tutor. That in both their minds was the WORST idea and they fought like cats and dogs.

By the time finals were approaching, the two made a deal. He would help her become popular and she would help him get his grade. Little did the two know that they had been falling slowly the whole time.

So what happens when all is said and done?

Join Polar Opposites to find out.
PrincessPeachPeach   110d ago

They were young, dumb and in love. Connected at the hip and thick as thieves. Or that was how they were described up until senior year of high school.

When senior year ended, Muse A and Muse B went to different colleges but promised to stay close. That they would "write" and even visit on weekends. They promised nothing would change between them and that they would even get married as soon as they could. 

Year one of college went by and it seemed that neither one remembered the promise. Life went on. Both made new friends, got busy with life, and even graduated and found their dream jobs. It was like their past never happened.

Now, ten years later Muse A and Muse B happen to bump into the other again by chance. Both were brought to the same place by a business meeting that their companies were to attend. Turns out both are engaged. But what happens when they meet again? Will what was once there resurface? Will old sparks be rekindled? Or will they both continue down the paths they have been going down?

The Story from here is up to us. Help decide by joining Just A Memory
PrincessPeachPeach   141d ago

"When I grow up, I want to be a teacher. I want to be able to help children understand that they can do anything they put their minds to. That they can have the kind of future that they want to have."

Those had been Muse A's words back when they had been sixteen almost seventeen and just a junior in high school. But sadly, as the story often goes, things didn't work out the way they had wanted. Their parents divorced and they had taken much longer to get throught college than they had originally wanted. Turned out, they had lost sight of what they wanted and no longer knew what kind of future or life that they wanted.

Muse B had always been or rather seemed perfect. Everything they did came easily to them and they even stayed on a path they had planned out for themselves from a young age. By the age of twenty-eight, they became the youngest CEO of the company they worked for. And by thirty-three they had taken over and bought their original boss out.

What isn't known, is that Muse B has skeletons in their closet. Though seeming "perfect" to everyone else, they have their demons that they need to face. 

Muse A and Muse B meet by accident and get to talking. Both feel some kind of tug towards the other, something that can't be explained. Muse A tells Muse B about their past and Muse B wants to help, but COMPLETELY keeps Muse A in the dark about their demons.

Little by little, their bond grows until Muse B feels that Muse A is getting too close and tries to shut them out.

What is Muse B hiding? And will Muse A get their life back together? Will the two stay friends, become FWBs, or even have any shot in hell of a future together? Never know unless you join Second Chances and Demons in the Closet.
PrincessPeachKrissy   110d ago

[b Example Post]

The young woman of twenty-one's ears twitched on her head and she dug her nails into her hands as her hair was pulled (well having a brush run through it). This had been going on for the last hour and Krissy still didn't understand why such a big deal was being made of the ball being held that night. Oh wait, she did but she was NOT at all happy about it. Supposedly being twenty-one and not married the princess of "Light" was becoming an old maid. Or that was what all who were of the outer circle were made to believe. Those in the inner most circle knew the real reason. This ball was the first that Krissy was to meet her future wife AND as the legends of old foretold stop Armageddon.

[b "Mother, do I really have to be doing this? What if she and I have absolutely nothing in common? You and father got to marry for love and had a choice.... Why must I be the one forced into something I do not wish to do?"] Krissy knew that her mother would be upset with her for yet again trying to get out of this meeting and further still get out of the marriage that had apparently been arranged since before she was born. But truly, the times were changing, and the tiger-angel girl could not understand why they and their ways were not.

"Kristina, I know that you are young and that you do not understand. But when being a ruler, or in your case a future ruler you must learn to put the needs of your people before your own. You are to serve them and their best interests. And in this case, it is up to you and your future bride to bring the kingdoms together and to finally bring balance to darkness and light. Only the two of you may be able to stop the ending days that have been foretold for so long a time." Agatha said, keeping voice and words steady, though by the look on the aging woman's face it was very clear she was tired of the fight and explaining to her daughter again and again why she could not live her life as freely as most.

A sigh slipped from soft pink lips as the maid who had been brushing her hair finally was done and it fell in golden brown waves down her back. [b "I....I understand mother."] Came the quiet and defeated words of Krissy as she made her way back to the bed where the powdered pink ballgown awaited her. And upon seeing the dress, the young woman cringed and looked back to where her mother had been standing only to find the woman gone. [b [i 'Of course this would be the case...And she knows I absolutely loathe the colour pink as well...But tonight, I am not me... I am as all wish to see me as.']] With those thoughts in her mind, Krissy slipped into her dress and heels and made her way from her room and down the long halls where classical music could be heard drifting up from the dining hall.

Upon getting to the grand staircase, a deep breath was taken and a fake smile she only hoped could pass for real slipped to her lips. Once she had gained enough composure, the young woman made her way down the stairs and went to stand with her mother and father at the head of the great hall, awaiting their special guest of the evening. Though every moment that passed, Krissy found herself praying for an early end to what she knew would be a very long night.
PrincessPeachScarlett   87d ago

[b Example 2]

Four years ago, the redhead was more than thankful that her uncle had not been able to get his hands on a girl he constantly was complaining about. He often told Scarlett of all the things he would have done to her. All were things that made the girl sick to her very core because she KNEW what the man was like. The things he wanted to do...things he had done to her. Quite often she had to push those thoughts out of her head and pretend that she was happy in the place she lived. She wasn't. But the girl's parents had both died when she was very young and that had left her no one one BUT Uncle George. And since then, Scarlett had been "his girl". Good God did she shudder each time that she was called that. Shudder each time she thought about it. But twas the life that Scar had grown up with and grown used to. And quite sadly, it was the life she was quite sure she would die in.

Her head shook as the snarled words came again. Words she had obviously not heard. Or rather not cared to hear. "Girl! Are you even listening?! I was telling you how you better eat up and get that pretty little ass of yours moving. Don't need another call from that damn school because you were late or ditched. Don't make me punish you." The man, her Uncle George growled once violet eyes had fallen upon him. 

[b "I understand. And I was going to actually be there today, sir. We have midterms coming up and I actually need to know what is going on...So you don't have to worry."] God she wished she could have said everything she was thinking. Wished that she could in a sense bite the hand that fed her. But she knew the man. Knew what his punishments were and that in and of itself was enough to make her back down and be a good little girl.

The girl of seventeen finished her toast and eggs and clearee both her plate and her uncle's. Once she had, Scarlett went down the hall to her room and changed into a black sleeved blouse, short back shorts, fishnet stockings, and boots. She even pulled on a red sweater and did light makeup. Not what she was supposed to be wearing, but teachers had given up trying to get her into a proper uniform and some even liked the view. It was that thought that had Scarlett scoff as she grabbed her bookbag and slung it over her shoulder, grabbed her keys and phone, and left her room, locking it behind her as she made her way down the hall and waved to her uncle, though she HATED the man before walking out the front door and beginning the walk to the school.

The soft breeze was cool and ruffled her short red hair. But the girl of seventeen didn't mind. The cold was nice and it was a way for her to wake up. It was a way to bring her back to reality and to remind her that she needed to get her head together so she could focus on her classes. The truth...Scarlett was highly intelligent and she could pass her classes with flying colours IF she wanted to apply herself. But she didn't want to do that. She had no big dreams or ambitions after high school. All she wanted was her freedom and to just live her life. So that was why she played things the way she did and only went to class to keep George off her ass AND so she knew what her midterms were on. Dumb as fuck reasons probably to anyone else. But they made sense to her and that in her mind was all that mattered.

When she got to school, her best friend Rachel was waiting for her with a smirk. "Look what the cat just dragged in" The blonde said as she clapped a hand on Scar's shoulder which only made her laugh.

[b "Kind of have to be here this time."] She said as she gave her a playful shove. It was at that moment did the first bell ring and both girls rushed to their first class which happened to be science. Science was the class that Scarlett hated the most. The teacher was old and acted like he knew it all. And to top things off, his voice simply droned on and on and so it bored the girl. The ONLY way she was able to remotely keep any focus or even awake was Rachel kicked her under the desk each time she began to doze. And Scar was thankful for the kicks because it tuned her back in and she was able to take the notes and even (amazingly) answer questions that everyone else just looked at the old man with blank looks at.

When the hour passed and they were set free, Scarlett dragged Rachel out back to a wall and the two girls lit up a cigarette. [b "One class down...five to go."] Scarlett let out before she passed what people called "a cancer stick" over to the other girl and let her take a drag too. "You mean if your ass can survive that." Rae teased her, passing the cigarette back to Scarlett. [b "True...but right now I have to. You know what George is like...what he does."] Rachel was the ONLY one that Scarlett had told and her best friend had never said a word. "Yeah..." Was all that was said.

The sound of the silence that followed hung thick between the two seventeen year olds. Both were lost to their thoughts, the cigarette forgotten. Or it was until the bell rang causing both girls to start and Scarlett immediately stopped out the "cancer stick" while getting breah mints out for them. They had five minutes to get to French before they were late and would be doing lines during their lunch. So running as fast as they could, both Scarlett and Rachel JUST made it to class and into their seats before the bell sounded again. And the teacher merely gave them a pointed look before starting the lesson for the day.

On and on things seemed to go on. This class and then that class. It was just another school day as far as Scarlett was concerned. By now, Rach had to go her own way and Scarlett was on her way to studyhall. She WOULD have continued on her way had she not seen two girls going out behind the school. For a moment, the girl stood frozen. She had two choices. Choice one, she could follow the girls...choice two, she could be a good girl and continue on her way to studyhall. Scarlett decided to say fuck it and followed the two clearly younger girls out but hid in the shadows and watched.

The fight had seemed one-sided from the very beginning. The one girl that she knew as Amber clearly knew what she was doing. Kate on the other hand did not and had been seeming just to go in blindly, thinking she was all that. For a little while Scarlett kept her distance and felt as if she were watching a street fight or something. It was only after the last blow, the one to the windpipe did the redhead make her presence known and come out of the shadows.

[b "Think you proved your point? The poor thing looks like she's about to keel over. Besides, if she dies and the teachers find out it was you, you can very well kiss having a future goodbye."] Her words were soft as Kate was on her hands and knees and all but choking.

Violet eyes went to the younger girl and her arms were crossed. [b "Why don't we just ditch this place for now? The ice cream shop down the street always is good. Studyhall is never fun and I can guess your teacher wouldn't much care if you misses either? From the time...I am assuming your class has started by now?"] Again, Scarlett spoke her words softly but had by now inclined her head towards a window that they would be able to see into but those inside would not be able to see them outside.

[b "Choice is yours. But I won't wait ling for you to make it."] By now, the older girl lowered her crossed arms and kept her gaze on Amber. [b "But either way, we should get her to the nurse first."] Her head by now had inclined towards the girl who had had her ass handed to her.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   93d ago

[b Exmaple 3]

Six pale skinned men with bright red eyes and dark trench coats began to follow Lucinda and the children she had been babysitting that night. As the men had not stopped after a block, Lucy had decided to take the children into the alleyway and hide them in the broken bricks that created a crevice just big enough for them. [#fe381b "Stay here...and no matter what your hear, do not come out..."] She whispered and soon was face to face with one of the men who had all but flashed to where she had managed to get to away from the children and had her against the wall, hand gripping her throat with the nails digging in. The redhead HATED when she had to do this, but IF she didn't then both she and the children whom she was responsible for would be dead. It was with that thought in mind were hazel eyes glowing a bright gold and she shifted to a great sized red wolf and began to tear through the vampires as they bit and scratched at her.

Only when the last vampire was torn to pieces did the wolf shift back to her human self and change into the clothing that she had had in the backpack she had with her. But she had made the mistake of forgetting to check if ALL vampires were gone and that was when she got into a hand to hand fight with a female vampire who was clearly new based on how messy her technique was. It was she who had gotten the best bite to her upper arm and had ripped her red turtle neck shirt before Lucy was able to bite into her throat and quite literally tear her head off. It was after she had finished with the vampire woman did the young woman make sure that no others were around and she gathered all severed body pieces and lit them up.

Her nose wrinkled due to the putrid sweetness of the smoke and a soft hiss slipped from her lips. Her shirt was ripped and she had blood all but pouring down from a gash she had gotten midarm when she had been fighting the vampires that had come after the little boy and girl who were huddled in the crevice of the pitch black alleyway. Lucinda Maxwell, well Lucy had been babysitting Elizabeth and Connor and had been walking them back to their single mother's, Annabelle's apartment after the movie they had gone to. 

Her nose continued to twitch as both Elizabeth and Connor by now had disobeyed her and were at her sides. Both were tugging on her arms and whining as they wanted to go home, but Lucy was in a form of trance as she could smell something she had NEVER smelled before and the smell was approaching fast. Her eyes were glowing as she watched the entrance to the alley and she was tense upon seeing the two hooded figures. [#fe381b "Who are you?"] Came softly growled words as she moved the children behind her. Honestly, she was afraid that they were more of the vampires who had been infesting the city and whom she had been TRYING to get rid of but more seemed to keep popping up.
PrincessPeach     87d ago

Two girls, two kingdoms. One the legendary light and the other the legendary darkness. On the brink of war for what seems all time.

Centuries come and centuries go and yet this is the story still told.

Two kingdoms made up of angels and demons must come together to stop Armageddon the princesses of both are forced into marriage because they HAVE to be the ones to end the war and finally bring darkness and light together. The only thing is NEITHER wants to marry and they are polar opposites in every way.
PrincessPeach     24d ago

[b Example 4]

It was still really odd. The way the other blonde girl seemed so familiar and yet she knew she did not know her. Or she didn't as far as she knew. And as the knife had been taken from Serina, the tiger girl only nodded. [b "I figured that out when she was so quick to act...and decided that the blade was a nice little welcome."] Her words weren't meant to be as bitey as they were, but she still was not exactly happy about thinking her death had been reached upon arrival.

It was when the other took those steps towards her did Krissy take a slow step back of her own. Before she could ask anything, the blonde was taking care of the small puncture that she had been given by Serina's welcome and naturally pink cheeks got pinker. [b "I...thanks..."] The girl mumbled before she shook her head when the older girl FINALLY stated her name and what part she played to the more like orphanage when Krissy looked around again and took it in futher. [b "Nice to meet you..."] But it was all she could say as she still felt so very awkward.

Her head nodded slowly to the offer to be able to take a look around. Slowly green orbs went to the cat girl who looked to be twenty-one, the one who had just been called Reagan.  And Krissy had to admit she was mildly nervous to how she would behave. After Serina, the tiger girl was a bit more on her guard and sheepish of those in the cabin...orphanage than she wanted to be.

The cat girl offered a light smile as she hopped down from where she had been sitting and went to where both Crystal and Krissy were standing. "I can! Did you want Serina to come with us too?" Ears twitched and a tail lightly swished as she awaited what Crystal would say. Out of some of the others, Reagan, like Crystal seemed a little more open and forthcoming.
PrincessPeach     24d ago

[b Example 5]

Hazel eyes looked down at the piece of paper, well the back of another card that Sammy had quickly scribbled her number on for her. And the quickest of glances did flitter to the other ginger and at the bright smile that she saw, it felt as if her heart had decided to leap into her throat. Or rather made her throat feel dry as the desert winds and so it took a moment before she was even able to speak. [#fe381b "Two hours should be plenty of time...I'll see you then."] Her own returning smile was more shy but it was the same sweet one she used to give Samantha when they had been little girls.

For a moment, Lucy stared at the place where the silver wolf had been before it ran off. And a sigh slipped from her. [#fe381b [i 'What am I even doing? She probably doesn't even's been what? eleven years? And she's probably with someone now why did my hybrid ass decide to even agree to this?']] Her thoughts were TRYING to make her see logic and to make her rethink her choice. But it wasn't working very well and so hands stuffed themselves into the back pockets of black skinny jeans as she made herself walk the remaining distance back to her apartment in her human form as people were not typically accustomed to seeing giant wolves roaming about.

When she got home, the nineteen year old let herself in and went to the table, taking out a piece of notebook paper and an envelope. She scribbled a note for the property manager and stuck the rent money into the envelope. Once she had done that, the young woman went to the bathroom and stripped from her bloodied clothing as she turned the shower on as hot as it would go and stepped into it, letting the water run down her slender body and wash the blood away. By now, the gash to her arm was mostly healed...but it would be leaving yet another crescent moon shaped scar. She had so many it wasn't even funny 

Twenty minutes later, Lucinda was out of the shower and drying off with a fluffy blue towel and made her way back to her room and to her closet where she chose a pair of back skinny jeans and a red corset with a short black jacket. Quickly she got dressed and tied her hair back into a messy ponytail before she grabbed her suitcase and filled it with her clothing, the few books she had, a couple necklaces that had been her mother's, and her favourite stuffed cat and bunny she had had since she was little. Once packed, Lucy made her way around the room once, twice, three tines just to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything.

Finally, after an hour between getting her shower and making sure EVERYTHING was in order, the vampire-wolf hybrid was ready to kiss the life she had known for the last few months goodbye. And in doing so, that meant making sure that Elizabeth, Connor, and Annabelle forgot she had even been there. When she had done that, the hybrid took her suitcace with her and made her way to the Boardwalk and towards the old Ferris Wheel.

[#fe381b [i 'Hi's Lucinda...and just letting you know almost there..']] And she hit the send button before she could second guess herself.

Maybe ten minuted after she had sent her message, she slipped out of a group of passerbys and gave Sammy a small smile. [#fe381b "Umm...hi...are...are you ready to head out? Or did you want to grab a bite to eat first...? My treat..."] God she sounded awkward as all hell, but she wanted the other young woman to at least know she didn't hate her or anything. She was just nervous. Now though since she had spoken, the ball was in Sammy's court and she had to wait to see what the other would say she wanted to do. All the while, Lucy could not stop with her nervous bouncing.


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