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Want to help a girl out? (Search Thread)

By PrincessPeach
Backup thread

Okay, so like I have nothing in mind at the moment. I'm just looking for anyone who wants to Role Play. Posts can be as short or long as we want (though I do ask for something I can work more than one-line at the very least). I would love to talk to potential partners and find something we both would like to do. I'm willing to play either male or female...though I am more comfortable with FxM or FxF...that doesn't mean I'm not willing to give MxM a try though. [b Up for trying anything at least once. But no romance Rps with those who are younger than 18] All I ask is you PM me and lets get to brainstorming and hopefully writing! **DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS TO THIS THREAD** Oh! Last thing is be patient with me on posts. They may be oober slow. Sooo please no rushing me and I won't rush you. Thanks! ♡ Princess Peach
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