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𓂅 Supernatural Roleplay (Group Roleplay)

By LoveMeToday
Backup thread

(Sent your characters information in my DM’s before requesting access so I could know what character you’ll be playing, along with the role of your character) ROLES: Equipment Manager (Not taken) Team Manager (Not Taken) Recorder (Taken – by my OC: Bugs) Ghost Informer (Not taken) DESCRIPTION: You and your group are a just starting paranormal group, having access to paranormal building by a close friend who is also a paranormal investigator. You and your group got a call from a desperate woman to investigate her house due to unexplainable events happening in the home. You grab your crew and head to the location, seeing it was a two-story house that could fit a family of 5. You and your crew start doing a normal investigation until things start to get scary… The door you guys entered from wouldn’t open, and then a figure of a little girl appears and starts chasing you. In order to calm her down, you need to give her dolls! Will your crew make it out alive, or will less people make it out? (Plot is similar to the game PACIFY)
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