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Fractum Campaign Backstories
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[h3 Vex] Preferred Weapon: Glaive Class: Druid/Fighter  Race: DragonBorn Backstory so Far So Vex is born in Romalia. Has a way with Paladins? Can you clarify that for me so I can work with that as a DM ^^ He's paladin like but isn't one due to his backstory. I guess as the DM I kinda need the classfied parts haha. (To make plothooks and such) Also he was hired in Radiance from criminals. To kill Criminals in Romalia eventually. Yes? That is all we have for him so far. More to be fleshed out in the campaign yes?  From: Romalia [h3 Corvus] From: Germuid Preferred Weapon: Cyber Arm Race: Aakora (Bird people) Class: Warlock the Fiend (Aragor ) Backstory so far: I was actually thinking his home village was located outside of Germuid, and he moved to Germuid after the demon destroyed his home.  He lost his arm when the demon attacked, and got the cyber arm after he moved to Germuid.  Aragor works!  Corvus is going to be pretty focused on gaining power in order to get revenge on the demon who destroyed his home, (to begin with at least) so he’s going to be willing to do whatever his mysterious patron wants in order to get it. Aragor is the fiend he made a pact with [h3 Drezmir] Race: Half Elf Class: Blood Hunter Preferred Weapon: Crossbow Drezmir: Romalia 200 years ago, a demon in the form of a kitsune ravaged the western side of the kingdom of Romalia. After many years of fighting, and many lives lost, the warriors of the land managed to seal the demon away in a shrine hidden within the mountains (or jungle/forest if that works better). However, with the power that this demon holds, they knew that the mystical prison and chains could not keep it locked away forever. So they devised a plan to deal with the kitsune when it once again rose to power. They took some of its power, some of its blood, and used it to perform a ritual on a young half-elf. 150 years after the Kitusne's imprisonment, the ritual was performed within the shrine, in the midst of a thunderstorm, beneath the eyes of the god of lightning. The young half-elf barely survived the ritual, which left him with intricate scars crisscrossing over his arms, back, and legs. Drastically weakened by this ceremony, it took Drezmir a long time to recover, leaving many questioning if it was wise to choose him as the Kitsune’s rival. Regardless, he was determined to prove his worth, and pushed himself to the limit in his training. Throughout the years, he has grown increasingly stronger and faster, yet many of the elders in the village still question him. Others are more optimistic. Still others, after all these years, have their doubts that the kitsune will ever return. Many have grown comfortable in the quiet that has come since its imprisonment. Drezmir holds tightly to the thought that he will someday face this demon, and prove himself against it. Every year, he makes a journey to the shrine, where he speaks to the kitsune (which remains ever silent), he does so to remind it that he is there, and to let it know that he looks forward to meeting it in battle. Now, he waits the day when the kitsune breaks free of its bonds. Still, he has a long way to go before he is ready. So he has ventured beyond the borders of Romalia in search of ways to further his skills. I'm thinking that when the time comes to choose an order, I will go with the Order of the Lican, but reflavor it to reflect that it was the Kitsune's blood that was used in the ritual (so fox instead of wolf hybrid form). I also chose the haunted one background, since I think it fits well with whatever he endured during the ritual. I'm willing to tone it down a bit, so that it isn't like my character is the center of some huge conflict. I'm not picturing the kitsune as a huge threat to the kingdom as a whole, more like just the towns on that one side of the kingdom. I don't want my character to come across as more important than the others. I just thought it was a cool concept, so I thought I'd ask. :) All I added to his was the Kirin helped handle this demon. [h3 Gilded] Preferred Weapon: Sword and shield Race: Dragon Born Class: Paladin. Serves a god outside of the 5. Brings truth and hope along with his beliefs. I need to gather more info from the player about him. From: Alba [h3 Jess] Race: Water Genasi Class: Druid Preferred Weapon: Dagger and magic From Tristain Perhaps she has heard whispers on the ocean wind and disquieting messages in the waves that urge her to come to radiance to help a brewing problem. And truthfully her life in Tristain was content and peaceful, which honestly became a bit dull for her, so it was easy decision for her to sail to radiance to see more of the world and discover if these subtle messages from the ocean had any substance to them. Connected to Water and the such. [h3 Kocino] He is a Shadar-kai Hexblade Warlock/Bard. I plan on playing him as a good natured traveling chef with an essential tremor. I plan on keeping him primarily bard and flavoring his spells to be food based (Slow as covering someone in molasses, Bane is giving someone food poisoning, etc..) Kocino was raised by his grandparents. As a child, he loved nothing more than being in the kitchen with them, making food. Kocino never outgrew his love of cooking but he had an essential tremor and could not use a knife. Kocino tried to fix it, to no avail. Until he encountered a powerful being and made a deal to be able to use a blade and continue his cooking. Over time he became incredibly skilled. He now travels the world looking for adventure and inspiration for his newest dishes. He is only a Warlock for now. Hook Ideas: Maybe his hexblade pact comes from the chefs knife? From: Radiance [h3 Sloden] I have a couple ideas: first one doesn't usually fit a lot of settings because it's typically evil, but your kingdom of Shadow worshippers might make it different. I'd like to play a death cleric. I've always wanted to play a 'death Knight' style cleric with a homebrew cantrip to make the most of his martial weapons and Reaper ability, so I wrote one up that's basically Chill Touch but it's a melee weapon cantrip like green flame blade or booming blade. I have this idea for him to be a member of an order that believes in offering final redemption of the soul through necromancy. They train their skills in combat, destroying the evil external influences of the world, and killing evil people. In so doing, they attempt to raise the corpses of evil persons in order to have one last heart to heart with them. To say "this is it. If you have regrets, you can atone for the evil you've done one last time by fighting evil." The order even tried to do it through a final day of counseling. Faced with The End, that maybe these people will change for the better, voice their regrets and desire for redemption, and be offered a chance. I understand if that doesn't fit this world, so I've got another idea in case it's too much. He will face corruption and the such for his class. From Germuid Hook Ideas: Corruption,Germuid churches,in progress [h3 Gildaug] Race: Half Elf Class: Paladin Preferred Weapon: Longsword and Shield Backstory/Plot Hooks: Visions/Prophecy [h3 Notes] Work on Hooks for these guys.
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[h3 Campaign Work] Vex is gonna have issue's at the capital. Agathar is gonna know of the Kitsune dealing with Drez.  Agathar will still have his past with Herron of course.  God of light/dawn will try to convert Gilded. Jess may run into someone from back home ^^ Kocino may gain a rival chef. Sloden won't be able to enter the church in Radiance. Gildaug will have a prophecy vision. Of a flower.. An elf and the god of light trying to reach to him.


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