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Le Think Tank

By PrincessPeach

Ideas/Thoughts/ Skellies.. I guess anything I feel like throwing in here. ;3
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PrincessPeachPeach   37d ago

[i "Stay out of the woods. There are things you can't imagine in there."] Those were the words that four friends had been told since they were children. And the older they got, the more those two sentences were told to them.

Years passed and the group are now in their early adult years. It's been two weeks since an old classmate had been found dead in the woods. Not only dead, but almost mutilated beyond recognition. Now the four want to know JUST what is in the woods beyond their small town. What the adults had been keeping from them their whole lives.

So they decide that they will tell their families they are going camping for the weekend. Not a lie, but the WHERE is. They plan to stay in the woods and to hunt down whatever killed their old schoolmate.

What they don't expect is the game of cat and mouse that ensues. Can the four make it out alive? Or will there only be one by the time the weekend ends?

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PrincessPeachPeach   37d ago

She was the smart and nerdy girl. She had a few close friends but not many. But she had the grades and could get into any college she wanted. 

He was your stereotypical jock. He only cared about his sport and the girls he could get. Grades meant nothing to him and he had no plans for his future. He wanted to live for the day.

He was failing English and needed a "C" or better to get out of high school. And she was the one chosen to be his tutor. That in both their minds was the WORST idea and they fought like cats and dogs.

By the time finals were approaching, the two made a deal. He would help her become popular and she would help him get his grade. Little did the two know that they had been falling slowly the whole time.

So what happens when all is said and done?

Join Polar Opposites to find out.
PrincessPeachPeach   36d ago

They were young, dumb and in love. Connected at the hip and thick as thieves. Or that was how they were described up until senior year of high school.

When senior year ended, Muse A and Muse B went to different colleged but promised to stay close. That they would "write" and even visit on weekends. They promised nothing would change and that they would even get married as soon as they could. 

Year one of college went by and it seemed that neither remembered the promise. Life went on. Both made new friends, got busy with life, and even graduated and found their dream jobs. It was like their past never happened.

Now, ten years later Muse A and Muse B happen to bump into the other again by chance. Both were brought to the same place by a business meeting that their companies were to attend. Turns out both are engaged. But what happens when they meet again? Will what was once there resurface? Will old sparks be rekindled? Or will they follow continue down the paths they have been going down?

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PrincessPeachPeach   6d ago

"When I grow up, I want to be a teacher. I want to be able to help children understand that they can do anything they put their minds to. That they can have the kind of future that they want to have."

Those had been Muse A's words back when they had been sixteen almost seventeen and just a junior in high school. But sadly, as the story often goes, things didn't work out the way they had wanted. Their parents divorced and they had taken much longer to get throught college than they had originally wanted. Turned out, they had lost sight of what they wanted and no longer knew what kind of future or life that they wanted.

Muse B had always been or rather seemed perfect. Everything they did came easily to them and they even stayed on a path they had planned out for themselves from a young age. By the age of twenty-eight, they became the youngest CEO of the company they worked for. And by thirty-three they had taken over and bought their original boss out.

What isn't known, is that Muse B has skeletons in their closet. Though seeming "perfect" to everyone else, they have their demons that they need to face. 

Muse A and Muse B meet by accident and get to talking. Both feel some kind of tug towards the other, something that can't be explained. Muse A tells Muse B about their past and Muse B wants to help, but COMPLETELY keeps Muse A in the dark about their demons.

Little by little, their bond grows until Muse B feels that Muse A is getting too close and tries to shut them out.

What is Muse B hiding? And will Muse A get their life back together? Will the two stay friends, become FWBs, or even have any shot in hell of a future together? Never know unless you join Second Chances and Demons in the Closet.


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