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Unspoken Words

By Nekome
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★ Jayden was a very smart and talented young man. That was until his family was brutal murdered. To Jayden his family was everything. They had supported him through thick and thin. Now, in an instant they were just gone. For what? Some relentless game? What was there to gain from this?

Jayden hunted down his family's killer. He sought his revenge. After murdering that monster, he himself had became one. Hypocrisy is what came to mind. But the feelings he got as his knife caressed his victims soft skin. Watching them scream and suffer it was an ecstatic feeling. How long could this go on? Being a serial killer in this day and age was risky. Making it look like an accident was difficult, consider how much excitement got from just opening his blade was unreal. The feeling was even better when it pierced through soft skin.

Now let our story began. You were Jayden's closest friend until that fatal day his family was murder. After that he became more distant. You wanted to reach out to him but going to school full time and working made it hard. You hardly spoke to him you watched as he strayed further and further away. It wasn't until two years later you ran into him. You asked him to go out for a drink for old times sake. He accepted your invitation. That was when you started to learn how different he really had become. You could sense an untamable hunger in his eyes.
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Nekome|Monster|   182d ago
✿ I'll dyed your red heart to black... ✾

[center Falling into this dark reality was hard sometimes. Once a chivalrous man that alway seem to see the world through rosy lenses, now was consumed by hate. No could see that darkness in his heart or the hunger in his eyes as he torn through the innocents skin. Hurting was what came to mind if you truly looked at him. No all you could see now the shell left behind. A monster in human's skin. 

Jade sighed softly softly a he closed his hazel green eyes. Today they shined like emeralds. If you let him get that close it was too late for you, that was for you to find out. Jade honey like voice really made him stood out. Maybe that was how you could find him. You two were once close friends but after everything that happened the two of you drifted farther and farther apart. The two of you hardly spoke. Maybe once out of the blue you would get social media notification. That was about it. Until that faithful day. 

Today was that day, you seen Jade. Walking down the street across from you. You happily raced across the street to greet the familiar face. Jade glanced down at you. His emerald colored eyes shining but also looked empty at the same time. 

The tell yet slender man, always looked well kept. Today he didn't, then you remember what today was. It was the anniversary of his family murder. You quickly asked him if you like to get a drink tonight. Jade agreed meet you night. The dryness in his voice and emptiness in eyes made you worry. He never really seemed to get over the fact of losing everyone in a blink of an eye. You hated seeing him like  this, hoping your kind gestured would work. You happily waited at bar it was only a little after  7pm. You got there early happily waiting. It was then you heard in a spoke but raspy voice. [#ea4373 "Did you wait long?"] he asked smiling softly.

Jade sat down across from you. His emerald eyes shining. Little did you know he just came from a murder scene. There was a sense of hunger that made you shiver. 

You had heard rumors about the killer who murder Jayden family was kill brutally. Part of you always wonder if Jade himself had anything to do with it. You always shrugged it off. It wasn't like him to act so boldly. Jade was always seen quiet type. He was very good at art you always adored that about him. That was where you first met. Art glass in kindergarten Jade had thrown a glob of paint at you. The two of you ended up going home looking like works of art until your mothers got a hold of you.

Snapping back into reality. [#ea4373 "It's been a long time friend?"] he said softly as he took a sip out of his martini glass. Jade always seemed to enjoy those fruity drinks. Even back in the day when you two could only afford the cheap stuff. Hard to believe how much your lives had differed. How far you drifted apart.
Lovely_PoisonSpencer   175d ago

[center Spencer couldn't explain right away what was different about her old friend. Not right away, at least. The first thing to tip her off was the strange faraway look in his eyes. There was something...dark behind them that made her feel uneasy, like something heavy was settling in her stomach and refused to let up. She, however, didn't let that stop her from inviting him out, hoping that maybe it would help. That they would get the chance to catch up.]

[center Later on that night, she sat quietly at the bar, far earlier than she had intended to show up, but still there, nonetheless. [i What if he doesn't show? What if you two aren't friends anymore?] Questions swirled around in her mind as the worry from earlier in the day began to make itself known again. He'd looked the same and like he'd been taking care of himself, but that hollowness in his voice was concerning.]

[center Taking a sip of her drink, she glanced up at the time, nearly jumping out of her skin when a familiar voice sounded from behind her. [i Shit!] She looked up with a smile, despite the fact that her heart was pounding so hard in her chest she was afraid it might burst. [b "No, not at all."] It was kind of true. She'd only been waiting for about thirty minutes. That wasn't too terrible, and it was her fault for showing up so soon, to begin with. She had mostly just wanted to guarantee that they would have a place to sit.]

[center Memories very quickly flooded her mind as she shot him another smile, a bit unsure about what to say. She hadn't thought when she invited him out that she would be at such a loss for words, but it was hard. She knew about the dark part of his past, even more so about what had happened to the person who'd caused it, but she didn't want to bring that up or even start leaning in that direction.]

[center That wasn't what the night was about.]

[center Slowly nodding, she offered him another smile. [b "It really has. Far too long, if you ask me."] She rested her hands on the table, lacing her fingers together as she watched him. [b "How have you been lately?"] That question was walking a very fine line, but it was the only thing she could think of to break any tension in the air.]
Nekome|Monster|   173d ago
✿ I'll dyed your red heart to black... ✾

Jade smiled softly as he took another sip from his glass. His eyes landed on Spencer. He chuckle to him self as a vague memory of him getting drunk call her Spenny. Jade quickly push that thought out of his mind. 

 [#ea4373 "I have been well, I suppose. How about yourself? Have you been? "] he said as he looked at her his emeralds eyes locking on to hers. The two of them had been very close in fact Spencers was Jades first kiss. It was then he realized what he was. Jade always seem to show more interest in men. Spencer accept him which made his happy. His family did too his mother was alway so loving and caring. 

His father on the other hand was a bit rough round the edges but he still loved him. Sighed softly as he looked way from Spencer. It was hard not to look at her remember things. Even if they were such small and simple things. 

 [#ea4373 "So have you found yourself a boyfriend yet?"] he said with a small laugh. He remember she seem to have bad luck with them in high school. He would alway come to the rescue with her favorite ice cream or chocolate. It was scary how in-tune they use to be but now they were distances.... Very distance. 

 [#ea4373  "It is a shame how distance we have become over the years."] he said with a soft sigh. His emerald color eyes landing back on the slender woman. He could tell she felt uneasy. He did his best to ignore it that feeling. It was probably a good thing they two of them weren't as close. A predator sitting across from her. The two of them probably wouldn't really see each other after this. He could tell from the easiness she so desperately wanted to hide.  Jade wasn't about to let the night end this briefly. He was sure they two had more to talk about.
Lovely_PoisonSpencer   170d ago

[center Spencer could only smile at first. She really was at a loss for words on what to say. It was a bit of a relief that he was leading the conversation. [b "I've been quite alright. I can't say anything exciting has happened in the past few years."] That wasn't exactly a lie. She'd gotten engaged at one point, but one wrong text message from another woman had told her everything she needed to know. She had quickly called it off and hadn't seen the jerk since.]

[center Major, sure, but not something she felt that she needed to talk about just yet. Admittedly, it still kind of hurt.]

[center Then he asked about a boyfriend. It was like he was reading her mind. [i Damn him,] she thought playfully. [b "Unfortunately, no. There was this one guy that I thought was going to be pretty great but he just turned out to be a jerk."] She gave a bitter laugh. [b "Just like the past, huh?"] How sad was that? [b "What about you? Anyone special?"] She hoped there was. He deserved it.]

[center [b "Yeah,"] she said sadly, her eyes meeting his. She had wondered every day how he was doing, had thought about trying to contact him even, but a part of her had figured that he needed his space. [b "I would hope that we could remedy that, now that you're back around. If not, I completely understand. It's hard being an adult. Busy bees, you know?"] She let out a nervous laugh. If he said no, it wasn't a huge deal, though she was sure it would hurt a little.]
Nekome|Monster|   132d ago
✿ I'll dyed your red heart to black... ✾

[center Jade listen to Spence speak. He was happy to hear that she had been well for the most part. It was a little disappointing to hear how heartless her boyfriend was. He felt bad for not being there for her. 

She really didn't talk much about how school went but that was okay it was best not to give everything way right? It just meant to have more to talk about later. 

It was then she asked him if he had anyone special. Jade sat there and thought silent.  [#ea4373 "No I haven't met anyone that I would call special to me."] he said with a soft sigh. It was hard picking up men who weren't just trash. There was a lot of them around. In reality he was one of them. Killing the supposedly innocent. 

Jade smiled softly as finished he second or maybe his third glass. He was done drink it would be dangerous if he drank anymore. He smiled softly when she ask if they would continue to see each other again.  [#ea4373 "Of course we will meet again."] he said with a soft smile. It seemed like their night of fun was almost at it end. 

 [#ea4373  "Would you like me to walk you to your car?"] he said as he glanced at his phone. They got there at seven it was already after 10pm. It was probably time they left before the real creeps come out. Of corse that was a dangerous game Jade loved to play. This bar seem better than most for the most part. There really wasn't anyone of interest here.
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Lovely_PoisonSpencer   131d ago

[center Spencer tried to keep a smile on her face, though it did falter a little as he answered her question. [b “I’m sorry to hear that. You definitely deserve someone who will treat you right,”] she said, smiling as best as she could. In truth, it hurt her heart for him. She didn’t care if she was upset about her situation. She could handle that just fine. She, however, didn’t like seeing her friend not with someone where he could be happy. It didn’t seem fair.]

[center She perked up, however, when he agreed to meet up again. She’d missed him, she really had. Any chance for them to catch up longer would be a great opportunity. She wanted her friend back, she really did, though she would take some time before she would outright say that. [b “Sounds perfect, then,”] she said, finishing off her own drink.]

[center Quickly nodding, she would grab her purse and slip out of her seat, looking at him. [b “I’d appreciate that, Jade. Thank you.”] She’d been completely oblivious to how late it had gotten, just content to sit and talk with her old friend instead of worrying about all of that. She didn’t blame him, however, for wanting to get out of there.]

[center (No worries at all! I hope things get better and feel free to take your time whenever you need it!)]


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