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[h3 [center Summer Break]] [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ec/d7/33/ecd733568ed78e1bde5fcc73fa356c7e.jpg]] [center The cheery girl rushed out the front doors quickly. Ah it was going to be a great summer, wasn't it? She could just feel it. This year was going to be a lot different. Last year she hadn't been able to do much outside. She had been kept in due to her father being home. It wasn't like she hated him or anything like that. He wasn't a bad father he just wasn't always around. He worked far away. Most of the time she was home alone. She had gotten used to it. It was a lot of freedom. It was also a lot of loneliness. She was glad she had found friends that she could be around anytime that she wanted. She wondered what their plans for summer this time would be. [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/a8/90/37/a89037493b7ebe74de6a832cf476784e.jpg]] He had gotten lucky that he hadn't gotten into as much trouble as he normally did. He wasn't interested in dealing with going home. He wasn't exactly happy about the summer either. Summer meant that he had to be home. Home was... He gave a slight shake of his head as he followed after his rather happy go lucky female friend. She seemed so happy. That was nice. He sighed. He wondered where their other friend was. They would meet up with him and then they would go and meet the second female that was in their little group... All the while they would have to avoid Alaire.]
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[center [h3 Daniel Foxtail]] [center [pic https://w0.peakpx.com/wallpaper/66/186/HD-wallpaper-anime-grimgar-of-fantasy-and-ash-haruhiro-grimgar-of-fantasy-and-ash.jpg]] [center [b Daniel was sneaking out this summer midday. He wanted to avoid another one of his father's "Lesson's." he wasn't a bad dad by any means but.. Well he had a questionable "occupation." Occupation.. Fancy way of saying his father was a thief. He didn't steal anymore he had people for that. He made more than enough money and now he was teaching Daniel all he knew. From bows to daggers and short blades. To sleight of hand and skulking around. It took years before he could sneak way from his father like he was now. (I can roll stealth if you want.) he was ready to go meet up with his friends after all. Hist stomach had growled as he just made it outside and.. He didn't bring any money.]] [center [pic https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/vsbattles/images/8/84/Haruhiro_Render.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/260?cb=20200410202955]] [center [+green Er... Just great. All well I guess too late now.]] [center [h3 Holly Hawkwind]] [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/474x/f7/9d/81/f79d81729fc0219b86b9c1d8b3545256.jpg]] [center [+orange Hmm.. No that's not right this fort has gotta be perfect for when they get here!]] [center [b Holly was a tall and built woman. More muscle than woman and she was picked on pretty often. She wasn't exactly the "prettiest" but neither was she ugly either. She lacked any charm or subtlety though, living outside will do that to a girl. Here she was trying to build a little fort for her and her friends. They might be a little old for that now but.. She wanted to do something for them this summer celebration. Even if she didn't go to school she wanted to at least do something nice for summer.]] [center [+orange What on Retorta is taking those guys so long? Yeesh!]] OOC:  I found a ton of pictures for this girl ^^ [pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E3s4qhwVoAQ6tC0.jpg] [pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E0eaCiFVcAEOp-q.jpg] [pic https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/011/509/757/large/morry-_-0619.jpg?1529953350] [pic https://cdn.donmai.us/sample/10/fe/sample-10fee74f50f0ee655c3e3c4d82f406f0.jpg]
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[h3 [center His Scars]] [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ec/d7/33/ecd733568ed78e1bde5fcc73fa356c7e.jpg]] [center The girl looked back towards her male friend with a small smile on her lips. Ah he was always so cautious and slow. She stopped and waited for him. She let her eyes wander over him and a frown came over her lips. He never hid the scars. No... He wore them like a... Badge? Was that the right way of thinking? Or maybe he was displaying something and proving a point. A point that no one had helped him. No matter how many more scars were added. She had tried to get him to stay with her, but he had refused. He didn't want her in danger is what he had said. Taking a deep breath, she slowly let it out. There was only so much she could do. This town just... It didn't seem to notice or care about anything. It was frustrating. [h3 [center Finding Daniel]] [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/a8/90/37/a89037493b7ebe74de6a832cf476784e.jpg]] She was staring at him again, wasn't she? He crossed his arms and stared hard down at her. [+skyblue "Stop it."] He knew it probably came off cold, but he didn't really care at this moment. He was tired of her feeling bad for him. [+skyblue "Lets go get Daniel and then go meet up with Holly."] He took her hand and led her quickly away from the school. They didn't need to linger here too long. That was just inviting trouble from Alaire. He had a feeling that he knew where they could run into Daniel. It would be easy to find him. They had been friends for so long.  It wasn't long before he spotted the brown haired boy. [+skyblue "Daniel!"] He called out warmly. His eyes brightened a bit. Now they just had to get to Holly. She was probably getting impatient. [+skyblue "We should probably get to Holly. She's probably getting frustrated with us."] He looked around quietly. They really had to move quick. There was only so far Alarie would go. If they could get to Holly they wouldn't have to worry about him so much anymore. [+pink "He's just trying to avoid Alaire."] She sighed softly and gave a slight shake of her head. Yeah... Alaire was scary sometimes, but there was only one of him... Well... Sometimes...]
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[center [h3 Catching Up]] [center [pic https://w0.peakpx.com/wallpaper/66/186/HD-wallpaper-anime-grimgar-of-fantasy-and-ash-haruhiro-grimgar-of-fantasy-and-ash.jpg]] [center [b Daniel had patted Roland's back with a lazy eyed smile. Daniel always seemed half awake with drooped eyes even if he was completely alert almost like a lazy cat. He spotted Roland's scars but hadn't dropped his smile, he planned to help Roland.. But for now he simply couldn't]] [center [+green You don't think Holly will put us in one of her infamous Hawkwind head locks again do you?]] [center [b Daniel could see on their faces they didn't wanna run into Alaire again. Daniel didn't either, last time he tried fighting him and his "goonies" it didn't go real well. If it wasn't for Holly they'd have gotten hurt real bad but.. Alaire still really hurt Holly though she'd never admit it. Out of all of them Daniel wondered if she was the only one not afraid of him. He was bigger and older than they were after all.]] [center [+green Hey Laria! How you been? Bout time we catch a break huh? Hey Roland maybe we could have a good old fashion guys night sleepover huh?]] [center [b Laria quick to cut the air had told Daniel Roland was only trying to avoid Alarie. He gave a soft chuckle.]] [center [+green Well.. The guy is crazy after all. Honestly? I'm thankful for my old man's lessons on sneaking around. Honestly it's convincing Holly to avoid him that's a pain.. It's okay to wanna avoid a fight I think. Doubly so if it isn't you're favor.]] [center [i Daniel and Roland weren't exactly considered "Macho." But they weren't exactly cowards either, they had just.. Rather use their heads to get out of a situation if they could and in that way Daniel had met a kindred soul.]] [center [pic https://cdn.donmai.us/sample/10/fe/sample-10fee74f50f0ee655c3e3c4d82f406f0.jpg]] [center [b It wasn't long before the group had caught up with Holly. Hear she was finishing up a little "fort" of her's for her friends. Well at least the base parts it could still use work but they had all summer right? (I'll let you decide how much is built so far.) Holly's voice was loud and booming as she yelled to the group.]] [center [+orange Hey! What took you guys so long huh?]]


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