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Jacob and Renesmee

By BooBear96
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Renesmee smiled slightly as she walked out of her room in her parents cottage. Since she had aged into a “teenager”, Bella, Edward and herself had taken to living in Bellas cottage so Renesmee could have as much privacy as possible. She was going on a date tonight with her friend Wyatt from School. Everyone was there to see her off unfortunately, her aunts and uncles, even her best friend Jacob. Was it slightly weird? A little. 

She grinned as she heard a truck door shut outside. [b “He’s here.”] she said excitedly. [b “Can you guys please act halfway normal.”] she said as she stepped toward the door.
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Jacob chuckled, "This family? Normal? Ness you'll have to use your three wishes on something more realistic than that... actually a genie granting three wishes is more realistic than that." He said smiling to her. She was his imprint and this was her first date and it wasn't with him. 

They had kept this a secret her entire life so she could be normal and nothing would influence her decisions. Jacob still looked around 20 years old. He would stay that way as long as Nessie needed him.... so forever. 

Jacob could hear the kid outside, nervous. Renesmee was a Cullen, the Cullens still had a reputation for being weird in Forks but Ness was beautiful so this kid has asked her out.

Renesmee turned to look at Jacob as he said she needed to find a genie to grant her the wish of this family being halfway normal and she knew he wasn’t wrong. [“I’ll be home by midnight Mom.”] she said as she turned to hug her parents for she all but ran outside. [b “Hi!”] she said as Wyatt was standing with the passenger door open waiting for her.

The night went well until after dinner. They had went to Port Angeles for dinner and after they walked on the board walk near the marina. Wyatt ended up being pretty grabby and he couldn’t take no for an answer. [b “I said no.”] she mumbled before she kneed him in the stomach. Her dress was torn and she has bruises on her arms and face. 

Hours later, she found herself on the Quiliete Reservation in front of Jacobs cabin. He’d built one beside his garage and Billy’s small home a few years ago. [b “Please be home.”] she whispered as she knocked on the door.
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Jacob wasn't asleep but he had just gotten off of patrols and took a quick shower. He answered the door as he was pulling on a t shirt. "Ness what happened, come inside its pouring rain." He said softly.

Then he noticed her dress and spoke, "Tell me what happened calmly." He would make sure that kid paid for hurting her. "Let me find you something to change into thats not wet and torn and I'll order us pizza." he checked the time, "Let your parents know your here and safe." He said gesturing to her phone.

Renesmee looked at Jacob as he opened the doors. The tears poured from her eyes. [b “I… I didn’t want to go home and I didn’t know where else to go..”] she muttered as he pulled her inside his home. 

[b “I knocked him down.. I think h-he should understand not to mess with me again.”] she said as she shivered. It was February and raining. Typically cold, but it was freezing today. 

[b “Dad didn’t want to let me go on the date the first place. He’s not going to want me here..”] she muttered. Her Father had been acting weird about Jacob lately, though she didn’t know why. [b “You call my mom. You know she can’t say no to you.”]
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Jacob sighed and looked to Nessie and nodded, "I'll call Bella and order pizza but let me find you some clothes first and you can take a shower to warm up while the pizza comes. He was an idiot and I know your dad would kill me for saying this but you should have used those fangs of yours and taught him a lesson." He flashed her a smile then. 

Jacob found her some sweats and a t shirt that he had grown out of a long time ago. She would be swimming in them but they were clean and warm. 

"Here Ness, I'm gonna call your mom now, I'm going to tell her that you didn't want to drive in the storm so your crashing on the couch plus I can take a look at your car tomorrow, fix that clicking noise."

“Dad told me to never harm a human.. I was afraid, and possibly a little shocked that someone would just grab me like that.”] she mumbled as she followed Jacob into his bedroom. It was slightly weird. She hadn’t been in here before. 

[b “Are you sure you don’t mind if I stay here? I can call Charlie or something..”] she said as he fumbled through his closet.

She smiled softly as Jacob placed clothes for her to change into on his bed. She stepped into the shower soon after. The hot water felt amazing on her skin but her legs were sore from all the running. 

A little while later she stepped out into the living room in Jacobs tee shirt. But she didn’t have the sweats on as anything touching her legs hurt. Instead, she’d found an oversized button up and wore it as well. [b “What did my mom say?”
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"She said Alice saw what happened but no one is telling your dad, she said you can stay tonight. I told her I ordered pizza and we're going to watch movies." He said and noticed the bruises on her legs. She bruised like a human, "I do have ice packs if that would help?" He asked seriously. 

Jake was wearing sweats and a t shirt. "The storm is only getting worse out there so its best you stay here tonight anyway." Jake brought her a Dr. Pepper, "besides the asshole, how is school going?" He asked her.

Renesmee didn’t quite understand why Jacob was always there. She knew he and her mom were practically raised together until Renee moved away. But they were always best friends. From what her mom told her, Jacob had protected her when she was born. And then again when the Volturi came. 

-the next day-
[b “Wake up. Emily called and said she was making everyone breakfast. I’ll put pants on and we can go”] Renesmee said as she threw a pillow at Jacob. [b “I’m hungry.”]

A little while later they were all walking into Emily’s and she blushed when she realized Seth was there
polkadotrockerJake Black 2.0   187d ago

Jacob groaned from the chair but nodded, "I need to change too." Soon he was ready in jeans and a black t shirt. 

At Emily and Sam's, Jacob walked in behind Renesmee. He saw Seth and gave him a glare. The young wolf knew Renesmee was off limits even if Renesmee herself didn't know it yet. 

They had talked about imprinting before and he knew she understood that Sam and Emily were imprints but nothing further had been discussed. She had to feel it herself. He wasn't going to push it on her. 

Embry tossed Renesmee a muffin the size of her head, "we get the vampire girl today, this is a rare occassion, steal her away last night Black?" Jacob rolled his eyes, "kinda actually." He said chuckling.

[b “Hi Seth.”] Renesmee said softly as she walked around the kitchen. She glared as Embry threw a muffin at her. [b “Jacob kind of saved my ass last night.”] she said as her eyes fixed on Seth. He had just gotten cuter. [b “Soooo. Whenever are you going to take me out to lunch Seth?”] she asked with a smirk as she took a bite of the muffin. 

Leah who apparently was sitting in the corner of Sams living room was absolutely fuming. [b “Jacob.”] she muttered as she stood up. [b “Get your damn imprint under control.”]
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Leah was very protective of her little brother and didn't like Seth being put in those situations but when Leah said imprint, Jacob glared, "Clearwater your on patrols." Sam said looking to Leah, "Tonight." 

Everyone in the pack knew that no one spoke of the imprint between Ness and Jake. She was supposed to be a normal teenager, not inclined to be with Jacob. Even the thought of that stung, she liked him for him, not because she had to, right?

Jacob was hoping Renesmee hadn't heard the word imprint but knowing she had vampire hearing, the chances were slim.

Renesmee was focused on Seth up until she heard the words “Jacob” and “imprint” come from Leah’s mouth. [b “I’m sorry. Leah. What the hell did you just say?”] she asked. [b “Because it sounded like you told Jacob to get his imprint under control. And I know damn well he hasn’t imprinted on you or Emily, so the only other option here is me.”]

She stood up, glaring at Jacob. [b “Please tell me she’s lying. Tell me you haven’t lied to me my entire life about what you are and what this is between us.”] she begged.
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"I wasn't allowed to say anything, none of us were." He said not able to lie to his imprint. Renesmee knew the rules of imprints, he couldn't lie to her. He would be whatever she needed him to be and he would protect her with his life. 

"I imprinted on you when you were less than a day old. Its the reason the pack helped us protect you when the Volturi came. Imprinting is our most absolute law." He said his brown eyes looking into hers. 

"I didn't lie, I wasn't allowed to say anything, its part of it. The other person has to feel the imprint too. It can't be forced."

She glared at him. [b “You weren’t allowed to tell me?!”] she cried. [b “You weren’t allowed to tell me so instead I was just allowed to basically fight with my own feelings everyday because I shouldn’t care about my moms best friend?!”] she shook her head before running out the door. She needed air. She needed to think.

How dare her entire family lie to about basically everything. It was like her entire existence was a lie. She didn’t understand how everyone could just lie to her.

She ran around Forks and the surrounding area for what felt like forever, when it reality, it had only been a day. She walked up to her Grandparents class home, knowing everyone would be there looking or waiting.
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Jacob hadn't let her wander unprotected. He knew their were patrols running so he made sure everyone knew to keep an eye on her. If he followed her, it would just make it worse.

At Carlisle and Esme's home Jacob said on the couch running his hand through his hair. "This was your bright idea Cullen, how do we fix it?" he asked Edward before he heard Renesmee pull up.

"Thank God shes here.' Jacob muttered softly, He had been on edge. Not knowing where she was, scared him to no end. He loved her but he couldn't say that."

Edward looked at Jacob with a glare. He knew Bella was upset with him as well because keeping the imprint situation a secret had in fact been his idea. [b “I don’t know. She’s home and safe. That’s what matters right now.”] he said as he stepped toward the door when his daughter walked in.

[b “Don’t you dare.”] Renesmee spat when she walked in. [b “You lied to me my entire life. I’ve had feelings for Jacob since I was 4, and I’ve thought that there was something wrong with me. I fought with my feelings daddy, and I’m sure that’s your fault, so I’d appreciate if you just left me alone.”] she said before turning and walking out. She was going to the cottage.
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Hearing Renesmee actually admit her feelings for him was shocking but Jacob sat there stunned, his imprint had accepted the imprint right then and she hadn't even realized she had done it. 

"Maybe I should follow her... give her a few minutes head start and maybe we can talk." He said knowing stopping to get her favorite pizza and ice cream might help the situation. Jacob was her imprint, he knew what she needed even if she didn't know, it was how it all worked. 

Edward was in trouble with everyone it seemed because it had been his idea to hide it.

Renesmee knew there was no way she’d get out of the Cullen home without someone following her. [b “I don’t need protection. I’m a big girl.”] she muttered as she turned around and realized it was Jacob that was following her. 

[b “I don’t want to see you right now.”] she whimpered. She didn’t understand how he could lie to her, how he could just go along with everything that her father wanted. 

[b “Jacob, I’m serious. I just want to be alone.”] she begged. [b “I don’t understand! You lied to me my entire life!”]
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“I didn’t lie to you! I took what I could have so I didn’t lose you. You think your father would have let me live any other way?” He asked shaking his head. “You know where I’ll be Ness, love you.” He said heading towards his motorcycle.

He needed to clear his head too and he knew he would lose it if he stayed with her there.

He ended up at the garage. One way to occupy his mind was to fix something. He had to distract himself because all he was thinking of is the way Renesmee admitted she had feelings for him.

It had been seven days since she found out Jacob had imprinted on her when she was born. Seven days without seeing Jacob, seven days of pain. She knew he was struggling too as Seth was giving her all the updates. Seth had always been a good friend to her, nothing would change that.

She still wasn’t talking to her Father.. Her mother had gotten her to open up about her feelings and thoughts on day three. 

[b “I’m going to La push.”] she called as she ran out of the cottage, honestly not knowing if anyone was home. She slung her backpack in her car before speeding off. 

It was the middle of the day so she knew Jacob would be working at this garage. It was the business he started when he graduated high school. It was doing really well. 

She parked in the driveway of Jacobs house before heading for the garbage. [b “I need to talk to you.”]
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Jacob looked up seeing Renesmee but he had already known it was her. The imprint made it easy to know when she was near. Jacob nodded, “Finished the office.” He said wiping his hands on a shop rag to get the grease and oil off of them.

He led her to the small corner room office. It had tile floors, a phone, and a desk. “No receptionist but it works.”
He said smiling, “I missed you.” He muttered his eyes meeting hers. 

He had been depressed and had barley left his house or the garage in a week. Seth had visited as well as Sam and Emily but he just wasn’t okay.

Renesmee looked at Jacob and nodded soflty as she followed him over. [b “It looks nice.”] she told him. [b “I told you I would help out if it ever got crazy and you couldn’t handle it, remember?”]

She sighed as she leaned against the desk. [b “I was upset. I felt betrayed. My entire life.. since I’ve been able to underhand my feelings, I’ve felt something for you Jacob. I never quite understand what I was feeling or even why… Because everyone always said you were my moms best friend and it felt wrong to have feelings for you… But I did… I do.”] she said softly.

[b “Jacob Black, I’ve loved you my entire life and I want to love you until my absolute last day.”] she mumbled before she looked up at him.
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Jacob let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding. “I love you Ness, I always have and I always will. When you were younger it was different but now, all I want is to make you happy.”
He admitted smiling to her.

“Also could use your help around here when your not busy with school and being awesome.” He said flashing her a smile. He was older than her but he didn’t look much older. 

He hadn’t phased in a week and his bones ached. He said like have to soon or he would pay for it in the worst way.

Renesmee looked at Jacob and smiled. [b “I’m not really sure what we do from here… But I know that I never want to go another day without speaking to you or seeing you.”] she said. [b “I love you. I’m sorry my Father has acted and done the things he has done.”] 

She took a seat at the desk. [b “I’m not really sure what you want me to do, but I don’t go back to school until next week soooo.”] she said. 

It had been a few weeks since she and Jacob had made up, they were coming up with their own routine, they knew they were basically dating but they just hadn’t made it official. There was a big storm coming in and everyone was trying to prepare.
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“I’m going to go and check on some of the elders, I’ll be back before the storm hits.” He said gently hugging Renesmee. They were taking their time with their relationship. He still hadn’t phased, it wasn’t because he didn’t want to but he hadn’t had the time and he was still wrestling with Renesmee and if she loved him or not. He didn’t want to live without her.

Bella looked to Jacob, “Can you check in on Charlie?” Jacob nodded, “On my way I will, he doesn’t need to be out in this storm either.”

[b “Please be careful. I hate that you’re on the bike… Are you sure you don’t just want to take my car?”] she asked as she walked downstairs to the foyer with him. 

[b “Text me when you get to Charlie’s, and call me when you get home.”] she told him as she leaned up to kiss his cheek. [b “I swear if you don’t, I’ll drive to La Push by myself.”]   

She sighed as she watched Jacob slip into a rain jacket before running out into the storm and hop on his bike. [b “Please please be careful!”] she yelled.
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“I’ll be careful Ness, promise.” He said hugging her again. “Stay inside please.” He said softly. 

He couldn’t say I love you but it was implied. Jacob did check on Charlie first and he had managed to miss the storm. He texted Renesmee, “Headed to the elders. Charlie is safe.” 

He checked in everyone and on the way back his bike slipped and slid when lightning hit a tree and knocked it down. Hitting him he tried to reach for his phone but couldn’t move. God all he had to rely on was the imprint and hoping Nessie could find him,
BooBear96     185d ago

She had only been driving for two months and she was already breaking her moms rule about speeding. She didn’t care. When Alice yelled and told everyone her vision about Jacob, she was the first one out of the house. She didn’t know how she was running so fast, definitely faster than the others. 

[b “Jacob!”] she screamed as she seen the bike. He was stuck under the tree. [b “Jacob I’m here!”] she cried as she tried to lift the tree. [b “Help!”] 

She took a deep breath as Emmett and Jasper came into view. [b “Get him out!”] she cried as she finally lifted the tree up just a few inches, but they were able to pull him out from underneath. [b “Edward is bringing the Jeep. There he is!”] Emmett said.
polkadotrocker     185d ago

Jacob was broken in multiple places and his wolf healing wasn’t working as fast as usual as he hadn’t phased in awhile. “Ness you’re here?” He asked between bouts of passing out. 

Emmett carefully lifted him, “Carlisle will take care of him renesmee, don’t worry,” Jacob could feel the imprint, it was different than he had ever felt before. 

At the Cullen’s house Emmett carried him inside and Jasper put the bike in the garage. It was mostly unscathed just caked in mud. Jake had no idea Rosalie would clean it and repair the small damage.

[b “I’m right here.”] she sobbed as Emmett carefully placed Jacob in the front seat of the Jeep. [b “I’m not going anywhere baby. I’m right here.”] 

Edward drove them back to the Cullen Home where Carlisle and Bella were waiting in the garage. [b “He’s bleeding.”] she told Carlisle. 

Bella tried to keep Renesmee back with her but she wasn’t having it. [b “I’m not leaving him when he needs me most Mom! I won’t leave him.”] she said as she pulled away and ran up the stairs following them.

It was hours before Carlisle came downstairs. The pack and Billy had now all gathered in the Cullen’s living room. [b “He needs surgery. His spleen has ruptured. I’ve already set the other broken bones… His healing isn’t kicking in…”]
polkadotrocker     185d ago

For his healing to kick in he has to phase.” Sam said shaking his head, “and he can’t in that state.” Billy finished. Jacob was in so much pain but Carlisle had injected him with pain reliever.

“Is there anything you think that could speed up his healing?” Carlisle asked Billy as he was an elder and aware of how the wolves worked.

Jacob was asleep now as he needed all his energy to heal. Carlisle said it would be a few days at the rate he was going currently. He hadn’t really known what happened except the lightening hit a tree and fell on him,

[b “Why the hell hasn’t he been phasing?”] she asked as she turned to look between Sam and Billy. She didn’t understand. [i “He stopped phasing because he didn’t know if you were going to pick him.”] Paul said. 

She was shocked. She was trying to process Jacob getting hurt and now he was unconscious and about to have surgery. [b “I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t phase.”] she told Rosalie as she was led into a bathroom. She was covered in mud from pulling the tree up. She was shivering. [b “I need to get back to Jacob.”] she muttered.

[i “What you need is to get out of those wet and muddy clothes.”] Rosalie told her as Bella walked in. [i “Before you catch pneumonia. I don’t think Carlisle needs another patient.”]
polkadotrocker     185d ago

Paul looked to her, "Renesmee they're right and Jacob would kill us if you ended up sick too." At that Embry spoke up, "Hes my half brother doc, if you need something from me, tell me, I think we're the same blood type." 

Embry wasn't sure but Jacob was going to be alpha once it was accepted that he and his imprint were together. Sam looked to Renesmee, "Hes going to be alpha if you do pick him, he needs to be strong and he said he didn't want to live without you so he stopped phasing until you made your choice."

Renesmee ended up letting Rosalie have her way. She was freezing to the bone, but it didn't matter. Jacob was hurt. Her Jacob. He was in pain and he needed her.

The surgery took longer than expected as Jacob had some internal bleeding but Carlisle got it. He was stable... but unconscious. Carlisle was hopeful that he would wake him, his body was just tired. 

Renesmee hadn't moved since he had gotten through with the surgery. She was right by Jacob's side. She smiled weakly as she took his hand. [b "You have to wake up. I- I need you baby. I'm sorry it took me this long to realize what I wanted.. Jacob, it's always been you."] she said. [b "The pack needs you. Your dad needs you.. I need you to fight."]
polkadotrocker     184d ago

Jacob squeezed her hand back but he wasn't able to do much else. It felt like a puzzle piece falling into place when he heard her say she needed him. His imprint wanted him, she had accepted the imprint. Now he just had to get better or it would be for nothing.

It took four days with his accelerated healing for him to wake up and when he did the first thing he saw was Renesmee. "Ness." He said hoarse. She made everything right with the world, nothing else mattered. 

He was weak and tried pulling himself up in bed and slipped. "Damn it."


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