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Roleplay for me and Yourlocalhoodiefrien

By LoveMeToday

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LoveMeTodayDaichi   48d ago

Alright! It's created!))

ight i'm here)
LoveMeTodayDaichi   48d ago

Would you like me to start?))

no it fine, i will start us off first) It was a beautiful day, Ushi was sitting on the rocks near the river listing the river moving by.  Ushi was a well known person from everybody when he is helping others in need, he looked up at the sky thinking about some other things then look back at the water...he sighed when getting off the rocks and started walking through the forest.
LoveMeTodayDaichi   48d ago

Daichi sighed as he rubbed his eyes, them sore from looking at papers all day. He needed something else to do besides looking at papers and listening to silence all day. Daichi left his house and decided it was a good idea to take a walk in the woods.

Upon strolling through the trees and listening to the rustle of the branches, Daichi saw a figure. A handsome male walking within the trees as well. He couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful male and soon, Daichi spoke. “Hello?”

Ushi stop when he heard a voice, he looked around seeing who it was. "u-um hello" he said when looking around, he kept on looking then saw the figure up ahead. "where you the one that spoken to me?" he asked.
LoveMeTodayDaichi   48d ago

Daichi blushed, looking away from the male before answering "Y-Yes... I was." Daichi muttered but he looked back at the male.

"What's your name...?"

"Im Ushi Asaka, its the pleasure to meet" he smiled softly having his tails swaying in different direction. "what's your name? he asked when looking at him.
LoveMeTodayDaichi   48d ago

"My name is Daichi..." He muttered, still admiring the handsome male as he tried not to stutter too much in front of him.

"pleasure to meet you Daichi" he smiled brightly, Ushi put his hand out offering to shake Daichi hand. "what brings you to the woods?" he said.


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