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Dreamcross Laboratory [1x1]

By Cat22
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Supernatural beings have been appearing in our world quite suddenly without warning which has caused some scientists and local authorities of the small town of Dreamcross to create the Dreamcross Laboratory. This lab is dedicated to the study of the mystical and supernatural beings that have appeared in the small town and is massive when compared to the buildings in the residential area. All new supernatural creatures are to be brought to the lab where tests are ran to learn more about these visitors from another world and these tests treat the subjects humanely so as to not physically and mentally harm them too much. These supernatural creatures are also not allowed to leave the lab grounds to prevent both a mass panic and to make it easier to study them.

The lab itself is massive and is large enough to hold various supernatural creatures while still having space for each of the scientists. There are specialized rooms for each subject which is tailored to what each creature would prefer. There is also a massive courtyard where the subjects can interact with each other and the scientists that care for them while being supervised just in case any fights break out. In the event that a fight breaks out, all staff members in the area of the fight are trained to deal with it and to transport any injured subjects to the medical wing for treatment.

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AmberArcherKibaito   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

I see why this took so long to make
Cat22     190d ago

((Yep! I wanted to make a rather good description!))
AmberArcherKenyon Laxuos   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

I like it, also this is my OC that I’ll mainly be using
Cat22     190d ago

((Sweet! I’ll be using Vaan, Bartz, Firion, Tidus, Ace, and maybe even Machina. All of them are supernatural creatures.))
AmberArcherKenyon Laxuos   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Hmmm, do you wanna jut have us both ply different scientists like unnamed characters)
Cat22     190d ago

((Maybe but I’m VERY sure that the scientists have some measures in place for hostile experiments.))
AmberArcherKenyon Laxuos   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Hm ok, I’ll also use Kibaito, and Amber)
Cat22     190d ago

((Alright then! Who should start?))
AmberArcherKenyon Laxuos   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Hm can you start? Your better then me, also please don’t make it toooo long xD I’ll have a hard time keeping up)
Cat22     190d ago

((Sorry about this being a little long.))

It had been exactly one week since supernatural creatures started to appear in the town of Dreamcross. Nobody knows exactly where they came from or why they were there however, local scientists and the authorities grouped together to found the Dreamcross Laboratory, a facility dedicated to the research of supernatural creatures that have appeared in the world. Following this founding, the supernatural creatures that had appeared were caught by the authorities and transported into the lab where they were in the hands of the scientists after they were dropped off at the facility.

Just recently, the lab received a small group of new supernaturals consisting of Firion, Bartz, Vaan, Tidus, Ace, and Machina. The six were spotted in the streets shortly after they arrived and were brought into the lab very shortly after their capture. Most of the small group seemed to be nervous as they were each brought into their individual rooms however, they ended up calming down after they were brought into their rooms.

“Just what is this place and why were we brought here…” Vaan muttered softly. He seemed to be the only member of the group who was a little keen on talking at the moment since the other members of the group that he had been brought to the lab with opted to remain silent. He was a humanoid dragon and due to that, was unable to age past 17 although he didn’t seem to mind this all too much. Of course, he was also hiding the wings behind his back from view and just like the others who were brought into their rooms, he walked over to the bed and then sat down on it.
AmberArcherKenyon Laxuos   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

It didn’t take very long for three more creatures to have been delivered, Kenyon, Amber, and Kibaito. 

Amber looked the most human the only difference being the color of her eyes.
Kenyon having wings that were half frozen no pretty beaten up, though it didn’t like it was from humans. 
Kibaito was also a half dragon. His wings where white and blue. His eyes also where a bright blue. 

Kenyon was brought to his room near the one Vaan was put into. He started picking ice chunks out of his wings before sitting on the bed
Cat22Tidus   190d ago

Tidus got up off of the bed that he was sitting on before he started to wander around the room that he was in. He had no idea why he had been brought into the lab however, he ended up growling softly out of frustration. “Why the hell were we even brought here! We didn’t even do anything bad!” He growled softly. He was a merman which also came with the territory of not being able to age past 17 however, he was currently in his human form due to not being submerged in water. He was lucky enough to have a pool of water in his room although he hadn’t spotted it yet.

“Tidus, can you please stop growling? It’s a little scary and I really don’t like it…” Bartz muttered softly. He was currently leaning up against the wall of his room and was trying to hide the wings on his back from view. He was a hybrid between a faerie and a vampire however, he was currently in his human form at the moment although that didn’t prevent that his fae traits from showing.

Ace currently remained silent in his room and decided to not pay any attention to the rooms that might be beyond his. He didn’t really feel like talking at the moment although being an undead variant of a humanoid phoenix was what landed him in the lab in the first place. He also wasn’t able to age due to his undead nature although that didn’t bother him too much

Machina also remained completely silent for the time being. He didn’t really feel like talking and was already trying to think of a way to escape. He was a demon, an immortal being often associated with evil although he himself was not evil in the slightest. Rather, he was misunderstood back in his homeland and even now, he was wondering why he was brought here.

Firion remained completely silent and had curled up on his bed. He was a vampire, an immortal being that drank the blood of the living although he can survive in the day unlike what many other people would believe. While he was a little annoyed at being brought to the lab, he decided to not say anything about it for the time being.
AmberArcherKibaito   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber sat on the bed she stared at the door ro her room for a while. Her room was filled with small things but nothing that seemed out of the normal. She really did seem like a human thought she was a Yami, she was born differently from the rest and didn’t have wings

Kibaito stayed in his room. It was a quiet room and thankfully the people near his room were quiet as well. He yawned softly and laid on his back he didn’t mind being here.. as long as he was safe.
Cat22Firion   190d ago

“Why did they even bring us here in the first place… I don’t really understand but then again, who am I to question them?” Firion muttered softly as he continued to lay on the bed that was in his room. He saw no need to get up at the moment since there wasn’t really anything to do although he shortly noticed an unfamiliar person by his door. “And there’s someone here… Just great…” He muttered softly before he sat up from the bed that he was on.

Tidus eventually calmed down once he noticed the pool in his room and then quickly dove into the water. Just as quickly as he entered the water, he shifted from his human form into his merfolk form which was more suitable for aquatic environments. “I’m sooo glad that there’s some water here!” He said cheerfully.

Ace and Machina continued to remain completely silent in the rooms that they were in. They both saw no need to attempt to talk to anyone at the time being since they weren’t sure if anyone would even continue the conversation for them if they ever tried to initiate it.

Vaan ended up yawning softly after a while and then slightly unfolded the wings on his back. He was starting to get slightly bored with being in his room and was waiting to see if someone would either let him out or simply just talk to him so that he didn’t have to be so bored half the time.

Bartz started to hum softly in his room and seemed to be rather content with his current situation even if he didn’t know when he could leave his room.
AmberArcherKibaito   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber looked around the room trying to find something to do. She found a few drawing supplies and started to draw that being the only way she was keeping herself entertained 

Kenyon put his hand on the door and a frost spread from his hand onto the door and he jolted back and sighed “Great…”

Kibaito’s room wasn’t very big but he tried to fly around anyway. He ended up flying into a bookshelf and landed getting annoyed
Cat22Firion   190d ago

“Alright… who are you and why did you decide to lurk on the outside of my room?” Firion asked the person that was standing outside of his room. He didn’t know who the person standing outside of his room was but he seemed to be a little unnerved by their presence. However, he was also curious about why the person was standing outside of his doorway which got the best of him as he walked over towards the door.

The person that was standing at Firion’s door ended up opening the door after a few minutes and then got Firion out of the room. “Come with me. We’ll need to run some tests on you.” They said as they guided Firion into the hallway and into one of the testing rooms.

“Alright… I’m coming with you…” Firion muttered softly as he followed the mysterious person into the testing room. He wasn’t exactly sure why he was led into this room but he also decided to not ask any questions at the moment.

“Looks like they took Firion somewhere but as to where, I do not know.” Vaan said as he pointed over to where Firion’s room was. He was lucky enough to be directly across the hall from it which gave the window in his room a direct viewpoint of where Firion’s room was. 

“Wait… he’s out of the room he was in before? Just what are they going to do with him.” Tidus, Bartz, and Ace said. They seemed to be a little concerned about Firion and upon hearing that he had been escorted out of his room by someone, they seemed to be a little surprised by the news although Machina continued to sit in his room in complete silence.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Kenyon looked up hearing them talking and looked out the window for his door. Part of his wondered if he would be able to break the glass if he froze it enough
Cat22Vaan   190d ago

“I have no idea, you three but they might come to get us out of here eventually. Besides, we don’t even know who else was brought in here but I hope that the other people who are here don’t try to harm us.” Vaan said as he continued to stare out the window of his room. He was waiting for when Firion would come back however, he thought that it might be a while until then hence the reason why he decided to stay silent while waiting.

“Well then, when will he come back and will we ever get to see him again?” Bartz asked Vaan. He wanted to know when he would be able to see Firion again however, he didn’t know the definitive answer to the question that he asked and he doubted that Vaan knew the answer either. Despite that, he still decided to ask the question since he was rather curious about what the answer would be.

“Did you seriously just ask that question, Bartz? I doubt that Vaan knows the answer and I don’t think that he’s sure of when Firion will return. It’s just not something that those who seem to be outside will just tell us either. Remember, we were brought here without knowing the reason why so why do you think that they will tell us the reason why they brought Firion out of his room.” Tidus said. He had stopped swimming around the pool in his room for the moment that he started to speak and had also poked his head out of the water as well.

“You just have to be optimistic as you always are, Bartz. Even if you don’t know the answer as to when Firion will return, you have to keep hoping that he comes back. Besides, you know that he would never abandon us.” Ace said before he slightly unfolded the wings that were on his back and then fluffed up the feathers on them. He thought that the room he was in felt rather cold and due to that, he saw a reason to keep himself warm even if he had to use fire magic to do so.

Machina just continued to remain completely silent. He still didn’t want to talk with anyone nor interrupt the silence that was in his room. He seemed to enjoy the peace and quiet for some odd reason and as a result, showed no desire of wanting to break it.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber looked around the room getting a bit bored as time passed. She stood up and looked out the window to her room wondering who the person in front of her room was

Kenyon put his hand of the glass as it started to freeze over again. He kept his hand on for a while before pulling away and trying to shatter the glass 

Kibaito had ended up next the the larger group and use ended up listening to them for the next while
Cat22Bartz   190d ago

“I know but… It can be quite hard to be so optimistic at times Ace. You just have to understand that I worry greatly about Firion and if anything were to happen to him, I wouldn’t even be able to forgive myself. I just don’t want for anything bad to happen to him at all!” Bartz said before walking over to one of the corners of the room that he was in and sat down in it. He had yet to notice that someone was coming to get him out of his room which was evident by the small number of people passing by the window of his room.

“It’ll be okay, Bartz. I hope that nothing bad happens to him but worrying too much about it won’t do you any good whatsoever.” Vaan said as he looked out of the window that was located in his room. He watched as a few people passed by it however, he was unsure if anyone would even stop at his window for more than a few seconds. He took note of how all the people who passed by his window were wearing a white lab coat which made him think that those people were scientists although he had yet to confirm the thought that he had.

Ace went back to being silent and only stared out of the window of his room. He thought that he had successfully reassured Bartz but for how long was something that he did not know as of yet. Due to this, he seemed to be slightly anxious about the number of people who passed by his window and was silently wondering when they would end up coming for him.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   190d ago
Artist + cosplayer

The glass didn’t break and he winced. “Ow…” he mumbled and rubbing his arm he sighed and sat on his bed “great…”

Amber looked around before walking to one of the walls and tapping it lightly “Is anyone on the other side of this wall?” She asked softly 

Kibaito sighed and sat up “hey what are you guys talking about?” He asked trying to talk to the other who he had been listening to
Cat22Vaan   189d ago

Vaan ended up noticing that someone unfamiliar to him had entered his room and as a result, began to hiss at them. He backed into the corner of the room and then unfolded the wings on his back before flapping them once as a warning that if the person did not leave his room, he would attack them without another warning. Of course, he wasn’t sure if the person would heed his warning but when they continued to approach him, he ended up hissing again before launching a fireball at the person who had entered his room. He was rather on edge at their sudden appearance and as a result, launched a fireball created from magic at them before he was grabbed by the wrist and dragged out of the room. “LET GO OF ME!” He yelled before trying to get away from the person that grabbed him but it was all in vain as he was soon shot with a tranq dart by another person in a white coat and dragged into one of the testing rooms.

“A-and there goes Vaan… Why was he yelling so much…” Bartz said softly. He had been spooked by Vaan’s sudden yelling and didn’t know the reason behind it. Due to this slight fear that he now felt, he decided to just simply hide in the corner of his room where he thought that nobody would end up noticing him. However, after a few minutes, one of those strange people in lab coats started to open the door to his room which caused him to remain where he was although he appeared to be frozen. “Who are you?” He asked the person who approached him but when they didn’t give an answer except for “Please come with me”, he started to get a little unnerved however, he eventually ended up following the person who came into his room to one of the various testing rooms in the lab.

Tidus was still lurking underwater in his room when he heard Vaan’s yelling. While he was a little spooked by it, he was also curious about what could have caused his friend to yell like that. He also ended up noticing that someone had entered his room and as a result, decided to approach them. He was currently in his merfolk form which meant that he was slower on land than in the water but he somehow managed to find a way to move on land. When he got close enough, he took note of the white coat that the person was wearing although he thought that it didn’t mean that much. Regardless, he decided to follow the person in the white coat who led him to a testing room.

Ace was the next person to be approached by a person in a white coat. When they asked him to follow them to a testing room, he decided to comply with the request and soon followed them into the testing room. He remained silent during the entire trip since he didn’t feel like speaking for the time being.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   189d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber heard the talking before looking up at her own door seeing that one of the strange people had come into her room as well. The person asked her to follow them, after a moment she nodded and walked after them to the testing room as well

Kenyon heard  people outside before his door was opened up and two of the strange people walking into he room. They asked to see him. Kenyon slowly walked after them both
Cat22Machina   189d ago

Machina was the only person left in his room however, he was soon approached by an odd person in a white coat. He seemed to be more on edge than Vaan was and even ended up attacking the scientist that entered his room before hiding away underneath the bed. He would be rather difficult to get out of his hiding place which was the reason why the scientist had to call for some reinforcement just to get him out of hiding.

As soon as the scientist ended up calling for backup, several more scientists arrived at the doorway to Machina’s room and then moved the bed which revealed the demon that had previously hidden himself away. Then, after the bed was moved away from him, Machina was quickly hit in neck with a tranq dart which ended up knocking him unconscious and soon after that, he was dragged into the testing room although the scientists that were handling him seemed to be behaving rather cautiously around him.

“So… why did you bring us here?” Bartz asked the person who brought him into one of the testing rooms. He was rather confused as to why he had been brought out of his room but once again, his question was met with silence before the answer “We need to run some tests” was given to him by the person. While he didn’t necessarily understand those words, he seemed to be a little scared by them.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   189d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber bit her lip and looked around, she wondered if she would be able to get out, there weren’t many features that showed her to be different 

Kibaito sighed and stayed quiet, he wanted to stay out of trouble the mot he could and ended up doing as he was told
Cat22Ace   189d ago

“Why was I brought to this room and where are my friends?” Ace said. He wanted to know where his friends were since he was worried about them. He didn’t exactly know what the scientists had planned for him and was rather curious about what was planned for him. On the other hand, he seemed to be a little terrified at not knowing what was going to happen with him.

When he entered the testing room, Firion was directed to sit in a chair which he complied with before one of the scientists drew some of his blood for testing purposes. Of course, he ended up hissing slightly when his blood was drawn although that also didn’t seem to bug him too much once it was all over although he was a little annoyed by the human that kept curiously staring at him. “Leave me alone…” He growled at one of the scientists before quickly running and hiding up underneath a desk in the same room that he was currently in.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   189d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber didn’t really complain or say anything. She wanted to know more of her surroundings and the other creatures that lived here. 

Kibaito was slightly frightened and a bit jumpy but he tried to stay calm or the most part


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