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Roleplay for me and AzureFlame

By LoveMeToday
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AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   188d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya Shion sighed softly as he returned home from a long day a work. The slender male work in a coffee shop. Often smelt of coffee, once he got home he went straight to his bed room to do some light reading. He had done years of research on vampire. Of course no one  believe the raven haired male. In-fact they all laugh at him. [#ed77f9 "One day I will show them all"] he screeched until he hear a pounding on the wall. It seemed his roommate was home.  [#ed77f9 "Sorry"] he muttered. As he sat down at his desk. Tatsuya had moved out of his parent house when he was 18. 

He decided to go to college in a different town that was where he met his roommate Hibiki Ito. The two of them became close friends. Tatsuya was grateful for Hibiki he never judged him. Even he went on and on about vampires being real. Tatsuya knew deep down that Hibiki didn't believe him, either way they were still good friends.

After reading for about an hour or so, Tatsuya decided to go do a little exploring. The apartment complex that they lived in was close to the woods. Tatsuya packed a small bag consisting of a flash light, bug spray and other various items like a pocket knife. He put on a long sleeve hoodie hoping to protect himself from bug bites. He then headed out  after shoving his cell phone in his jacket pocket. 

Hibiki had already left for work so it wasn't like he had to tell anyone where he was going. Stepping outside into the cool night air simply made him relax. The raven haired boy started to wonder in the woods. marking trees here and there with a small x. As he got farther into the woods he seen something that caught his eye. What as this a building in the middle of the woods. As he got closer the build was a lot bigger than he thought. It was a freaking castle.

Tatsuya rubbed his eyes. [#ed77f9 What the hell..."] he muttered to himself. How was that no one knew about this place. It looked abandon. That didn't stop Tatsuya from trying to go inside. He walked up to the large door and pull on it hoping it would open. When it did he slipped inside after pulling out his flash light. It was pitch black inside castle. Tatsuya had no idea what he was getting himself into.
LoveMeTodayKai   188d ago

“Ugh…” Kai groaned as rubbed his forehead, his long black nails lightly picking at his pale skin as his head ached, it had been a while since he had been out hunting. He ran out of blood bags yesterday, so he had nothing to eat today and that was making him nauseous and irritated that his head was hurting. Kai skimmed his tongue across his fangs as he swore he heard a noise coming from downstairs of the castle. He might be a few hundred years old, but that doesn’t make him hear things. For his entire life,, this castle has been silent, and now suddenly noises were coming from the castle.

Kai got out of his chair and headed towards the study room door, opening it, and slamming it shut due to how irritated he already was, and now he may have to deal with an intruder. Who would walk deep enough in the forest to find his castle anyways? Maybe a vampire hunter? No, those people died off years ago, so who could this be? Kai made his way towards the castle stairs, looking over the railing as he scanned his eyes at the lower area, trying to see what could have caused the noise. And that’s when he saw it, a person, a human. If Kai’s heart started o race as he was already bloodthirsty, and he didn’t know if he could hold back on attacking this human.

Kai silently made his way down the stairs, keeping his piercing black eyes on the human as he reached the ground floor. “Well…” Kai eerily spoke, a sinister smile pulling at his lips as he leaned against the railing of the staircase. Him smiling could make his fangs visible, them lightly poking at his bottom lip as he smiled. “An intruder, coming into my castle unannounced. Has anyone taught you any manners?”
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   188d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya pulled the flashlight he had brought out of his bag. Was walking a long the walls when he hear the sound of a door slamming. His heart began to race as soon heard a voice long with foot steps. Tatsuya then shined the flashlight where he though he had heard the sound from. As the light landed on the tall figure standing in the by a staircase. [#ed77f9 "Oh... I had no idea that this castle still belong to anyone."] he said nervously. 

Tatsuya slowly started to back up. The raven hair male was definitely frighten. He need to get out of here and fast. [#ed77f9 "Look I am very sorry...I really didn't know this place belong to anyone since the exterior is rough shape."] he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. 

He continue to back up until he found himself again the door he had stumble in through. [#ed77f9 "Again I am really sorry about intruding!"] he said as his hands scrambled to find the doorknob. If he could just get out of here maybe he have a chance to get way. Just who is this guy anyway.
LoveMeTodayKai   188d ago

Kai smirked as he heard the male’s excuses as he flicked his wrist, the candles along the walls lightly up and making the place look more eerie than it already was. Kai walked towards the male as he looked down at him, his fangs shining in the light as he licked them. “Excuses, excuses…” Kai muttered, he knew the outside of the castle was in rough shape, but that was no excuse for him to just intrude, at least to Kai.

“You aren’t going anywhere…” Kai said as he took the males wrist and started dragging him up the stairs. “I can’t have you go spreading the whereabouts of my castle or that a vampire is living in it you’re staying here where I can watch you.” Kai said as he arrived at a door. He opened the door and pushed the male inside “Stay here, and don’t try to leave.” Kai then slammed he door shut and went to his study to look for a bag.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   188d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya eyes widen as he saw the flames appear out of no where. His copper colored eyes sparkle as they danced around the eerie room. It was then the man grabbed hold of his wrists and pull them him up the stairs. [#ed77f9 "HEY! I said I was sorry...I honestly didn't know this place belong to anyone!"] he said as he tried to pull out of the male arms. [#ed77f9 "Curse this slender frame"] he mutter. He had no choice but to go with him. 

It was then he heard the word vampire. His eyes sparkled when the male said that. [#ed77f9 "You are a vampire?... A real vampire?" ] he said. Tatsu saw the vampire's fangs. They almost looked real but how could he believe this? The man did look rather pale and translucent. 

He also did own this place. Shaking his head as he was shoved into a room. He blink as the man slowly disappeared. Did he really think he could keep him in this room? Then again he was rather curious if this man was a real vampire. His heart began to race. There were so many questions racing through his mind. So many things he wanted to ask him. He had to figure out if this was real deal.
LoveMeTodayKai   188d ago

Kai went into the large, grand kitchen, where he used to have chefs and maids running around and doing chores, but that all was ruined when they lured vampire hunters to his castle. He took some bags out of a cabinet, a tube, and a needle. He wanted to drain this human’s blood to feed off him, he couldn’t fee off him directly, he wanted to keep him alive and if he did that, he would most likely kill him. Kai could already feel the venom on his fangs become more moist, like animals, vampires have a certain venom on their fangs so when they bite into someone, it takes them into a field of ecstasy.

Kai left the kitchen and entered the grand dining room, heading to the main hall where the front door stood. He flicked his wrist and the doorknobs turned into a deep purple. What he did just now was put a spell on the knobs to make them still and unable to turn, he didn’t want this human escaping, and if he jumped out of the window in the room he was in, he would most certainly break something in his body. Kai then ascended up the grand stairs, he was extremely hungry as he was not used to going without food, even for a short time.

Kai opened the room where he had put the little human. “Now, give me your arm, I need to feed off you…” Kai smirked as he held the needle that was attached to the tube in his hand, ready to put it in the vein of the human to fill up the bag. He didn’t want to wait any longer, he needed to feed of him. Kai started to walk over to the smaller male, his fangs grazing his bottom lip as he smiled.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   188d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya had stay put for the most part. By the time the vampire had come back he was nose deep in his journal going over his note. His copper colored eyes glance over his notebook. He had heard the door open. His face went pale when he seen the needle in the man hand. 

 [#ed77f9 "Oh hell no"] he muttered as he backed way from the approaching man.  [#ed77f9 "Get that needle away from me!"] he screeched. Tatsuya hated needles. He heart was racing in his chest.  [#ed77f9 "Get that diseased riddled drug infested needle way from"] he yelled. So this is what that place is. It's a freaking drug lab. This must be the dealer. 

Tatsuya shook his head as his copper eyes danced around the room. The only way out was the door or the window. Scrambled to make his was to the window, he swung the window open. Tatsuya gasps when he looked down, it was a long way down. There was no way out of here. There was no way he was letting that man stick a needle in him. Of course he just assumed it was drug related. He was going to take any chances. He pulled out a small knife that he had kept in his bag. He had moved it to his pocket. When the vampire was out of the room. He flicked the knife open  [#ed77f9 "Look I don't want to hurt you...b-but if you don't  away from me!"] he said in shaky voice.
LoveMeTodayKai   188d ago

Kai sighed as he threw the needle on the floor, clearly, the human wasn’t going to let him stick the needle in him. Kai started to go towards the male, not afraid of the knife as only a certain type of knife could kill him, or even harm him terribly. Kai took the human’s wrist as he pinned him against the wall, looking at him with his void like eyes. “If you won’t cooperate with me, then I’ll just have to feed on you directly.”

Kai licked his fangs as he leaned into the human’s neck, his fangs grazing the fragile skin of the human before him. Kai didn’t hesitate to bite down, his fangs breaking the skin and entering him, the venom possibly going to affect him. Kai started to drink the blood of the human, soon stopping and sighing in relief that he finally got the blood he was begging for.

Kai looks at the human and smiled sinisterly. A thin layer of blood stayed on his fangs as he licked them clean. He didn’t want to feed on him directly, but he left him no other choice.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya snarled slightly as the male grabbed a hold of his wrists and pinning him against the wall. [#ed77f9 "Hey w-what the hell"] he screech as the male sunk his teeth into his tender flesh. He let out a small moan, he felt himself getting weak. 

His head felt like it was spinning what was this weird feeling he was feeling he was feeling. Why did it hurt yet feel so good at the same time. After the man let go of him he lean against, to keep him self from falling over. 

Well this proved something that vampire are real. His head still fill with fuzzy thoughts as he stood silently. His copper colored eyes soon burned with anger as he looked towards the vampire. His felt odd he didn't understand why. [#ed77f9 "W-What did you do to me..."] he said in almost a whisper. [#ed77f9 "Why do I feel so weird..."] his copper eyes then landed on the vampire. His head still felt like it was spin his body felt hot. He let out soft pant as he  slide down the wall. He was no sitting on the floor holding his hand over his still bleeding neck.

The bright crimson slipped through his slender fingers staining his white jacket. Everything was fuzzy even his vision was starting blur before finally he blacked out. From all the excitement and blood loss. It wasn't a surprise he fainted. He was rather slender man in general, a strong breeze looked like it could carry him away if he wasn't careful. He had been pretty carless and reckless. Look at were it got him now.
LoveMeTodayKai   187d ago

Kai watched as the male fell onto the floor and faint, chuckling at how weak and fragile the human was. Kai picked up the male and took him to the bed that was in the room, covering him with the blanket as he decided to take a book off the shelf and sit at the edge of the shelf, his long white hair draping over his shoulders gracefully.

He was glad to see that the venom that was laced on his fangs worked on him, he was in ecstasy before he passed out. Kai opened the book and started reading, feeling calmer now that he had fed off the human. He wanted the human to know that he wasn’t getting out of here, and he never would be. Kai knew he would need to redo the spell he put on the door every couple days, as it wears off after some.

About 2 hours passed, and Kai switched books once he finished reading them. He wasn’t going to leave the human alone, he probably had many questions to answer from him and he wasn’t going to let his mind run until he passes out again.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya eventually woke up to the sound of his phone ringing in his pocket. His phone was only on vibrate but it still made annoying sound. He reached for his phone was about to answer it when he dropped the phone on the soft bed. Where was he again? This wasn't his bedroom. His eye danced around the room landing on the tell pale figure who seem to be nose deep in a book.

It was then the memories all came flooding back to him. That was he went exploring in the woods and found this abandon castle. The castle wasn't abandon at all. When he went inside the castle he was greeted by this pale figure that attacked him. His neck still hurt from the bite. The bleeding had stopped, and that weird sensation was gone. 

 [#ed77f9 "Um... H-Hello...."] he said softly.  [#ed77f9 "Did you put me in here?"] he said as he sat up in the bed. He quickly shoved his cell phone back into pocket. He was sure it was Hibiki calling him. Wonder where he was at. He was grateful that Hibiki care but right now he wasn't going to get that chance to call him back. 

 [#ed77f9 "So tell me vampire... What is your name? Why are you being so kind to me... I thought I was an intruder...Shouldn't I be chain up in your dungeon or something?"] he said as he looked at the pale figure that was still reading. In the back of his mind he wished this was all a dream. Here was was face to face with what he had been dreaming about his whole life. If this really was his dream shouldn't be be more excite about it? Tatsuya eyes began to wonder away from the vampire.
LoveMeTodayKai   187d ago

Kai looked at the human whose voice caught his attention, she chuckled at the question about being chained up. “Well, do you want to be chained up in the dungeon…? I would feel like you wouldn’t want that to happen…” Kai closed the book and walked over to the bookshelf, sliding the hardcover book back in place as he walked over to the human, looking at the smaller male, feeling satisfied that heh got to feed on someone so fragile,

“I’m Kai, and I am not being anywhere near kind, at least in vampire terms…” Kai said as he looked at the male with his void like eyes. “You wouldn’t have felt that feeling if you would have just let me collect your blood in that bag… I could’ve killed you if I had fed any longer…” Kai’s voice deepened. It was clear he was irritated that the male didn’t obey him at first.

With a flick of his wrist, a device that look familiar to the male appeared in Kai’s hand, it was the human’s phone. “I can’t have you calling anyone and letting them know where you are… you aren’t leaving anytime soon…” Kai spoke blankly.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya listen to the vampire speak to him. [#ed77f9 "Well no I wouldn't like that one bit..."] he mutter. So this guy wasn't going to be nice. Why did he bother to put him in this soft bed? [#ed77f9 "Well... I am afraid of needle..."] he said as he looked away from the vampire. 

Tatsuya eyes widen when he seen his phone in Kai hand.  [#ed77f9 "Hey!"] he said he reach in his pocket to make sure his phone was actually gone.  [#ed77f9 "How did you get into my pocket with out even touching me?"] he said as glared at the vampire.  [#ed77f9 "Look honey if you were that afraid of me calling someone shouldn't you of looked in my pockets in the first place? What about my bag? Aren't you scared there could be  something in there that could kill you?"] he snapped at  as he crossed his slender arms over his chest. 

The wouldn't admit but the vampire dark eyes were rather startling. He let out a soft sigh. [#ed77f9 "It's not like I have anyone to really call anyway."] he said with a soft sigh. After he moved out his family told him not to come back home unless he stopped all this nonsense about vampires. Of course this had been years. Tatsuya was kicked out at 18 he was now 22 he hadn't seen his parents for almost four years. Hibiki was the only one that care about him. Even he got tired of him talking about vampires.
LoveMeTodayKai   187d ago

Kai blankly stared at him “You seem to not know vampires have powers…” Kai walked towards the door and opened it, looking back at the human “There is only one knife that can kill vampires, so of course I’m not afraid… there is a spell on the front doors so you can’t escape, there are no windows downstairs, and if you jump out the window, you will break your leg and you will most likely end up in the dungeon…” Kai blankly stated, leaving the room and putting the same spell on the door that keeps in shut.

Of course, he wasn’t going to leave him in there forever, he was going to let him roam around the castle, but for now, he needed to keep watch on his every move. Kai went to his study and put the phone in the desk drawer. He sat in his grand chair and sighed, his head was still aching, even though he had already fed. The vampire’s eyes turned red as he started to see the human male through his eyes.

For some reason, he felt some odd attraction towards this male. He liked how fragile and small he was compared to him, and it made his empty heart beat just a little faster. He sighed and his eyes turned back to void black as he started to work on papers and other files.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya blinked as he watch the Kai approach him then leave with the empty words. So there wasn't any chance of him getting his phone back after all. He sighed softly   [#ed77f9 "Well I had read they have some form of powers... Like taking forms of animals and reading people mind and what not."] he watched at the vampire left the room closing the door behind him. 

Tatsuya sighed softly as he laid in the bed. He was still rather sleepy anyway. His head hit the pillow as he drift off into a peaceful slumber. Tatsuya dreams were no better. In his dreams he was running. What was he running from, he turn to see it was Kai.

The look in the vampire's eyes was haunting. He had that feeling of running from something and then falling. Tatsuya eventually ended up rolling out of bed. With a small thud he bit the hard wooden floor. [#ed77f9 "Ouch"] he said as he looked around the room. He was still not use to being trapped in the case. So when ever he looked around the room. A small since of panic filled his mind. He had to get use to this now. He was going to be stuck here for a long time.

It wasn't like anyone would come looking for  him other than Hibiki. Hibiki wasn't even going to know where to start. He didn't leave a note last night. He just left with out a word. With out his phone to tell him he was okay and where he was. It didn't matter. 

He sighed softly as he stood up and looked around the room. So there was a lot about vampire he still didn't understand. What was this knife that he was talking about? He had a lot of question building up in his mind that he need to ask the man. Surely Kai wasn't going to give him answer for free? He was probably going to have to offer up some of his blood in exchange. Of course this scared Tatsuya. He hated needles, he was alway a sickly as a child. He was a lot better now. Needles still scared him. He could remember the nurse always giving him IVs, other various shots. Tatsuya was happy when he finally didn't need to visit the doctors as much. Now he hardly had to go at all. 

Tatsuya sighed softly as he walked over to the book shelf. There were so many books. Maybe some of these held the truth about vampires. Tatsuya pulled a dark blue hard cover book from the shelf. The writing on the spine of the book was a in a faded gold. It was hard to read what it had said. Until he open the book, the book was very old and dusty. As he scanned the old book. He came across the word vampire hunter? He had heard many stories about vampire hunters. Was this the reason why there were hardly any vampire?
LoveMeTodayKai   187d ago

Kai sighed as he rubbed his eyes, them sore from looking at papers all day, almost every day. Soon, he went back to the room the human was in, getting rid of the spell and opening the door. He saw the male looking at books that were on the shelves, and he recognized the book he had in his hand. Kai remembered when he first got that book, it was when he was very young and had to be weary of vampire hunters.

“Get to the dining hall, dinner will be served for you…” Kai blankly spoke as he left the room, going to his own room. Kai quickly changed into a while short-sleeved polo which was unbuttoned a bit, showing a bit of his abs; along with black pants.

Kai went to the dining hall where he flicked his hand and a feist appeared on the table. Everything the human liked and could possibly dream of. He felt weird… he hated how he felt slightly merciful to this human, putting him in a comfy bed and keeping him in a nice room.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Tatsuya was startled when the vampire walked through the door so suddenly. The man then told him to go to the dining hall?   [#ed77f9 "W-wait?"] he said but before he could say anything the vampire was already gone. [#ed77f9 "Where is the dining hall even at?"] he sighed softly as he walked out the door. 

He wasn't exactly sure which way to go. His eyes danced around the hallway. Well this part of the castle still seemed to be in a decent shape. The scent of food soon linger in the air. 

Tatsuya walked down the hallway and into the dining room. At least he didn't get lost. If he did maybe he could of found away out of this place. His eyes sparkled as he seen all the food on the table. He then looked around the room. [#ed77f9 "Are you planning to have some sort of gathering?"] he said as looked at the feast spread across the grand table. Tatsu sat down at the end of the table. He was really hungry but he wasn't exactly sure if he should eat anything.  

His stomach so began to growl. There really was a lot food laid out in front of him. There was no way this was just for him. Why was this guy being so nice to him? Tatsuya narrowed his eyes as he looked at the vampire. [#ed77f9 "Let me guess you just tempt me to eat? How can I be sure this food isn't poisoned?"] he said dryly. Sure he should of been grateful that his man even offer to feed him. Yet he couldn't trust it.
LoveMeTodayKai   187d ago

“No gathering, this is all for you to eat..” Kai said as he headed towards the door. “I’m trying to keep you alive so I can feed on you more… I wouldn’t poison the food, now eat up, you have an hour to eat…” Kai said as he exited the dinning hall. He didn’t need to eat human food as it did nothing for him, not even replenish his hunger.

Kai decided that he would go back to his study and do some more paperwork, he was signing orders for more blood bags to be shipped to his fake home, which he can go to at any time. He knew the human had questions for him, but he couldn’t be bothered to answer any of them at the moment, he has had a rough day and he didn’t want to get irritated anymore than he already was.

Kai sat in his chair, looking at the papers and quickly signing them or writing on them, he sighed after a while and laid his head down on the table, soon falling asleep. He looked awfully peaceful when he was sleeping, but that didn’t matter, nothing was peaceful for him anyways.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Tatsuya was surprise when the vampire had said that this feast was all for him.  [#ed77f9 "Oh I see...."]  So the vampire was going to feed from him no matter what he said.

 [#ed77f9 "Oh wait there is no way I can eat all this!"] he said but the vampire was already gone. Part of him thought about running but the other part of him didn't want to. Not yet anyway, he really wanted to ask the vampires some questions. 

Tatsu sighed softly as he picked up a spoon. He decided to eat something light since he wasn't feeling the greatest. He decided to eat the some of the Stew that the vampire had made along with some bread and little bit of fruit. 

The stew was delicious, it had just the right amount of meat in it. The only thing he didn't care for was all the carrots but he ate them any. He was surprise the vampire new how to cook. Maybe the vampire was once human? If so how old was he? He finished the bowl of stew. He used a small bit of bread to finish off the broth that was left in the bowl. Once he was done eat that he decided to stuff a few of the apple that were on the table in his pocket. Looks like he finished eating just in time. Now where was the vampire? He felt bad about leaving the table full of food but he didn't know where to put it.

He quietly walked down the hallway. He came across the vampire study. He seem him sleeping on his desk. He let out small chuckle. He looked around the vampire study found a blanket on the back of a chair. He put the blanket over the male. He then went back to his room. To continue reading that book. Tatsuya didn't understand why he was being so nice to Kai. It just felt right.
LoveMeTodayKai   187d ago

After about an hour, Kai woke up, feeling well rested as he yawned. Kai noticed he was covered in a blanket, causing his cheeks to flush in embarrassment as he knew the human found him asleep. He was glad he didn’t try to escape, he could feel the human’s presence still in the castle, so he didn’t need to go out searching for him.

Kai folded the blanket back up and put it back on an extra chair, heading to the room the human occupied and opened the door silently. “I know you have questions for me… and since I’m in a better mood, I’ll take this chance to answer them…” Kai spoke as his along hair draped down his back as his long, black nails lightly tapped the doorknob.
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Tatsuya jumped a little as he heard the door open. When the vampire said he would answer some of his questions his eyes sparkled. [#ed77f9 "Okay let me just get my note book..."] he said as he looked for his bag. It seemed it was still in the other room. His smile soon made. Without his notebook or phone this was going to make recording this difficult. 

Tatsuya sighed softly, he was just going to have to do his best and remember everything. [#ed77f9 "Were you always a vampire? Or were you once human too? Can toy explain your powers to me? Can you shift into animals or is that just a myth? Does sunlight effect you? What about garlic and holy water?"] he said as he looked the vampire in the eye.

He really wished he had his back pack with him. Long with a change of clothes. A shower or a bath sound. He then shook his head. He couldn't be getting distracted now. His copper colored eyes landed back on Kai. He blushed softly as he looked way. Kai was rather pretty, his translucent skin and his ivory colored hair. Even his dark eyes were pretty with the tint of crimson they held.
LoveMeTodayKai   187d ago

Kai listened as he was bombarded with questions from the human, one of them hitting him deep as he looked away. Kai hummed as he thought for a little bit, processing the questions before he turned back to the human. “Yes… I was once human, but I turned at a very young age…” Kai answered the first question, leading the human to the bed and sat him down as Kai paced in the room, keeping his eyes on the male.

“I can put known spells on objects or people, make objects or people appear, read minds, and shapeshift. Though, only into one animal. Every vampire has a specific animal they can change into…” Kai answered another question, running a hand through his hair, seeing there were no tangles as his hand didn’t get even a little bit stuck “Sunlight does not affect me, it only makes my skin sparkle, though, I prefer to go out at night anyways, just has a habit…” Kai muttered the last part. It was a habit due to when vampire hunters were still around, he had to hunt at night and night only. And garlic and holy water are just a myth, it doesn’t affect vampires…”

Kai noticed the male blush slightly as he looked away, raising his brow as he walked towards the male, placing his hand under his chin and forcing him to look at Kai. “What’s wrong?...”
AzureFlame:. Tatsuya .:   187d ago
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[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Tatsuya watched as the vampire paced the room. He was happy that the vampire answered all his question. He was curious about what animal he could shift into. Which caused him to ask another question. [#ed77f9 "What animal can you shift into?"] he said with a soft smile. He was happy that Kai listen to him bombard him with questions.

 He shook his head as averted his eyes away from the vampire. It was harder not to blush more with the vampire touching his face in such a delicate manner. It caused his heart rate to go up.  [#ed77f9 "It's nothing really..."] he said [#ed77f9 "I was just thinking how a hot bath might just sort of popped into my mind out of the blue..."] he said hoping the vampire believe his lie. It wasn't all a lie. He was thinking about hot bath. The real reason for his blush was because he thought the vampire was beautiful. 

Tatsuya stood up moving out of the vampires reach.  [#ed77f9 "Thank you for answering all of my questions...I do have on more..."] he said softly before letting out a soft sigh. He wasn't sure how the vampire was going to react if he asked him. [#ed77f9 "How long do you plan to keep here?"] he said as his copper colored eyes landed on the vampire. The blush on his cheek was now gone.
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“Well, I could run a bath for you… don’t take too long… come…” Kai muttered, he knew the human was lying, but he didn’t want to push the male with questions for some reason… something was stopping him from doing so. Kai headed out the room and headed to his room, making sure the human was following him. Kai entered the restroom attached to his room and started a bath, making sure the water was warm enough for the human.

Kai exited the restroom and went to his closet, where he got out clean clothes for the human and placed them on the bed. “I’ll be in my study if you need anything… I’ll come back to check on you if you aren’t out of the shower in an hour…” Kai left the room and went to his study, sitting in his chair as he waited while doing more paperwork.

Kai would show the human his animal form, it was a three tailed white fox.
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[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Tatsuya was happy the vampire didn't press the question. He was happy when the vampire agreed to let him have a bath. He followed the vampire into the master bedroom. He step inside and smiled softly as the vampire told him he had an hour.  [#ed77f9 Thank you."] he said with a sweet smile. 

Once the vampire left the room. Tatsuya undressed and he slipped into the hot soapy water. The hot water felt great on his skin. The soap that was in the water smelt so heavenly. Tatsuya let out a soft sigh as he lean his head back against the edge of the tub exposing his blood stain and bruised neck. 

He glanced over at his clothes that were on the floor. His collar of his shirt was stained with blood. He let out a soft sigh. He was grateful that the vampire had brought him some clean clothes to change into. He just hoped they would fit. Kai was much more muscular than he was. Tatsuya let out a small yawn as he continue to soak in water. He soon dunked his head under water soaking his hair. He ran his finger thought his hair hoping to clean it up a little. He then pull his head out of the water letting run down his face. He ran his hand over his neck cleaning it up leaving no trace of blood. 

He smiled softly as soak for a while longer. He then out of of the tub after about 50 minutes. He quickly dried off and changed into the clothes the vampire had left for him. As he though the shirt Kai brought him was almost like a dress. He slipped back into his jean not wanting to risk trying the pants. Once he was done he dried his hair and made sure to drain the tub before step out of the bath room  [#ed77f9 "Thank you so much for letting take a bath"] he said with smile as he held the bundle of clothes tightly in his arms.
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Kai looked up and saw the human, nodding his head as he looked back at his paperwork “No need to thank me, you are free to sleep anytime you like…” Kai said as he signed another paper “You remember where your room is right?...” Kai asked. He took another paper and put it into the stack he had next to him, he didn’t show any sign that was sleeping tonight, like most nights.

Kai always refused to sleep as it made him vulnerable and not as strong as he wanted to look. Kai yawned as he rubbed his eyes, his face looking tired and blank. He wished he could sleep, but he didn’t want that chance of getting hurt, even though he was positive that there were no more vampire hunters. Kai ran his hands through his hair as he looked stressed, he didn’t want to stay up for another night, he needed sleep.
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[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Tatsuya nodded [#ed77f9 "Yeah I am pretty sure I know the way."] he said with a small yawn. [#ed77f9 "You should get some get some rest too"] he said as he walked out of the room. Tatsu noticed that the vampire seemed rather sleepy. 

Tatsuya went to his room. He left the door open in case the vampire wanted to come. He folded his clothes and the towel place them on the floor by the end of the bed. He yawned as he got into his bed. 

As soon as his head hit the pillow he fell asleep instantly. It felt good sleeping in this warm and soft bed. He curled up in thick white blanket. He was sleeping peacefully for the most part. It wasn't until late in the night that he started having nightmare. He tossed and turned until finally he fell out of the bed with a small thud.


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