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Yes, yes, another one of these. However, if you're willing to bear with me, I'm hoping that it is worth it!

Down below, you will find the following things: what I'm looking for, my rules, and what I'm ok with doing and what I'm not. I will try to be as detailed as I can, but if there's something that you don't see or that you'd want me to elaborate on, I promise that I'm open to answering any questions.

Alright, now that the boring part is over, on to the fun stuff!

I'm looking for a literate to semi-literate partner who is willing to work out story ideas with me. The most I've written was over 10,000 characters. I don't do less than 1,000 characters.

I am in my twenties. When looking, I like to have someone to write with who is 18+. I do not write with minors.

I do not reply every single day. Sometimes I could take a few days to get something out. I need someone who is going to be understanding of that.

I write with mature topics. Certain things I won't tolerate, but for the most part, violence, gore, mentions of intimacy, none of that bothers me. If anything is too mature for you, please tell me. I'm willing to back off or not mention certain things. However, I do follow Roleplay cloud rules, and I will timeskip or take things off-site when they happen, if they happen.

No godmodding one another's characters. I will not control yours and you will not control mine unless we have agreed upon it ahead of time.

Doubling. I like to double as characters when it's needed. I would like it if my partner is willing to do the same.

Real pictures. I don't mind using illustrated, but I honestly do prefer real ones as references.

Communication. I'm not the best at this. I've ended up leaving unexpectedly due to being ill or losing my account info. However, I'm trying to be better about talking to my writing partner, so I would hope to get the same thing in return. If you're not feeling it, just tell me! I promise I'm understanding.

Good grammar. I'm not great with this all the time. I constantly make mistakes, but I really don't want to try and decipher a reply. It doesn't have to be perfect, I promise, but at least decent.

I mostly play female characters. That doesn't mean that I won't play male characters. I will. With that said, I do not mind what gender your character is. They can be male, female, non-binary, etc. They are YOUR character. Whoever they are, that is who they need to be.

Let's start with the do's.

Pregnancy (when it's called for)



Sci Fi


Slice of life


Fandoms (just ask and I'll let you know what I'm ok with. There are a ton of different ones I like.


Supernatural (not the TV show. I have not seen enough of it yet.)

BlankXBlank (almost anything within reason )

Apocalypic (zombies included)


Twists on Disney stories

Anything pirate related

LGBTQ+ romances. I'm all for it.

Now onto the things I WON'T do.

Anything involving SA. Sorry, but I won't do it. Mentions of it are one thing, especially if it has to do with someone's past, but in active RP? No.

Anything furry related. Mind you, I'm not judging or discriminating. I'm actually supportive of it, especially if it makes someone happy and feel like themselves. However, I am not a part of that community, so, therefore, I do not do anything related to it.

Romance involving minors in any way. That is a big no.

Nothing without a plot. I don't like to just wing it. I'd like to have somewhat of an idea of what I'm doing.

If I think of anything else, I will add it to the list. As stated above, if you don't see something and want to know if I will or won't do it, just ask.

If you have read all of this, thank you for bearing with me. Please send me a PM with the subject as your favorite color, otherwise, I will not respond to you!

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