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Fateful Encounters Backstoryies

By ShieldHero-
Backup thread

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ShieldHero-     180d ago

[h3 Ramiro]

Ramiro was once employed with a secret organization that hunted those that used magic. He never questioned his work, believing it was honorable and just. His last bounty however, made him question everything he believed. His childhood friend was accused of 'witchcraft' and Ramiro was given the bounty to bring him in. Knowing his friend knew nothing of magic, he wasn't worried, honestly believing his friend would be given a fair trial and released when found not guilty. He was wrong. Very wrong. His friend was executed without a trial or any real evidence against him. His beliefs shattered. The horror of what he did to his friend, and all the others he had apprehended who may have been innocent left an anger burning inside him. An anger and a desire to right the wrongs he had done. To do anything he possibly could to protect others from the same fate. And to somehow, some day, make those responsible pay. Left with his anger, guilt, and the magic sword that belonged to his friend, he has been wandering searching for anyone who may need his help.

Alterations were he fought in a group and hunted mages blessed by the body of arcana.

[h3 Ingrid]
 I wrote out a good part of Ingrid’s backstory. I’m okay with you developing the patron. My only request is that yes, it can be evil and nefarious, but comes off as caring and nice to Ingrid and his requests appear good and just; however, they take a malicious butterfly effect that ultimately serves his evil goals. He is just preying on her innocence and niceness to get to his end goal. Really twisted and deceptive of this patron. Now, without further ado… the backstory.

When Ingrid was born, she had physical deformities. The King and Queen were dismayed. She was born with three fingers on her left hand and a twisted back with bad scoliosis. Her parents loved her all the same, but hid her from the public to “protect” her. At least, that is what they always told her. She grew up loving life and being caring, probably because she felt that she missed most of her childhood life, but also because her parents did care for her. They gave her what she needed, taught her just the same as her brothers and she learned that no matter who you are, it is good to care for others, despite their maladies.

Ingrid’s self-confidence in herself waned as she grew older and she disliked being hidden away. She wanted to meet people. She wanted to talk to others. She wanted to socialize. She was only able to come out on the darkest nights with no moon to play in the courtyard, away from everyone. She felt shunned. She prayed to get better. There was never any answer.

Then, when she was 15, something answered her. She could hear it in her head and she spoke back. Whomever was talking to her was nice. He convinced her that she could do so much good in the world if she would take his advice. In return, he would cure her and give her special powers so she could venture out and do what he asked to “help others.”

16 was a painful year for her as her back slowly straightened, her left hand forming completely and she discovered new powers. Her “gift” was a deep red amulet that seemed to have vitae magically coursing through the gem. Traces of gold and silver lacing across slowly, giving it a mystical appearance. Her arcane focus. Her parents were both thankful that their daughter had become beautiful, but nervous due to the mysterious nature of her cure.

When Ingrid turned 17, she attempted to create a familiar however, something went horribly wrong and instead, a human, Arthur, was created. While he was bound to her will, he did have his own persona. Perhaps one day he would realize he could be his own self.

[h3 Tariel]
Shares the will of the hidden ones. Gods from other planes and is a hunted mage can use his body like an arcane focus.

[h3 Fuzzfoot]
Local Rogue to Dawn City and Glazing winds.
Robin Hood type

[h3 Arthur]
Other than that? I'll kinda wing it


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