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美しい嘘 Utsukushī uso

By Catastrophic
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Catastrophic.Nora.   179d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Long ago there lived a family of wolves. This family of wolves was very strong, and proud. They often made people fear them by hunting down anyone who stepped foot in their forest. Wolves were hated creatures that pretty much everyone feared. Some wolves really were heartless and would kill who ever dare to cross their path. As time passed the wolves ruled over the forest. They were happy until one day humans started to rebel and invade. The wolves normally would scared them off or kill them, but this time the humans fought back. Killing or scaring any wolves that got in their way.

Most the humans that enter the forest were after one thing pelts. The wolves that roamed the forest had these most beautiful pelts in various colors. The battle between wolves and human seemed to go on and on for years. Until one day the wolves disappeared. They hid amongst the humans taking the form they despised the most. A human like form, most of the wolves had trouble hiding everything. Their eyes or teeth were normally a giveaway but the humans didn't think much. Years pasted and the forest seem to be rid of any sign of wolves seemed to be gone. 

That was until that faithful full moon night. Horrify howls could be heard from the forest along with screaming. The family of wolves would still get together and have a little fun. They would hunt. It was easy to lure a few humans into the forest... It became a game that wolves loved to play.

Now our story begins ~ 
You were one of those humans that had gotten lured into the woods. Easily falling for the wolves charm. Of course you didn't know that a wolf had lure you into the forest for a game. You though you were going to have a night of fun. 

There was talked about bonfire and alcohol other possible narcotics. Despite all the minor details you were excited. You had  been talking to Nora lately. There was just something about him that drawn you to him. Whenever your eyes met it made your heart flutter. You really did find Nora attractive. Tonight you were hoping to make him yours.

When you got to the center of the woods you eyes landed on the large bonfire. The smell of the burning woods brought back sweet memories of when you were young. It was then your eyes landed on Nora. The tell yet slender made stood there by the fires with a bottle in hand. His alluring eyes made your knees weak. 

Sure they were oddly colored but you didn't think much of it. You made your way over to him. He handed you a drink. [#e43f2f "Bottoms up" ] he mutter softly as you took a drink of the alcohol. The alcohol tasted sweet it, you couldn't help yourself from reaching for another bottle. Your head was getting fuzzy but you used it as a good excuse to lean against Nora. 

Nora smiled softly as he looked over at you. [#e43f2f "Having fun"] he said with a smile. A lot of the humans seemed drunk and simply out of their minds. The real fun was  yet to start. Nora couldn't help but to have a tooth grin. It was almost midnight and the moon getting higher in the sky.
ExodusRen     177d ago
For Ukraine...., "It is well that war is so terrible, or we should get too fond of it." — Robert E. Lee

Remus had gently taken the drink from Nora's hand, and started to guzzle it down. He had been lured into the forest under a false pretense, but of course, he wouldn't have known that. He was thinking he was there for a rather fun night.

He did, start to lean on Nora's side once he started to have a fuzzy mind, his vision starting to go slightly blurry as he shifted in place. His face started to have a soft red hue to it, a drunken blush. He was smiling softly as he looked over towards Nora's face, inspecting his features. "Having..plenty of fun.." Remus was starting to slur his words a bit, just enough that he was still comprehensible, but enough to show he wasn't sober. 

He had plenty of thoughts racing through his mind, wild thoughts, thoughs that one shouldn't have. He had a goofy grin plastered on his face as he started to drink down that sweet, sweet nectar that he had been given moments before. He began gently leaning on Nora's side and wrapped one arm around his shoulders, sipping down that liquid in a steady flow.

He had been getting slightly handsy, his hand gently kneading and massaging over that other male's shoulder, huffing softly, "What else we doin' tonight, ehh?" He asked, shifting in place some more.
Catastrophic.Nora.   175d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Nora smiled softly as he looked over at Remus. He let out a small chuckle. He could feel the hand rubbing his shoulder. It really  didn't bother him because it wasn't going to last much longer. Nora fixed his raven colored hair. A few strands had fallen in front of his face. His eyes looked up towards the sky. The moon was almost right in the position. 

[#e43f2 "We will have lots of fun tonight."] he said with sweet smile. As he supported the drunk Remus. He wonder how well he would be able to run. Judging by his state probably not very well. That was for later to tell. 

The sounds of the towns clock tower could be heard. The sound of the clock echoing through the woods. It was midnight. The fun and games were about to begin. The sound of painful howls and snapping of bones could be heard all around. 

Even your sweet Nora figure was starting to change. It seem everyone around was beginning to look more like monstrous creatures. The soon the forest was fill with the sounds of howling wolves. Nora was as Remus fell to the ground before his massive paws.

His fur was a mixture of silvers and blacks. his eyes were still two different color. His heterochromatic eyes shine bright under the moon light. [#e43f2 "Are you ready to have some fun ?"] he said with a low growl.
ExodusRen     174d ago
For Ukraine...., "It is well that war is so terrible, or we should get too fond of it." — Robert E. Lee

He gave a soft nod, "Plenty...plenty of fun..." He huffed out, swaying slowly with Nora as he continued to scan those features. He was rather entranced by the sheer attractiveness of Nora. He shifted a bit as he felt himself get supported by the slightly larger male..

Then it happened, the bells chiming...midnight.

Remus couldn't help but let out a small noise of confusion at the sounds of howls and bone cracking. "Wha?-" He looked at Nora, watching him transform right infront of his eyes, taking a stumbling step backwards..

He then shifted a bit in place as he stumbled back, nearly immediately falling onto his rear. "How-...wha-.." He was confused, and terrified now...trying to back away from Nora. "This was not....[i hic!]...the type of fun I wanted!-" He responded with a shiver through his spine, those howls had chilled him to his core.

He then scrambled to his feet and backed himself up next to the tree he was right next to, of course he had near pure terror in his eyes. He just couldn't comprend that the one he thought could be for him...would be turning into a Werewolf right infront of his eyes.
Catastrophic.Cat.   173d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Nora growled opening his powerful jaws. Saliva drip from his sharp jagged teeth. [#e43f2f "Run"] he said deep yet raspy voice. It was no surprise that humans were all scare and screaming in terror. 

Many howls and growls could heard it was clear that most the humans that were here tonight weren't going to be making it back home. [#e43f2f If you can make back into the city you will live....If not consider yourself dead meat"] he said with a snarly laugh.

The silver and black wolf lunge forward snapping his powerful jaw as Remus feet. Hoping to get him to run. The wolves would give the humans about 5 minute before they chased after their prey. If the humans did realize by now this was game. The only reason the wolves got to play this game was because no human had ever made it back to the city alive.  

Nora watch as Remus scrabbled to run away. He snickered as he watched the pitiful sight. Nora silver and black fur shimmer under the moonlight.


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