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Undying Love

By -Ghoul
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Long ago there were two wolves. Known as Ivory and Ebony. The two wolves shared a deep bond they called love. Time seem to be on their side because they would spend countless hours with each other. There love wasn't like others it was strong. It seemed like nothing could break the two apart... Alas happiness isn't only one person's desire. There was another that was in love with the Ivory wolf. A dragon had fallen in love with the Ivory wolf. When the Ivory wolf refused the dragon put a curse was put on the Ivory wolf and the Ebony wolf.

The two began fighting. Fighting all through the night and all through the day. At last it seem that the dragon got what she wanted. Unfortunately for her the two wolves fought to the death. They both died on that horrid cloudy day. Since the two vow to love each other for eternity the curse was said to last just long. Unless they two could over come it. When the two wolves would come a crossed each other the same cycle would happen over and over again. They two wolves that died over and over. Not known who they were anymore. Ivory and Ebony were reborn now they are know as Tsuki and Taiyo.

Ivory was named after the rising sun, the Ebony was named after setting moon. The two were like night and day. They once got a long and felt such harmony and passion...Not anymore. It was gone between the two. It was quiet rare that the two would meet and when they did hurtful words were often spilt. Even though the red string of fate was tight so sightly around them they just couldn't see it.

Taiyo had a very vague memory of loving someone. She knew that this that she had someone special she could remember just small little pieces about them. Taiyo always wanted to find that special someone to love and hold but it seem harder and harder as each day past. That special someone seem just like a distant dream. When she looked up at that big beautiful moon she knew she wasn't a lone. She knew she was loved. The moon gave her hope that someday she would find her lover she wouldn't be a lone anymore. Taiyo was very shy and lonely girl.

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[size13 Pm if you are interested want to join.
Do keep in mind this is what I am looking for. 
~ Anime or illustrated pictures only 
~ You character can be male or female but they must be a wolf.
~ Also I need to be able to post 1500 -2000 character (I know it seems like a lot but details are important. )


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