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[h3 Priamus]

[center [b In the world of Priamus some are "Blessed" by the light of their gods. "Embers" fill them to cast magic. Those with Embers are entrusted with the role of "Noble" what a Noble means is different in each nation.]]

[center [b In the kingdom of Luxia a noble protects the weak those born without magic. The "Umbra's" those born without light lacking an ember (Magic.)]]

[center [b Some Embers seek power through.. Contracts becoming Warlocks. Gaining power if this secret can be kept hidden. However many see the act of Warlocks to be an affront to true Embers.]]

[center [b Many Umbra's have developed fighting styles using others "Embers" to bolster there fighting techniques.]]

[h3 Luxia]

[center [i Our starting Point]]

[center [h3 Castle]]

Sneaking out the castle (Cause they wanna prepare her/him royality) Knight can be waiting outside.

Main Hallway: Two Guards searching for the Royalty.

Back Entrance: 2: See a Noble Knight

He's berating the Knight saying there are much better Noble families to contest for the right of a Royal's Champion.

Courtyard: 3: Maids are slacking off on work.
(Only need 11DC to work on them for anything that makes sense)

Garden: 4: Come into the garden and see GIANT (Cr 1/8) rats got into the garden harassing the florist. (4 Rats)

No matter how you get out you gain 50EXP!

Can catch a glimpse of you're father (King Simon) and if caught forced to talk with him.

If you don't sneak out go into a meeting with Simon.

He tells you the kingdom of Stea (Stay a)
Still has rocky connections with Luxia after the skirmishes on the border. That they've avoided war for so long and now they had a chance to make peace. Asking his son/daughter to marry the heir of another kingdom or at least think about it. For the sake of peace. That the Heir has shown interest in them. That just in case though he should attend a few meeting on the war council to learn to lead his people.

[center [h3 Cinder's District ]]
(Right outside the castle)

Roll 1 town encounter but add you're own flavors here.

Market: (Number 1 On map)
Art: A bard who sells song and dance as well as art! A half elf bard that knows the Royality sneaks out often (If they do)

Weapons: Female Dragon Born Blacksmith
Quest: Needs help heating metal. Either you holding it while she beats it (STR save of 14)
Or some kind of heat.


Armor: Earth Genasi male making armors.
Quest: His dog got lost out again. He can give you a description.
It's a tiny little Black and white Shiba named Grump

Uptown Street 2: Fancy street town leading into manor's and mansions lots of real estate here. See kids bump into a guy. Perception of 12 (Or passive of 13) allows you to see they stole from the man. The man ask you if you're willing to advertise for him he'd be willing to pay you! (25GP) he goes through his pockets to see... His money is gone!

The kids will try to sell you something if you get a chance to talk to them. A top notch healing potion for 10GP! (It's tomato juice with different coloring) can roll perception to see if fake (DC11) but no forcing the players to buy it of course.

Bright Star Eatery 3: A high class tavern! They have a posting board for many news and request. Can find...

A single's dating request: (Art guy from before)

Baby sitting request: (Dragon Born Blacksmith)

Guards Needing help with Wolf Problem:
Reward: 5GP
Location Gates: (Number 9)

Ambassador of Stea wants a tour: (Many people don't believe this one) Wants to meet a little past the gates of town has asked a young boy to post this for him passing through.
GP: 50
(He's a bandit captain statblock wise but rather not fight)
In this quest you can insight (Need DC 15 for some info or DC 20 for all)
DC 15 he seems really odd..
DC 20 He's not entirely honest. (Warn father to reduce losses later.)

Can eat here! And they are missing an act! I you perform..

DC 10-14
GP: 3

DC: 15
10GP and D4 inspiration

DC 20:
30GP! (And 10EXP each)

Knight's Barracks 4:
A young man is looking for a bout against his dynamic duo!
(He's an Acolyte riding a horse with mounted feat. Warhorse gets it's own turn! Both CR 1/4)

If you win he'll give you a lesser healing potion (If both hurt two lesser healing potions)

Also can hear a few rumors that Stea is known for having many spies. That the kingdom of Igneus is upping border patrol showing bad relations to Stea. Causing the other nations to think Igneus is up to something. (The captain is the guy who was denouncing knight at castle.)

Cinder's Gates 5:
Guards ask if you shouldn't be with you're father preparing for you're birthday instead of heading to Umbra with the peasants?
Persuasion Etc
Two Guards here.

[center [h3 Umbra's Square]]

Umbra's Right Entrance 6:

As you go through see a couple of young kids practicing with wooden swords before 3 men come up with a threatening tune. Telling them to hand their money over and it's dangerous to be out swinging weapons. (Bandit stat blocks)

Umbra's Left Entrance 7: People holding a protest! That the nobles do not believe in equal spirit that they want to keep Umbra down! That the Umbra should rise up! Guards ask them to stop or be arrested! They state Stea believes in true equality! That they are relics!
Can defuse or fight! If fight? You'll fight two Cultist stat blocks while guards fight their own things. (They have 5GP all together)

Umbra's Residential Area's 8: A young earth Genasi man is framed for a crime! Markus
He's an angry LV 1 monk but he was accused of assaulting a guard. (Guards are lying because he isn't from here he is from TerraNaut)

10 A little
14 Moderate
20 A ton

Persuasion the same.

Intimidate the same.

He can bolt if pressured.
May fight him or the guards but the guards will push (4 Guards) for his arrest that you aren't above the law. He says that maybe Stea really is better than Luxia.

Umbra's Downtown 11: [pic]

Max is a Luxia noble who is fond of the royalty. He is a stern face man but he believes Luxia is better than what people give credit for. As the king sent him to send Umbra as muscle and with money to help feed the poor. That the Nobility will remember it's place as guardians to the weak not rulers. A few umbra (6 Commoners) will throw tomatoes at him and say they aren't cattle! That he should go back to his white castle.

Bumbling Bee Tavern: Dancers and drinks galore here! Brawls and fights too!

Fist Fight Contest!
"Who will challenge me!"
Mountain Dwarf named Rock Crusher
13HP D3 For punch +4 to hit
Win gain 30GP/30exp per party member

Traveling Bards: Pay 5GP but everyone gains a D6 inspiration their for the whole day till used. (Or have one hit die recovered)

Odd quest for helps and jobs non adventure related before finding.

Chef Here: Meet me at Umbra entrance this is dire. I need someone who can handle some beasties...

Meet him and learn that he is making Luxian Curry Goat! But it requires rare meat from a Giant Goat... His supplies didn't make it in time! You can have the gold instead! It's for the Royal party at the castle he'll make his mark.
He is a changeling but is disguised as a human man.

(Roll Forest encounter in Rushing Green Forest Can rest without danger)

He'll give.. 100GP! Was to be for the supplier.


Roll one town encounter

[center [h3 Town Gates]]

9: Two Guards complaining wolves eating farm animals. It's a shame cause they have to plan for the big Ceremony. (Royality's Birthday) and some livestock isn't important enough for them to chase after.

2 Miles away.
Chicken Blood.
Survival 10 to find the Wolves (Can attempt stealth)
If failed Wolves get a sneak chance. 2 Wolves!

On way back roll wilderness random encounter

10: Guard Barracks: Umbra's work here getting drunk complaining that the Embered Knight's will get to get drunk and just enjoy the party.
One Umbra Guard will refute this saying the Embers protect them and they can fight and repay that favor.
A debate can be seen taking it in as the guards drink expecting more peace to come.

[h3 Act 2]

The party!


Knight Captain

Stea Ambassador and Stea Royality.

Stea Prince [pic]
Sam Arcabus (Is cross dressing a secret though)



They meet the king and some people seem happy others not (The older ones are not)
There was a war (As old as the Royality MC) between the two nations many ions ago. Ending with the loss of their mother. They claim to have lost a daughter today we mend what is lost!

May meet a few people from the town! Can talk to the royalty!

May notice a few strange people eyeing you.
Stea's prince offers a dance and that their sibling wants to meet them but is nervous.

This is the set up for... An ambush.

[center [b Ambush]]


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