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Adam's Play By Post (Paused)

By ShieldHero-
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ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   195d ago

[h3 Recap]

[b Last Adam and his friends were doing they were at Blue Jay's! Searching for a researching elf that was attached to a useful device in a cave!]

[b As a side quest they agree to help a burly woman named Marl to help find her chickens. She;s a blacksmith.]

[b Welcome to Bluejay's dancing troop!]
-Emilia.Shonen.   195d ago

[h3 [center Show or Chicken]]

[center Adam looks around the place and sighs. There was a lot they could do here, but he wasn't sure what to do first. If the show was starting they would have to wait here and then go and look for the chicken. He looked around at his group curiously.

[+skyblue "So should we go and locate the chicken or stay for this show first. I really don't want to miss the elf, but I don't want something bad to happen to that chicken either."]

He seemed a little unsure of what they should do first. Maybe asking one of the dancers about when the show started would be a good idea?]
-Emilia.Druid.   195d ago

[h3 [center Chicken]]

[center The girl stood for a moment and then looked towards Adam. She could see he was worried about this. He wanted to do both things, but didn't seem to know what they should do first.

[+pink "Hey don't think too much about it Adam. It really isn't that hard. I am pretty good with animals. I could go and try to find the chicken why you wait here for that elf to show up."]

She didn't mind this. It probably would be a bit quicker if they just split up.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Splitting Up]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+gold Aww were splitting up?! Okay who should I go with than? Where should I go? The chicken has one lead right? The goblin named Grizzle saying snacks and feed? We should ask in town about that. Adam can go in and ask the dancers about an elf right? I'll go wherever I'm needed!]]

[center [b Arthur smiled as he pounded his fist upon his chest plate.]]

[center [b In Blujays was a beautiful spectacle. Drinks and dancers and many well dressed customers and even a request board! There seem to be a few dancers making a little bit of money but nothing that hinted at the man show yet. One dancer had walked up to Adam and she had a rather sly smile.]]

[center "Hey handsome, need a drink? You look a little young to be hav'en a drink if I'm bein honest. Are ya lost?]
-Emilia.Shonen.   194d ago

[h3 [center Split up]]

[center Adam looked to Arthur and Amaya. He offered a small smile. He could easily take care of himself among the dancers that wouldn't be a problem. He didn't think a fight would break out here.

[+skyblue "You should go with Amaya. I am sure I will be fine. It would be safer for the two of you traveling the town together."]

He didn't know how the whole town would be. He knew it was just a chicken, but he figured it would be for the best that they stick together.

[center [pic]]

Amaya nodded. That was fine with her. She was okay with going with someone else. It was probably a good idea not to be on her own in a place that she didn't know.

[+pink "Come on Arthur lets go!"]

She smiled lightly and headed out of the place leaving Adam to handle looking for the elf.

Adam looked up as someone approached him. 

[+skyblue "No no! I don't need a drink. Um... Actually I am looking for someone. An elf."]

He gives a description of the elf to the person that approached him hoping that maybe they had seen him.]
ShieldHero-     194d ago

[center [h3 Working Together]]
[center [pic]]

[center [b Arthur nodded but there was a small tint of red on his face. Traveling alone with Amaya? He never really been alone with a girl before but... Well it was just hunting a chicken right? Nothing to get flustered over! He shook his head and gave Adam a reassuring nod.]]

[center [+gold You can count on us! Right Amaya?]]

[center [b She had motioned for Arthur to follow her. He turned and began to follow.]]

[center [+gold O-Oh yes! Good luck Adam!]]

[center [b The tall slender human woman looked at Adam. As he began to explain.]]

[center "Know him do ya? Yeah we have a regular like that around here. Least we did? He doesn't show up as much lately but.. If he did show up he'd be here for the Star Bright dance. Sadly a few dancers really don't wanna head to it. We have a few customers that have sadly become regulars. They seem to think we are.. "Exotic Dancers." Harassing our female dancers. The owner here knows that elf though but he's too busy working on a way to help us out I'm sorry but- Oh great here comes a few now..]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red Hey hey! If it isn't my favorite place to drink!]]

[center [b With that he had walked on over wrapping his arm around the woman Adam was speaking to.]]

[center [+red Now that you're done playing mommy with this kid you ready to see you're man?]]

[center "You're not-!]

[center [+red I mean.. I can grab one of the smaller.. Fresher dancers they may be better at listening. Now.. Pour me a drink before the boss hears about you're new attitude! Maybe tonight we head to my room finally yes?]]

[center [b She gripped her fist in anger and let out a long sigh.]]

[center "I'll get you that drink... Sir.]

[center [+red Good good.]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [+gold Grizzle! Grizzllleee!]]

[center [b The two hunted downtown as they came across a small cart.. Run by a goblin! He looked on over to hear his name.]]

[center [+green That be me har har! Wanna buy some snacks! The kids usually love my sweets the most so.. You're here for farm feed I bet! Come come buy some take a look!]]

[h3 OOC]
Feel free to add you're second character.. Whenever you want! It can be in this bar! Or somewhere else or in the town!!
-Emilia.Shonen.   194d ago

[h3 [center Disgusting Guest]]

[center Adam listened as she spoke to him. Ah so he didn’t always show up very often. He didn’t know what he should do about that. If he didn’t show up that would end up being a waste of time.

[+skyblue “Ah thank you!”]

He frowned as a rather rude man came up. He didn’t like the way he was treating this woman at all. They were rather friendly dancers. He had never got a feeling of them supposedly being anything exotic.

[+Skyblue “You can’t just treat her like that.”]

He stood with his arms crossed staring at the guy his eyes bright with anger.]

[h3 [center Goblin]]

[center Amaya looked around and then noticed the Goblin as it spoke to them. She smiled brightly. That had been kind of easy.

[+pink “Hey! Um… Have you by any chance seen a chicken recently? This woman is looking for one.”]

She offered a small smile as she spoke.]
ShieldHero-     194d ago

[center [h3 Valiant]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It's at this point a large blue Dragonborn came to the fray. He had a light glow on his hands but he managed a smile.]]

[center [+blue Have I not talked this out with you're boss lads? I pay the money and you leave my precious bluejays be. Isn't that enough?]]

[center [+red Change of plans gramps! The boss said we need a few dancers of our own.]]

[center [+blue Hmm..]]

[center [b It's at this point more thugs start to flood in the room. The dragon raises his sleeves and sighs.]]

[center [+blue I really didn't want things to come to this. You.. Young one are you sure you don't wish to escape? Now would be you're chance.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+darkred Father! I won't let you fight these men alone!]]

[center [+blue Daughter of mine...]]

[center [b It's at that moment he smacks one of the bandits with a blue flame from his hand. As they surround him he raises his hands.]]

[center [+blue Take me to you're boss.. I can give something greater than dancers.]]

[center [+red Take him up boys! That was a dumb move gramps.]]

[center [+blue Adalinda I told you.. We can't cause problems. They have too many thugs and someone will get hurt.]]

[center [+darkred ...Argh! Let him go you bastards!]]

[center [b A few leave with old man leaving behind six of the thugs.]]

[center [+red You six! Get this place on lock down! Throw up a close sign no one leaves or comes in.]]

[center [b Adalinda gets behind Adam as she flares up a bit of magic. Unsheathing her rapier and despite her pointed ears? She has a bit of scales on her as well.]]

[center [+darkred Outta my way.]]

[center [b She looked to the thugs as a red hot aura came to be around her.]]

[center [h3 Chicken?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+green Chicken? Ahh yes chicken chicken! Plump yes? It comes to my cart all the time! Eats the foods and never pays! Bad chicken! Keep away from my cart!]]

[center [+gold Uhh.. Sure but where did it go?]]

[center [+green Why it matter? I sells food! You guys buying or not?]]

[center [+gold Pleasseee?]]

[center [b Persuasion 3+5=8 (Lol sucks) the Goblin looked up and down at him and goes.]]

[center [+green ..It amazes me... I sometimes forget how ugly humans are!]]

[center [+gold I... What???]]
-Emilia.Shonen.   194d ago

[h3 [center A brawl]]

[center Oh boy. Well looks like they were going to get into a fight. That was fine. He would help out. He knew part of this was his own fault, but really the dancers shouldn't be treated this way!

He didn't like it at all. He was ready to show these guys that he meant business. (Initiative 15)

[h3 [center Chicken Hunt]]

[center Well it didn't look like the goblin wanted to say much to Arthur about where the chicken could have gone. Great.

[+pink "Awww. Not all humans are bad. He's actually really sweet. If you can't tell him maybe... You could tell me..?"]

She offers a rather sweet smile leaning down to his level her hands on her hips lightly. (Persuasion 2 - 1 = 1)

She hoped that this would work.]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center Yeah it isn't going to be working.]
ShieldHero-     194d ago

[center [h3 Tavern Brawl]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Adalinda drew her rapier from her coat. She hadn't wore a shred of armor either. Running forward she slashed one of the ruffians although what she hadn't expected? Adam right beside her slashing the same one! Together they took one of them down in unison. Almost as if they had fought side by side before.]]

[center [+darkred Huh? Where did you come from? You were serious about helping out?]]

[center [b The ruffians had regrouped and counter attacked! Two striking at her and the other at Adam! Adam had tried a second strike (Surge) but sadly only to be blocked by a shortsword.]]

[center [b The first attack at the young lady was coming in hot! Slashing her over the shoulder! (Crit 5DMG!)]]

[center [b The second strike was coming in almost as quick. (18+3=21) but she had placed a shield up! Along with her scales she was able to push the strike back!]]

[center While she's got that shield up it's pointless. She's wearing down.. Get the boy!]]

[center [b The remaining three surrounded Adam. Two of the bandits are easily blocked by Adam's power and agility but the third manages to slash a shallow strike on his arm! (3dmg.)]]

[center [b Adalinda was attacking yet again she had taken a risk. Flanking around the bandits as to not hit Adam with her next spell. Two had gotten chances to strike at her! One she managed to deftly parry but the other? Scratched her side (2dmg) she was panting and feeling it now. Her shield was wavering but she let out a snarl as lightning began to spark.]]

[center [+darkred Thunder Wave!]]

[center [b Dealing 11 damage (unless con save passed) to 4 bandits near her! Three had passed however! (Taking 5damage) the one who wasn't able to hold up ended up passing out instead.]]

[center [+darkred Damn it.. Still too weak...]]

[center [h3 Cute?]]

[center [b Arthur stammered looking at Amaya she struck him more as a.. Woman of the nature and sage advice type. The way she held her hands on her hips? Her tone? Arthur couldn't help but stare for a moment.]]

[center [+gold W-Wow.. I mean Ahem! Yes could you?]]

[center [b He blushed at her calling him sweet on top of it all. It was just to get info right?]]

[center [+green Eh get pretty female goblin than Grizzle maybe! Or maybe buy a snack! Snack 1 silver but you try and play Grizzle! Play grizzle like ball! 1 gold!]]

[center [+gold What!? Are you serious?! She's way prettier than any goblin gir-- I mean that's just being rude!]]

[center [b His face was bright red as he took a gulp. Maybe she wouldn't notice.. Maybe she'd be too angry at Grizzle too right? Arthur offered the greedy goblin a gold as he gave them both a soft serve of something.. Cold and sweet?]]

[center [+gold What.. Is this?]]

[center [+green It is the screams of iced. Screams that are iced and they are delicious! Yes yes grizzle tell you, chicken went that way downtown. Always stealing my feed last saw it in downtown square and keep it from Grizzle please! It pecks and it bites!! Very mean!]]

[center [+gold Oh... Well are you ready to go Amaya?]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Adams turn! Many of them are wounded now! I forgot Adam has sentiental so before you do you're turn (He hit one for 6dmg with that feat) have him knock a guy out threatening her THAN roll for damage and all that for you're actual turn ^^ So only 3 left and 2 lost 5HP.
-Emilia.Shonen.   193d ago

[h3 [center Brawl]]

[center There really wasn't any other choice but to do this. Well it didn't seem like they wanted to attack the girl much. She was defending herself pretty well so he kind of understood why they had came after him.

He didn't know what to do next as they came at him. He got ready. He was going to have to defend himself. There weren't many left now. Hopefully he didn't end up in trouble for doing this. He had just come to this town.

He quickly struck at one of the guys that were near him. (Attack Roll 13 9dmg)

[h3 [center Cold/Sweet]]

[center Oh well. Damn. That didn't work at all. Oh well. She wasn't normally the type to try this kind of thing anyway. She wasn't happy that the price shot up, but it was her fault.

She smiled lightly and took the cold and sweet desert trying a bite of it.

[+pink "Oh! This should be worth the one gold. It's so good!"] 

She was wishing now she had just bought from him instead of trying something that she normally wouldn't. She was glad that they had gotten the info.

[+pink "Thank you so much!"]

She said warmly. She looked to Arthur.

[+pink "Lets go!"]

Sounded like they would have to be careful with that chicken.]
ShieldHero-     193d ago

[center [pic]]

[center [b One of the ruffians who was hurt from the blast before charged Adam! Only for the young swordsman to knock him down!]]

[center [b The remaining two had looked at one another. One was wounded and these two have shown their skills to not be trifled with. They had considered giving up but the girl.. She was hurt. So both had went to attack her! (Adam's sent feat goes off hitting the wounded one for 9DMG!) The last one stopped his charge at her seeing Adam took down his friend.]]

[center [+red Ahh..]]

[center [b Though he had enough time to attack the girl? (His turn) he decided it was best to drop his weapon and raise his hands in the air.]]

[center [+red I surrender... You win.]]

[center [h3 Iced Screams]]

[center [b Arthur ate his treat and began to smile like a child]]

[center [+gold It is!]]

[center [b Arthur looked at Amaya.. Had she not noticed his reaction? (11+1=12 for insight)]]

[center [+gold Hmm..? Oh yes the chicken! Let us be off!!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
Need me to take the 1GP off or you got it?
Roll survival and perception for Ayama please ^^


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