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Witch Hunt Campaign

By ShieldHero-

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ShieldHero-Arthur   45d ago

[h3 Plot/World]

The world of Fyuria magic was dangerous. It had be kept under control. Those with magic must serve there kingdom or be kept under "Havens" from the masses. One such mage did not wish for this life. He was born with the strange ability to use his own body as a focus. He was hunted for this however and he knew the Knights and Hunters were ruthless. He had managed to slip away from his old home into a town called "Morning Dew" he'd have to do something about the men chasing him down. What he didn't know was the people he'd meet that day? Would change the course of his destiny forever.

They are in a Kingdom of "Shining Spire" 

For his background he could have ran a shop.
Or hid in the forest.
Maybe he used to work for the kingdom?
Up to you on that one ^^

[h3 On The Run]

The Warlock heads to a town through the forest.
The town of "Morning Dew"
The town


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