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The Forgotten World

By ShieldHero-
Backup thread

[center [h3 Opening]] [center [b This world's name has been lost. The "great collapse" left the world torn and broken. Civilization destroyed and much knowledge was lost.. Those who had started the war? Were long gone the reasons along with them. The weapons that were used left the planet scared and fractured. It's been 25 years since that terrible event but there came another factor with the great collapse. This world hadn't had magic before but... It's collided with other planes if only for a bit. Causing humans to cast magic and develop strange fighting styles. Many beast and creatures have to ended up trapped here on this strange torn world. Most of the modern world is encased in nature and magic now with humanity making it's effort to rebuild. You're characters are survivors and or unexpected visitors of this world.]] [center [b Our journey begins here in the continent of Tislune.Tislune is an overgrown green land full of fauna and beast. This is where the group will be starting our journey.]] [h3 Setting] [b This world is an apocalyptic nature grown world. Affected by a sort of WW3. However there is some "unknown" factor that caused magic and many magical beast into the world. So while you may see ruins of tanks and choppers. People still fight using blades,sorcery,firearms.] [h3 Rules] 1: This will be set as a PbP DnD campaign. So can make characters on DnD beyond and send me the link. (DnD beyond is free to make up to 6 characters.) If you have any questions just me know ^^ 2: Be respectful to one another out of character, that is if this becomes a group RP it could be a 1x1 as well. 3: Have fun of course!
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