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Sinful Attraction

By AzureFlame
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[center [pic]] [center [#4c6ef6 Falling in love with one of your students is against the rules. Yet you couldn't help yourself. She continue to pursue you. You didn't stop it, you couldn't because part of you wanted this. Knowing damn well what would happen if you got caught. It was too late you already found yourself bringer her home. When you woke up the next moring she was sleeping beside you. Your head ached as you tried to remember what happen last night. You couldn't panic soon flooded your mind. It was then you felt sharp pain in your neck. It hurt to the touch, you about died when you seen the two pin hole in your neck. Then that lead to even more questions building in your mind. Who was this mysterious woman what were her intentions? Did she really love you? Or were you simply a quick meal for her. Granted not many people were going to believe you were bitten by a vampire. [i That is the rough idea have ~ They are suppose to fall in love but they are going to face many problems along the way despite how the plot may seem. *Also note they didn't do anything naughty. She just made it seem that way to get a quick bite.* ]
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[center [#4c6ef6 [b Pm me if you are interested] What I need ~ Someone who can play male character Also need to able to write about 1000-1500 characters  Anime or Illustrated pictures only! Thank you -Azura
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[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Ayame had been rather bored lately. So for fun she join small university. She had been through college several times already.This time she noticed you. You were an english teacher. This was your first year being a teacher. Ayame decided to get close to you. It was easy really. Asking you for extra help with assignments, even coming in early and stay late. You started to notice Ayame Kaminari. The slender young woman didn't looked like she was even out of her teens. Her dark colored hair and hazel eyes sparkled whenever they looked at you. She looked at you in a sweet manner. It was then she heard her speak you in a sweet like honey voice.  [#4c6ef6 "Would you like to go out with me tonight?"] she asked. Of course it was against the rules but you couldn't stop yourself. You said no but you eyes said yes. You wrote something down a piece of paper. It was your address.  She smiled as she took the paper from you. She smiled softly as she winked at you. She went to the address about 8pm. She smiled softly as she knocked on your door. She was so happy when you open the door.  She step inside your small apartment. The smell of cooking food lingered in the air. [#4c6ef6 "Aww did you cook for me?"] she said sweetly. She was happy that you made her dinner but food wasn't what she was after. Her hazel colored eyes seem to have a tint of crimson to them but you didn't notice.  She smiled as she led her into the dinner room. You were nervous, since you still hadn't change from work. The two of you ate a romantic dinner. Ayame could hear your heart racing. Once you were done the two of you sat down on your leather sofa. You and Ayame chat for while. You stop when she got closer to you. She smirked as she grabbed a hold of you by your tie pull you closer.  You let out a ragged breath as she untied your tie and sat it side. She then undone the top three button of your shirt. You were about to stop her but she kissed you hard. When you pull way to catch your breath you then felt her kiss your neck. Then a sudden but pleasurable pain. But before you could do anything you passed out. You woke up the next morning in your bedroom. Ayame was sleeping next you.


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