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By GhostWriting
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Long had the feared Captain Arledge been dead, cast overboard by his crew on the account of his own ruthlessness. Now a new generation of piracy have come across The Embour Seas, new treasures to be discovered and new adventures to take head on.

Ridley Eulisses always had a knack for anything shining or glittering, so when the tales of the old sea captain's skull was discovered, she couldn't help herself. Fortunes beyond one's wildest imagination, all one had to do was look.

Embark on the crew of The Fortune Rose, put up your sails and prepare for a journey no one could have imagined.

Hello, I'm looking for someone literate to join this prompt, taken from the RP that is currently run over discord.

Please be 18 or older, for there are some minor NSFW themes such as violence, gore etc.

Please do not break site rules.

Please do not join and then just ghost the thread, communication is key.

If you're interested, please either message this account or my main, and title it The High Seas

I look forward to sailing with you!
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