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Sol's PbP (Paused For Now)

By ShieldHero-
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ShieldHero-     195d ago

Though Sol had gained a lead on her master in the Azure Indrusties. 
Kaida also has a lead on the Yuan Ti and Caelum

Aiden also is chasing over the Yuan Ti it seems.
Mary her own grudge to settle with the Yuan Ti.

For now they take the political information they have to head to the Great Plains capital White Mane.
To stop a member of the White Mane family from slandering their name and bringing light to the shadows that plague this country.
-Emilia.Angel.   195d ago

[h3 [center Onto White Mane]]

[center With everything taken care of it looked like they would be heading to White Mane. Good. Finally. She was hoping that maybe they could get things taken care of there.

She was worried about her old master still, but they could handle him at a later date or on the way. Who really knew. She just was feeling kind of hopeful now.]
-Emilia.Patron.   195d ago

[h3 [center Feeling At Ease]]

[center Lately Kaida was feeling a little better now. With the thought of taking out the Yuan ti and possibly helping Sol out with her master... Well... There was a lot to look forward to.

He smiled lightly to himself. He would be leaving his love behind, but he was sure everything was going to be fine.

He looked around wondering how they had gotten such a zoo. Three winter wolves and one basilisk. Not to mention that he had a snake with him.]
-Emilia.Venom.   195d ago

[h3 [center A Sense of Purpose]]

[center There wasn't much he was really going after. He had trouble with the Yuan ti that was true, but what he really longed for was just being the best jeweler in the world which he hoped to do soon. 

He was also rather smitten with the young halfling of the group. He supposed he had been smitten with her when they first met. Just the way she seemed to talk and how full of heart she was.

She was a great person. He was glad he had found this group.]


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