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Astra (Lunacia Start)

By -Emilia
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-Emilia     190d ago

[h3 [center The Land of the Moon]]

[center [pic]]

[center Yuukiji had lived within Lunacia for a while now. It was time for him to decide if he wanted to become a member of the lycan order. Most people were actually required to join sooner or later. Though not everyone was for combat.

Jasver was looking down at the young wolf man with a rather coldness in his eyes. He was always this way. Never exactly was a friendly person.

[+blue "Today you will be meeting up with a girl who will teach you what it is going to be like to be a part of the lycan order. You will be leaving with her to take a look at the other kingdoms and gather information. We need to protect our god at all costs."]

[center [pic]]

The man looked up as a young girl entered the room.

[+blue "Ah here she is now. She is the one that will be traveling with you for now on."]

He let out a soft sigh and then waved the two of them off. He didn't have time for them today.

The girl looked to the boy and offered a warm smile. Her tail wagged slightly behind her.

[+pink "Hello! I am Ren!"]

She was friendly and always had been. She worked for the Lycan order since she was young.]
Inu-GamiTeardrops   190d ago

[center [h3 [#7cccf8 Fitting In]]]
Yuuki wasn't always a residence of Lunacia. In-fact he doesn't know exactly where he came from. He remember always having the blessing of a Lycan, since he could shift into a wolf whenever he pleased. Most people where friendly in Lunacia. He could always hear them whispering. He was often looked down upon. Some people even referred to him mutt.

Yuukiji could vaguely remember his remember his past. He did remember serving someone all time. But who? Basically he was like a pet before he came to Lunacia. Maybe that was why most people weren't always friendly with him. 

Yuukiji kept his head down as he listen to Jasver speak to him. Of course he would do what he man asked of him. He couldn't refuse, after they kindly took him in. This town was peaceful, he really did enjoying living here.

He smiled politely as he looked at he woman.  [#7cccf8 "Hello"] he said softly with a small smile. Yuukiji was a little nervous about traveling. He had no choice he had to do it. Maybe this would be his way out of poverty, and to help the goddess of course.
-Emilia.Lycan.   190d ago

[h3 [center The Lycan Order Flower]]

[center The girl smiled brightly as she looked at him. She had seen him around before, but she was always too busy to actually speak with him or get to know him. Now would be a great chance for her to at least try to talk to him a bit. They would be traveling together so she was sure this was going to be exciting.

[+pink "It is so good to actually talk to you finally."]

She was warm and sweet. She didn't really look down on anyone. Most people loved her because she was always kind to them. Even cold hearted Jasver seemed to look at her with some form of warmth.

[+pink "You shouldn't worry about Jasver's coldness. He treats everyone like that honestly. He just doesn't want anything bad to happen to our god is all. He will warm up to you more as time goes on I promise."]

She leaned back slightly on her heels. Here in the kingdom, she ran around barefooted. She soon sighed softly. It was probably best they figure out a plan.

[+pink "So where should we go do you think? There are a ton of kingdoms and some of them are rather hard to get to."]

She seemed to be thinking it over herself.

[+pink "We don't have to leave right away either. We can take some work that needs to be done here as well."]

She didn't seem to mind either way.]
Inu-GamiTeardrops   190d ago

[center [h3 [+lightblue ✶]]]
Yuukiji listen to the female. She seemed kind and happy. He smiled softly stood there silently thing. What should they do next? It was no surprise they picked him to go out on a quest. After all he only been living here for a month or two. 

[#7cccf8 "Um let go explore other kingdoms..."] he said softly as he looked at her. He was little nervous to be leaving on a trip what choice did he have. 

[#7cccf8 "To be honest I am little nervous to be going out on a trip... I only been here for a few month...I am still learning the custom of this place. I mean it is very friendly here..."] he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. 

His pale blue eyes locked on to the slender woman that stood before her. He was happy he didn't have to go on this quest alone. He should think of it more as an adventure. 

[#7cccf8 "What palace do you want to explore first? I know some are hard to get too..."] he said softly. He has a slightly worried express on his pale face. He was a little nervous, sure they feeling would subside.
-Emilia.Lycan.   189d ago

[h3 [center First Kingdom]]

[center [+pink "Well how much do you know about our own kingdom?"]

She tilted her head slightly. They didn't have to leave out right away. They could do a little bit around here. Maybe even meet with the god.

[+pink "Have you met with our god Zion?"]

She knew not everyone got an audience with the large wolf but going to the temple and requesting one wasn't really that difficult and sometimes getting in was rather easy.

It just depended on the day and of course... If you were a part of the faction or not.]
Inu-GamiTeardrops   189d ago

[center [h3 [#7cccf8 [center ✶ ]]]
[#7cccf8 "No I haven't met Zion...I figure just being a commoner I wasn't worthy of such a thing."] he said as he looked at her. His place blue eyes seemed to be filled with wonder.

Would a god be willing to meet him? He who couldn't even remember who he was. His sighed softly as his ears flatten against his head. [#7cccf8 "I guess to answer you truthfully I don't know much about our kingdom... I never spoken to Zion... I suppose I am a little behind..."] he said with a soft sigh.

He ran a hand through his ivory colored hair. He then averted back to Ren. [#7cccf8 "Well lets go!"] he said with a small but calm smile.
-Emilia.Lycan.   189d ago

[h3 [center Audience with a God]]

[center [+pink "Oh I see."]

She frowned lightly. It was sad that he thought that he wasn't allowed to meet the god just because he was a commoner. That wasn't how Zion ruled. She smiled warmly after a moment.

[+pink "Well that's the first thing we will do then!"]

She took the boy's hand and led him towards the temple. The priest at the moment was away, but she didn't have to speak to him first anyway.

She had been given permission by Jasver to do as she wanted with the boy. Show him around or leave. It didn't matter.

She led the boy further into the temple and out into a huge wide-open forest clearing.

[center [pic]]

Laying in the center was a large wolf. He appeared to be sleeping, but as they got closer, he slowly raised his head off the ground and looked towards them. He tilted his head slightly and then seemed to smile.

[+grey "Hello."]

He greeted them warmly his large tail wagging.]
Inu-GamiTeardrops   189d ago

[center [h3 [#7cccf8 [center ✶ Meeting the God  ]]]
To be honest Yuuki was nervous. He followed the girl willingly. He blushed softly when she took his hand in her. Her hands felt so soft compare to his worn and callous hands. 

His eyes widen when they landed on the large wolf that was peacefully sleeping in the forest clearing. The temple they past through was also beautiful. So this is Zion. He seem beautiful, and kind.

 Was it really okay for him to speak with Zion like this? [#7cccf8 "Umm... H-Hello"] he said softly. To be honest all those nervous feelings seem to vanish. It was really peaceful here and Zion himself seem rather warm and inviting.
-Emilia.Lycan.   189d ago

[h3 [center Kind God]]

[center [+pink "This is Yuukiji."]

She smiled lightly as she introduced the boy to the large wolf god. The large wolf slowly got to his feet and walked towards the boy.

[center [pic]]

[+grey "Ah. They are supposed to bring me the new ones so that I can meet them. I am afraid they don't do that much anymore."]

He sighed softly. He lowered his head down and let his nose touch the boy gently.

[+grey "I bid you welcome. I hope you have found a nice home here in Lunacia. You are accepted as one of my own as long as you remain here and even if you are to leave."]

Ren had stayed back the entire time and just watched. She smiled softly. Zion had always been this accepting and kind. That's why everyone loved him soo much, but things had changed.

Though Lunacia use to be very open to new people... It was slowly becoming closed off. Afraid that their god may end up dead.]
Inu-GamiTeardrops   188d ago

[center [h3 [#7cccf8 [center ✶  ]]]
Yuukiji let the giant wolf sniff him. He was surprise the wolf even let him touch him. His muzzle and nose felt so soft. [#7cccf8 "Hello...It is so nice to meet you Zion sir. "] he  said as he bowed his head. 

[#7cccf8 "Thank you sir for letting me stay here... My stay has been peaceful... I do odd jobs here and there to keep myself afloat... This town certainly is nice..."] he said then he stop once he realized he was simply rambling. 

He was happy that Zion was willing to meet him. [#7cccf8  "Sorry I am rambling..."] he said as he looked down. He noticed that Ren hand kind of backed way. He was grateful to her for and all her help. This meeting really did make him feel welcomed.
-Emilia.Lycan.   174d ago

[h3 [center Benevolence]]

[center The large wolf listened to everything the boy had to say. It had no interest in interrupting him or sending him away. Once the boy apologized the wolf tilted his head slightly off to the side.

[+grey "No need to apologize young one. You may talk as much or as little as you want."]

He soon looked to Ren and tilted his head slightly.

[+grey "I am curious... Have you heard from her? I am beginning to worry."]

Ren looked at him and tilted her head curiously. She was surprised that he had brought that up with someone here, but he hadn't exactly given any details.

[+pink "No, but don't worry. I am sure she is fine. You know she is strong."]

She offered a small smile and the wolf nodded sadly. He soon laid back down and looked at the two.

[+grey "If you are leaving the kingdom... Please be very careful."]

He smiled softly and laid his head down on his paws.]


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