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A World Where Gods Walk

By -Emilia
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Welcome to Astra

Astra was once a very peaceful world. There weren't any wars or fighting. The gods kept the world together. Any wrong doings were brought before the gods. Normally discord never came from the gods themselves. They all ruled peacefully until the gods of Lunacia and Metanoia became angry with one another. They found and the fight caused the once happy two nations to split apart. Not just the people but the land as well. Now Lunacia and Metanoia are separated by an ocean. The gods have calmed but aren't on speaking terms and haven't been for thousands of years.

One night the goddess of Metanoia calls for help. She was attacked by someone. She doesn't know who, but she claims they are from Lunacia. She is sure of it. With their goddess wounded they believe her. She blames it on Lunacia because supposedly they are cursed to be lycans. Though the curse is from their own god they blame her. They think her death will cure them.

She wants the god of Lunacia dead. The rest of the world knows that something isn't right. They think something else is going on but they try to keep things calm not wanting an all out war to break out. Each kingdom ends up making a fraction of adventurers to help keep the peace. At least that's what they thought they were for.

You are special. You don't belong to any of these factions. So you are free to pick any of them you want. (Depending on the fraction will determine your first traveling companion. Also the reason you don't have a faction is up to you. A back story would be great!)



A beautiful kingdom that is always bathed in moonlight. Supposedly everyone from here is cursed with something everyone calls Lunacy. Everyone changes into a wolf like being during the full moon. They are still in control of their minds. They live their lives normally.

Lycan Order

A group of people determined to keep Lunacia safe. They keep everyone going. They are also looking into a cure for this Lunacy. Though some people remain sane... Others have lost their selves. The lycan order keeps these people safe at the times of their shifts.


A place always bathed in sunlight. The people have adjusted over the years. This beautiful kingdom always seems to be closed off. It is very hard to get them to let anyone in. They seem untrusting when it comes to strangers. Unless of course you are interested in joining their faction.


A group of people that keep Metanoia safe. They seem to be the most aggressive. They are usually the first to start a fight. They aren't interested in peaceful interactions.


A beautiful kingdom underwater. For most it is hard to get to, but it is the most peaceful kingdom. They really don't believe in war or violence. They are open to anyone willing to talk.

Peace Keepers

A group dedicated to keeping the peace between all the kingdoms. They don't like fighting, but they will if they have to. They like to always try talking things out first.


A kingdom surrounded by mountains. It is very treacherous path to get to this kingdom. Very strong people live here. They don't have any interest in war. They judge people by their strength. They only care that their people and god are protected.

Earth Shakers

A group that protects their goddess above anything else. Though some of them get sent to other kingdoms to make sure nothing is a miss.


This place is very hot. Most people wear exotic clothing or special made armor to deal with this heat. The people here are easily excitable and friendly.

Ignited Warriors

A group that keeps their people protected. They enjoy duels with other factions. They are probably in trouble quite a bit for this due to the fact that they are supposed to be preventing war. It is all in good fun to them though.


A lovely kingdom in the skies on floating islands. Supposedly their gods magic keeps them afloat. These people are known to be very helpful.

Guiding Wings

A group that loves helping people. Anyone who is lost is lucky if they come across one of these people. They know the land well and can guide anyone to where they need to go if lost. The guiding wings take it upon themselves to know everything about the world.
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-Emilia     233d ago

[h3 [center The land of Strength]]

[center [pic]]

[center Alexander had made the treacherous journey to Andune to join the Earth Shakers. When he approaches the gates and tells them what he is after they let him in and even lead him to the leaders of the Earth Shakers. The first one he meets is a young woman with brown hair. Just looking at her she seems to just be a normal human, but a closer look at her skin and the shine on it tells him that she is an earth gensai.

[+brown "Hello. I am the first in command Lazuli. Second in command Lava isn't here currently. I have him taking on a different mission."]

She looks up at him slowly and tilts her head. She takes in what he looks like and a small smile comes to her lips.

[+brown "Well my my... You look strong. I already know who you should be partnered up with then..."] 

She writes a couple things down without another word before her eyes return to him. She reaches in her desk and pulls out a badge with an odd-looking creature's head on the front. This was the image of their goddess.

She hands it to him. He had made it to this place that was enough to let him in without any further questions. It was hard enough getting into the mountain kingdom. Before she says anything else she calls someone in to go and get some by the name Kitra and have her wait at the tavern.

[+brown "We travel in pairs when we leave the kingdom. I have partnered you up with someone that should help you out quite a bit. She's not built like us. She's not strong in the strength department, but I feel she has her own strengths. She's a shy little thing so... Try not to terrify her. She isn't originally from here either."]

After all that is said she sends him on his way to the tavern where his partner is awaiting him.]

[h3 [center Lovely Lady]]

[center [pic]]

[center It wasn't hard to figure out which one was his party member. She was the only terrified looking one there. It is odd on why this girl could have wanted to join the Earth Shakers.

She is standing on her own avoiding all the rather strong looking Leonin that are moving around the Tavern. She looks up as Alexander steps inside and looks off to the side rather shyly. She didn't know who exactly she was supposed to be waiting on and she was nervous being here on her own. The tavern wasn't somewhere she liked to visit.]

[h3 [center The Land of the Moon]]

[center [pic]]

[center Yuukiji had lived within Lunacia for a while now. It was time for him to decide if he wanted to become a member of the lycan order. Most people were actually required to join sooner or later. Though not everyone was for combat.

Jasver was looking down at the young wolf man with a rather coldness in his eyes. He was always this way. Never exactly was a friendly person.

[+blue "Today you will be meeting up with a girl who will teach you what it is going to be like to be a part of the lycan order. You will be leaving with her to take a look at the other kingdoms and gather information. We need to protect our god at all costs."]

[center [pic]]

The man looked up as a young girl entered the room.

[+blue "Ah here she is now. She is the one that will be traveling with you for now on."]

He let out a soft sigh and then waved the two of them off. He didn't have time for them today.

The girl looked to the boy and offered a warm smile. Her tail wagged slightly behind her.

[+pink "Hello! I am Ren!"]

She was friendly and always had been. She worked for the Lycan order since she was young.]


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