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Kirai's Play By Post

By ShieldHero-
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ShieldHero-Arthur   195d ago

[h3 Recap]

[b With Ayumi defeated and Kirai calmed (for now) Herron takes the flower into his care. Raven or rather Guinevere as stated her desire for the rose. Revealing that she is a death knight. Slowly losing herself she desires the flower to right her wrongs never allowing Herron to take it again.]]

[center [b She gives the party a place to meet to settle their conflict. A battle between former friends and allies. Kirai takes the down time to challenge Jack Howl winning the title of Pirate King and meeting a woman named Frost Hound a water genasi with talent that only matches her greed.]]

[center [b Kirai had come to earth shattering news by Arthur's message. He had spoken.. With Rei his beloved brother was alive and fighting the same struggle as Kirai. With renewed hope the party awakens ready to face the First Chevalier.]
-Emilia.Musician.   195d ago

[h3 [center Serious]]

[center They had spent enough time doing other things. It was time to go and take care of the woman that wanted the flower. There was no way he was going to give it over to her. He wasn't going to run from her either.

He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. He was going in a different mood then he had previously been in. There was something new or maybe it was something long forgotten that swelled in his chest.

A feeling that he had never thought would return. Hopeful. His twin had spoken to Arthur. Something that he never thought would even be possible.

Rei was alive and soon... Soon they would find one another. He could see the one that had been so easily torn away from him.

He would be able to embrace his twin again and show him the life he had made. He couldn't wait for that moment. He knew now that things would be much better.

He started towards the place they where they were suppose to meet that woman. It may be wrong, but she had to be brought down. (Survival 10 - 1 = 9)]
-Emilia.Demon.   195d ago

[h3 [center Understanding]]

[center With more understanding for her Patron it feels much easier to go out into the world. She is glad that she has been able to let someone else in as well to see her Patron.

She looks to Kirai. There is something about him that is different. She doesn't understand what it is, but she can tell... He's not as distant. There's still a barrier, but she isn't sure what it is.

Something about how he is makes her wonder what has got him seeming so different today.]
ShieldHero-Arthur   195d ago

[center [h3 Show Down]]

[center [b Arthur followed behind Kirai. He was happy.. Happy beyond belief for Kirai but... He felt a heavy burden on his heart. He was to fight the woman who gave his family meaning? Gave his family fighting spirit? The first paladin? He looked at a light glow in his hand and sighed.]]

[center [+gold We.. Fight her today huh? This blessing.. This magic... You think it all comes from her? She was our first paladin.. I come from her. Am I worthy? To tell her she is wrong?]]

[center [b Though Kirai's sense of direction wasn't on point today.. Raven had placed the mark in a way that was impossible to miss. She didn't want them to get lost after all.]]

[center [h3 Rex]]

[center [b Rex walked closely beside beside Ciel. He offered her a smile before looking to Kirai.]]

[center [+orange You look like you're in a good mood today Kirai! A-Any reason why?]]

[center [+gold Well.. It's hard to explain but... His brother's alive.]]

[center [+orange What...? Kirai is that true? How?]]

[center [b The travels had led them to a ruin heading underground. Toward.. A door. Rex couldn't kick or open the lock but... When Arthur came forward the door began to glow. Looking at the tomb it had Draconic inscribed. "Only a Chevalier may enter"]]

[center [b Arthur put his hand on the tomb door.. The door cracked open. A gust of icy wind blowing under the door. As the heavy stone doors slowly opened... Snow and wind began to pour in. Entering through the door they found a burned village. With snow on the ground.]]

[center [+gold Wait.. Snow? In Alba? How is this possible...?]]

[center [b As they entered the doors behind began to close. Arthur took a deep breath and offered a smile.]]

[center [+gold Well.. We gotta see this through now right?]]

[center [+gold Ciel... Rex... Cutie pie, you guys ready?]]

[center [b He smiled at his friends than softly at Kirai with a blushing grin. Whatever his doubts were? It was easier with Kirai by his side.]]
-Emilia.Demon.   195d ago

[h3 [center The Right]]

[center Kirai looked towards Arthur. Clearly he was having second thoughts about this. He had heard him sigh. He listened to what he had to say. He didn't know what he should say at the moment. He was thinking though. Though he isn't the one that usually initiates affection when around other people he reached out and laid a hand on Arthur's head softly.

[+orange "If anyone is actually suited to tell her that she is wrong it is you. We both know that no one should be using that flower. It should be put in a safe place."]

He lets out a soft breath and looked towards Rex when he asked about why they knew that his brother was alive. Kirai explained it the best he could. It sounded very unreal to him still, but he would believe what Arthur told him.

Someday... He hoped that he wouldn't end up regretting such trust.

[center [pic]]

[+pink "Oh that's wonderful news. I'm very happy for you Kirai."]

She smiled warmly. She was glad that he had gotten such good news. It was odd to see him in such good spirits though. To be so friendly. To offer information without much of a thought.

As they got to the place Kirai looked at the snow on the ground. One thing the blonde hated was being cold.

[+orange "Oh wonderful."]

He looked to Arthur and gave a slight nod.

[+Orange "We are here so we have to be ready."]

He took a deep breath and slowly let it out and sighed softly. Ciel nodded as well. She was ready for this.]
ShieldHero-RR   194d ago

[center [h3 Off Guard Affection]]

[center [b Kirai had placed a hand on Arthur's head. He let out a soft smile hugging Kirai in a tight embrace.]]

[center [+gold Me.. Huh? Well.. I'll do my best to judge her. As the person she is now, not as a chevalier or the legend she was.]]

[center [b Rex had looked to Kirai and nodded.]]

[center [+orange That's why his eyes shone the way they had? How odd... But it makes sense? Kind've..?]]

[center [b Rex patted Ciel on the back softly as the group prepared to enter. The destroyed village and snowy winds carried on with crackling flames. Ravens flying and cawing through the air as the gentle blizzard carried on.]]

[center [b Passing through they see many corpses on the ground. Stabbed and slashed with weapons scattered across]]

[center [+gold What.. Is this place? This can't be a tomb.]]

[center [+orange Stay on guard guys somethings wrong I feel it.]]

[center [b (Make a perception roll cutie ^^)]]

[h3 Rolls]

Arthur: Nat 20 turning 23
Rex: 8+3 =11
-Emilia.Demon.   194d ago

[h3 [center Embraced]]

[center Kirai seemed to enjoy the embrace. He hugged Arthur tightly back. He couldn't say every choice they made were probably the right ones, but they were doing the best that they could.

It didn't seem like the flower should be used at all. Not even by this woman. It was time to put an end to her. Though it was sad. She had been kind, but he felt like she might be twisted now. Even if she didn't want to be.

Ciel looked to Rex and smiled lightly. It was time to go.

This place was very odd. Hearing the warning about something not feeling right both Ciel and Kirai take a look around.]

[h3 [center Rolls]]

[center Kirai - 22
Ciel - 13]
ShieldHero-     194d ago

[center [h3 Otherworldly Ambush]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Arthur was glad to feel Kirai embrace him. It gave him the confidence and reassurance he needed to know.. This was the right choice.]]

[center [+gold Let's give her peace.]]

[center [b Arthur was determined to settle things today.]]

[center [b Traveling through the bodies had begun to waver in the wind. No, that wasn't it they were.. Twitching and moving. A cacophony of laughter and crying could be heard. One of the beast had held onto Rex despite his own warning he was caught off guard.]]

[center [b One took a massive greatsword and swung it at Arthur. The young paladin blocked the blade pushing the abomination back.]]

[center [+red Cecilla! I'll save you!!]]

[center [+purple Why? Why did you betray me Valen?]]

[center [+pink I.. I love you and a Chevalier never goes back on her word.]]

[center [+blue I'll save you because.. I'm a chevalier!]]

[center [i Hey.. It's just what Chevaliers do! Till the bitter end.]]

[center "Why?! I trusted you?!]

[center [+green I love you I-]]

[center [+brown It's hopeless! I died for nothing!!]]

[center [b The words coursed and rung through the air. The tales and stories of every Chevalier of old. These fallen knights all wielding blades in hand came to do battle once again. Regret.. Sorrow.. Confusion hate.. Love..Joy..Pride. Arthur felt a glow in his chest as it began to dim.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+gold I know not.. Who put you in this terrible tomb but.. As you're decedent I will give you peace. I will give you that final battle you crave so... Come on! Hit me with everything you've got!]]

[center [b His face was stern as he held his blade close. Not a hint of laughter or a smile. The man clad in armor awaited as the horde came to approach him and his allies.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Rex has the surprised condition no one else though (13 was the DC) 

There are 23 fallen knight's (Horde so shared Initiative)
Roll for Initiative!

Arthur: 18
Rex: (Surprised): 17
Fallen Chevaliers: 4
-Emilia.Demon.   194d ago

[h3 [center Voices]]

[center What was all this talking. He frowned faintly. He then took his place a step behind Arthur. He was ready to help him out with this battle.

He was glad to see Arthur standing so tall. A handsome young man that... Huh... His heart kind of skipped a beat. It didn't do that normally.

No time to think about it.

Ciel stood behind Rex but could see he wasn't really himself. All of this surprised him. It had almost got her too. She would try to stop them before they could get too close to him.]

[h3 [center Rolls]]
[center Ciel - 14
Kirai - 20]
ShieldHero-     194d ago

[center [h3 Salvation]]

[center [b Arthur standing beside his comrades. Close to Kirai as usual but ready to defend any one of them.]]

[center [b They began to close in but Kirai was quick! Dashing to the side casting a powerful snow storm at seven of the fallen Chevaliers! Knocking them to the ground though they began to... Vanish into the air.]]

[center [+pink Thank you... For freeing me.]]

[center [b Arthur wasn't sure what was going on but Kirai was quickly clearing a path for them!]]

[center [b Arthur would normally compliment Kirai but for now he was focused on the fight ahead.]]

[center [b Arthur stepped dashing at six of them striking from the left. He couldn't let them get close to his friends.]]

[center [b Arthur raised his blade up with holy light. Crashing down with a divine smite wind and gust blew through the air. The attack had barely managed to take out one of them. Arthur sighed softly it was clear in raw offensive power he was no where near Kirai's power.]]

[center [+gold Guess we can't all measure up to the hero huh?]]

[center [b Rex had looked around shaking his head. (Ending his surprise.)]]

[center [+orange Sorry I.. Let them catch me off guard.]]

[center [b Ciel had stepped up coming to the plate shooting a massive gust of flame arcana. Exploding a unit herself taking 4 down and wounding another 3 badly as they barely evaded the attacks.]]

[center [b Arthur remembered once that Kirai and Ciel said they couldn't hold their own in a head on fight. Yet... They seemed to possess power that Rex and Arthur were struggling to keep up with in this moment. They were a two person army.]]

[center [b The chevaliers on both sides were fast.. Faster than most living creatures truly. Both remaining sides came clashing down at Kirai! Arthur striked one with a fierce blow! (18DMG) a bit of light from his blade stopping the chevalier from moving. The other six however? Had made it to Kirai. Of those six three had managed to slash at the scaled mage?]]

[center [b The three surrounding Rex had managed to get one slash in! (Kirai took 29dmg and Rex 6damage)]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Top of the turn order Kirai's turn again! 10 of them remain but 4 are badly hurt of those ten.
No save throws one going out just dissapear. Go ahead and post what Ciel does too ^^ Makes it easier.
-Emilia.Demon.   193d ago

[h3 [center Firey Spell]]

[center Quickly Kirai takes this chance to fey step away from them. He wasn't going to let them just group up and beat on him. That was just unfair. Sighing he got himself ready to cast again. This time he wouldn't be using ice.

He casted fireball on that whole group that had tried to swarm him. (26 dmg. Dex save needs to be 18)

Ciel sees that Rex has a small group around him and knows that she needs to help him.

She settles for using Eldrich blast against them. She doesn't want to risk hurting Rex with a bigger spell. (Attacks each one once. (Nat 20 = 30 9dmg) (Nat 20 = 30 14dmg) (Attack Roll 12 Miss)

She hit two hard but misses the other. She gives a slight shake of her head. Damn.]
ShieldHero-     193d ago

[center [h3 Giving Peace]] 


[center [b Kirai was able to blow three of them away while wounding the other 3 greatly. One had managed to somewhat dodge the blast taking less damage.]]

[center [b Ciel herself began to support Rex as best as she could. Rex looked her with a soft smile.]]

[center [+orange T-Thanks babe!]]

[center [b "Babe.. Really Rex? Babe? How cheesy is that? This is serious for Arthur and Kirai and you.. Babe?! It just came out... Even when I have a girlfriend.. I don't know when or how to talk like that. No.. Rex focus this is serious even Arthur's serious... Use you're blade and cut a path for you're friends you can't be caught off guard again!"]]

[center [b He took a deep breath raising his massive flametongue ready to strike. He uses a bonus action to call upon the flame's command.]]

[center [+orange Blaze!]]

[center [b The fire sets aflame as he strikes at one Ciel wounded most. 17 physical damage! 8 Fire damage!]]

[center [b The spirit had fallen thanking them for freeing their spirit.]]

[center [+lightblue I can.. Stand by her side again.. Thank you.]]

[center [b Rex wasn't sure what was going on but he carried to the next striking yet again! Wounding it severely he followed up with his final strike! Knocking it to ground before it vanished.]]

[center [b Arthur looked to the one he was near. "Rex is.. Fast as usual today." Striking the wounded chevalier he was able to cut it down. (15physical damage and 3 radiant for 18DMG)]]

[center [+blue I hope I.. Served ye well sire....]]

[center [b Arthur was able to move thirty feet to the right to aid Rex! (Extra attack)]]

[center [b Swinging his sword it's glow shone brighter than before. (10 PHY damage, 8radiant damage from passive smite.)]]

[center [b The creature had stumbled back looking at Arthur as he held his shield in front.]]

[center [b The last remaining Chevaliers began to charge Ciel as Kirai was too far. The one Arthur and Rex had been fighting went toward her! Except.. Rex had cut it down right before it could! (Reaction attack of opportunity)]]

[center [b Two reach her but the third? Is blocked off by Kirai! So it swings at him instead! The other two swinging at her! These final three were making one last stand.]] 

[center [+gold I hope.. You can find peace.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

His homebrew wolf crystal spell save 19

All the attacks missed by the way. The ones against Ciel and Kirai xD
So you're turn ^^
-Emilia.Demon.   192d ago

[h3 [center Finish]]

[center Ciel looked towards Rex and smiled lightly. She didn't seem to mind the pet name even if it wasn't the time for it? Oh no. They were all coming for her.

They weren't able to hit her though and the other had been blocked by Kirai and even he didn't get hit.

Kirai readied himself. It was time to take the last ones out now. He readied himself and looked at the one in front of him. It had tried to strike him, but he blocked it with scales along his arms.

He moved forward quickly striking for its chest. The blade went through easily. The thing had been so hurt. It fell easily fading away. Kirai stood quietly looking to where he may need to attack next.

Ciel looked at the two around her. What should she do now? She looked around and sighed softly. (Attack Roll 15 8dmg if it hits) (Attack Roll 25 9dmg) (Attack Roll 23 12dmg)]
ShieldHero-RR   192d ago

[center [h3 Last Steps]]


[center [b Ciel's blast began to blow chunks away from one of the last Chevaliers. The had raised their blades ready to counter attack. Two striking at her while another attacked Rex. Ciel and Rex almost as if a beautiful duet had dodged and weaved between the enemies attacks. Rex raising his blade had attacked one she had weakened so badly. Flaming blade in hand he sent it's spirit to a swift end.]]

[center "To be.. You're blade once more..."]

[center [b Arthur's heart began to ache as a glow in his chest shone. Their stories.. Thoughts and ambitions began to flow into him. He knew... What they had fought for. Yet they had a feeling of..]]

[center [+gold Betrayal.. But.. Why?]]

[center [b Rex flipped over slashing his blade downward an one elegant move. Running toward the final one he clashed blades with it. A will had shone in it's eyes. It.. Wanted to give one last charge. A clash of blades and a test of wills. Rex narrowly dodging it's attacks before kicking apart it's legs to weaken it's stance. Spinning around he cried out one final blow.]]

[center [+orange Find... Peace!!]]

[center [b And with that the final one had been slain. The spirit had begun to fade.]]

[center [+teal Thank you... Vintsvent... Chevalier... Akalui... And of course.... Aragor....]]

[center [b It had spoken the last bit looking toward Ciel with one last smile. It's flesh returning to reveal that of a noble dame. Her body disappearing into the wind.]]

[center [+gold You are welcome... All of you have fought well. You didn't deserve to be trapped here.]]

[center [h3 Crimson Snow]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b A few ironclad footsteps could be heard in the snow. Raven hair flowing through the icy gust of wind. The bite of the icy flurry had lost all meaning on her pale cheeks. It's her the party can see any life her party had once had is no longer present. All that stood before them was a cold dead woman.]]

[center [+gold Ra-.. Guinevere.]]

[center [+red This tomb.. Is nothing but a spell. A prison for our people. Held by a warden that I am leashed by magic to keep secret. With that flower.. My warden will hold us no longer. The Chevaliers will bear no master. With righteous fury we will be our own masters to control fate and our own destiny. With our own two hands! I spent my life in loyal service! Only to be betrayed only to know hardships and suffering. For the sake of the world I died. So that it may continue to live only for it to be a hairs breath away from destruction again! I will not serve as some loyal mutt. I will lead this world to greener pastures and I will right the wrongs that were made. This is my oath that is the path I must follow.]]

[center [+gold I... I understand, I don't know who betrayed you. If it was an old Akalui or if it was one of us.. Maybe someone entirely different. This spell has shown me many threads and paths my future can take...]]

[center [+red I know, it does to all Chevaliers.]]

[center [+gold I know had Kirai betrayed me.. I'd have been a blade of vengeance. One to never trust and one to only know feeling when I smite darkness. When to feel pleasure when my enemies are destroyed. To know satisfaction that no one can claw a way into my cold dark heart.]]

[center [+red Why not.. Prevent that future and serve with me.]]

[center [b A shroud of darkness had threatened to overtake Arthur. He had simply looked to her with a look of sorrow. He slowly began to shake his head. Gripping his fist tightly as a light began to banish the darkness.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He had swung his blade filled with divine light.]]

[center [+gold With this blade I break free the chains that have shackled you. The rage that has trapped you, the despair that guides you will be destroyed today. This I swear upon my oath, the oath of devotion I have to the one true partner to my soul Kirai Akalui and to my devotion to this world. And to the devotion I hold toward you.. The first true Chevalier Guinevere. I will give you peace!]]

[center [b The woman stood in silence before she began to cackle. They have heard her laugh before and in the past it had been warm and endearing. Here however? It was as cold as the heart that had stopped beating ions ago.]]

[center [+purple You think you can do centuries of pain? With what? A few nice words and a stroke of you're shining blade? This isn't a fairy tale boy! You'll learn as I did... Through death will you only understand the futility of the path you stand in!! Chevalier! Vintsvent! Akalui! And host of Aragor! Let this be my parting gift. Come.. My most faithful Chevaler Du Lac! Let us do battle once more!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Yes my lady, you're word is law.]]

[center [+gold Du Lac.. You were her faithful second. How could you let her fall like this?]]

[center [b Du lac greeted the young knight with nothing but silence and contempt. Arthur had used divine sense upon the two.]]

[center [+gold Her glow is much stronger than his, he isn't a lightweight but he's not even half as strong as she is. Just thought you guys should know!]]

[center [+orange I guess I'm in the fight of my life... Well I wouldn't do anywhere else.. With anyone else. Let's show them what were made of.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
1150 EXP for Everyone (I already did Rex and Arthur's we are so close to a LV up haha)

Rex: 17
Arthur: 14
Du Lac: 9 (Actually had a +2 modifier lol)
Guinevere:  19 (No modifier she just got lucky)
-Emilia.Demon.   191d ago

[h3 [center A Name]]

[center So that was it. The name of the being within her? Was that it? Or were they just all confused. She didn't know, but she watched as the last ones were all brought down. There would be no rest though.

The very woman they were coming to face now stood before them. They would have to take her out now.

She readied herself. There wasn't anything else left for them to do.]

[h3 [center Enough]]

[center Kirai said nothing this entire time. He allowed Arthur this. This was for him. He stood only silently at his side as that was what he was supposed to do.

There was one thing though... He was so tired of them having his last name on their lips. He readied his blade. There was no more talking he knew that.

It was time to just finish this. Let her lay to rest in this damned tomb.]

[h3 [center Rolls]]

[center Ciel - 11
Kirai - 14 (With an 8 XD) Kirai would let Arthur go first.]
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   191d ago

[center [h3 Death Knight]]


[center [b Guinevere seemed to look at Rex.. Ciel and lastly Kirai.]]

[center [+red Let us be through with this.]]

[center [b She had taken a deep breath Longsword and shield in hands. A magical energy began to glow into her hand as she looked at Arthur, Kirai who is 10 feet behind him and Rex ten feet beside him. Ciel who is ten feet behind Rex.]]

[center [+red In..]]

[center [+purple In the tales of old a wicked death knight would save his powers for when things looked most grim for the heroes but.. I cannot afford such a luxury. So here and now I'll hit you with all I've got.. My soul and will. A spell I can only muster once a day...]]

[center [b A darkred orb of flame and shadow began to form in her longsword hand. Gripping the flame she shot it forward at Arthur. The force seemed to shake the foundation of the village melting the snow instantly as a massive wave of death and flame hurled towards the party. Arthur raised his shield up (Aura of protection) his holy light to protect his friends. (+3 to their saves)]]

[center [+gold Be ready comrades! It's coming in hot!!]]

[center [b (Dex save DC18!) Arthur was able to shield himself from the blow at least partially as the fire began to singe at his armor and skin. Rex attempted to dodge but even within Arthur's light he was caught within the blast.]]

[center [b 33 Fire damage! 43 necrotic damage! For 66 damage in total! 33 damage if succeeded.  (Except Ciel and Kirai take 16 fire damage. This is halved if the save is a success)

[center [b Rex is sent blasting back singed in shadow and flame. Coughing up blood he pants as he uses his blade to stand himself back up.]]

[center [+orange Heh.. Been awhile since I've been blasted that hard. Not bad for a supposed legend.]] 

[center [b He looks around to see.. Ciel and Arthur standing strong in the gust. Kirai looked even worse off than Rex. "How are those two..?" He looked to Arthur as he shouted back to his comrades.]]

[center [+gold Hold fast! We will not yield to darkness. Not today nor any other.]]

[center [b Rex took a deep breath as he his body began to relax. His breathing began to ease and his pain lessen. He took a step up as he dashed to Du Lac]]

[center [+orange Let's cut off the weaker link shall we!]]

[center [+blue If you seek death boy you shall have it.]]

[center [b Rex had spun parrying his blade for a downward slash. (20DMG) Turning back around he had swung again scraping him with flaming blade. (16DMG.) He kicked off the undead knight flipping into the air to set up his third strike! Slashing through through rotted flesh and bone (21dmg.) Before he could respond with any attack in kind Rex had pushed his body farther. To attack faster than before. His muscles had began to bulge and strain through the surge of energy. Kicking his blade out of the way he stabbed into the durable knight yet again (20 damage) He than head butted the rotted knight. Kicking his legs apart as he angled his sword down for another slash. (23DMG.) Hitting him with the pommel of the blade he stuns him to drive his blade into the knight's chest. (21dmg.) A total of 121DMG!)

[center [b The knight closes his eyes before pulling the blade out pushing Rex back. His movement was staggering but he was standing.]]

[center [+blue Ahh.. It hasn't been since my fight with the elf.. Had been beaten so soundly. But I will fight till my body can no longer fight.]]

[center [b Arthur had pounded his boot into the snow as he charged valiantly. His cold steel rushing through the winter snow. The light of his glimmering blade reflected in the snow around them had shone bright.]]

[center [+gold Divine.. Smite! (LV2)]]

[center [b 31 Damage! Arthur was ready to strike again but the knight had fallen to his knee's]]

[center [+blue I see.. I was never a match for one.. Brave enough to be... A hero in this cold forgotten world....]]

[center [b He had fallen to his knee's before disappearing completely.]]

[center [+purple Du Lac! ..Fine I will carry our will on. Alone.]]

[center [b Arthur charged at her with blade in hand (Extra attack)]]

[center [+gold Enough of this Farce! Guineverrrrre!]]

[center [b He cried out as he leapt to strike to out at her. She had easily blocked him with her ebony clad shield pushing him back.]]

[center [+purple If you think taking me down will prove just as easy I'm afraid you will be gravely disappointed.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Rex has +7 in Dex saves and +3 with Arthur.
He rolled a god damn 4.
So 13 but not good enough.
Arthur rolled 15 (He doesn't have negative on this campaign just average)
+3 from his aura so 18

Kirai's turn! Than Ciels!
-Emilia.Demon.   190d ago

[h3 [center Only One Left]]

[center Kirai watched as Rex really did in the other person that she had with her. Then Arthur swept in and finished him off. He was wounded. Badly wounded. He hadn't expected the flames. He hadn't been able to protect himself. His dragon scales even burned. He was barely standing.

He growled lightly as he stood there. A coldness entering his eyes. No one got him this low. NO one did this to him. Someone that was once looked at with trust easily fell to the lowliest insect on the planet. 

He readied himself to attack. He planned on hitting hard if he could. He would make her feel the very pain he was feeling all over his body now. That cold and cruel look that he gave everyone that stood in his way was on his face.

He never said a word simply got ready to cast. Using his single sixth level spell slot. With no one else that he had to split the rays up on he could focus all seven rays directly at the woman that stood in his path.

He would burn her down. Like she should have been when she first became this monster. (Attack Roll 25 6dmg) (Attack Roll 15 6dmg if it hits) (Attack Roll 24 11dmg) (Attack Roll Nat 20 = 29 18dmg + 5 = 23dmg the + 5 is from Elemental Affinity. When he does this he also uses one sorcery point to become resistant to fire damage.) (Attack Roll 27 4dmg) (Attack Roll 21 5dmg) (Attack Roll 11 10dmg if it hits)

Every hit held all of Kirai's wrath behind it.

Ciel watched Kirai quietly. One of those fire moves hit so hard. She wasn't expecting it honestly. She gave a slight shake of her head. She had seen Rex practically take out the extra guy as well.

They were all so powerful. Even Arthur who had finished the other guy off. Now Kirai was aiming to down the woman as quickly as possible.

She had to do something too. She readied herself. Though she used it a lot. She decided with Eldrich blast. She would get three times to try and damage her. She figured that's why Kirai had chosen to use Scorching Ray. (Attack Roll 28 9dmg) (Attack Roll 29 13dmg) (Attack Roll 23 10dmg)

She felt pretty strong herself, but she didn't think she compared to Kirai. She stood quietly looking at the woman. Was she even hurt?]

[h3 [center OOC]]

[center WHOOOOOO NAT TWENTY!!!!!!!]
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   190d ago

[center [h3 Standing Tall]]

[center [b Arthur had looked to Kirai his eyes were full of compassion but his tone was.. Firm? No that wasn't the word, strong almost as if Arthur had grown up if just by a little bit. He looked to his dearest Kirai.]]

[center [+gold Stand tall love! We will press the advantage.]]

[center [+orange I.. Yeah me and Arthur will hold her here.]]

[center [b Raven had scoffed at Kirai's glance waving her arm away.]]

[center [+purple I thought you different from other Akalui. That down sizing gaze when you're so desperate. I thought we could fight as former comrades. I should have known.. An Akalui's pride rules him. Well.. Creature ruled by emotion allow me to free you of those chains.]]

[center [b Her flesh had begun to rot on her face and her softer expressions had begun to fade away. Kirai and Ciel had blasted away dealing massive damage. Blood and flesh falling to the now crimson snow. She had decided to go handle those in the back first she had been in enough battles before to know how to handle this.]]

[center [b Rex had swung his sword in order to stop her advance swinging his flaming sword past her shield. Searing her flesh (20 damage)]]

[center [b Arthur takes his blade to do the same. She had smacked his blade aside.]]

[center [+purple I know you're fighting style, you hit me and I'll never be able to advance. It's a Chevalier style through and through.]]

[center [b With that she made her way to Kirai with longsword in hand! The physical slash had hurt but wasn't enough to take him out.. Not until her shadow enraptures her blade consuming his body and cutting him up dealing neurotic damage.]]

[center [+purple Fall.. Sleep to the snow Kirai. You're fight is over.]]

[center [+gold Noooooo! Damn you! Raven... How could you!?]]

[center [+purple Now for Aragor.. Ciel, forgive me. May you're soul find peace.]]

[center [b She takes another step forward slashing at Ciel. (Extra attack) she hacks once from the left slashing her away as blood and shadow consumed her.]]

[center [+red RAAAAAGH!]]

[center [b A roar and a spirit could be heard.. Behind Ciel.]]

[center [+red Ciel! Use that pain! Give me.. You're rage.. You are not Aragor.. You are not me. But Ciel! Peace? Show this woman flame Ciel! Cry it out! Rebuke this woman!]]

[center [b A flame surrounded Ciel as it began to surround Raven. An immolation of flame as she finally let out a scream of pain and anguish. She stumbled back desperately slashing at Ciel like a wild animal trying to put her down. Though the slash lands shadow and blood spewing in the air. Ciel.. Was still standing even if it was in a pool of her own blood.]]

[center [+purple What.. What kind of monster are you?! How.. Can a creature like you exist? How?!?! To hold Aragor's power... This cannot be... No... This isn't just his power.. Ciel.. Have I made a mistake.. Not looking into you..? Heh... Damn it.. Damn it!]]

[center [b Her flesh was almost gone now as she began to cackle. Her laughter lost in the icy winds as she let out a small murmur a rumbling growl. Arthur had ran over to help Kirai.]]

[center [+gold Wake up! Lay on hands! (55HP)]]

[center [b His light began to breathe life back into his dearest.]]

[center [+gold My beloved.. Are you okay?]]

[center [b He held him close his eyes tear stung.]]

[center [+gold I was... Such a fool.]]

[center [b Rex had charged through the bloodied snow attacking at this.. Death knight.]]

[center [+orange Hands off of her! I'll.. I'll kill you!!]]

[center [b Rex had swung wildly his first strike blocked with ease. He attempted to kick off her shield sliding in to kick her legs apart. His classic move was stopped as she pounded her shield in the ground head butting him backward. He had spun around from the attack swinging with unexpected force and desperate might. The attack had almost landed on her. Pushing her body to limits further than before she had deftly parried his strike in a twirl of clashing blades.]]

[center [+orange Damn..]]

[center [+purple A..Worthy..Opponent..]]

[center [b Her voice was distorted and her words had become slower. She looked back to Kirai standing in anger but Arthur had moved himself to surround her (His movement.) He couldn't stop her from attacking Kirai but if she did he could still strike in that moment. (His feat) she looked around swinging wildly. Raising her arm she began to slash at Kirai yet again!]]

[center [+gold No!]]

[center [b He swung in order to stop her but she had clashed blades with the boy pushing him back. Spinning around she continued her slash against Kirai.]]

[center [+purple Fall..Again..Akalui!!]]

[center [b Her first slash had missed him but her next two slashes? Had blown the slender man away. His blood dancing in the shadow's. Arthur winces painfully.]]

[center [+gold Bastard!]]

[center [b Arthur realizes he can't.. Stop her from striking him down so he has to end this... Here and now.]]

[center [+gold Maximum searing smite!]]

[center [b He encased his blade in flame as he looked toward Raven. He ran past her armor, she had blocked him so much he had learned.. Where to slash. Smashing his blade through her weakest point.]]

[center [+gold Divine.. Smite!]]

[center [b The searing and holy powers collided exploding around her body (46 damage) she shouted out in pain as Arthur's sword glew yet again. He wasn't done.. Not yet (extra attack)]]

[center [b The ground had begun to shake.. Light encased the man's blade and his shield. His body as well.. One looking outside in? Wouldn't say he was covered light. It was almost as if he had become light itself. His eyes shone bright. With a flourish of his blade he began to duel the beast once known as his friend. Ducking every strike blocking every counter attack. He began to push her back, kicking her backward he raised his blade bathed in it's divine embrace.]]

[center [+gold May you find peace Raven.. Gwen. Divine.. Retribution!]]

[center [b He cried out the name of his technique one he had practiced but could rarely maintain. (Critical divine smite) the light came crashing down. Every house very tree shook under it's pressure and Raven tried her best to block to stop the light. It began to swarm and surround her. A scream came from her body before a massive explosion had taken place. (75 god damn damage wtf)]]

[center [b Arthur ran to Kirai healing him again (Lay on hands 1HP for now)]]

[center [+gold Kirai!!]]

[center [+darkred Heh.. You've... Bested me...]]

[center [b Her body began to disappear but her flesh.. It was like her whole being had been purified.]]

[center [+darkred I.. Underestimated you.. You all.. Arthur.. I thought you a pup.. And you're lover a mad man... But... Hear me.. Careful who you trust. You must.. Guard that flower.... Ahh.. Du Lac.. Mother.. Father.. I hear you calling for me.]]

[center [+darkred ..Thank you.. Thank you all.. Too long.. Was I trapped in hate.. And regret.. I had lost... My light.. I had lost... Me.]]

[center [+darkred I can do.. Little to repay this kindness... Kirai.. Arthur.. Have you ever wondered why are plane is called Fractum..? I've almost had these answers once.. Answers I could share but... It's all a distant haze now...]]

[center [b The village begins to restore to it's former green and lush. Flowers and the spirits of laughing children. Raven smiles with tears in her eyes.]]

[center [+darkred We are.. Free Here.. Before this place vanishes... Take the stones..]]

[center [b She points to a stable at the end of the street.]]

[center [+darkred Give them to you're steeds.. They will serve you well..

[center [+darkred Ahh.. Du Lac.. I've lead you astray... Will there be.. An after life for me..? Do I deserve this..?]]

[center [b It was than a man with wings and blonde hair entered. He looked.. Like an older version of Kirai! He pulled Raven up but her body.. Had stayed behind.]]

[center [+darkred What...? A-Akalui..? Lord?]]

[center [+yellow [i You have served us.. And me well. I have asked too much of the Chevaliers.. Kirai remember from my mistakes child. The mistakes of those long past. The Chevaliers.. Deserve to stand in the light again. Come my oldest friend Gwyn.]]

[center [b Darkness threatened to pull her soul to the lower planes but his light.. And his wings banished the darkness away. He had pulled her into his arms with a smile as she began to cry. Looking to Kirai in her tears with nothing but gratitude to the young man.]]

[center [+darkred I was wrong.. Wrong about the Akalui's..]]

[center [b Her body vanishes her armor and shield but.. Her blade stays? The darkness vanishing from it. The forefather sends her spirit upward as she waves to them.]]

[center [+darkred Good bye.. And thank you. For everything.. If I can.. I will watch over you. Take my blade.. You deserve it.. All of you.]]

[center [b She had vanished without a trace but.. The blonde man? Had fell downward into the blade itself. Almost as if the blade has absorbed him. He looked to Kirai and no one else.. With a.. Knowing glance.]]

[center [+gold Kirai.. Who was that guy..? Why did he look like you..? Why is he in.. The Chevalier family sword? Ahh.. Well we did it! And.. She's happy now.]]

[center [b He smiled pulling all his friends close into a warm embrace.]]
-Emilia.Demon.   189d ago

[h3 [center Knocked Down Twice]]

[center It wasn't long that Kirai actually got to stand. Though Arthur had tried his best to keep her away from him. She had been able to get to him.

Tasting his own blood in his mouth as well as laying within it really wasn't something he enjoyed doing and if he could have gotten back up, he would have and he would have hurt her in the worst ways possible.

Yes, he was starting to find some compassion, but one thing he couldn't stand being was being knocked off his pedestal. 

Ciel hadn't expected to be attacked next, but when she was the rage that swallowed her was something she could barely contain. She narrowed her eyes and pointed towards the woman. That fire that would consume her would be much stronger than she expected. That was fine though.

She would get back exactly what was thrown at her.

Kirai woke to Arthur healing him. He stood up wiping blood from his mouth and narrowed his eyes. He didn't realize that this stance would mean nothing. He wasn't going to be able to do a damned thing.

[+orange "I am fine."]

He wasn't fine. He was hurting and he was angry. A dangerous anger that always fueled his worst sides.

It didn't matter that he was standing again. The bitch came after him again and no one was able to stop her. He narrowed his eyes. He was able to dodge one of the slashes by luck, but he was unable to handle the next to.

He was down again. A writhing pain feeling his body. Again, laying within his own blood and tasting it in his mouth. An awful sensation. 

Ciel could do nothing to defend the blonde elf. She wished that she could have. As Arthur finished off the woman she quickly ran over to Kirai and dropped down to his side to check on him. He had taken a lot of damage from all of this.

All that blood and all those wounds. He looked bad, but he was at least breathing even if it was labored. He could have died from this. She wondered if this was all worth it to him.

Maybe he shouldn't have just let Herron have the flower... Look where it was getting him.

She watched as Arthur came over and healed him again.

Kirai sat up though barely feeling much better than when he had been lying in the cold snow.

Everything that took place had them all entranced. A man that looked so similar to him and yet... Spoke so much like Rei.

He remembered something a long time ago. Something that he had heard his father say.

[+orange "He looks like him... By Rei... Rei has his heart."]

He sighed softly and just shook his head. He didn't have any actual answers. Just a fuzzy memory.

Ciel looked at all of them. Hurt and yet alive.

[+red 'We really need to stop getting into death battles."]

She felt she had more to say, but for now she would just keep it to herself. Somethings were better to say later.]
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   189d ago

[center [h3 Moving On]]

[center [b Arthur had hugged Kirai close to his chest.]]

[center [+gold Thank Radiance you are okay! I'm so happy to see that handsome face!! I'm glad.. We gave her peace.]]

[center [b Kirai had.. A clue of what this man was bit it confused Arthur.]]

[center [+gold Huh? What about you and Rei..? So you do know that guy? Looks like he knew you.]]

[center [b Arthur picked the sword up only for the hilt to burn him]]

[center [+gold Ahh! Well.. Guess we'll have to wrap it in cloth to carry it.]]

[center [b Arthur had went to the stable to retrieve the stones. Coming back out they had strange markings of many beast on them. Clothing the sword up the group was able to retrieve it. Ciel had told them to stop getting in death battles. Arthur blinked as he laughed a bit finally back to his old self at least.. A bit.]]

[center [+gold Haha, well can't say we have a choice huh? Besides what doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? We can't slack off while Rei's doing his best out there.]]

[center [+orange T-True but.. We should be careful. B-But Arthur.. What was that power? It shook the whole village.]]

[center [+gold I'm.. Not sure honestly. Let's just say luck was with us huh? Well are you guys ready to head back and get some rest? If you need it hun I can heal you a little more.]]

[center [b He said as he held Kirai close to his side. Rex had stood by Ciel's looking at her wounds.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm sorry I can't heal you..]]

[center [b "Classic Rex.. Useless yet again... Ugh.. Least we won right? Ciel and Arthur.. Have gotten so strong... Rex remembers a time they all relied on his fighting prowess even Kirai. Now? They could do so much even alone. That was good right? Yet.. Rex missed that feeling.. Feeling of being needed."]]
-Emilia.Demon.   188d ago

[h3 [center Well Deserved Rest]]

[center Sighing the blonde allowed himself to be hugged close. He was tired out. Ready to just go somewhere and rest awhile. To sleep and maybe never wake up again. That all sounded wonderful.

[+orange "I don't know if okay is exactly the right word for it."]

He didn't feel right. Something about all this... It had his mind racing. Something it didn't do normally. Who and what was he putting his life on the line for right now?

He was quiet even though Arthur and everyone were talking. He didn't say anything else after his statement just a minute ago. He needed time. Time to think everything over. Time to decide if he was really sure this was all worth it.

If Rei was fighting this same battle. He closed his eyes and gave a slight shake of his head. No. Maybe he shouldn't be fighting the same battle. Maybe he needed to go back to wherever he had been hiding. He was beginning to wonder if any of this was worth it.

He could have died... Over something as little as a stupid flower... And the man he was doing all of this for...

He felt a kind of sickness in his stomach and in his heart. A feeling of trust possibly breaking. Maybe a realization that he was doing too much for someone that he knew so little about.

[+orange "I think I need rest."]

Finally, he spoke again after everyone seemed done talking.

Ciel looked to Rex and offered a small smile. She was hurt, but she was going to find. She knew that.

[+red "It is okay really!"]

She looked to Kirai who seemed to have a lot of emotions running over his features. He wasn't even trying to hide them. She looked to Rex and to Arthur.

They were all getting stronger, and she was glad for that. She looked to Kirai as he spoke.

[+red "I think he's right. We should get out of here and go rest for a bit before thinking of what to do next."]]
ShieldHero-RR   188d ago

[center [h3 Care]]


[center [b Arthur had taken his spells healing Kirai a little more so that he could comfortably move. He didn't want him racked in pain.]]

[center [+gold Yeah.. That was a tough fight. She was the first Chevalier and that was her right hand.. So I'm not too surprised honestly. Still... I'm glad you're alive.]]

[center [b (Insight 13-1 from Arthur to Kirai) Arthur notices.. Kirai feels a little down. Rex as well, was it down? Or was it more? He's never been taken down so fast.. Let alone twice. Arthur too a deep sigh helping him up.]]

[center [+gold We all get knocked on our butts. It happens, it's having the strength to stand up again that matters.]]

[center [b Rex nods awkwardly as he grabs one stone from Arthur. He holds Ciel's hand close as they begin to head back.]]

[center [b Arthur placed hands on Ciel's shoulders as he began to heal her as well.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm fine don't worry about me.]]

[center [h3 Dinner and Rest]]

[center [b Heading back the group wasn't eating in the tavern bar. Instead the 4 of them had ordered food and were Kirai's room. 5 Gold for some pretty decent meals a treat of Arthur's. Though it was... More quiet than usual. Arthur wasn't sure what to say but maybe let Kirai think?]]

[center [+orange So tomorrow where heading to the Scorching Jewel right? Alba's capital? You think they'll really agree.. T-To help Radiance?]]


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