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Spiral Campaign

By ShieldHero-
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ShieldHero-Arthur   19d ago

[center [h3 Crystal Meadows Town]]

[center [h3 Uptown, Diamond Avenues]]

[center [h3 Center town,Rural areas, Crystal Square]]

[center [h3 Downtown, Crystal Stream Downtown]]

[center [h3 Arcade, Glintstone Games]]

NPC's: Spots the goblin (real name Bazz Zeul) he likes to play here and will be here at daytime and nighttime (Friday and Saturday.) If Spots is questioned here about any information he'll get nervous. +2 for social encounters on Spots here.

Insight: It seems like he is scared to share a little more.


Dance Games!
Dance Rebellion has 4 core difficulty modes with varying prizes! You get a "Gaming Card" that keeps track of first time victories!

Easy: 1gp tp play
DC 10 Acrobatic's
Prize: 2GP
First time Prize: Lesser healing potion!

Normal: 5 GP to play

Prize: 8GP
DC: 12 Acrobatics
First Time Prize: 2 Lesser Healing Potions

Hard: 10GP to play

Prize: Lesser Healing Potion
DC: 15 acrobatics
First time Prize: Rare crafting materials! (For the Artificer to help craft a +1 armor or weapon. Can't be Plate or Split armor. Or Mythirl Armor.

Extreme: 100GP to play

DC: 20 Acrobatics
Prize: 200GP
First time Prize: Get to pick from the prize counter some old relics from the shop keeps old adventuring days! (Can grab a +1 weapon or a pearl of power.)

If you beat the hard mode gain the attention of a Satry Bard (Blades college freshman.)

Sally Hooffellow (She hates her last name) she is a bit awkward but loves to dance and sing.

She has fake ID's for dancing at the club and knows how to make them if the party is into that. (She is in bard class)

VR Fighting Games!
Same DC's/Difficulties as the dance game. Same prices to play as well. Same prizes's but different first time prizes. The check is Athletic's now


Easy: 1st level spell scroll

Normal: Some rare materials for crafting!

Hard: Bag of Holding

Extreme: Can pick over the counter yet again!

Pop Quiz Games!
The check is random between the INT skills each question.

Investigation: 1
Arcana: 2
History: 3
Nature: 4
Roll a D4 for each check!

Easy: Spell Scroll Mage Armor (One time use)

Normal: Studded Leather armor

Hard: Pearl of Power

Extreme: Can choose over the counter AND rare crafting materials! (Can perhaps work on a gun?)

RPG Games!
Roll a D20 and it's a random check! Making these the hardest games!

Easy: Greater Healing potion

Normal: Splintmail armor

Hard: +2 Dagger

Extreme: The most rare materials! (For making +2 in time.) and a can choose something over the counter!

[center Daytime]

[center Night Time]
Evan Walker plays here at night, wears black leather jacket and is a Tiefling.

[center [h3 Rising Dawn Academy]]

This will be rather large. You have each of the classroom teachers of course. That'll be many NPC's
Teachers can vary from LV 8-12

LV 16 Blade Singer Wizard

Silas Forthright

Vice Principal
Dragon born

Giovanni Skywing


Fighter Samurai LV 15

Druid Teacher

Lux LightWing

Druid of the moon

Ranger Teacher
Walter Surewind

Fey Wanderer Ranger


Warlock Teacher
Jack Highwind
HexBlade Warlock

[center [pic]]

Barbarian Teacher

Hilda StrongWind
Totem of the Bear Barbarian


Artificer Teacher


Solice Geyser
Alchemist Subclass

Wizard Teacher


Nathaniel Williams

School of Evocation

Bard Teacher

Roger Williams

Subclass College of Blades

Sorcerer Teacher

Linda Wright

Clockwork Soul

Paladin Teacher


Rose Highwind

Paladin of Devotion

Fighter Teacher


Gremory Stonewall

Subclass: Battle Master

Rogue Teacher


Claire Bell


Monk Teacher


Danny Hail

Open Fist Sub class

Cleric Teacher

Rein Astra

Tempest Cleric


(Will Hunt Pictures later just give description)

Brightwing is a buff dragonborn paladin (LV 3) he's a freshmen but rather tough for his grade and a bit of a prodigy and a not a great guy. Going for the Blade Blitz team. May give Nari a hard time for his parents being outsiders.

You got the AV club



And other kinds of NPC's!

AV Club

You got a
Pixie named Aurora

Nerdy goblin
His name is "Spots"

And a halfing guy who snorts a lot with freckles name John Wily.

You got a Senior
Jeremy Blades (Goes by Blades)
Jock human paladin type (LV 5-6)
Captain of Blade Blitz

You got an angry orc named Roth (Nickname The Wrath)
LV 6 Barbarian co captain of Blade Blitz

Emo Kid
Goes by "Reaper"
(Name is Eugene Fitz)

Prom Queen type is
Penelope Drake
She is half dragon born and half human and prissy type.
She is a LV 6 Sorcerer Draconian

She has two followers.
Cruz Blades
And Tess (Find out she is Jeremy's sister but hides the fact for popularity reasons)

So the first day of school we can have many outcomes depending on the players choices of course.

First Battle is going to be Gremlins sneaking in the cafeteria they appear to be looking for something.

The Gremlins were under an enchantment to search for one of the principals scrolls. This is odd with students already going missing lately.

Artificer Shop:
She'll have weapons in the making and will start on any project. You can give her materials/GP for her to make goodies! (Give out what makes sense for what is given to her.)

[center [h3 Ice Cream Shop]]
The owner of the icecream shop is Flurry an Air Djinn that loves to make ice cream. He would know of Ethan's late night singing if pressed.

First time the players come here they will run into Aurora the AV club pixie she has tangled hair thick glasses and freckles. She is eating Ice Cream you learn despite being kind hearted and a nerd she has a crush on Roth (Well can learn through conversation) you also learn he's been acting kinda weird.. More aggressive than his usual nickname "Wrath" would imply.

At night across the street of the ice cream shop you can see Ethan Walker in an abandoned warehouse with other tieflings talking.
What the players don't know is that they are there pr-acting acrobatic's cause they wanna create a circus.
Ethan Walker is caught up an an errand boy for the Purist due to meeting the demon in the shaft and making that contract. He's rather scared of the Purist and is a bit shady delinquent himself however. (Small time theft/assault etc) He's got an abusive dad and well being Tieflings they have life pretty rough.

[center [h3 Cathedral of the Divine]]

A church that accepts all the divine from every nation. Though the Knight's believe the god of Light should have it's own church as Clara helped stopped Straus from conquering the world.

Cleric Teacher Rein is also a priest here for Clara but is more laid back.

You'll see him talking with a knight about tearing down the other divines. If you'll talk to him he'll tell ya that Klaus Evergarden at the Knight's Barracks will calm them down. That despite being the most devout to Clara he is opened minded when it comes to Arcane Technology an in fact studies it. (This is a hint.)

The paladin teacher Rose can also be found here. She is a knight from Burguss and is trying to bring peace between Burguss and Straus despite the crimes of the past. She'll ask Evie if her parents ever made a "Arcana Draining" machine or took an interest in that sorta thing? (She thinks it's Evie's parents that created the papers)

[center [h3 Police Station]]

The police chief is from Straus and is a High Elf. His name is Cerron Lightwood and he is a Fighter/Rogue (LV 1 Rogue and 6 Gunslinger Fighter.) Has expertise in the investigation and insight.) If you visit the police station Cerron will say he is busy. Try to question him and he'll try and throw them off with deception. It may look like a coverup but he can't trust outsiders with the case. He is is looking into the Knight's and into Klaus but the rivalry between the two departments is rather well known and people feel Cerron is being petty in this. Even some cops feel this way.

Cop Stat Block

HP 15
AC 14
Multi Attack Pistol: D8+3 (Can fire twice)
Saving throws/Ability Checks is +2 to everything with +3 in Dex.
Initiative +3
EXP: 100

[center [pic]]

Rookie Cop
Junior Deceive
Sakimato Sato
Senior at the school (LV 5 Rogue with a D6 Pistol and a rapier)

Himari Sato's older brother and can confront him about the case as well.

[center [h3 "Guard/Knight Barracks"]]
Funded by Burgus and Terra many

Fighters/Paladins/Barbarians/Clerics run amok here

A new captain has been appointed from Burguss Klaus Evergarden him and Cerron Lightwood have been bumping heads already.

Rookie Knight
Even Walker biological son to the coach. He's in the fighter class and and an upbeat youth you wants to hold up the ideals of Chivalry. LV 3 Fighter Freshman

[center [h3 Larex School of The Gifted]]

School for the gifted, Evie's Wizard Sister goes here. Adopted sister, a Gnome know it all.
Minxi Lighterfeather but she calls herself a Tinkerblood and doesn't appreciate the change. She is a LV 5 Wizard

Larex is from Straus Haven himself and is a LV 10 Sorcerer clockwork soul and old friends with Silus the principal of Rising Dawn.

See Penelope hanging out with Minxi here!

Find posters of only one missing girl "Teresa Phial" and realize you're school has more missing students.

[center [h3 Crystal Shaft's Mine]]

Find John Wily with Spots and Aurora playing a table top game at the front of here for "Ambiance" though they do see Ethan Walker come here a lot...

In the Crystal Shaft Mine you can see the Rookie Knight and Junior detective fighting/arguing. Detective Sakimoto Sato and Even Walker. If eaves dropping can hear Sakimoto accuse Even of helping Ethan Walker bring girls here. (Ethan is a creep who brings girls but doesn't kidnap him. He meets his patron here as well.)

In the mine shaft however is an encounter! Ethan will approach with his gang and tell them to beat it. His brother won't as he suspects something as well. If Ethan is defeated before this however different encounter will ensue!

Purist will attack!

[center [h3 Brick Mortar Apartments]]

Cheap Apartments but can discover Reaper/Eugene lives here! Realize you are being followed (DC perception 14) Gremlins heading to a sewer.

Reaper is about to meet Ethan at the ice cream shop but he won't share that so easily. (Can just follow to as he seems on edge)

[center [h3 Furs and Claws hunting Gear]]

Sells Longbows/Guns/Short bows! As well as crafting components for such weapons to be modified/enchanced!

The shop that Nari works at. (They'll share stuff easier but also like no magic items in the shop lol)
Can get a free D8 pistol here though!

The dad's will warn Nari to.. Be careful of those in town.

[center [h3 Evie's Residence/Light Feathers Residence]]

Evie's parents are sweet little Gnomes!
The Tinkerbloods family.

Adva and Berry Tinkerblood
Super smart and good with tech very kind!

Minxi will be studying for Larex's prestigious school thinks Rising Dawn is for ruffians and hate they moved here with Straus being more elegant.

See in her diary (If you snoop) that she likes Jeremy Blades despite Penelope does but also.. Roth and Jeremy have been acting weird lately.

[center [h3 Drake Elementary]]

Nari's prodigal Tabaxi little brother goes here (LV 1 fighter with longbow) Drake elementary will have a sub quest of kids picking on Nari's little brother. How he handles it? Is up to him! The three kids have basic stat blocks.
+1 to ability checks.

HP: 11
Attack: D4+1 (Can punch twice)
AC: 12
EXP: 50 each (But shouldn't fight kids probably)

[center [h3 White Hold Hospital]]

Many cases going on here, the doctor the main doctor that the adventuring school gets insured by.

Stephan Gregory
Has +3 INT and +4 wisdom.
Medical rolls are +8 and has healer kits. All other Wisdom rolls are +6 and all INT rolls are +5
Charisma rolls are +1 and all physical rolls are -1

[center [h3 Shimmering River]]

There is a great spot for fishing where you can see two old dwarves fishing. Ruck Earthblood and Tuck Earthblood the older dwarf twins are always fighting. They did see Reaper throwing a strange bag/sack in the river the other day. (Later revealed old girly toys he used to love playing with.)

There is also a romantic boat ride given by a Tabaxi woman. Her name is Scarlet and she used to have a thing for Violet but was rejected for Flame. She also saw Reaper do this and also seen Ethan Walker take many girls here on the boats.

If high enough perception (Reaper gets +3 stealth roll) can see that Reaper is stalking them! (Interested in Evie but won't admit it)

[center [h3 Nari's/Quickfoot/Swiftfoot Residence]]

Tabaxi hunters two fathers Flame Swiftfoot and Violet Swiftfoot
With fur matching their names

Letter is in a hidden room about their task here in the town and the adoption of Nari. How Nari's parents had left him the name Nari to be a proper elf and how his Elven father had indeed loved him but had a greater goal to pursue. His mother is still a mystery however

[center [h3 Chevalier's Manor]]

If explored there is a secret correspondence between Arthur's mother Nimue and Klaus on how to bring the police department to "Light" but Klaus is really framing Klaus Nimue doesn't know this but still sorta shady.
Arthur has an older brother and older sister both powerful Paladins.

Lance Chevalier

Gwen Chevalier

[center [h3 Sato Residence]]

Himari has her detective older brother who is snooping on her friends a file on each of them. He doesn't trust the Swiftfoot family. Nor the Chevalier's or Lightfeathers.

Swiftfoot being outsiders with strange documents.

Chevaliers being against the police department

Lightfeathers being able to use such high tech magic and the suspect taking kids fits that MO.

[center [h3 Glimmering Shield Junior High]]

A school that Burguss has taken an interest with the Sumia Shogunate. Heading here you will meet a politician from the Sumia Shogunate. Jungqwol the tortle (Really is the Shogunate can roll history to figure that out.) And wanted to see the students education. Get some Sumia lore here!

Found out that Ethan Walker is stalking you if you roll a DC12 or higher perception

[center [h3 Crystal Valley Mall]]

Many many shops here!

Weapon Shop: Funded by Straus, Called "Arcane Steel"
Fighter Teacher Gremory Will be here

Armor Shop: Funded by Straus called "Tempered Guardian"
Paladin Teacher Rein may be shopping here

Item Shop: "Bits and Wonders"
Wizard Teacher Nathaniel may be shopping here.

And there is a food court and higher on the second floor is high society fine dining. (50 GP per person for meal) if you eat here gain D10 inspiration but also.. You can see a weird combo of people eating here.
Reaper/Eugene and Ethan Walker? What could those two have to talk about? (If one is dead give the player some kinda hint here of any kind)

In the mall can run into the Artificer teacher (Solice Geyser) Trying to get supplies! Also Roll D20 for another teacher encounter!

[center [h3 Crystal Loft Cemetery]]

This is where Reaper spends most of his time, he also has a pet cat (Black Cat) named "Darkness" that he feeds here. The ground keeper Andrew Veiss isn't sure how to handle the kid pestering him constantly. Though he does say that he's been rather.. Busy and odd as of late. That he heard him talking to a tiefling lately.

If LV 3 with some "Clues" will get attacked by the undead and a purist! The purist using those same pages from before. The purist if interrogated will tell you a cloaked but heavily armored man has been there contact here.

[center [h3 Brightshard Bank]]

Not much to do in the bank this arc. You will run into Ethan Walker making a large withdraw (Before heading back to abandoned Factory)
Or if that is done Ethan will be doing so heading to the sewer Gremlin Encounter.

[center [h3 Lost Haven Forest]]

This is where the machine is kept but without enough clues the players won't find it. However you do see Jeremy and Roth here sparring and practicing. If you eavedrop Jeremy admits to Roth that Ethan's been creeping him out and that he tried taking Penelope to the mine. Also that Jeremy's dad has been donating a lot of money into the Knight's lately even his college fund but he has a sports scholarship at least.

Have a basic encounter here maybe? Or even fight those two if they seem fishy enough.

[center [h3 Abandoned Factory, Grand Spire Factory]]

This place seems extremely abandoned however there is a "Prototype" of the machine hear. Arcana Drainer but the name is "Arcana Fulldrive" that by using other arcana and using transumation to convert the power and necromancy to drain the magic. (Need Arcana to understand this.) There is Draconic,Dwarven,Goblin,Elvish the Arcana helps with the schools but as for the instructions either need help or comrehnd languages. It says that this is the prototype and the real machine must be somewhere secluded.

Get into a fight with machines powered by this prototype!

[center [h3 On The Rocks Tavern]]

See the monk teacher here drinking! As well as well as a Monk student drinking a cola. Danny Hail seems pumped that he got to meet a certain "Tortle" at the "other" academy.

Cloaked figure on parties tail if they are learning to much. (Perception DC 14 leads to sewer encounter)

Old School Quest Board.
Use Kobold and NPC generator to create two quest/encounters on the board. (Quest will dry up at times) can eat and drink here as well! Eating the fine meal for 10GP restores one hit dice! (Can only do this once a day)

Easy Encounter: 50GP

Normal: 100GP

Hard: 200GP

Deadly: 400GP

[center [h3 Glistening Ball (Club/Dancy parties)]]

Need a find a way past the bouncers Jaw and Maw (One is a vampire the other a werewolf but appear to be a hairy and pale human otherwise)

In the place the DJ Jonathon Shore is texting Ethan's crystal (Which you may have.) Reaper is here to make contact with Jonathon as well.

The Artificer Teacher is here to get to the bottom of things alongside. The rookie knight and junior detective are here as well.

Dance Party Encounter (LV 3 Encounter)

[center [h3 Gareth's Gas Station and Garage]]

Here is also the "Garage" which serves as a sort of DMV. Gareth will offer lessons if they pay/persuade otherwise nah on the whole car.
Used car is 500GP

Nicer cars have different cost. If you ask questions about people who'll have a surprising amount of info.. For a price. He isn't a fan of cops or knights due to all the drama however.

[center [h3 Michael Bee's Diner]]

Eating a nice meal for 10GP restores a hit die (Can stack with the other meal in the tavern.)

See the Druid teacher Lux on a date with Klaus the Knight! If asked she will say he seems serious and more stressed.. (If prompted properly of course.)

Klaus appears distracted by his crystal rather often however.

Visiting here can gain other random NPC encounters.

[center [h3 Hunting Grounds]]

Heading to the hunting grounds during the day will run into Nari's little brother hunting with his dads! If hunt along Nari will gain D10 inspiration and restore a hit dice if he is missing one.

In the hunting grounds you'll see the Ranger Teacher out and about hunting! Can talk to him and he'll share that he feels the artificer teacher has been kinda fishy..

If you partake in hunting "Game" roll "Survival" for tracking.
Once game is found can use attack/spell creativity! Can gain small bits of EXP or bond with NPC's (As you can in other places)

The Ranger will tell you he heard of weird creatures stalking around at night and to be careful. (May only share this when the proper LV range for it.)

If you come out here at night while it is prohibted however will find a weird elemental creatures.

LV 4 encounter

[center [h3 Lost Spire Prison]]

Where arrested enemies go for the player.

See the Artificer here? She is visiting another half tabaxi male? (Old lover who got in with the wrong crowd) she will tell him she feels cornered by Klaus and isn't sure what to do.

[center [h3 Daylight Park]]

Great bonding place! Can run into the Druid teacher here prancing and playing about (Despite her age) she seems.. To be picking flowers happy. (Excited about her date with Klause at the diner.) She tells you the park is lovely during the day but to be careful about shady folk at night.

Night time
LV 3 encounter

[center [h3 Notes]]

Probably Add NPC homes and more places later for sure.

[center [h3 NPC's]]

[center [h3 Arc 1 The Mystery/Story]]

The cafeteria Investigation scene

Perception: Find the pieces in the cauldrin and weird snacks with a paper like texture?

Investigation: You find the "Snacks" to be magical pieces of parchment. The parchment have Transmutation and Necromancy magic in equal parts. With a high enough Arcana check you can see that the magic appears to be from different sources in the papers and you get a reminder of Necromancy and Transumutation. Necromancy can change the flow and drain power while Tranmutation can change it's current nature.

In the cauldren is a pieces of a letterman jacket, Roth is missing pieces of his jacket if you see him. Also you see more of these papers in that cauldren but don't seem as powerful or unstable as the ones he ate.

Teachers will enter. Fighter Teacher and Wizard Teacher along with the coach (A big buff human guy. Coach Gerald Walker, Adopted father of Ethan Walker.) If the students stay behind the Wizard will say it looks the paper drained magic from others while the Fighter will blame the wizard for helping the Artificer create that "Infernal" machine.

A few students have gone missing from a few academies they all appear to have magical ability.

Cerron Lightwood will be on the scene to and will wanna question the students. (He'll roll investigation on the scene and insight on the students deception.) He'll ask about their home life and the fight and what they had experienced things like that.

The vice principal comes from the Sumia Shogunate making him prime suspect as some believe that White Haven though funded by many is Straus Haven's pride and joy over the other kingdoms.

Another suspect is Evan Walker a junior tiefling in the so called "Warlock" class. Flirting with some of the new freshman girls, though a delinquent and charming he only knows a few things going on. The use of Gremlins and his contact is in the dance club.

The DJ Jonathon Shore is a former pirate and is accepting work from this group they are known as the "Purist." Jonathon did it for the money but Evan.. Was afraid.

Evan Walker had taken a patron from a locked fiend in the Crystal Shaft Mines.

The purist are taking students with raw magical talent but why?

The wizard teach knows that the Artificer teacher has a device or a scroll that can be powered by magic. To help those lacking magic and improve technology with the power of the arcane.

Flame and Violet are rangers/hunters from Starkwood making their home here. At least that is the cover story they are really from the Sumia Shogunate there to keep an eye on White Haven. They had adopted a son as a way to fit in but fell in love with their son becoming true fathers. Still however they hid this truth from him.

The lightfeathers (Tinkerblood's) Are engineers from Strause Haven here to make a peaceful life with their daughter. However they were sent a warning letter from the Imperial Court to watch out for the FleetFoots

The Chevaliers are a noble family from the Kingdom of Burguss to observe the knight barrack's in White Haven and to prove the new and modern police force aren't needed.

The Sato family though they moved to Sumia had grown up in the Starkwood where all manner of Fey live peaceful lives. Himari engages in underground fights as she had enjoyed when her political family visited Terra. She had become a Twilight Cleric in Sumia while studying the god of Wisdom and tranquility Sapientia.

The purist were the ones that sealed the Demon.. Agathar in the mines his memories are hazy but he remembers.. Another life almost.

The Purist are kidnapping more and more students. As time passes Reaper Will look more tired and pale at school as Evan becomes more scarce. Roth the orc will still be a pain while Jeremy Blades and Penelope Drake will be focused on making prom queen and king.

The artificer's teachers were used and the police may slowly figure out the Purist may have ties to the old radicals of the previous Empire. The old regime of Strause Haven. The artificer's family was part of that regime with her tools made to sap those with arcane tools she'll be a prime suspect.

However Klaus Evergarden who the Blade Blitz coach is old friends with is behind framing her. His plan was not only to prove that the purist are Straus's fault but to rile Burguss into war to finish what they started. To wipe Strause out and make them pay for their sins and the lives they had taken. He is also close to the Chevalier family. Klaus has spent time in Starkwood as well being a Paladin of the Ancients he is a knight of Burguss however through and through. Some of his knight's are in it but not all of them.

NPC Generator (And quest) generator!
Link for one just in case!

[ Linky!]

May have to wing it sometimes! And that is okay!

End of the arc will have a LV 4/5 encounter

[center [h3 Time]]
If it's a weekend you get three visits.




If is a school day you get 2.

Friday you can use 3 for past evening for (Late night) Every extra action is a con save for exhaustion. DC10 for the first and 5 harder for each visit past that! Revisiting places can continue quest/relationships with characters!

[center [h3 Revamped Arc 1]]

Ethan Walker is taking distance from Evan Walker. Ethan Walker has been talking to Reaper/Eugene lately. The both of them have been caught/cornered by purist and now talk to one another often.
Ethan has made a pact with a Demon at the Mines.
Agathar, a demon that has vague memories of a past life. Crude but not entirely cruel and was trapped in a sapphire by the purist.

ShieldHero-     74d ago

The mall has +1 weapons for sale. (500GP cost)

And +1 Shield
And +2 Dagger (For 600GP)
ShieldHero-     74d ago

Only hear about the Daylight park and Hunting Ground encounter by the time they are LV 4. If they go before hand however? Gain some clues perhaps!


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