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Wolfbone Flute (World of Relic)

By -Emilia
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The World of Relic


A kingdom that limits its people. It is hard to leave this kingdom if you were born into it. Most people who seek freedom from the confined walls of this kingdom go to the underbelly. A place everyone calls the playground. Calian the god of light is worshipped here. A lot of Paladins come from this place. A lot of different races come from here, but it is mostly humans that live within these walls.


A kingdom that a lot of elves live within. A place where everything is overflowing with plant life and animals. This place is extremely open and accepting. Though mostly elves seem to live here they accept anyone and everyone. A lot of Rangers, Monks, and Druids come from here. The people here seem to dress in rather exotic clothing. Asteria the goddess of nature is worshipped here.


A kingdom that is surrounded by hot deserts. This place is ruled by a Leonin. A lot of odd races can be found here. It is a tough place to live. Espen goddess of animals is ruled here. Barbarians and Fighters tend to come from this place.


A small kingdom residing on an island. Dark rumors are usually heard about this place. Supposedly their god has turned his eyes away from them. Amaric the god of Eternity is worshipped here. A lot of people who know magic seem to come from here. A lot of Warlocks.


The smallest kingdom of Relic. A very scholarly place. People here try to learn as much as they can in this world. They say darkness lingers in this place. Whenever something goes wrong in one of the other kingdoms Umbra is usually blamed. Einar the god of shadows is worshipped here. A lot of Wizards and Artificers come from here.


A beautiful kingdom. This place is known for having the most freedom. A lot of people strive to come here at least once. It is known to be the most open kingdom. Amity the goddess of freedom is worshipped here. A lot of different people come from this place.

The Wildlands

The Wildlands is a place were wolf like people seem to roam. Not many go to the wildlands. They say the forests there will cause you to be come lost. The wolf people are looked down upon. Most people believe them to be savages. Not many travel to the Wildlands.

The Badge

This thing was created by the people that live within Umbra. They are very proud of this. It has a ton of different features. One that they are most proud of is that you can use this to accept quests. Not everyone has access to a Badge. Some places don't give them out as easily. (Yes it is very much like a phone.)

Art is not mine.
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-Emilia     198d ago

[h3 [center Welcome to Amnesty]]

[center [pic]]

[center Wondering the streets of Amnesty looking for some kind of work. Something to destroy a little more darkness in this world. This kingdom though seems to have the least amount of crime around it. Seems that freedom really does do some good. There is a chill to the air and snow starts to slowly fall. This place is known for its cold climates.

People are starting to slowly disperse off of the streets. There are a lot of different places you can go. There's the castle standing high above all the other houses. There are shops a plenty. Further in is a nice hot spring, but to get into that one must enter the Garden. The Garden is a very interesting establishment. It seems like just a regular mansion on the outside. It is well known here in Amnesty. What's odd is no one exactly talks about what goes on in there.

[center [pic]]

Heading further in there is one person that hasn't left the streets yet. He is standing and looking quietly up at the garden. He has blonde hair and deep forest green eyes. The snow is starting to settle in his hair a bit.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Crimson Snow]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred wandered through the streets. It was all he could do to escape Calanthe. He was determined to leave that behind him... He would start a new life here. Before he could do anything he needed to worry about money. Than he could think about his next step.]]

[center [b Passing through the town he saw the young blonde sitting in the street. He had an aura.. That seemed familiar and it made Mordred's skin crawl. (Nat 20 Insight)]]

[center [b He tried to see the mood and attitude of the town as well. He figured maybe he could ask around the "Garden" see if any of them could lead him to any work or a contact.]]

[center [b Mordred bumped into the young blonde slightly.]]

[center [+purple Excuse me.]]

[center [b He blurted bluntly, he hadn't meant to but he was rather curt in his apology.]]

[center [+purple Hey... Know where I can get some work around here? You seem knowledgeable of these parts.]]
-Emilia     198d ago

[center [pic]]

[center As he looks around the town the people seem relatively happy. Cold, but happy. Though Mordred is a stranger to them it doesn't seem to stop them from either nodding as they see him or giving a small wave. The people here seem rather friendly.

On the other hand, the blonde that Mordred is looking at seems very different. He seems cold and distant. He doesn't seem to be very approachable. (Insight Roll 12)

[+orange "You don't exactly seem sorry."]

The next thing that was said seemed to stop him before he could say more. It probably would have been rude. (Since your insight was so high.)

[+orange "Actually I do have a job, but it would be for more than one person."]

A smile came over his lips. One that seemed genuine now.

[+orange "If you have the time... Come with me to the Garden. I can explain there. Plus, we won't have to freeze to death out here."]

He slowly wrapped his arms around his slender frame and shivered slightly. He had been out here long enough.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Possible Contact]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The young blonde had accused Mordred of his lack of sincerity.]]

[center [+purple Hmm..? Oh? Sorry you see it that way.]]

[center [b He said with a faint and brief smile. (Deception dirty 20)]]

[center [b The young blonde seemed he was going to say something rude but decided not to. Mordred raised an eyebrow at the young male. He didn't seem amused but he'd drop it for now. He wasn't going to get along with every possible contact. As long as Mordred could do some good wherever he went he'd tolerate people like this man.]]

[center [b The slender man seemed to freeze in the cold. Mordred looked to the icy winds with a slight shrug (16 con save.) It hadn't bothered him much and he was well dressed for the occasion.]]

[center [+purple Sure, lead the way.]]

[center [b Mordred was following the young man but not once would he drop his guard.]]
-Emilia     198d ago

[h3 [center Garden]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center Ah so he wasn't being cold towards him when he apologized. Seemed like he meant it. Must just be a rather brash kind of guy. The blonde decided to just wave it off as nothing.

The cold certainly didn't bother that guy. Oh well. He led him towards the Garden. He smiled lightly as he led him inside.

This place was huge and very beautiful. Women and men in exotic clothing moved around.

No one seemed to really pay much mind to Kirai stepping inside, but when they saw he brought a friend a couple of them immediately came over.

[+orange "Ignore them. Follow me."]

That was all the blonde said as he walked towards a set of stairs.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 A Strange Place]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The young blonde had offered Mordred a soft smile. It seemed... Soft causing the hard hearted male to smile back for a moment. (Damn you're charisma roll) if only for a moment before returning to his usual scowl.]]

[center [+purple Mordred.. The name's Mordred. You?]]

[center [b Passing through he saw... Many strange outfits. "How did that even hold those? How was that man not exposed??" Mordred shook his head looking forward avoiding any eye contact.]]

[center [+purple So... What kinda garden is this??]]
-Emilia     198d ago

[center [pic]]

[center Ah the man smiled back at him. He wasn't expecting that. For a moment he stood just looking at him before he continued on his way. A very handsome man when he smiled.

[+orange "Kirai Akarui."]

He gave his name out very often when dealing with people, so he never gave much thought about how much his name really meant to anyone. Here people didn't mind the Akarui's but... Because of his mother... Other places didn't exactly like his name much.

[+orange "Oh... Of course, it isn't a real garden. How can I put this in a nice way..? It is... A whore house."]

Yep no tact. Just straight to the truth.

He stopped at a set of double doors and pushed them open without even knocking.

[center [pic]]

In this room stands a woman. She is looking out the window when they first walk in, but hearing them she turns to face them.

[center [pic]]

[+pink "Ah Kirai... You never knock."]

She sighs softly and shakes her head. She looks to the man with him curiously before she looks back at him.

[+pink "If that is another one sent by father... You know exactly where to take him and exactly what to say to father. I told you I wasn't going to do this anymore. I am fine here."]

Her voice suddenly changes from the sweet tone it had been earlier. 

Kirai sighs softly and waves a hand in the air.

[+orange "No worries. I brought him. I have questions for you."]

She nods and then gives a whistle and a huge dragonborn comes from a different room.

[center [pic]]

[+blue "Yes mistress."]

He looks at the two quietly before looking back to her.

[+pink "I need you to get some tea on for company."]

The large dragonborn nods and then walks away.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Introductions]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple A fine strong name.]]

[center [b Mordred had offered a firm handshake if he would take it.]]

[center [b Navigating the halls Kirai began to explain this place to Mordred. "A nice way" Mordred eyed Kirai for a moment.]]

[center [+purple That's the nice way?! What if people think were here too.. I shouldn't be here.]]

[center [b Mordred took a deep breath. His oath was already fractured he didn't need to test the gods by staying in a place like this.]]

[center [b Another one? By father? She seemed to be a woman of noble birth. Despite her rather alluring outfit and their location. You can take a girl out of nobility but you can't take nobility out of the girl.]]

[center [b Mordred stared for a moment. Not at her waist or curves though even as naive as he was he was sure men had lusted for her. No she seemed.. Familiar as well he had only ever met one woman just as beautiful.]]

[center [+purple I've only.. Ever met one woman as beautiful as you.]]

[center [b Mordred said in his rather dry and blunt voice. Not a shred of flattery or charisma in his voice. Not that he was lacking in charisma but he was more so curious.. If she knew a woman much like herself. "No.. Mordred that life is behind you. That.. Isn't you're problem anymore. You stopped her schemes.. What happens next is up to another paladin."]]

[center [+purple ..I apologize that was rather untoward of me please forgive me.]]

[center [b He offered her a half light hearted smile (15 Charisma roll) before peering at her expressions. (Rolling insight on her but only a 3)]]

[center [b She had called for a large dragon born. Mordred couldn't help but stare for a moment. "Such hulking muscle.. Wonder how it'd be to fight him." Mordred shook his head slightly before looking back to her and to Kirai. He wouldn't take a seat he didn't know these people nor did he trust them.]]

[center [+purple So.. I take it you're the one that has a job for me?]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center A woman of the Night]]

[center Kirai looked towards him as he offered his hand. Normally the blonde wouldn't, but for now... He reached out and shook his hand.

[+orange "Thank you."]

He laughed slightly at what he said next. Oh yes. This was funny. It was always nice to get reactions like this when he brought people in here. Usually, it wasn't from someone he was trying to give a job though.

[+orange "Don't worry. They seen you come in with me. If anyone seen, you that is. They know I don't come to this place for... The flowers."]

Though he wasn't sure if the man would trust what he said or not. (Rolled a 3 for persuasion XD)

[center [pic]]

[center As he spoke Ayame's eyes moved to him. (Insight 17)

[+pink "I've never been compared to someone else before."]

She didn't sound like she was being full of herself or anything though. She had a feeling he wasn't really complementing her though. Just the way his voice sounded. 

Now he was apologizing. He had a nice smile, and she would accept the apology even if she wasn't sure exactly how to take anything he was saying.

[+pink "Apology accepted."]

She looked to Kirai.

[+pink "No... I am sure he is the one with the mission. I think he wants me involved with it though."]

She didn't exactly sound happy about it.

Kirai looked at them and smiled.

[+orange "Right. I need you two... To go and find something for me. Well actually two things. One a flute that is supposedly in the wildlands and two... There's a young Lupine. A wolf like person who I sent out looking for it. He hasn't returned. It would be nice if you found him as well. I was training him."]

He looks at the two of them quietly. Waiting now for what they would say to him. He was used to Ayame refusing him before, but she knew the Lupine he was speaking of.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Strange Encounters]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The young blonde had thanked him before explaining the "Flowers." "Flowers..? Mordred saw no flowers. He looked around for a moment.]]

[center [+purple ..Flowers?]]

[center [b Mordred tilted his head as the woman made a statement to his own.]]

[center [+purple I meant no offense, you already seem more reasonable than the one I thought of. That in it's own mark is true beauty yes?]]

[center [b He said in a somewhat flirtatious tone. (16 Charisma.) However like a girl changes clothes he had changed his tune almost instantly. Perhaps he had let it slip out or perhaps it was to disarm her.]]

[center [b He offered the woman a firm hand shake as well.]]

[center [+purple The name's Mordred and you are..?]]

[center [b Kirai went straight to business which wasn't a quality Mordred had disliked in a person. He would send her with him? He had gotten used to fighting alone but if this was for the best. Now he'd be fighting alongside her..? Had she fought? Was she not a woman of the night? Or was she not? Mordred dare not ask such a question however even the prickly paladin knew his limits of what to push.]]

[center [+purple Two questions, what's the pay? And.. What exactly is a lupine? (3 history haha.)]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[center They both looked at him as he asked about Flowers. He sounded so confused and Ayame brought her hand to her lips covering them slightly as she giggled.

[+pink "I call the people here that work for me my flowers. Well except for Brimstone he's my guardian and the flowers guardian."]

At the mention of his name the dragonborn had come back with enough hot tea for everyone. The smell of hibiscus flowers was in the air. It was one of Ayame's favorite types of tea.

Ayame looked to the male as he spoke about what he had said before. She was slightly surprised to hear such a flirtatious tone there. Yet it didn't last. He was quickly back to business. That was fine.

She reached out taking his hand in her own.

[+pink "Ayame Akarui. I'm Kirai's older sister."]

She smiled before she released his hand. 

After they had introduced themselves to one another Kirai went right into business. Brimstone stood nearby Ayame never once moving from her side.

[+orange "Never heard of a lupine have you?"]

He couldn't say much. Not a lot of people had necessarily heard of them and the ones that did... Well sometimes they were rather cruel towards them.

[+pink "A lupine is a wolf like person. They are... Humanoid. That's the right word for it I suppose. Werewolf might be a better term for you. Though they don't shift between man and beast. They also are in their right mind. Very loyal creatures. Not all of them are wolf like, but the one we are looking for is."]

Kirai nodded as she explained everything.

[+orange "As for pay... The flute... I'll give you 1000 gp if you find it. The lupine... I'll give you 100 gp for."]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple Oh the workers... OOOH the workers. So you.. Aren't a flower?]]

[center [b Annnnd he asked the question he was sure he wouldn't ask. She had laughed at him a bit. The young paladin's ears flushed as did his cheeks before clearing his throat and looking away with a defiant look.]]

[center [+purple You don't have to laugh you know.]]

[center [b He said with a softer tone than he had before. The two had shaken hands and he had given her a rather firm handshake. (13str roll.) He wanted to see if she was really fit to go on such a journey. She had charm that much was for sure. A kinda charm that was dangerous. Had Mordred been a younger man? It'd been a joke or two and a hop skip away before he'd be ensnared in such a web.]]

[center [+purple Lupine embody loyalty.. A rare trait and in short supply these days. A humanoid huh?]]

[center [b Mordred was ashamed to admit it but had he not stated that fact. He may have wondered if this Lupine was a "pet" to the two of them. (8INT baby)]]

[center [+purple The flute... Is worth more than the Lupine?]]

[center [b Now Mordred was becoming angry but he was working to hide that fact. (18 Deception) he took a deep breath. "Even for a pet that seems cruel." He took a heel ready to turn out and look for this Lupine.]]

[center [+gold What are my leads in finding this man?]]

[center [b Was this Lupine so unimportant? The gold was plentiful.. a 1000 gold could do a lot in the world but... More than anything he had to see this Lupine. To let him know the truth and if he was in danger? To rescue him. Because fractured oath or not? Mordred was still a paladin through and through.]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center A Rare Flower]]

[center [+pink "They call me Ambrosia. That is my flower title. I am no longer a flower here. I run this house, but with the right price. Which no one has... I could be a flower."]

She seemed proud of the fact that no one could afford her. It was better this way. Now she could engage in that activity for fun instead of being forced just because some money was waved at her.

She made sure her workers felt the same way. If they hated this place they could leave. If they didn't want to take money for what was being asked... Well, they didn't have to. They had to be comfortable. At first this place hadn't been profitable because of that though.

She looks over his face when he calls her out for laughing (7 perception XD). She doesn't seem to notice that he might have been blushing.

[+pink "I'm sorry."]

She is still smiling though. (nat 20 -19 because - 1 WHOOOOOO). She makes sure that her grip is firm as well. She doesn't know exactly why his is so firm, but she feels it better to just try and keep hers strong as well.

[+pink "Yes they do. It is a shame that people don't see that though."]

She seems a little sad about this but doesn't voice any more than that.

Why he is asking about the Lupine and the flute Ayame looks to Brimstone and gives him some instructions for why she is gone. She wanted to make sure everything stayed up and running. She knew she could trust Brimstone.

[+orange "You see the flute is a very precious item. Anyone could easily just take it. The lupine... He is strong. A fighter. I know that wherever he is... He will be fine."]

He looked at him tilting his head slightly. (Perception 7 for Kirai. He doesn't notice him getting angry.) (Perception dirty 20 for Ayame.)

Ayame sees something that looks like anger on Mordred, but she says nothing and adverts her gaze. She follows after him though.

[+orange "The last place that I saw him was the road to HeartBloom. He went to get information there. They know how to get to the wildlands. At least that's what I was told."]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Flower Shopping?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple How can.. No one have a price..?]]

[center [b The way she had held a pause.. That she could be a flower had surprised Mordred. (insight 9) he wasn't sure.. Was she for real? Something didn't seem to add up.]]

[center [b She had apologized for laughing. He waved his hand off gently.]]

[center [+purple It's.. It's fine.]]

[center [b Mordred seemed shocked that she managed an even more firm grip. Maybe he had held back too much in this excursion. Maybe she did know how to handle herself. Why would a "Flower" learn how to fight?]]

[center [+purple It is a shame loyalty isn't always repaid for the lupine than. Well.. Since you seem to know so much Lady Ayame. I suppose it will serve me well to have you with me. Heartbloom road it is than?]]

[center [b With that he had taken off to Heartbloom road. (13 survival)]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[center She looked at him curiously. She had a price. She had just set it oh so high. She wasn't willing to tell that price either. 

[+pink "I do have a price. For you I may have even halved it, but seems I am going from flower to adventurer today."]

She was used to being flirty when she felt a time called for it. She smiled when he waved her off and told her it was fine about the laughing.

She didn't mind leading him out of the Garden. She allowed him to take the lead to Heartbloom road. She had once known where it was but had long since forgotten. She didn't exactly leave the kingdom very much.

As the step onto the road, she looks at the kingdom sadly. She would miss being here. She had heard this place was the best place someone like her could live freely.

Once they were headed along the road, she looked up at him.

[+pink "You tried to hide your anger from Kirai... It really bothered you how he treated Zenith huh? That's the lupine's name by the way."] 

She looked ahead quietly after she said that. She actually cared about Zenith a lot.

[+pink "I would have given anything to find him, but I was told he would be safe."]

She sighed softly. 

(Roll me a d4 pretty please <3)
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Mordred's Stun]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple I suppose.. I am just lost how there can be a price someone does not have?? I-]]

[center [b Mordred stammered for a moment blushing beet red. Had she? Truly told him that.. What? Was she.. Trying to disarm him? He shook his head doing his best to avoid eye contact. He'd have to be careful around that one.]]

[center [b The two had begun their journey but it wasn't long before the woman was pressing on Mordred's walls again. He let out a long sigh as he took a few paces ahead of her.]]

[center [+purple Zenith.. Well for someone so loyal to be worth less than the flute. Whether he can fight or not.. He should be more important that's.. At least how I see it.]]

[center [+purple Given anything...? Truly? Well that is kind of you than.]]

[center [+purple Will you.. Miss this kingdom much? You seem like you don't get out all too much. Shouldn't a flower try and get some sunlight? Otherwise they wilt yes?]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center Outside the Walls]]

[center It wasn't hard to notice that he was walking in front of her. She didn't know exactly why he was doing it though. She was quiet as he spoke to her about what she had stated.

[+pink "Yes truly. I took care of him for a while. Kept him cleaned and fed. He worked hard keeping the place clean for me even though I told him he wasn't required to do any work at all. He was always so sweet."]

She sighed softly. She missed him a lot. He had been a very welcoming breath of fresh air. Now he was out in this world somewhere... Possibly being abused again... Or... She shivered at the thought.

She looked towards him hearing his question. She hadn't tried to match pace with him or anything. Staying mostly behind him.

[+pink "Yes. This is my home. It is the place I feel most like myself. No. I really like just staying in the kingdom. I have left before though, but it was a long time ago. Flowers also wilt when they are left in the shadow."]

She made this statement for the simple fact that she was walking behind him.

Suddenly they both stop as a very angry Giant goat rushes them. It huffs at them and paws at the ground.

The goat rushes towards Mordred. It tries to attack him, but it wasn't successful. (You can write what ya do to block him or what not.)

[h3 [center OOC]]

Giant Goat : 17
Ayame: 9
Mordred: 16

Mordred's turn. Goat is in front of him and Ayame is behind him.
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Encounter]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple Cleaned and.. Fed? Wait... So was he a pet???]]

[center [+purple Ahh.. Have you spent much time in the shadow lady Ayame?]]

[center [b He wasn't sure what she had meant until he turned around to see his shadow.. Encasing her.]]

[center [+purple Oh.. I just think it might be better if you stay behind me lady Ayame.]]

[center [b Almost as if the world was trying to prove his point? A very large goat had approached the two charging them. Instead of moving to dodge he grabbed his blade blocking the beast. Pushing it away.]]

[center [+purple That's why.. It's better if you're behind me lady Ayame. No disrespect intended of course.]]

[center [b Mordred took a step forward slashing his blade down in a resounding counter attack. (8DMG)]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center Attack]]

[center [+pink "Oh no. Of course not. He wasn't a pet at all. We just all kind of took care of him. He didn't seem to know how to take care of himself when he was brought to me. We helped him out. As soon as he learned he took it over on his own. Maybe learned isn't the right thing... Maybe it was will to live."]

She thought she was going to have to spell it out to him until he turned around and noticed it himself. She looked up at him. Why did he keep addressing her as lady?

[+pink "You can just call me Ayame."]

She smiled lightly. She wasn't anything like her brother. He would have loved a title like lord.

She watched as he blocked against the goat. Oh. Seems like it was a bit angry. She didn't really need someone defending her though. She could fight too. She watched him land a good hit on the thing before she quickly moved to the side of the thing.

She struck quick moving almost like a dancer with the rapier in her hand. (Rolled 23 4dmg >.<)

Her blade grazes over its eye. Only a small scratch.

The goat stomps its hooves into the ground. It could care less about the damage the girl did to it. It didn't hurt as bad as what the man in front of it could do.

It goes to ram him again but appears to be blocked again.]

[h3 [center OOC]]

[center Mordred's Turn again.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Round 2]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple Will to live..?]]

[center [b Course Mordred couldn't say much as he was cut off.]]

[center [b "Just call me Ayame.." He was in the middle of a fight but this.. Rang through his head. Why hadn't it felt right? It felt almost.. Too personal.]]

[center [b After Mordred countered it she had taken the time to strike with a follow up attack. After she had weakened the beast he blocked another one of it's strikes. With a simple yet heavy step he sent his blade crashing with furious steel. (12DMG)]]

[center [b It was at that moment the goat had passed out. Mordred had come over to treat the poor things wounds. It took a bit as he wasn't so good at this sort of thing but it had stabilized.]]

[center [+purple Shall we carry on lady Ayame? What did you mean by.. Will to live?]]

[center [b With a hefty swing he placed his weapon on his back taking the lead once again.]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center Battle Over]]

[center The goat fell with that last strike from Mordred. She watched as he treated it. It looked like the first time didn't go so well, but the second time he was able to stabilize it. Something about this act of kindness made her feel... Kind of warm inside. It made her heartbeat pick up.

It had attacked them and yet he was sparing it. She smiled to herself and continued on with him. He was still calling her lady. She sighed softly.

[+pink "Keep calling me Lady and I swear I will start calling you lord and then we are both going to get weird looks."]

She tilted her head at the question. Was it that strange of thing to hear?

[+pink "Well when Zenith first came to us, he didn't speak or really anything. Kirai said he was talkative at first, but he thinks it was due to him being in shock after almost dying. He shut everyone out until we started bothering him. He just didn't want to live. Didn't want to eat. Didn't want to clean up after himself. He just wanted to sit there and die."]

[+pink "And maybe he would have if I had stopped caring about him. He started to slowly come to life for me. Like a dying flower that was slowly having its life breathed back into it by the warmth of the sun after a cold night."]

She smiled softly to herself. Ah this was such a good memory. 

[+pink "When things lose that will to keep pushing forward... Or only push on to find some way to die... Well, they don't have a will to live anymore."]

She looks up at him. Her eyes trying to read him. (Insight 15)]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Victory]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred had stood back up after treating the goat.]]

[center [+purple Good fight.]]

[center [b It was than she had went off on him. Insisting she calls him a lord. He tilted his head looking at her.]]

[center [+purple Lady makes sense for a lady of you're reputation. You said you are priceless yes? That warrants some title. As for me? I'm not really anybody worth calling lord.]]

[center [b Part of him had to hold back a slight laugh. "Both get weird looks." He had imagined that and it was.. Humorous to him but he tried his best to hide that fact.]]

[center [b To clean and feed another creature. It sounded like an exhausting task to live for another when they couldn't live for themselves. He.. Admired her passion for life. Her analogy was... Beautiful really.]]

[center [+purple Well.. That was kind of you truly. I think people may think of you as priceless for the wrong reasons.]]

[center [b He said pounding his hand into his chest.. Right where his heart would be. He took a deep breath trying to shrug off.]]

[center [b (Deception 16 but..) Mordred looked at her as she spoke her last bit.]]

[center [+purple Our will to live.. Huh?]]

[center [b The words resounded in him and though he was able to hide that fact from her? His poker face just out of reach he.. Willingly softened his own expression. He wouldn't do it again but she had fought beside him.]]

[center [+purple Well.. We should carry on yes?]]

[center [b Rolls insight back for 10]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center Lady]]

[center She sighed. She had lost this argument, hadn't she? Oh well. There was nothing she could do about it. She would just have to deal with it for now, but she would try again at some other point. She would get him to call her by just her name someday.

She listened to what he said about her being kind. She didn't think of it as just kindness. She knew that Zenith needed someone, and she stepped up to be that someone. She would do it for anyone that needed something. No matter what it may be.

[+pink "Yes... Have you lost the will to live Mordred?"]

She soon looked away from him. There is a soft expression on her face. She didn't try to hide any of her emotions. Right now, she was an open book.

[+pink "Yes we should get going."]

She looked back at him and smiled softly. She seemed a little sad over the conversation, but there's some form of happiness there too. She knows she did some good for Zenith, but the sadness. There really doesn't seem to be an explanation for that one.

(Perception 19)

As they are walking Ayame hears a rather strange buzzing noise. She looks up and sees a large wasp coming their way.

[+pink "Mordred wasp."]

She started to get ready to fight. She didn't know if she warned him in time, but she hoped so.

The giant wasp readies itself. 

Hoping to catch it off guard and get rid of it quick Ayame charges towards it. She makes a quick strike at it hoping for a good hit. (Dirty 20 Attack Roll 11dmg)

She hits it hard. Slashing alongside its body. The creature buzzes loudly angrily. It is starting to droop though. It is dying. Yet it tries to sting her anyway. Ayame quickly dodges out of the way and looks towards Mordred quickly.

Mordred gets over his stun and seems to be ready to battle now.

Ayame sees he's okay and makes another strike at the wasp. (Attack Roll 7) She misses. Though the wasp is hurt it was able to dodge away from her.

The wasp tries again to sting her. (Attack Roll 21 11dmg, but reduced to 5)

Ayame looks surprised that it hit her. She wasn't expecting the poison. That took her by surprise, and she dropped to the ground falling unconscious.]

[h3 [center OOC]]

[center Giant Wasp: 9
Mordred: 7
Ayame: 17

Wasp is about 25ft away from Mordred.
Mordred is surprised DX
Mordred No longer surprised
Ayame Down DX
Mordred's Turn (Kill that bastard XD)]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Deadly Encounter]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred tilted his head when she had sighed at him. She had than asked him a very personal question.]]

[center [+purple That seems to be a very personal question to ask someone you've only just met yes? You don't mince words do you?]]

[center [b Mordred wondered if she was used to men falling all over for her. Sharing and opening up rather easily. She had an aura that seemed to be temptation incarnate however Mordred had touched such a fire before and he wasn't going to be burned again.]]

[center [b Least.. He would have thought that of her but her soft expression through him off. It wasn't confidence that fueled her question huh?]]

[center [b The wasp had come flying in rather quickly circling the group. Mordred was swinging his blade wildly but he wasn't making any contact. It wasn't until the two had fought a bit before he gathered a bearing on this things location.]]

[center [+purple Lady Ayama are you oka-- Wait.. Lady Ayama!!!]]

[center [b She had passed out right in front of him. The creature looked badly hurt.. He had to finish this fight before it was too late.]]

[center [+purple Damn it!]]

[center [b Running on over Mordred slashed the Wasp knocking it over. It seemed to still be breathing but asleep. Mordred saw Ayame's blood and in the young paladin's eyes? Nothing but red could be seen as raised his blade stabbing it.. Again and again.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred found himself chuckling covered in blood. That was.. Until snapped out of it.]]

[center [+purple Damn it Mordred.. Now's not the time!]]

[center [b He ran over sliding toward Ayama she seemed to be asleep but stable. He took his hand slightly healing her with lay on hands (1hp.) He shakes her awake.]]

[center [+purple Hello! You awake? Can you move?!]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center Mince Words]]

[center [+pink "I don't think there is any point in that."]

She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She looks at him and tilted her head slightly.

[+pink "I need to know who I am traveling with don't I? Someone who is striving to live... Or someone that is striving for his life to end."]

She offered a small smile.

[+pink "I'm sorry. It isn't any of my business."]

He was right about her just knowing him. She would have to be more careful with what she asked and how she asked it. Not everyone liked being intruded on. It was easier with some, but harder with others. If she was treating him like she did any other guy... Well, it would be much flirtier, but no. She was treating him much how she had treated Zenith. Only without the taking care of him.]

[h3 [center Awake]]

[center Everything had been dark for a while, but she was at least breathing. So, whatever it was... It didn't kill her. 

She felt herself being shook and slowly her blue eyes opened. She looked up at him curiously. Had he healed her? She tried to sit up but found herself paralyzed. She couldn't move. It must have been something the wasp had. Poison maybe? Well damn.

[+pink "I'm sorry. I... I can't move. It must be some kind of poison."]

She sighed softly feeling very useless now. She had moved too quickly. She should have waited until Mordred was ready. She wished she had noticed the wasp a bit quicker and maybe this wouldn't have happened... Or if she hadn't of missed.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Mince Meat]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred had thought on her words before the attack. "To know who she is traveling with." Was that her reason? For asking? It hadn't mattered with her paralyzed beside a strange man that was probably the least of her worries. She was probably regretting flirting with him earlier now.]]

[center [+purple Careful now.. I don't think you can move yet either. It doesn't seem life threatening however.. We just might have to wait for the poison to pass. (Short rest.) I wish I could heal you more than this.]]

[center [+purple You fought well out there it was a good fight. You honestly did most of the work lady Ayame.]]

[center [b (Insight 13)]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Mordred rolls sleight of hand nat 20 to molest her while she can't move.
XD Lmao
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center Movement]]

[center She could only look at him as he spoke to her. She wished she could smile at him, but she really couldn't. Not like this. She laid there quietly for a moment thinking over what he said.

[+pink "It's okay. I'll be fine. You did enough thank you."]

She heard what he said next, and her face seemed to get a little sad. She didn't feel like she did any good. She felt like she was only causing trouble.

Thankfully the rest was nice. She was able to move again. She stood up stretching herself out. She then walked to the wasp wondering if it had survived.

It was a mess over there. At first glance it seemed like it had simply been killed in one hit. (Investigation 11)

She looked it over and then a realization hit her. It had been stabbed a couple of times. She stepped back away from it. For now... She would just ignore it. There was no point in worrying over it now. It was just a bug. It had harmed her.

She looked ahead and into the distance. (Perception Nat 20)

In the distance she can see what looks to be a sign. She smiles brightly forgetting the scene of the wasp and walks over to Mordred.

[+pink "There's the sign to the town before Heartbloom. We can stop there!"]

It wouldn't be a bad idea to ask around there either. Plus, a place to stay the night wouldn't be a bad idea.]

[h3 [center Ayla]]

[center [pic]]
ShieldHero-     197d ago

[center [h3 Short Rest]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple That's.. A relief.]]

[center [b Mordred didn't see like a very affectionate man. Honestly? It came very awkward for the young built male. However he held his arm under her neck allowing her to rest comfortably. She really couldn't move she couldn't even smile.]]

[center [b (Insight 12) She seemed.. Frustrated her time paralyzed. When she saw the Wasp? She seemed.. Upset. She hadn't said anything to him however.]]

[center [b He let her take the lead to Heartbloom. He only once jokingly kept her in his shade.]]

[center [+purple This town is...]]

[center [b The starry sky had let the lights in the town really shine. The lights had hit the soft hue of lightly colored hair. The glaze of her blue eyes and her soft lips had a shine to them under the city light.]]

[center [+purple Beautiful...]]

[center [b He cleared his throat looking away for a bit.]]

[center [+purple So should we find a place to sleep for the night?]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   198d ago

[h3 [center The Beauty of Ayla]]

[center She had passed through this town a long time ago, but the beauty still left her surprised. Even more beautiful than her beloved kingdom.

[+pink "I had forgotten how beautiful this little town was."]

She smiled lightly to herself and stepped further inside. She looked around. She had heard him comment on the town being beautiful and she looked back towards him.

[+pink "Most people say that when heading to Heartbloom stopping here is always a great idea."]

She looked around the town quietly. It was nighttime, but it was so alive. Ah a place for them to stay would be a good idea.

They would have to find the Tavern or Inn. Which ever offered a place to stay in this town. She would ask about Zenith as well. If any place would be accepting of the wolf like race... This place just might be.]
ShieldHero-     197d ago

[center [h3 Catching Sleep]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred looked around for an Inn (Survival 3) he seemed.. A little lost.]]

[center [+purple So.. Know where we are staying around here?]]

[center [b Mordred was relieved but he was hiding this fact with a strong face. "Had she really not noticed my slip..?" How could she pick up on something like his will to live than miss that completely? Was she playing around with him? Playing coy? Dumb? Mordred felt a bit stupid. Regardless of that fact he knew to be more careful in the future.]]

[center [+purple Lady Ayame thank, thank you for escorting me here.]]

[center [b She looked a bit tired but Mordred himself was still doing rather well. He still had inner reserves and he was only missing a little bit of his divine touch. Although he'd rather rest so he could refresh his mind. Maybe he'd more careful in the morning. Besides he wouldn't push Ayame after what she went through today with the wasp.]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   197d ago

[h3 [center An Inn]]

[center She looked at him when he said that he was a little lost. Well looked like she was going to have to try and remember where the inn was. It had been so long ago since she had been here though.

[+pink "Let me try looking around."]

She began to take the lead getting them safely to the inn. (Rolled 19 -1 = 18 in Survival)

A young man was sitting at the front desk when they stepped inside, he looked up at them. He looked to be an elf. Possibly a half elf.

[+navy "Welcome."]

His greeting was warm and so was his smile. He looked at the two with curiosity.

[+navy "Here for a room now, are you?"]

Ayame gave a slight shake of her head.

[+pink "Two rooms if you have them."]

The man looked between the two of them again before nodding.

[+navy "I see. That will be two gold. That'll cover any meals you eat now or in the morning."]

He slid two keys across the table and Ayame picked them up letting her fingers brush against this man's slightly.

[+pink "I also have a question. Have you seen a wolf like man around here? Or has he already made his way to Heartbloom?"]

She tilted her head giving him a small smile. (Persuasion Roll 7 bleh)

The man sighs softly.

[+navy "I'm use to ladies trying to get free rooms, but not ask for information like that. No need to try and imply you may be interested."]

He laughed lightly.

[+navy "Yes there actually is a wolf here. I'll give you his room number. Careful who you try to use those lovely looks on. Next time you may not get so lucky."]

He looks her over a moment and then looks towards the man with her.

[+navy "Hope she didn't charm you. Then again, I suppose if she did. It would be less than two rooms. Enjoy your stay."]

Ayame sighed. Clearly not her charming self at the moment. Too tired to really care about it all that much. She had been told where the wolf was. He was still here. Good. 

She would worry about him tomorrow though. She handed one of the keys over to Mordred.

[+pink "Guess I should have just asked normally."]

Oh well. She wasn't all that hurt about it. Not everyone could be charmed and not always would she be charming. She wanted to rest though. Deal with anything else tomorrow.

She headed for the stairs quiet now. Thinking to herself.]
ShieldHero-     196d ago

[center [h3 Charm]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b She had helped lead him to the inn. Always resourceful, it was than she tried to use her looks on the man. She was.. Dangerous Mordred would keep that in mind. He seemed aware of her tactics however. She seemed a bit surprised. He had offered the information anyway however. It was than he asked Mordred if he was charmed. Mordred couldn't help but give a deep chuckle by the man's reasoning.]]

[center [+purple Oh, a man can be charmed and still be forced to sleep in another room. In fact isn't that proof of complete submission? Obedience with only the hope of a reward? That's when a man is truly wrapped around a womans finger.]]

[center [b Mordred didn't understand a whole lot about dating but... Who knew a woman who was rather controlling before. She wasn't always but... Well that was beside the point. Mordred had offered the man an uncharacteristic gentle smile.]]

[center [+purple Thanks.. For the help good sir.]]

[center [b (Persuasion 14 turned into 19.) Mordred had followed behind Ayame but she seemed rather.. Quiet.]]

[center [+purple You okay lady ayame? You seem rather distraught for someone about to see their old friend.]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   195d ago

[h3 [center One Final Look]]

[center As he shooed her out the door due to how late it was, she didn't resist... Not at first. At the last moment before he could close the door she turned around and laid her hand on it.

She looked up at him. A soft and sweet expression over her face. For a brief moment it looked like she was going to try and push the door open further and step in, but she didn't. The expression appeared almost flirty.

Yet something seemed to cross her mind and she backed away from the door. A look of... Maybe sadness on her pretty features.

Without a word she headed towards her room. [i One woman as beautiful as me...] That comment still didn't sit well with her. Though her mind was filled with thoughts she thought of meeting with Zenith in the morning and she felt a little better. She was at least able to sleep.]

[h3 [center Morning]]

[center The morning light woke her easily. Slowly she got out of bed and got herself ready to go for the day. She stepped out of her room and walked down the hall to Mordred's room.

For a moment she stood at the door without doing much of anything thinking to herself last night. She then reached out and knocked on the door.

[+pink "Time to get up."]

She called warmly. It was best to just not think of all those kinds of things. She walked away heading a little further down the hall. The room where her friend probably laid sleeping.

She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She reached out and knocked on the door.

[+pink "Zenith."]

She was almost afraid. What if she was knocking on the wrong door? What if this was the wrong person? She should have waited for Mordred, but she also wanted a few minutes away from him too.

Her thoughts suddenly were brought to a halt as a young wolf stepped from the room closing the door behind him.

[center [pic]]

Though he towered over her... He looked young. His eyes lit up and without so much as a thought he threw his arms around her.

He was able to pick her up since she didn't resist him. He twirled her around with ease.

[+skyblue "Ayame! You came! I was so worried about who he would send..."]

He set her down and nuzzled against her cheek.

[+pink "Send..? He said he lost you."]

She was a bit confused now.

[+skyblue "Oh no. He told me to wait here. Said he was sending someone to journey with me. Paid for a few nights too. Said he didn't need me going off on my own and dying. I didn't expect it to be you Ayame... Did he send you alone?"]

She shook her head and smiled faintly. Was that why he offered so little gold for Zenith?]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred was gently nudging her out the room. She had stopped a moment turning toward him. Her face... Soft and alluring. Mordred had blushed softly blinking slowly he tried to push at the door but her expression? Had slowed his movements a bit.]]

[center [b He wasn't sure how to respond but... He didn't have to worry about that. She had a... Somber look upon her face. He tilted his head slightly.]]

[center [+purple Sleep well, I hope you feel.. Better tomorrow lady Ayame.]]

[center [b He closed the door softly as he went to his bed room to sleep. Though it was a little difficult for him to get any sleep.]]

[center [b Mordred's door was knocked upon. He hadn't undressed his armor or clothes. He hadn't enjoyed that simple pleasure for some time now. Heading down the hall he saw Zenith holding Ayame close. It was a warm sight to behold.]]

[center [+purple Zenith..? Is that you? Good, we were supposed to take you back along with the flute but... I'll be frank. He's offered me 100 gold for you and 1000 for the flute. This.. Doesn't sit right with me. Can Kirai be... trusted?]]

[center [b He took a firm stance there was a chance they could grow hostile. He did question Kirai in front of them. Perhaps they'd stay reasonable but he wouldn't help a man use anyone. Even if it could risk a fight.]]
-Emilia     195d ago

[h3 [center Faith]]

[center [pic]]

[center At the sound of another voice one he didn't know the wolf suddenly snarled. He stood over Ayame holding her closer to him.

It was hard to tell what he was angry about at first.

[+skyblue "Who is this man Ayame..? Why does he question Kirai?"]

Ayame reached up laying a hand on his muzzle softly soothing him. No reason for him to get so angry.

[+pink "This is Mordred. He came with me. It is okay Zenith. He didn't like that the flute was more than your life."]

She explained this slowly and carefully. She couldn't blame Zenith holding so much loyalty to Kirai... Kirai had saved his life.

[center [pic]]

[center [+skyblue "Kirai told me he would be offering only 100 for me. He said that he knew that you would have to come through this town. He paid for the nights I may have to stay here and even paid the man in the front to give you information about me. He did a lot to make sure you would know where to find me."]

He tilted his head slightly.

[+skyblue "Kirai is difficult, but he wouldn't do anything to harm me. That's why he made sure I would have people to travel with."]

He looked to Ayame and tilted his head slightly. She stepped away from him and sighed softly. Of course Kirai wouldn't tell them the whole story. She was used to that.

[+pink "Well. I suppose we will all be traveling together now."]

She was glad he was able to calm down. She hadn't expected him to get so angry so quickly. Nor did she expect such directness from Mordred.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Baring Fangs]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As Zenith snarled Mordred placed a hand on his blade. His other hand up in the air to try and calm Zenith. "Was his loyalty that blinding?" Mordred couldn't help but scoff. That kinda loyalty.. Mordred knew from experience was dangerous.]]

[center [b Ayame began to calm the situation down. Zenith and Mordred slowly began to ease their stances.]]

[center [b "Hmm.. He didn't share everything. Something doesn't sit right with me... But I've no clear evidence yet." Mordred takes a deep breath sheathing his blade on his back. Crossing his arms.]]

[center [+purple The name's Mordred, we'll be aiding you in you're journey. Where to next Lady Ayame?]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
Do you want me to have Mordred do more stuff around town and look around? Want him to take the lead rather than ask her where to go? Or is it better to focus on railroad/story right now?
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   195d ago

[h3 [center Calm Wolf]]

[center Where should they go next? She looked to the wolf.

[+pink "Are you ready to go to Heartbloom then?"]

Zenith nodded. He was ready to go if everyone else was.

[+skyblue "We should have breakfast first!"]

He sounded happy about this. He was hungry. He walked past them tail wagging towards the stairs.

Ayame looked to Mordred.

[+pink "We will eat and then we can head to Heartbloom."]

She followed after Zenith quietly after that.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Change of Tune]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The wolf changed his tune rather quickly when food was brought up. Mordred let out a soft chuckle as he headed down with Ayame.]]

[center [+purple I'm still unsure.. Why would Kirai lie? Hmm.. Well regardless I suppose we should go eat yes. Sorry for almost causing a fight lady Ayame.]]

[center [b Mordred had headed down. He was eating slowly at first but overtime he began to wolf his food down. (Pun intended)]]

[center [+purple Ahh! That was good! So are you two ready to head off? Let me try this again, the name's Mordred a pleasure to meet you.]]

[h3 Rolls]
Persuasion for Greeting. 13 all together

Insight on Zenith: 5

Survival for when they travel: 8 (Oh gosh lol)
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   195d ago

[h3 [center Protective]]

[center The wolf stayed close to Ayame the entire time. He never once let her out of his sight. When eating he made sure his tail was around her. He was extremely close to Ayame. Loved her very much.

He also had a burning loyalty towards her. One much stronger than the one he held for Kirai.

Ayame had looked towards Mordred.

[+pink "They are very loyal to people they care about. I just didn't know how much loyalty he had towards Kirai, but I am not surprised that it is rather great. I mean Kirai did save his life."]

She looked up at Zenith and smiled lightly. She didn't know how much loyalty she had from the large wolf, but she didn't really care. She would take care of him no matter his loyalty.

When he reintroduced himself Zenith looked at him. For a moment he was silent just looking him over.

[+skyblue "I am Zenith."]

He didn't seem to know how to take Mordred really. So he looked to Ayame as if trying to figure him out through her.

[+skyblue "Who is he to you? Did you finally decide to settle down..?"]

The next part he asks in a whisper.

[+skyblue "He... Uh seems a little dark for you."]

He tilted his head slightly. Ayame giggles softly.

[+pink "Kirai is the one that brought him. Though I thought my father was sending another man to try and woo me."]

She patted Zenith on the arm lightly.

[+pink "Nothing like what you think I can assure you. There was mention of a lady when he came to see me."]

Her voice was hushed at this part. Zenith simply nodded.

[+skyblue "I suppose we should head to Heartbloom then. As long as you trust him Ayame... I will too."]

He looked to the man. He seemed to be searching him thoughtfully. (Insight 6 XD)

Ayame decides she should probably try to lead them out of the town and to the road to Heartbloom. (Survival 3 - 1 = 2)

She gets lost. (XD)]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Loyalty]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred nodded as he listened to Ayame. He seemed rather close to her... How close were they? He raised an eyebrow for a moment before she explained his loyalty to Kirai.]]

[center [+purple Loyalty is fine.. But we must think for ourselves too.]]

[center [b Mordred rolls 5 in perception to hear the wolf whisper to her. She had whispered back to him in response. This made Mordred feel rather... Uneasy.]]

[center [+purple Ahem.]]

[center [b He cleared his throat almost as to say "I'm still here."]]

[center [b Mordred looks at them with a curious face trying to read them both. (4 insight lol)]]

[center [+purple Well let us be off.]]

[center [b At first Mordred got them a little lost but he quickly let Ayame take the lead. However as time passed they seemed to be going in circles..]]

[center [+purple Lady Ayame I must ask.. Are we lost?]]

[h3 Rolls]
Since I am remembering to roll Deception cough cough >>
I got 22 to his insight.
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   195d ago

[h3 [center Lost]]

[center They looked at him when he cleared his throat. Well there was a time and place for everything and this wasn't the time or place to be talking like this.

Though he probably heard them they didn't seem to mind. Zenith looked at Mordred and sighed softly.

[+skyblue "Loyalty to Kirai and Ayame is all that matters to me. I would go far for Kirai, but for Ayame... I would give her the world if she asked."]

He looked down at her his tail wagging. Ayame looked up at him a bit surprised. Clearly she didn't even know how far his loyalty went for her.

[+pink "Trust me. I don't want the world."]

She smiled lightly and patted him on the head.

They followed Mordred at first, but then Ayame tried to help lead, but it wasn't going any better. Now how were they going to get anywhere.

The wolf then takes the lead. (Perception roll nat 20)

He leads them along the road quietly. Ayame follows alongside him thankful that he was able to get them to the road.]

[h3 [center OOC]]

[center Roll me a d4 please ^^]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Traveling]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred had heard the two talking about.]]

[center [+purple What's this? About me mentioning another woman? Don't worry Zenith she's a little too rich for my blood. Heh, besides I suppose I'm "Darker" than what she goes for.]]

[center [b He hadn't cared they could talk what they would about him. He only eavesdropped to make sure he could trust them.]]

[center [+purple Heh, the world huh? That's a high to pay. You should never sacrifice yourself for someone else's ambition. Though you're need to protect her is admirable and I commend that.]]

[center [b She had told him he didn't want the world. He seemed happy as she patted him.]]

[center [+purple Well having a friend like Zenith is like having the whole world. Wait.. Are you guys friends? Or are you guys possibly..?]]

[center [b Zenith had taken the lead luckily and they seemed back on track. Mordred began to shake his head disappointed how bad his sense of direction was.]] 

[center [h3 OOC]]
Rolled a 2!
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   195d ago

[h3 [center Heard]]

[center Well this was their fault. They hadn't exactly been keeping it a secret. Well. There were worse things. 

[+pink "You did mention that I was beautiful much like another woman you mentioned."]

She decided there was no point in just leaving him in the dark. Zenith frowned at what he had said about her.

[+skyblue "Ayame isn't too rich for anyone... She's a very beautiful woman. Many men wish to drop at her feet. It isn't money that makes her send them away."]

He tilted his head his ears flattening slightly against his head.

Ayame sighed softly. This wasn't a conversation she was interested in having any longer. 

[+Skyblue "It may seem like too much to you, but I would give her the world if she asked me for it. She saved my life. Made me want to live again. She took care of me when I just didn't want to take care of myself. So, if some day... She asks me to deliver her the world. I will."]

He looked to Ayame and smiled lightly. He knew she would never ask him for the world. It had already wronged her in so many ways and she still hadn't asked for it.

Ayame heard what was asked next and she sighed softly. 

[+pink "I think even you would know that answer."] 

She watched Mordred. There was something in her features. Some kind of emotion that she actually wasn't letting out. (Deception 5 still need to change what damned elf she is... >.< Stupid roll.)

[+skyblue "We aren't anything but friends. It is all we will ever be."]

Zenith looked towards Mordred. He didn't see why it mattered what was between them though. He soon looked ahead as he led them.

A dog comes towards the group. It is limping slightly. He is armored so clearly he is a war dog. He sees them and wags his tail and barks. He starts to run towards them and then stops and looks behind itself. It seems to be trying to tell them something.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Pressing Matters]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple Hmm? Yes, actually.. It's almost scary how similar she looks to you. She isn't a woman to trust so it threw me off guard. Why bring this up now lady Ayame?]]

[center [b Mordred tilts his head at Zenith's praise and worship to lady Ayame.]]

[center [+purple I apologize my feet dropping days are well behind me. Though I will admit she is even more beautiful than the woman I've mentioned. Course I may be a bit biased in that assessment and perhaps you as well sir Zenith.]]

[center [b She had begun to answers Mordred's question. Anything but friends she had stated.]]

[center [+purple Zenith's statement of the world had thrown me off lady Zenith.]]

[center [b As they travel they come across... A dog. A war dog..? What was it doing out here? Mordred offered a hand out to it. (Animal handling 4) before trying to look where it was trying to lead him?]]

[center [b Perception roll: 10]]
[center [b Investigation Roll: 16]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   195d ago

[h3 [center Similar]]

[center Ayame looked at him. She was surprised he had said that much. It made her think for a bit about it though.

[+pink "Maybe some distant relative of the family or something. The Akarui family is kind of large so it wouldn't surprise me if she was somehow related to me. As for why I bring it up... Well it doesn't matter."] (Deception 4 + 2 = 6 Still an awful roll lol)

She gave a slight shake of her head after a moment and looked towards Zenith. Zenith looked at Mordred and tilted his head slightly.

[+skyblue "Everyone is biased about something in one way or another."]

He looked towards Ayame and tilted his head slightly. He thought she was a very beautiful woman, but he felt no intimate love towards her. He was close to her and he loved her... Just not in the way it seemed Mordred had thought earlier when he had asked if they were more than friends.

Ayame looked at him and sighed softly.

[+pink "Most would offer everything they have to someone who saved them when they were in a bad spot. As he said... I gave him life again. For him... The price would be the world if I wanted it to be. I only want him to be happy and healthy though."]

She soon looked towards the dog. Something seemed wrong. (Perception 7 XD) She just didn't know what though.

The dog backs away from Mordred a bit. It doesn't growl though. It just looks at him wearily. Ayame tries her hand offered out to it. (Animal Handling 15 - 1 = 14)

The dog comes up to her and lets her pet it. It then turns and walks away. It stops and looks back hoping they will follow it. Ayame follows after the dog curiously. Zenith follows as well.

In the distance Mordred can see something or someone on the ground. It is hard to tell what exactly it is though. It seems the dog wants them to follow it over there though.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Related?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple Doesn't matter..?]]

[center [b She dropped it as quickly as she brought it up. Perhaps she was simply trying to keep him on his toes. But could they? Be related..? That would be... Dangerous for Mordred were that the case. (5 on insight even worse lol)]]

[center [b Mordred looked to Zenith and nodded.]]

[center [+purple I suppose that is true Zenith. The things that put us at ease or people we are fond off will appear more beautiful to us yes?]]

[center [+purple Ahh I see, though you two seem defensive about it. I would not mind either way. As for the world I am not sure how one can deliver such a thing.]]

[center [b Mordred saw Ayame pet the dog before it began to lead them again. He saw something.. In the distance. He jogged on over ready to see what the dog had in store for them.]]

[center [+purple Let's see what do we have here...]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   195d ago

[h3 [center Dog]]

[center Zenith sighed softly. Were they being defensive about it? Well if that was the case whatever. The two of them knew what they were to one another. They had no need to explain it to another.

Ayame had followed the dog and seen now what the dog had been trying to lead them to.

Mordred gets to the thing first. It is a young boy his leg caught in a bear trap that was set a little too close to the path. He is pale, but alive. He seems to be more in shock than anything else. He is awake, but he's lying on the ground. He struggles to sit up when he hears their footsteps.

The dog quickly runs to him and nuzzles his face and licks him. Clearly there was no way he could have gotten him free from that trap. He was simply a dog. He had gone to seek help.

Ayame frowned lightly. She dropped down next to the boy and looked him over quietly. The ankle was caught pretty bad in the trap. She already knew she wasn't strong enough to get the trap off the boy's ankle.

[+pink "Mordred... Do you think you can get this trap off?"]

She looked up at him quietly.

[h3 [center OOC]]

[center It would be a strength check! Though I'm sure you already knew.]
ShieldHero-     194d ago

[center [h3 Trap]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred ran over and looked at the boy with panic on his face. He took a soft breath as he knelt beside the boy.]]

[center [+purple This might hurt a little bit okay? Can you be a big brave knight? I know you can.]]

[center [b He gave a smile before taking the trap between his gauntlets and pulling. (17 turns to 20!) He rips the the trap apart helping the boy out. He picked up the boy holding him in his arms. He went to look at the wound to inspect it. (Medicine 19-1 making 18. He made sure there was no poison or disease set in if so he'd have to use all of his lay on hands to heal that instead of any lost blood.]]

[center [+purple You okay son?]]
-Emilia.Aiyoku.   194d ago

[h3 [center Freed]]

[center Being so close to the boy they can see he is elven. He looks up at Mordred as he comes over and talks to him. He tilts his head and smiles softly even though he is in pain.

[+blue "I can be brave. Just like Noah."]

He looked over at the dog who hadn't left his side at all since they had gotten back. They boy watched as he removed the trap from his leg.

The pain at least subsided a little. Of course his ankle still hurt pretty badly.

As Mordred looks over the wound he can see that there isn't any poison thankfully. Seems at least whoever set the trap hadn't been too stupid.

Ayame watched Mordred quietly. She hadn't seen him treat someone so kindly before. Not this kindly anyway. She couldn't believe that this kind of person resided in someone... So... Serious.

Zenith came to Ayame's side and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

[+skyblue "Maybe he isn't that dark."]

He watched Mordred with the boy and smiled lightly.

Ayame nodded and then look off to the side.

[+pink "Where do you live young one?"]

She asked softly.

The boy looked up at Mordred and smiled softly though their was pain behind that smile. He was clearly trying to be strong.

[+blue "I am okay. I live in Heartbloom. I was out playing with Noah when I stepped into the trap by accident. I didn't see it."]
ShieldHero-     194d ago

[center [h3 Surprise]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Mordred is surprised the kid actually smiled. That was.. A full bear trap. Mordred had expected a nod at best and a scream at worse. This kid had a strong heart no doubt.]]

[center [b Mordred took his lay on hands and began to heal him. (3HP.) He sighed as his light began to flicker. His powers.. These limitations were so new to him and yet so nostalgic as well. He ruffled the kid's hair with a relieved smile.]]

[center [+purple Yes like you're valiant steed Noah here. I'm sorry I can't heal you more but we can take you back like this at least.]]

[center [b Mordred was holding the child on his back looking back at the boy.]]

[center [+purple Hey what's you're name bud? And what are you doing way out here?]]

[center [+purple Don't worry sport, though you should keep a sharp eye out always. It was who ever put this trap on a well traveled road is to blame really. Want to point us to the way back home? We were heading there anyway. Maybe we can find you're parents big guy.]]


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