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[h3 Xian] Human fighter looking for his legendary swordsman father [h3 Selena] My character a cleric and I don't know but I can wing it ^^ [h3 Brix] Gnome Artificer guy hasn't told me squat other than that. Brix family distills whiskey or what ever you want it to be called in your world. Locations can be whatever fits. I only created the delivery scenario as a way to put him in town. Brixs Father was a brewmaster with a distant brewers guild. He raised Brix to be a brewer in the family tradition distilling a intoxicating liquid that warms the throat with a pleasant burn. He's been on the road delivering orders and collecting payments. (I mean taverns gotta get there liquor somewhere.) [h3 Bram Quick Foot] Dragon Born And a Warlock Bram was a hunter in his clan. Then he hunted an owlbear. He would have died if not for the Devil, pip Kip. Now he is a warlock traveling the world, looking for other imps trapped in the material plane.


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