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By Catastrophic

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Catastrophic.Icarus.   41d ago

[center Akira Shion was a wanted man for many reasons. Sure he did owe money to some people here and there but it wasn't like he couldn't pay it back. Part of him love the game of the chase. It was funny how they thought they could beat a monster.

Akira easily beat anyone who crossed his path. Little did they know Akira had dark secret. The slender man with silver hair really did stand out. His violet color eyes always seem to sparkle like jewels. To most he was attractive and charming. He never let anyone get close to him. He preferred it that way. 

Akira yawned as he sleepy got out of bed. It was time to start his day. After bathing and getting dressed in semi-formal clothes. Akira went to work, he work a popular bar. Akira really did love mixing drinks, it was entertaining to watch people enjoy them. 

Akira smiled softly as he see you step into the bar. He greeted you warmly as you sat down in front at the bar. [#ed07ec "What can I get you?"] he said with a soft smile as he waited for you to answer. Akira had a feeling you were here for a drink or a friendly converstation.

can i get a screwdriver please? sarah said while looking at him with a smile on her face and then she took out a notebook and started to draw while she waited for her drink when her drink came she started to talk to Akira and she smiled alot when he talked and she had never smiled in her life because of her parents making her depressed ever since she was 10 years old and then she asked Akira if he wanted to hang out after work was over and then she left leaving her number on the counter for him to see when he leaves and he found her number after work but didn't call or text it yet the next day she was found being pinned to a wall by some guy and she was trying to get away from the guy and she was crying screaming ''LET ME GO" she said with tears in her eyes the guy was pinning her tighter then ever she was in pain she was still trying to get free before he pulled out a gun and put it to her head saying'' stop moving or i shoot you!'' he said while she stopped moving while starting to shake and after a couple mintes later he stepped in and helped her
Catastrophic.Icarus.   38d ago

Akira nodded as he mixed her a drink consisting of vodka and orange juice.  He slid the slender glass down to the woman. She looked almost too young to drink. He really should of asked her for some ID. He didn't care though, money was money. It didn't matter who it came from. 

It was assuming watching her flirt with him. She wasn't the first woman and man at that matter who had tried. He took the small slip with her number after she left. He had no intention of calling or texting her. 

Akira yawned as headed home. He didn't get home until round 4am. it had taken him longer to tidy up the bar than he wanted. The next day came after interrupting his sleep. He sighed as he turned off the alarm clock that had been screaming at him for some time now. 

He quickly got ready and ate something before his way out. Akira normally walked to work since he really didn't live far off. It was then he caught a glance if the scene that was play out before him. It was that girl from the bar. He had no choice but to help. He was lucky it was a full moon night the shadow a wolf appeared as quietly approach it was then that man noticed. That point it was too late. 

A wolf not stood before them. It's fur black as night it's eyes burning like the sun. A shadow was seen when the wolf walked towards them. He let out a low growl baring it teeth. Before the man could react the wolf had already sunk it teeth into the mans arm that held the gun. Screaming and yelling as the wolf pulled him down the alley. The gun the man had been holding had been knocking to the ground.


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