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From Riches to Rags

By -Fade
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Hanasuka was once beautiful kingdom. Surround by a thick lush forest and fields of wild flowers as far as the eye can see. The kingdom was a very kind place, cared about it people. Hinata who was now 18 years old, was able to marry. She didn't want to get married, but in order to take the throne she had too. She had to follow her family customs. Hinata was well know in the kingdom, for her beauty and kind heart. The people who lived in Hanasuka kingdom all respected the royal family.

On the day of the Wedding
Hinata wasn't looking forward to getting married but she had too. As the wedding was about to start a scream was heard. Not long after that the castle was over thrown. Who? All the neighboring kingdoms were peaceful. Hinata was scared her heart was racing franticly. Then she seen the horrible site. She witness her parent being slaughter right before her eye. Hinata was able to escape in the near by forest. She shifted into her wolf form and ran deep in the forest. Hinata had a few secrets of her own that she never shared with anyone. When she was young she stray too far into the forest. She was attacked by wolf, since that night she was able to shift into a wolf. It was strange to at first but the more she shift the easier it became. She began to loved this dark gift, was grateful for it.

Coming up with a plan
After hiding in forest for a while she decided it was time to head home. She was going to take back her kingdom even if it meant she was going to have to take it by force. She knew was get into the castle without anyone really know. So slipping inside was easy. Now to figure who did. Once she was inside the castle she went straight to the maids chamber. With no one around she changed into the dress. She sighed softly as she looked at her self in the mirror. She didn't look like her self at all. She had cut her hair short before leaving the forest. The dress didn't suit her slender frame at all, but she would have to make it work. As she made the was up the stair she was order to go to the kings chambers. Her eyes were filled with rage as she walked up the grand stair case. She knocked on the door and went inside. To her surprise she see him....

- This is the rough idea I have so far. I was thinking your character could be the prince she was about to marry. We can work the detail out as we go. They will eventually fall in love but that is going to take while since she witness her parents getting murdered. -
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[center [+orchid Here is what I am looking for in a role-play partner ~
Anime or illustrated picture only!

I need someone who can play a male character.
Also need to be able to write 1000-1500 characters. 

~ Thank you if you are interested in join me please pm me! 
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