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Astra (Andune Start)

By -Emilia
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-Emilia     190d ago

[h3 [center The land of Strength]]

[center [pic]]

[center Alexander had made the treacherous journey to Andune to join the Earth Shakers. When he approaches the gates and tells them what he is after they let him in and even lead him to the leaders of the Earth Shakers. The first one he meets is a young woman with brown hair. Just looking at her she seems to just be a normal human, but a closer look at her skin and the shine on it tells him that she is an earth gensai.

[+brown "Hello. I am the first in command Lazuli. Second in command Lava isn't here currently. I have him taking on a different mission."]

She looks up at him slowly and tilts her head. She takes in what he looks like and a small smile comes to her lips.

[+brown "Well my my... You look strong. I already know who you should be partnered up with then..."] 

She writes a couple things down without another word before her eyes return to him. She reaches in her desk and pulls out a badge with an odd-looking creature's head on the front. This was the image of their goddess.

She hands it to him. He had made it to this place that was enough to let him in without any further questions. It was hard enough getting into the mountain kingdom. Before she says anything else she calls someone in to go and get some by the name Kitra and have her wait at the tavern.

[+brown "We travel in pairs when we leave the kingdom. I have partnered you up with someone that should help you out quite a bit. She's not built like us. She's not strong in the strength department, but I feel she has her own strengths. She's a shy little thing so... Try not to terrify her. She isn't originally from here either."]

After all that is said she sends him on his way to the tavern where his partner is awaiting him.]

[h3 [center Lovely Lady]]

[center [pic]]

[center It wasn't hard to figure out which one was his party member. She was the only terrified looking one there. It is odd on why this girl could have wanted to join the Earth Shakers.

She is standing on her own avoiding all the rather strong looking Leonin that are moving around the Tavern. She looks up as Alexander steps inside and looks off to the side rather shyly. She didn't know who exactly she was supposed to be waiting on and she was nervous being here on her own. The tavern wasn't somewhere she liked to visit.]
ShieldHero-     190d ago

[center [h3 Soldier Rehired]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Alexander had already been a soldier once. Was this truly so different? It hadn't mattered though. The large man had entered the room with a massive grin on his face. This world? And everything in it? Would one day be his this he swore.]]

[center [+red Alexander Wright reporting in! Ready to carve my name onto the face of this world. Hmm? My partner will not be from here you say? How very odd. Terrify her? I? The great Alexander? When would I ever do such a thing?]]

[center [b Alexander had come face to face with this little thing. Bending over he peered at her face closely. He had stroked his chin lost in thought.]]

[center [+red Before we do battle together.. We must have a drink! Yes! That is the quickest way to become aquanted! What are introductions to a good drink! Hah hah! The name's Alexander Wright Lass! A name I'm sure you won't soon forget!]]

[center [b The giant had let out a heart laugh as he loudly slapped her on the back.]]
-Emilia.Earth.   190d ago

[h3 [center A brute of a Man]]

[center The small girl could barely stand when he slapped her on the back. Was everyone here always this brutish. She would never understand. She had been terrified that her partner would be a huge leonin, but no... It was a rather large human.

She hadn't really liked how close he had gotten to her face either. A blush had spread across her nose and cheeks. She looked away closing her only visible green eye. The other was hidden by a black piece of cloth.

She didn't know what she was going to do with this man. Wait... Did he say a drink? Oh no. No no. She did not drink. Not alcohol. She didn't have a taste for it. It was disgusting.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped back away from. She held up her hands.

[+skyblue "Okay. For one. If it is alcohol, I do not drink it."]

She had let her hands drop to her side now. She was looking up at him again. Her one bright green eye shimmering with some form of determination.

[+skyblue "My name is Kitra Rune."]

She figured introducing herself would put her back on her own feet. Maybe she wouldn't feel so flustered, but she was wrong. Her heart was fluttering hard in her chest. It was trying to fly away she was sure of it.

Where did this man come from? She found herself looking him over. He was more mountain than man. He was so friendly and so forward. She wasn't use to that. Where she came from... Well... She looked off to the side and decided not to think any more on that.]
ShieldHero-     190d ago

[center [h3 The Beginning of a Legend]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He raised an eyebrow as her face had turned a crimson peak.]]

[center [+red Aye lass you look as scarlet as a freshly blossomed Rose. Are you feeling okay? Hmm..? Hiding are we? Nono that will do no good! Not around the great Alexander! Hah! You look as cute as a newly born snow Rabbit! Don't worry though we'll fix that up soon!]]

[center [b A little bit of training and she'd be built in no time! He was sure of it. Than she had told him she did not drink.]]

[center [+red I believe my ears must be deceiving me. You do not drink? Truly? Ahh, that is a shame!]]

[center [b He had taken a step back as he placed his hand around his chin. Contemplating in thought.]]

[center [+red Hmm.. Yes that is a fine name lass. A pleasure to meet you Kitra Rune.]]

[center [b He had patted her on the head with another belly aching laugh.]]

[center [+red Yes! Let us be to the other kingdoms! For knowledge! For conquest!!]]

[center [b He began to head out with a rather bravado case of flexing his biceps.]]

[center [+red Yes it shall be a truly good conquest, as it will be my first of course. I'll need a steed surely... And men too. Men who share the dream.. Yes...]]
-Emilia.Earth.   189d ago

[h3 [center Animal Tamer]][center [+skyblue "Well if you are looking for riding companions then we should see the animal tamer before we leave."]She wasn't sure what exactly this man was talking about, but she just shook her head. It didn't matter. She had her own things to worry about.

She followed after him. He wanted to conquest. What? Well, she couldn't complain. She surely hoped that he planned to start out small because... Taking a kingdom meant possibly fighting gods.

[+skyblue "You do realize that... You may have to fight the gods to take over the kingdoms..."]

She wasn't sure how she felt about that. She wouldn't allow herself to show any emotion on this though. (Deception Roll of 17 on masking her emotions)

[+skyblue "What kingdom did you want to try and get to first?"]

She looked up at him curiously. She was only willing to follow. She wouldn't have any input about where they should go. Some places were harder to get to then others though.]
ShieldHero-     189d ago

[center [h3 Council]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b She had suggested to see the animal tamer. He had slapped himself on the forehead with a wild exclamation.]]

[center [+red But of course! You shall make for wise war council indeed Lass! Truly fit for a king! Hah hah!]]

[center [b He patted her on the back with another full belly laugh.]]

[center [+red To the animal tamer! Hmm?]]

[center [b She had asked him about his desires and what that had meant. His face had become rather stern and his voice flat if still a bit gruff.]]

[center [+red This I know girl, but my dream is larger than any god. This I have told my own goddess and she understands truly. I made the promise of conquest to her. With the body the size of a toothpick I will conquer the gods. Though I must start smaller yes? I must prove myself as a worthy king before all us. A man who can laugh the hardest fight the longest. First to anger and the one to mourn the longest a king of the common folk. A man with boundless greed, that will be me girl you shall see!]]

[center [b He looked to the girl (Insight nat 20 +2) and saw she was uncertain. He slapped her on the back.]]

[center [+red Stand tall girl! Even when you unsure of the path before you. I see doubt in those eyes of beauty lass. Turn that doubt into strength and push forward. Know this, I will protect you as long as you are under my charge.]]

[center [b She had looked up at him as he crossed his arms in thought.]]

[center [+red I wish to prepare here first. With money,supplies,horse and of course combat experience perhaps even make a few worthy allies and subjects! Haha!!]]
-Emilia.Earth.   189d ago

[h3 [center Animal Tamer]]

[center The girl looked up at him and gave a slight shake of her head. Goodness. What kind of man was she traveling with?

[+skyblue "No. I think that is giving me too much credit."]

She wasn't sure how many of those slaps to the back she was going to have to survive. He was going to put her on her face if she wasn't careful. She started walking with him towards the animal tamer.

[+skyblue "Have you ever me Edge? The animal tamer?"]

[h3 [center Desires]]

She watched as the look changed when he began to answer her question about his desires. She listened to everything he said. She wasn't sure what she should feel.

It was great to hear that he had such a dream, but... Would it stand in the way of her own?

[h3 [center Emotions Exposed]]

Well it was clear there was no way to hide how she was feeling in front of this man. Thankfully he couldn't see everything. He only knew she was concerned.

She sighed softly before looking up at him. He was a good man. With good intentions. Wait... Something occurred to her as she walked with him. He had called her eye beautiful.

A red blush came across her pale features and her heart fluttered all over again. Damn. Stop that.

[+skyblue "W-well we could always take a look at the quest board in the tavern as well as other things after we've talked to the animal tamer."]

She had to really be careful around this man. He was big and loud, but clearly, he was charming. She would have to watch herself. He could charm his way right to her heart.

[h3 [center Meeting the Animal Tamer]]

[center [pic]]

As they came to a huge fenced in field, they see a tall Tabaxi standing in front of large warhorse. The horse is clearly rowdy and isn't wanting to listen to the tabaxi.

The large white horse keeps pulling on its reigns and snorting in the Tabaxi's face. The large cat like man seems to be getting irritated.

[+gold "This... This right here is why I don't tame horses."]

He hissed. The horse reared up and stamped on the ground angrily.

The Tabaxi backed away and opened the gate shooing the horse inside. The horse ran off into the field where a ton of different animals were.]
ShieldHero-     189d ago

[center [h3 A King's Beginning]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Nonsense Lass! I know worth when I see it! Hmm..? Can't say I have met him no.]]

[center [+red Hmm..? What is with that stutter? Haha! You are quite a riot friend! Truly! Why be shy? I am not yet king even!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red To the tavern! For work! For jobs! For bonding! Let us go! Full speed ahead Kitra!]]

[center [+red But first! To the tamer!]]

[center [b Alexander heads on it bursting through the doors with a rather hardy laugh.]]

[center [+red I would require you're finest horse! One fit for a king!! Oh? What is this white steed? Yes it appears to be rather stubborn! I like that tenacity!!]]

[center [b He pointed to the horse that the Tabaxi had begun to shoo off.]]
-Emilia.Earth.   189d ago

[h3 [center Horse]]

[center The girl looked up at him. This man was very interesting indeed. He just seemed to like every suggestion she had. She wasn't really use to that. There was only one person that usually valued her opinion, and she was far away from him now. Ah he had noticed her stutter. She said nothing to that too embarrassed that he had even noticed.

She looked to the Tabaxi who sighed irritably. He said nothing and went into the field and whistled. Surprisingly the horse came to him and huffed. He took ahold of its reigns and pulled it back out.

[+gold "If you want to deal with its attitude, you can have him."]

[center [pic]]

The Tabaxi offered the reigns to the man.

[+gold "He's a difficult one."]

His eyes soon moved to the girl.

[+gold "Ah... Miss... I didn't expect you to be along side someone so... Large."]

He frowned and gave a shake of his head.

[+gold "You should have joined me. Ah well... I am sure you would like your riding companion. I will go and get him."]

The cat left the horse with the two and walked away. What he came back with was a large wolf.

[center [pic]]

[+gold "He was very well behaved the whole time. Safe travels to you both."]

He kind of gave the red-haired man a glare before he turned and walked away leaving them with their animals.

Sighing Kitra reached out and laid a hand on the large wolf's head. The wolf wagged its tail pushing its head into her hand.

[+skyblue "We should go to the tavern now and see what's on the board."]

She smiled softly as she looked up at Alexander.]
ShieldHero-     189d ago

[center [h3 Mighty Steed]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Alexander approached the horse with his hands out.]]

[center [+red Come! We shall be partners! You shall be my mighty steed! Come to me.. Bucephalus!!]]

[center [b He looked to the Tabaxi confused.]]

[center [+red Does she only travel by people smaller than she? She is already so small! Hah hah! Joined you sir? Feel free to join my army! Hahaha!]]

[center [b (Persuasion 17+4=21)]]

[center [b Whether he convinced the Tabaxi or not he left with Kitra.]]

[center [+red Yes! Now we shall start with the bonding! Come!]]

[center [b He picked her up by her shirt collar as he hoisted her upon the horse. Before setting on the front of the horse.]]

[center [+red Hold on tight lass!]]

[center [b With that he had dashed through the crowd on horseback.]]

[center [+red Come mighty wolf! Let us see if you can keep up with my mighty steed! HAHA!]]
-Emilia.Earth.   188d ago

[h3 [center Charming Man]]

[center The horse looked at him for a moment before it approached him with ease. It seemed to take an instant liking to this man. The Tabaxi stood there with his eyes wide. Not even he could get the horse to approach him like that. It came to his whistles, but never that close and not always easily. The cat looked confused at what he said next.

[+gold "Ah no... She... Never mind."]

He waved a clawed hand in the air to dismiss that whole conversation. However, what he had said next surprised the Tabaxi. He was very quiet thinking over what was said. (His own role to resist 19)

For a long time, he said nothing, and it seemed like he might not decide to agree.

[+gold "You sure are good at talking. I suppose that I could aid you. I mean... It would probably make Kitra happy."]

So now he had his first person in his army. An animal tamer. Someone very useful.

Kitra wasn't expecting that to work... Edge... He was kind of an asshole. She looked up at the man with her unable to say anything. She was just surprised. No surprised wasn't even enough. She was shocked. Floored. How was he able to talk to someone that easily?

Ah! No! He had picked her up without expecting it. When she was put up on the horse with him her heart seemed to completely stop for a moment. No! They were way too close now! She could have just rode on the back of her lovely wolf. That's what she was used to, but she had no time to complain.

She quickly held on tight to him not wanting to fall off of the horse, but a bright blush was definitely across her face now.

[+skyblue "Come Larkspur."]

She called to the wolf. The wolf watched as his mistress was picked up by this giant of a man and set on the horse. For a moment the wolf almost appeared to be smiling at her. As they ran off ahead the wolf bounded after them.

He was a large creature. Not normally seen in this part of the world. He moved quickly and carefully able to avoid people with ease. He never once moved beside the horse or stayed directly behind it. He was never far off though.]
ShieldHero-     188d ago

[center [h3 Come!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Welcome aboard! You shall be the royal tamer! Kitra will be glad you have you along! He haw!]]

[center [b And with that? He was off!]]

[center [+red I see you have already stolen the heart of another lass! Haha a true conquest indeed! With conquering lashes and hips to boot! I am afraid that is one conquest I cannot repeat! Hahaha..Haha!]]

[center [b He laughed slapping on his knee.]]

[center [+red Larkspur? What a fine name indeed crimson beauty! Whoa boy!]]

[center [b He raised the reins stopping the horse as he slid on beside the bar. Hopping off the horse he gave it a hardy pat and a smile as he took Kitra off the horse.]]

[center [+red Atta boy, Right! Let us do what we came to do.]]

[center [b He had burst through the tavern doors with a large grin on his face.]]

[center [+red We are here for work! Let us conquer the problems that plague you and than maybe we can all get a drink! Haha! Why wait the room have a drink on me! Now tell me you're woes people!]]

[center [b He handed the bar keep.. Five gold!]]

[center [+red Make it the good stuff! My companion would rather have juice.. Isn't that right lass?]]
-Emilia.Earth.   188d ago

[h3 [center Heart of Another]]

[center Oh lord he was talking about Edge. She didn’t want that man’s heart. He was too unfriendly. He likes to lecture her all the time, but what bothered her most was how everyone was always below him. No one was an equal.

Did this man even know what he was saying when he spoke? She was glad he liked the name of the wolf. She felt it fit her companion pretty well.

Oh wait…. She was the beauty huh? She felt like screaming. Though she didn’t know why.

[+skyblue “You can’t just say things like that ya know?”]

A stern look on her blushing face.

He had helped her off the horse and she followed him into the tavern. He paid for everyone’s drinks including her own. She smiled warmly.

The bartender seemed surprised but got drinks going. She smiled lightly as she got juice for Kitra.

[+pink “It’s the stuff you get all the time love.”]

She said to Kitra. She looked up at the guy and smiled.

[+pink “All the quests are up on the board! Feel free to take a look!”]

She made sure everyone had drinks and were happy. This was a good day!]
ShieldHero-     188d ago

[center [h3 A Subjects Advice]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He looked back to Kitra on her statement.]]

[center [+red Why can't I? You know I haven't asked you yet, will you serve beside me? As my first subject! My right hand man? Haha, you're council would be most helpful!]]

[center [b Alexander looked to the Bartender with a grin and a nod.]]

[center [+red Thank you lass, I suggest covering up though lest you catch cold!]]

[center [b And with that he was the board stroking at his chin lost in thought.]]

[center [+red Where to start my crusade first..]]
-Emilia.Earth.   175d ago

[h3 [center A Kind Offer]]

[center Why couldn’t he? She looked up at this man that one green eye burning with a bit of confusion. Surely he knew better than just talking to people like this.

[+skyblue “Because..!”]

But she had no real statement on why he couldn’t. He had freedom. He could think what he wanted of her. She just stood there looking at him. He had changed the subject now.

At least this was something much easier to answer and talk about.

[+skyblue “You are my partner here with the Earth Shakers so of course I’ll join you.”]

She hadn’t expected him to actually ask so she was a bit surprised by that. She smiled softly and then looked down into her glass.

The woman looked towards him and laughed lightly. It wasn’t like she wasn’t to comments… Though normally no one complained or told her to wear more.

[+pink “Sure big guy. Don’t worry about me. Just worry about your pretty little partner. She’s the one that’ll be out there in the wilds with you and doing battle.”]

She watched him walk to the quest board and smiled to herself.

Kitra soon followed after him wanting to take a look at the board herself.]

[h3 [center Tavern Quest Board]]

[center 1. Two axe beaks are giving the farmers trouble. They are normally the animal tamers duty, but he refuses to handle them. 25 gp if just one is taken out. 50 if both are taken care of. See the animal tamer Edge for more details!

2. Two gnoll have been straying way too close to the gates of town. Please talk to our captain of the guard for more info. 50 gp.

3. A giant goat is causing some mischief around the mountains. No one has been seriously hurt, but it is a possibility that could change. Speak with the animal tamer Edge. 25 gp.]
ShieldHero-     174d ago

[center [h3 Charging Forward]]

[center [+red Because.. Why?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Alexander was confused by Kitra's behavior. He looked at the quest board and saw Edge twice before seeing.. The captain of the guard.]]

[center [+red Yes.. If I can create connections with this guard perhaps they can join my army! Hahaha! Let us be off Crimson Beauty!]]

[center [b With that Alexander had "yoinked" Kitra away with a belly full of laughter. The drink from earlier had renewed his spirits.]]


Do I need to roll survival or perception or anything?
-Emilia.Earth.   153d ago

[h3 [center Yoinked]]

[center She wasn't expecting to be just grabbed up and walked away with. Looked like he had found something that he wanted to do. She hadn't even got to lecture him about why he shouldn't talk to her the way he has been. She sighed softly.

It must have been a quest for the captain of the guard. She had met that woman before. She was... Very interesting to say the least. A rough leonin woman. She didn't mind her too much.

She was always nice to her. She looked up at him.

[+skyblue "Careful with the Captain of the Guard. She is a strong woman."]

She smiled lightly. She doubted anyone would actually not get a long with this big man. He was way too friendly.]

[h3 [center OOC]]

[center Don't worry about rolling for survival.]
ShieldHero-     153d ago

[center [h3 Strong Woman]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Strong woman you say? Hah! Those are the best kind my dear!]]

[center [b With a hardy laugh and a triumphant stride of his steed he was off. Hunting through the town and it's people until.. He happened upon his mark. Hopping off his mighty steed with a proud motion into every step his held high and his chest puffed forward. He slapped his large bicep to his chest with another signature grin of his.]]

[center [+red I come seeking the mighty leonin! A strong woman captain of the guard! May you be here by chance?]]


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