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Rei's Play by Post (Paused for Now)

By ShieldHero-
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ShieldHero-     238d ago

[h3 Recap]

[b The curse on the queen was lifted and the party was offered many options on where to go. Rei and Danny were able to reinvent themselves in the process. Rei and Cynthia have come by a resounding resolution and it's clear Kirai has too much to deal with to handle all the worlds problems alone.]

[b So Rei with renewed determination slowly finding his self confidence. Heads the party out to the one lead they have on the Red Daggers. They may be working in a strange base of operations in Romalia. It will take some time to get here, but maybe while they are there they can gain Romalia's (Land of lightning) aid against the Dragon threat.]]

[b Kirai has united and defended Radiance regrouping them and now he works to Alba. Afterwards only leaving Tristain of water and finally Germuid of shadow]

Danny,Drazen,Cynthia and Rei head off!
-Emilia.Ranger.   238d ago

[h3 [center Heading Out]]

[center So now they were setting out. After training and learning a few new things he was sure that he was ready to go now. He smiled lightly to himself and headed out. (Survival 12)

This was actually turning out rather well. They had a destination in mind. He had been able to reach out to his brother or at least someone close to him. He would work on things here so that he could make sure that Kirai would have nothing to worry about.

He knew Kirai had to focus on his own task and that was fine. Somewhere and somehow they would end up meeting.]
-Emilia.Werewolf.   238d ago

[h3 [center Questions]]

[center Drazen found himself thinking a lot. This place that they were leaving had felt rather familiar. Like he had been around this place before. Even the little arena they had fought in felt kind of familiar.

He was having a lot of trouble remembering what his life had been before he had taken that potion and became part of the order of the lycan.

He would follow after Rei for now. Maybe his memory would grow as he continued.]


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