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Survive [OPEN 2-4 SPOTS]

By Lovely_Poison
Backup thread

Everything we know is gone. The dead have taken over. What's worse? We're all infected.

"It's been months since the world came to an end. Some would say it was God cursing us for our continuous sins. Others would say it was the government. Either way, none of it matters now."

"What matters is survival. The way to do that? Don't get bit, scratched, or...well, die. Even if one hasn't gotten ahold of you, you'll still turn if you're brain isn't destroyed. It's rough out there."

"Another way to survive? Be careful who you decide to trust. Those fearing for their lives will toss you to a group of the undead faster than you can blink."

"If you've taken the time to read this then thank you. I don't have much time left, since one of the bastards got me, but if you don't know any of this by now, then here you go. Take it, leave it, burn it. I don't care. It won't mean anything to me anymore."

The letter sits beside a decomposing body, blood spattering the page. The bullet in the skull suggests the writer took the "easy way out."

This is a zombie thread, plain and simple! I'm just in the mood for a good zombie story!

With that said, here's what I'm looking for:

No godmodding please. Don't try to kill off someone's character without that person's permission. Don't control anyone else's character but your own unless that person gives you permission to do so.

Please be semi-lit to literate. One-liners are practically impossible to work with and don't add anything to the story. Give insight into your character's thoughts and feelings. Give others something to work with.

Decent grammar. It's difficult trying to decipher posts.

Romance is allowed, but keep in mind that ES has rules and those rules are to be followed. Any bedroom scenes need to be skipped or taken offsite. No exceptions.

Please be 18+. I'm in my twenties and don't feel comfortable writing with minors.

Real pictures, please! This is what I prefer. If you need help searching, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to lend a hand!

Doubling is allowed! I might double myself. Just let me know ahead of time!

Most of all: have fun! Be creative! This is a collaborative effort. We should all write what we want to we enjoy and can have fun with!

I know this is a lot, and thank you if you've read this far. If you're interested, send me the character sheet down below with the title of the PM your favorite color, that way I know you read everything.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Don't fully link please.

Link to your profile. Don't fully link please.


If any.

18+ please.

Just a few words.

Who were they before the apocalypse? What did they do?



Desdemona Sterling



Soft-spoken, kind, people pleaser, loyal

Desdemona was a kindergarten teacher for the elementary school that she attended when she was a child. On her off days, she was often at her mothers' house, helping her with gardening or just hanging out to watch silly Rom Coms. On the day the world ended, she was out buying a birthday gift, a new watch for her mom. Unfortunately, she never got to give it to her, and though it's broken now, she continues to wear it as a reminder of what she's lost.


Eric Caldwell

Nickname(s): E, Rick

Age: 38

Personality: Cautious, mistrusting, demanding

Bio: A general contractor by trade, Eric was a man of a thousand skills. He was caught outside of town at a newly developed gated community when it all began. It afforded him extra time to prepare, though he was making do in half-built structures and surviving through hiding mostly. As resources dwindled he was forced out into the world at large.


Name: Clifford Barnabas Burton

Nickname(s): Cliff, C, Burt, Barnabas, Ford, BB, B or anything else y'all want to call him

Age: 27

Personality: Kind, Helpful, Mildly Smartassy, Loyal, Depends on whom he is around

Bio: Clifford grew up with a single mother and was the oldest of three children. When he was seventeen, he got his GED and went into the police force and began training. He wasn't allowed to fully join until turning eighteen. The man spent the last nine years with the force and blames himself everyday for his mother's and little sisters' deaths as he had been out on a call the night they were attacked by the zombies. Now he hates the "undead" or "living dead" and wants to kill every single one of them to get revenge for his family and the hopes that others don't have to go through what he did.

Spot 4: Open
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