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Royalty (Paused)

By ShieldHero-
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A play by post DnD for me and Forbidden. But if you're interested in this kinda thing just give me a PM!
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ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Good Morning]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [i Lord Issac! Today's the big day you cannot spend the entire day snoozing you know.]]

[center [b One of his usual maids, one who had helped raise the boy came into the room unannounced.]]

[center [i It is you're birthday after all! Of course I'm sure you'll sneak off before the big celebration at the castle.. If you do know you're father is waiting to speak with you. Of course you're "Knight in shining armor" Percival is outside the gates. He's already sure you're gonna make a run in the town today. Well.. You know I won't say anything either way.]]

[center [b After a long sigh she offered the young prince a gentle smile.]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Well looks like sleeping in was no longer a choice. Oh well. If he had to get up then he would, but that didn't mean that he was going to do things everyone's way. He most likely would sneak out. He didn't really care much about being a prince. He found it kind of boring.

Stretching he slowly tossed his blankets aside and stood up. He looked towards the woman that had helped raise him and offered a small but warm smile.

[+red "I probably will skip it. It is just another celebration. Just another year. It isn't anything special."]

Knight in shining armor. That was funny. He never thought of him that way. A rather serious companion. He seemed to take his job way too seriously. He would head down to meet him though once he had gotten dressed.

Once he was dressed, he knew that he would have to get out the castle. It was going to be rather difficult, so he decided to head to the garden to sneak his way out. (Dirty 20).]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [b The woman had crossed her arms with a soft sigh]]

[center [i You're father will be livid. Well I suppose try to enjoy you're birthday a little before you're stuffed in a suit "my lord"]]

[center [b She chuckled wandering off. It wasn't long before he was sneaking and sleuthing through the castle ducking and avoiding guards with ease. He was used to this after all. Heading to the garden to vault over the wall he can see his Knight Percival.]]

[center [b However a woman came running through the garden shrieking.]]

[center [i Rats! Rats in the garden! And their huge! Someone get a guard! EEEEK!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue My lord, shall we fetch the guard?]]

[center [b Percival tilted his head but always steady with his hand. Holding the hilt of his sword close in case any danger came to his charge. Whatever his lord would desire is what he would follow. Before him? He was nobody, a simple street urchin.]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Ah he would enjoy his birthday while he could. It was easy to head to the garden without being seen. He had been doing this for so long now. 

He looks towards the woman screaming curiously. Rats? Oh, not just regular ones huh?

Well, this definitely sounded like something that would keep him busy for a bit.

Get a guard? Hell no.

[+red "Nah. We don't need a guard Percival. We can handle them ourselves, I'm sure."]

Before anything could be said he started towards where the woman had run from. Time to take out some rats!]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Morning Exercise]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Right sire, shall we keep track of who takes more sir?]]

[center [b It was obviously hard to tell but one could presume the knight was grinning behind his helm.]]

[center [b Four giant rats came burrowing through the dirt of the gardens. All kidding aside it could be dangerous if they attacked a servant. He took a firm stance holding his sword and shield close. He wasn't going to take this easy rats or no.]]

[center [b Percival ran ahead striking his longsword downward. For what looked like a big hulking brute he held the blade with a certain level of discipline and restraint. The slippery little devil had managed crawl onto him instead forcing him to push the bugger off.]]

[center [+blue Shifty bastard..]]

[center [h3 Battlefield]]

4 Rats!
Arena: Garden
 Rat Group: 35FT away from Percival and 

The rat group is standing in a straight line. 

Isaac's turn!
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center [+red "Yes! Let's keep count!"]

A small smile played on his lips. Oh yes this would definitely brighten the day a little bit. 

He ran towards the closest one his blade ready. He then quickly made a strike. (Dirty 20 for 9 damage). Seems like the strike was hard enough. It was knocked out.

[+red "Oh yes! Looks like that's one for me!!"]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 One to zero]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue I figured I had to let you have the first one sir, it is you're birthday after all.]]

[center [b The man said rather dryly.]]

[center [b The first rat's breathing begins to steady slightly.]]

[center [b The other three rat's began to swarm around the three began to attack the prince all at once.]]

[center [b As one passed by Percival to attack his prince he was able to cut him off.]]

[center [b Brandishing his blade he cut down the rat in a single blow. Flourishing the blood of his blade he looked to his prince to see the other two attack at him.]]

[center [b One rat jumped at his back scratching and biting at him. (6dmg)]]

[center [b The other rat had went to strike at the young prince! (Doesn't beat AC so dodge/block how you want.)]]

[center [b Percival rushed over to protect his liege. Wielding his blade with a white iron knuckle grip. Seeing his prince's blood was enough to make him go mad. Jumping on one rat he took his blade shoving it into the back of the garden beast. Driving his sword through it's body instantly killing it. (Crit 14DMG)]]

[center [+blue You're majesty! How do you fare?]]

[center [b He asked with sincerity in his voice.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [i Prince's turn!]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Well it seemed like he had made himself known rather quickly to these awful things. As one was coming towards him, he watched as his knight quickly cut it down. Oh! Doing his job as always!

Oh! He should have been watching out. One bit him hard. He could feel the blood slowly dripping down his side. Damned thing. Eyes on the enemy. The second one tried but it wasn't able to get him. He quickly dodged out of its way. He wouldn't look like he wasn't capable a second time.

Why Percival was taking out the other rat he decided to focus on the one nearest to him. The final one. He moved forward quickly ignoring the pain flaring in his side. (Critical Hit!! 20. 16dmg WHOOOOO!!!!)

He shoved the rapier into the rat's head aggressively. What fueled him to hit so hard was the anger from getting bitten. He stood there silently for a moment before he sheathed his weapon and laid a hand on his wounded side.

[+red "Calm down... I am alright. I should have been more careful. I was watching you instead of myself."]

He looked up at the man and offered a warm smile. Well he really messed up didn't he?

[+red "Hey... We tied."]

It wasn't important, but oh well. It had still been a game they were playing.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Reckless Prince]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince had gotten himself hurt. Though he used that pain turning it, into strength. Percival was impressed but worried none the less.]]

[center [b He had waltzed over while stabbing the remaining wounded rats along the way. He took a peak at his side with a soft sigh.]]

[center [+blue I know you'd rather avoid the castle today but you probably go get that checked out.]]

[center [b "We tied" he said the young knight stood in silence.. No movement and in his armor he appeared almost as a statue.]]

[center [+blue ..Pfft! Haha really? You kept track my lord? Aye it was a draw. Next time I can't go easy on you of course.]]

[center [b "What a damn fool." He thought to himself but he wouldn't follow any other man. A portly woman came to the garden with a brimming smile.]]

[center You're highness! Thank you thank you! Should I have a guard escort you to the infirmary?]

[center [b She asked looking at his wound.]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Ah now he seemed like he was worrying over him. He could easily take care of himself. He had just been careless today... Maybe a little too careless, but still. He could handle himself. He wasn't going to let anyone tell him otherwise.

[+red "No. I'm okay really. I just need to rest for a moment. I don't want to be cooped up in the castle all day."]

He meant to sound like he was standing up for himself, but it probably came out more whiny instead. 

He looked up at him after he had said they had tied. For a moment there was nothing and he wasn't sure what he should say or do. He almost seemed to fidget slightly. That is until he heard him laugh a little.

[+red "Well yes I kept track. It was a game. I wanted to win."]

He stated. He shook his head slightly and then looked to the woman that came out to thank them and also ask if he wanted to go to the infirmary.

[+red "No. I'll be okay. I'll just rest before I go anywhere else."]

He let out a soft sigh. He sat down on the ground giving himself a moment. (7hp healed from short rest. Full Hp.)

[+red "See I'm fine."]

He said after an hour of just resting.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Freedom]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince had seemed firm in this stance. Percival simply shook his head with a light chuckle.]]

[center [+blue More work for the shield I see.]]

[center [b It was at that moment the prince attempted to climb the garden walls falling back down.]]

[center [+blue Neglecting you're daily exercise routines too? You're highness.. I know you excel in combat but you must be in top shape as well. Certainly if you want to start "Winning" our little games. Or escaping here more often if that is what you desire prince charmless.]]

[center [b He gave the prince a playful scoff as he lifted him over the wall and climbed it himself. (17 Athletics.)]]

[center [b They had rested in an hour hiding a bit from the gates. The prince's wounds seemed to be better and so did he. He was resilient Percival had to admit that much.]]

[center [+blue Where shall we go today? Anywhere but the castle I presume my lord? Wherever we go I have this strange feeling we'll be doing twice the walking going.. "The scenic" route per usual.]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center [+red "Oh you would get bored if I was stuck in the castle all day. Don't pretend like you don't enjoy your job."]

He tried to climb the wall only to fail and fall back down onto his ass. Was this karma for talking like he just had been.

He looked up as Percival started talking. He frowned and looked off to the side. exercising was tooo hard and he didn't want to do them. Ah! Prince Charmless. Now that was just rude.

[+red "Hey you don't have to be rude. Plus, today we tied. So, in that case I think I win."]

He couldn't believe he had to have Percival lift him over the wall. How embarrassing. Maybe he should have been taking the exercising a little more seriously.

He looked over at him when he asked what they would be doing.

[+red "lets head over to Bright Star Eatery! I love that place.]

He said happily.

[+red "I would love to take the scenic route of course. There's so much more to see that way. Plus, the walking is nice."]

He looked up at the man that had been his knight for so long. He hadn't realized how much he really did rely on him for things. Like... Getting over the garden wall...]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Setting Off]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue You've caught me there Prince know it all. Still being a little careful could be prudent sir.]]

[center [b It was than the prince had stated he was being rude. He raised an eyebrow when he came to say that a tie resulted in his win.]]

[center [+blue Are you sure? Because I'm not the one that got hurt. So I think it could be my win. Plus I was able to get over the wall prince noodle arms.]]

[center [+blue Oh? Now walking and exercising is nice when it's heading to food huh? You know people in you're shoes would much rather tour the beautiful castle or eat from royal chefs than head to Bright Star and eat with "lesser" nobles.]]

[center [+blue But.. I gotta say that's one of the reasons why I follow you sir.]]

[center [b He ruffled his hair with a bright chuckle as they carried on forward.]]

[center [h3 Market Place]]

[center [b They had to pass through the market place to get to the eatery this way. He could see a female dragonborn in front of her blacksmith trying to call in customers it seemed.]]

[center [b An earth genasi for his armory]]

[center [b It was than a blonde bard came to the prince. A half elf with a beaming grin.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+yellow Come to hear my songs again have you? Or maybe you'd rather I sell you some art? Wow.. Is it just me are you usually way cuter? What happened this morning? (8 Charisma roll) I'd still let you take me out to eat though.]]

[center [+blue Melody.. We don't have time for this.]]

[center [+yellow Ahh sir killjoy in the flesh.. Well kinda mr metal. So you want a song? Where you going anyway?]]

[center [+blue The bright star eatery. First were heading down the Uptown street.]]

[center [+yellow But.. Isn't that the long way??]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center [+red "Oh how nice of you to agree and then lecture me in the same sentence. I'm going to start calling you mom."]

He gave a slight wave of his hand as he walked with him. Oh, so he won because he didn't take any damage. How was that fair?

[+red "Oh no wait a minute. I had to go through pain. I should win for being resilient."] 

He looked up at him and then his eyes went a little wide when he said something about the wall.

[+red "But... But how does that count!?"]

He didn't remember that being part of the game. He waited to protest as he listened to what he had to say next. He thought over what he was saying before he gave a slight shrug.

[+red "I enjoy seeing and being in the kingdom. It is nice to be around people who aren't expecting a lot from me. People that talk to me rather normally... I hate everyone thinking they need to bow to my every want and need."]

He looked over at Percival and smiled.

[+red "You aren't like that though. You call me names and treat me like I'm your friend. That really means something to me."]

He wasn't expecting his hair to be ruffled and he sighed softly.

[+red "That makes me feel like such a child."]

He looked around as they entered the markets. 

He frowned faintly as the bard came over and began speaking. Oh well that didn't seem very nice.

[+red "No. I think I'm just going to take Percival out to eat today."]

[+red "Yes this is the long way, but I wanted to come this way. He is right though. We should be on our way."]

He wasn't interested in staying around much longer.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Mother Hen]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Feel free to call me "Mum" if you so desire sir.]]

[center [b He said with a raspy chuckle and a shake of his head.]]

[center [+blue How does taking damage count? The contest was who took more. If we throwing other factors on it I'm taking the wall into account sire.]]

[center [+blue Ahh, the misunderstood prince eh sir? Many women read novels day in and day out hoping for a man like you to exist my liege. Heh.. Japes aside I understand. Or wanting to be an equal I can see the reasoning.]]

[center [b The prince had looked at Percival thanking him for his brash behavior.]]

[center [+blue Many nobles and royalty doubly so wouldn't keep on a man like me. Or have taken an urchin like I was. You gave my life purpose, it is I who should thank you. I do not believe in loyalty to be in the way you bow or the way you talk. Loyalty is shown in actions and in dedication. You are my friend sir, but understand this. If push comes to shove you're life should and always will come first. Without you I'm just a snarky man in a metal suit so please remember that.]]

[center [b The prince had told him that his actions made him feel like a child. He had laughed a full belly one too.]]

[center [+blue I'd hope not sir that'd make all the marriage request you receive daily rather awkward indeed.]]

[center [b It was than he saw his old bard "Friend,"]]

[center [+yellow Hey! You're just gonna blow off you're adorable child hood best friend! Rude I say rude! Not very princely you know!!]]

[center [b She stomped and pouted as the prince carried on.]]

[center [h3 Uptown Street]]

[center [b This was the high town for highborn and nobles to live. Passing through here the prince could see two rather well dressed men fighting over a young woman in a gown. (Insight,perception feel free to roll any thing you wish here.)]]

[center [+red No you see I offered her family the larger donation she should dance with me at the ball tonight.]]

[center [i That does not matter good sir for she has already promised me a dance. Would money outweigh a nobles honor?]]

[center [+red Isn't honorably a good deed be repaid good sir?]]

[center [i Scandalous! I challenge thee to a duel I say! Gerald! Where is my butler? Hire someone to duel this man for me!]]

[center [+red Yes Nigel! Nigel! Come bring me a large man to remove this fool from my sight!]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Oh well he wasn't expecting him to go along with this. He stood there quietly looking at him.

[+red "I... I'm not going to call you mom."]

He probably didn't have to tell him that, but he was going to anyway. He sighed softly.

[+red "Well of course taking damage counts. It is part of the battle. I got hurt and I was still standing!"]

He knew his protests meant nothing and that was fine. He wasn't sure what he meant about the novel thing though. He gave a shake of his head.

[+red "I'm not misunderstood. Plus, I don't really care what women are looking for."]

He hadn't actually met anyone he liked yet. He was more into just being on his own or being around Percival. Not that he didn't like women... He was just... Picky.

He didn't like what was said next. A frown slowly came over his lips. That was one thing he probably wouldn't ever understand. His life meaning more than anyone else's. Even his friend.

[+red "I need to be more careful then... For your sake."]

He murmured to himself. 

[+red "Oh no... Don't remind me... I probably have more of those."]

His attitude went back to normal at that remark.

Even though the bard seemed mad at him he figured it would be fine. He would just make it up to her another time. Today he just wanted to not have to deal with her. This was his day.

As they entered the next district, he looked towards the two men and the woman. (Perception 4 lol) (Insight 18 Whoo!)

He couldn't believe they were trying to find people to do their fights for them. This was just stupid. There was no reason for this. Maybe it wasn't something he should get into though.

He looked up at Percival.

[+red "Do you think this is something to worry about or..?"]]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Pointless Conflict]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue We'll go on circles about this won't we? Even though we agreed the rule was the number defeated I can let you win. Since you are turning twelve today sire.]]

[center [b He said in response to the princes child like debating.]]

[center [+blue Ahh.. You don't care for what women seek. Than perhaps you are more curious in men sir? I've read many books on this matter and just know.. You're father and I will still accept you.]]

[center [+blue Don't worry for my sake sir. It is my job to protect you, you do not stand in front of you're shield in hopes it won't be damaged. If you had that would be a rather pointless shield yes?]]

[center [+blue Yes you likely have more. I'm sure Melody would try her hand were she not a Bard sir.]]

[center [b It was at that moment they saw the chaos. (With you're insight.) The prince can see that the woman? Looks distant and away from the fight. She seems to not be invested and an air of sadness surrounds her.]]

[center [+blue That is up to you sir. Will we call for Nigel to handle this? Heh.. Sadly nobles fighting over pretty things isn't exactly new. Luckily you're father had abolished arranged marriages so it certainly could be worse for her. I cannot tell if she appears to be uncomfortable or not though sir.]]

[center [+red What? You can't find anyone? I'll duel this man myself!]]

[center [i Yes.. This blade is the last you'll see! I'll duel thee for the ladies fair hand in dance!!]]

[center [b The two draw thin blades removing their coats to show some breastplate. Just a bit more and they really would be fighting here in the Uptown streets.]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center TWELVE!!! Isaac looked up at him his eyes slightly narrowed. No. He wasn't twelve.

[+red "I don't want to win now."]

He said pouting slightly. He wasn't going to be told he was twelve. Though he was most likely acting like he was. He would never admit that aloud though.

Whoa wait what? No that's not... Oh lord... He should have said something different. Damn.

[+red "I do like women."]

He sighed softly. He didn't even want to deal with the thought of saying he liked men. What would people think? Of course, he says they would accept him now. Wait..? Why did this matter? Great now he had his head all messed up.

[+red I don't even want to think she might be one."]

He shook his head slightly. At this moment in time, he just wasn't interested.

The woman seems to look sad. He would have to talk to her, but for now... He would have to calm these two men down.

[+red "Hey Stop! You really shouldn't be fighting like this in front of a lady it is wrong, and she doesn't even seem like she wants you two arguing."]

He doesn't get in between them, but he moves towards them. (Perception 19)]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Pouting Prince]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Don't want to win now huh? Hahaha you kill me sir.]]

[center [+blue Oh.. You like women? You know.. You don't have to pretend to impress me it's okay if you don't you're highness.]]

[center [+blue Oh wow, you really aren't Melodies biggest fan huh? Poor girl poor girl.]]

[center [b He said with another chuckle.]]

[center [b The two nobles turn and draw their blades onto him. Causing Percival to enter the fray. They.. Don't seem to recognize the prince. Or perhaps they feel he'd never be out here today of all days.]]

[center [+red Butt out boy! This is between him and I!]]

[center [+pink Stop this! I told you guys... I-I love someone else I'm sorry... You're getting this poor man mixed up in this.]]

[center [i You mean the letter you sent the Umbra? You know an Umbra can't make you happy right? You're children may lack an ember and they could lose their nobility!]]

[center [b Percival seemed calm but had they made one step to the prince he would intervene.]]

 [center [i Why does this matter to you? Do you want her yourself?]]

[center [+red You seem too well dressed to be an umbra so as a noble.. You must understand she is blind to the pleasures of marrying a noble yes?]]

[center [i Now that is the first smart thing you've said all day dear chap! Will you help us escort her to the ball? While she is a frenzied mess she needs a strong arm to guide her on the path of true happiness.]]
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Ah well... Look what he had walked into. He should have been more careful when saying to Percival. He knew how he could be. He was always jesting with him. It was nice though. Made him feel like he really wasn't so special.

[+red "Oh don't poor girl her. She'll be fine."] He stated.

Now that they were dealing with these nobles, he didn't exactly know what to do. He didn't like the way they were acting though. It seemed that this poor girl's wants were just being ignored. That wasn't right.

[+red "No. I won't. She doesn't seem to want to go with either of you. She says that she is in love with someone else. You should respect her."]

He was frustrated with how these men were acting around and towards her. It wasn't right. (History on Umbra 6 lol)

[+red "Just go without her. I am sure there are a ton of women there that would love to dance with the both of you."]

He watched the two of them. He didn't want to have to fight them. He was hoping his words might get through to them. (Persuasion 6 lmao XD)
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Problem Solver]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Brutal sir.]]

[center [b He jested on the case of Melody.]]

[center [b The prince had begun to lay it down on them. He seemed childish but he was also wise beyond his years in a way.]]

[center [i She doesn't know what she wants! See were it back in my fathers time we could help her make the right choice for this kingdom!!]]

[center [b One of the nobles raises his blade and strikes at the young prince. Percival had ran to help his old friend.]]

[center [+blue They really are stupid huh? I can't believe they don't even know who you are.]]

[center [i I don't care what kinda noble you are I'm sure my family has been around longer!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
Roll initiative unless you plan on talking more. (Can still try to talk with logic rather than persuasion)
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Oh no. It seems his words weren't reaching them. They didn't matter. They of course didn't care who he was because they didn't know. He looked up as Percival came to his rescue. Of course, he would.

[+red "Thank you. I'm sorry."]

He had hoped talking would help. He really didn't want to be causing any trouble here. Maybe he should try with something else instead. It may get some attention, but that didn't matter. Maybe it would make them listen especially since one of them just tried to attack him.

[+red "Hey. I am the prince."]

He stands tall staring them down. He is getting angry now. (Intimidation 12)
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Standing Strong]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Don't be sir, it's my honor to stand beside you.]]

[center [b They looked at each other before peering closely at the young male.]]

[center [i That boyish face.. His armor clad Umbra guard. That's... That the prince!]]

[center [+red Crap! Please! Forgive us! We meant no harm really!]]

[center [b It was at this point a few guards had heard these two begging the prince.]]

[center [+red Prince.. Sir I meant nothing by it.. YOUR MAJESTY!]]

[center [b He screamed the last part loud enough for a guard to hear.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+grey Huh..? Sir! You're father is looking for you! Get back here!]]

[center [b The guard began to make chase! (Use Acrobatics or Athletics to get away? Or talk you're way out? Maybe sneak in the crowd? Up to you!)]]

[center [+blue Time to book it sir? I'll meet you at the Fine Eatery! Running's all I got sire!]]

(25EXP gained!)
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center He listened as they begged and sighed softly. He really could care less about them honestly. As long as they were acting better now. He looked towards the guards coming and felt his heart skip a beat.

NO! He didn't want to go back yet. He could do a number of things here, but he decided he was going to try and be fancy about it for gods know why.

Quickly he starts trying to dodge around people and jumping over things. He is hoping that this will stop them from catching up to him. (Acrobatics 18)
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Nimble Prince]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince had with the reflexes of a feline dodged and weaved through the crowd. Able to keep pace with his sprinting companion. As they went through the guard had bumped into a young kid.]]

[center [b The guard thought nothing of it as he was losing these two.]]

[center [+blue Sir.. That kid in the rags.. I think he just stole from that guard.]]

[center .. Wait where's my purse! Brat where did you go?!]]

[center [b With that the guard was gone chasing to find the child!]]

[center [h3 Knight's Barrack's (4)]]

[center [b You have lost the guards but now.. You were at the noble knight's barracks! Percival couldn't help but laugh.]]

[center [+blue Hopefully they don't recognize us.]]

[center [b As they pass by the barracks one can see a noble on his white steed.]]

[center [+orange Who would fight us? The dynamic duo! I've won every bout today! Come on! Any recruits wanna face me in battle! I'll even make a bet on it! My healing potion against 10 gold! I'm that sure I'll win! Come come!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

If you choose to ignore his challenge? The next place is the "Cinder's Gates"
The gates that separate Umbra and Embers/Nobles.

After that is the eatery!

If you do ignore this guy?
Roll stealth! Wanna group stealth check? Or solo stealth check if you do?
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center He looked over his shoulder and then looked back at Percival.

[+red "Good. We can get away."]

Though he had forgotten that they were heading straight into the knight barracks. Oh well... Whoops. Now what was he going to do. He heard the noble and looked towards him.

[+red "Hey! I bet we can beat you!"]

He felt like this was the best approach. Maybe after beating him, they might be able to leave without too much of an issue.

Sneaking didn't seem like a good idea. He looked towards his companion before looking away. He had a feeling sneaking definitely wasn't his thing. Plus, he didn't want to end up getting them caught either.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Grand Challenge]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Percival rolls insight on the prince to see what he is thinking! (Nat 1! WOOO)]]

[center [b The noble came with his white steed and his club-like wand.]]

[center [b The man looks at the young man. (Perception)

[center [+orange Hey... you look familiar.. Do I know you?]]

[center [+blue Err..]]

[center [+orange You think you two can take me and my steed on? Ha dream on!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Can roll deception or hide face (Stealth) against his perception.
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[center Uh. Well, he clearly didn't think this through did he. Why did he always forget that people actually did know him. Oh great. He was going to have to deal with this somehow wasn't he.

[+red "I don't think you know me. Maybe you are thinking of someone else."]

He looked at him steadily. He was hoping with his confidence he might actually be able to handle this lie. (Deception 13)

[+red "And yes I do think I can take the two of you on. Me and my friend can."]

He wasn't going to back down off of that one.]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Noble Challenge]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The noble looked close at the prince... Before laughing a bit.]]

[center [+orange Ha! My bad! Let us battle!!]]

[center [+blue Oh my liege, I suppose it is you're birthday so who am I to deny you.]]

[center [b The man went into the ring with his horse.]]

[center [+orange Let us do battles as true Cinders should!]]

[center [+blue Cinders huh..? Hmm...]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

The prince's turn he can strike first!
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[h3 [center Thoughtful Strike]]

[center Quickly the prince charged forward. He was going to win this fight. He would make sure that he would. He went for the horse. Getting that guy dismounted was the best idea. He would normally never want to hurt and animal, but he was trying to think of what his best odds would be.

He quickly thrust out his rapier in an attack. (Attack Roll 24 10dmg) He strikes the horse like he was hoping too, but he isn't at all happy about it. Hurting animals was one thing he couldn't stand.

He then looks at the guy on the horse and smirks. He points at him.

[+red "I invoke the hexblade's curse."]

He narrows his eyes. As soon as he went for that guy. Oh yes. His attacks were going to hurt. (BA for Hexblade's Curse)]
ShieldHero-     198d ago

[center [h3 Battle Between "Cinders"]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The young knight charged forward. He may not have been a "Cinder" but he was going to show what he was capable of. He'd let his sword do the talking here.]]

[center [b Running in he slashed the horse! (24 for 7DMG)]]

[center [b The horse neighed bleeding from both attacks. The man had hushed his horse as it began it's counterattack. Striking at the prince! Activating Percival's sentinel feat.]]

[center [b Percival goes to defend his prince. Striking at the elegant beast with longsword in hand. (CRIT 16 DMG.) The horse falls over badly hurt along with his noble. The man had arose from prone.]]

[center [b He begins to cast cure wounds (1st level spell slot) on his companion as it slowly rose back up to the battle!]]

[center [+orange We are the dream team baby! We won't go down that easy!!]]

[center [+blue Looks like he's gonna be a problem. Gotta admit.. Must be nice having an ember huh?]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
Prince's turn!
-Emilia.Prince.   198d ago

[h3 [center The Horse]]

[center Ah it had fell, but now... It was back up again. That meant the man had wasted some magic though huh? Plus it meant that he had wasted time. 

He readied himself and struck at the horse again. (Attack Roll 10)
Dammit its armor blocked his strike this time. Now what was he going to do. He sighed softly and looked to Percival.

[+red "It isn't that great my friend. Don't worry about it."]

He sighed softly. Well this was going to go longer than he thought, but he was ready.]
ShieldHero-     197d ago

[center [h3 Repositioning]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Percival was sure they wouldn't get anywhere with the mage healing the horse. He had began to circle around.]]

[center [+blue You're highness I've got this!]]

[center [b He was sure of that.. Until the horse blocked the way trampling all over him. Hooves on metal for a real beat down. He manages to crawl just enough to get through bleeding badly. He takes a deep breath... To recollect himself (Second wind to heal. Heals back to full)]]

[center [b With a twirl of his blade he swung forward (Rolling a 2) his sword whiffing his shot.]]

[center [+blue Damn..]]

[center [b The horse had gotten a chance to try and trample the prince! (Dealing 15DMG!)]]

[center [b At least he would have done that much damage but Percival had used his defensive sword style. (Feat.) Striking the horse back down to the ground.]]

[center [+blue That was close sir! You okay?]]

[center [b The noble sighs as he brings his horse back to the battle to the battle. The light grows brighter than before bringing the horse in better condition than before.]]

[center [+blue I see how they manage to win.. He lets his horse do all the heavy lifting.]]

[center [+orange Hey! It's called a dynamic duo! We work together!!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Prince's turn!
-Emilia.Prince.   197d ago

[h3 [center Trampled]]

[center He looked towards Percival, and he felt his heart kind of skip a beat. He had been so badly hurt. Of course, they probably wouldn't kill either of them, right? If Percival had went down though he would have been in some serious trouble.

He was so worried he didn't even notice that the horse was coming for him next, but looked like Percival saved him... Again. He had to focus here. He watched as the horse was brought back again. Why did this feel kind of unfair. Sighing he shook his head slightly. He would just have to bring the horse down again.

He readied his blade. (Attack Roll 21 4dmg) A simple scratch. Oh lovely. He had meant to hit him a lot harder, but... He had failed. Damn. Mistakes like this would cost them.]
ShieldHero-     196d ago

[center [h3 Princely Concern]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince was rather nimble and despite his avoidance of class a natural in combat. Percival knew this, the prince was able to land his strike with ease. However it was a bit shallow, the truth was? The two were still novices. That being said? The noble here seemed unused to one on one combat. Now that Percival was reading his fighting style better than before he was able to parry the noble. Deftly slamming his blade down over the back of the nobles head with the blunt end. Knocking him out! (Hit for 15 with 10DMG!)]]

[center [b The horse in a panic attacked Percival! Trampling him yet again! (8DMG again!) Percival got up but he was now stumbling a bit.]]

[center [+orange Win this for us.. Buddy.]]

[center [b The noble was taken off the field. Percival expected that to be end of the fight but.. They really counted his horse as a partner? How strange.]]

[center [b Bleeding profusely Percival looked at the prince. Before turning his gaze back to the horse.]]

[center [+blue Another point for me birthday boy.]]

[center [b He chuckled a little with a light cough.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Princes turn!
-Emilia.Prince.   196d ago

[h3 [center One Down]]

[center Again the horse had attacked Percival. Damn. If only he had managed to take that thing down... It wouldn't have gotten so lucky.

At least Percival was still up, but he didn't sound so good. Nor look it. The prince was worrying even more now. Even with just the horse... He didn't want to be alone on the battlefield. The horse was all that was left. He had to make a better strike on it this time.

He brought the rapier back trying to get a good hit on it, but again he hit just its armor. (Attack Roll 7)

Sighing he readied himself. A spell. He would use that if he needed to. If either of them was attacked again he would use Shield. Maybe it would save one of them from this damned horses hooves.]
ShieldHero-     196d ago

[center [h3 Wrapping Up]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince had sadly missed his next strike. The mighty warhorse prepared for another stampede. Percival had stepped in managing to slam the side of his blade over it's head. Percival had felt... Bad for the noble beast but this was a chance to test himself. To grow stronger and see what he could do. (Hit for 14 and 11DMG.) The horse had neighed loudly before falling over. A few paramedics came to the scene.]]

[center [b After the young noble had awoken with a healing potion. They offered him his own second potion but instead he healed the horse pointing at his "opponents."]]

[center [+orange Nay, give it to them they've earned it. You guys fight like demons! I'm impressed!! You guys should join the knight's!]]

[center [+blue I'm already a knight.. So to speak. As for my friend he could not.]]

[center [+orange Ahh.. Strict noble father huh? Well it's a shame! Well you two have a good day and may all you're battles be glorious!!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
Gain lesser healing potion (You or me can add it)
Both party members gain 50EXP!!

Next up is the Cinder Gates! (Number 5)
Also do you wish to short rest first?
-Emilia.Prince.   195d ago

[h3 [center VICTORY]]

[center Ah! Percival made it! He took the horse out! Yes! Oh... Wait a minute.

[+red "You have more points than me now."]

That probably wasn't something to be worried about, but whatever. He took a seat and let out a soft sigh.

[+red "Let's rest for a moment."]

He wanted to just take a moment or longer. A nice rest. He was sure they both needed it. (Short Rest)

[+red "Here I think that you need this!"]

He offered the potion they had won over to him. He smiled warmly. He hadn't gotten hurt thanks to Percival.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Nursing Prince]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Percival looks at the prince, he doesn't seem to be hurt. He tilts his head at the prince offering a simple knight this item instead. (Rolls 6 on insight on the prince.)]]

[center [+blue Heh... Only cause you're not hurt sir. I may have got less points but you did a better job at staying out of trouble than I.]]

[center [b He guzzled the potion through his helmet before throwing it aside.]]

[center [+blue So.. Off the Cinder Gates my lord?]]
-Emilia.Prince.   195d ago

[h3 [center Disappointed]]

[center As the man took the potion from him, he watched him much like a hawk watching prey. Surely, he would have to take the helmet off to drink that right? NOPE. Apparently not.

[+red "That can't all get in your mouth that way..."]

He watched him before he got up and dusted himself off.

[+red "You only got into trouble because of me."]

He really needed to pay more attention in battle. Giving a slight shake of his head dismissing any thoughts he nodded.

[+red "Yes let's go."]

He said with a small smile.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Closed Can]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He chuckled a bit at the prince's response.]]

[center [+blue Well maybe I got some on myself but it's no big deal!!]]

[center [b They head toward the Cinder Gates. This is what separated the Umbra's and the Cinders. Guards needed notes from Umbra merchants to be allowed into the uptown. The tavern was only across the street right past here. However two guards were going around yelling.]]

"Prince Isaac!"

[i Prince Isaac! Where are you! You're majesty!!]

[center [i OOC]]

How will handle this one?
-Emilia.Prince.   195d ago

[h3 [center Oh No]]

[center The prince sighs softly. How long were they going to continue to come after him. He just wanted to be left alone for a little while longer. He looked to Percival. maybe it would be a good idea to just give up and go back to the castle.

[+red "I am running out of ideas now on how to avoid all these guards. Guess it is my fault for wanting to take the scenic route. Never again."]

He wondered sometimes what it would have been like to be born in a normal family where he didn't have so many expectations weighing him down.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Giving Up?]] 

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince came up with hands raised as the guards looked his way.]]

"You're highness! We have been ordered to escort you back!"

[center [+blue So were giving up after all huh? What a shame truly.]]

"Hey Percival! Are you being a bad infulence to the prince! You're father was worried! The kingdom of Stea is coming for you're birthday! Stea's Princess is eager to meet you as well come come!"

[center [+blue Ya know.. He might just sneak off again. Let him run around the town a bit first and maybe he'll focus back at the castle]]

[center [b Persuasion 19 turns to 20 woot!]]

[center [b The guards look at each other and sigh.]]

"Be back as soon as it hits night okay?"

[i Yeah we'll let you're dad know.]

[h3 OOC]
When you're done exploring you can "Expand" to the plot at night! That being said many things you can run into while exploring can affect and alter the main story! ^^
Whether you decide to advance forward now or explore it'll be a rewarding experience both with pro's and cons.
-Emilia.Prince.   195d ago

[h3 [center Persuaded]]

[center He had been ready to go back. There was no point in having them chase him around this whole damned place. He was more than willing to just go home if that was going to be the case, but even though Percival had made a comment about him giving up and it being a shame... Well he seemed to get them persuaded.

He was a little surprised. He looked at them. Of course this dealt with another princess. He really wasn't excited to meet a new one. He just wanted to be left alone.

It wasn't like he had to get married tomorrow. He watched as they left and then looked to Percival.

[+red "Thank you... We can continue on now."]

He spoke softly. He hadn't expected Percival to try and keep him away from the castle.]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Bright Star Eatery]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Percival pats the prince on the back with a small chuckle.]]

[center [+blue Ya heard em let's go!]]

[center [b With that? They were off and now able to move around freely too. It wasn't long before they approached a large "tavern." To call it a tavern would be an understatement it seemed refurbished and well polished! Marble and granite and the suits people were wearing was rather impressive.]]

[center [+blue You ready sir?]]

[center [b As the group heads in they can see many tables. As well as a board that has many request and job fillings. A bar keep and a woman arguing with a man near the stage but it seemed to be under hushed whispers.]]

[center [+blue Well sir, want to order something? Maybe look around? This place looks even nicer than last time we came.]]
-Emilia.Prince.   195d ago

[h3 [center Ah Finally]]

[center Isaac quickly entered beside his knight and looked around. This place looked amazing. He was so glad to be here. He smiled warmly.

[+red "It is because of you that we got here! Thank you so much! You make my life a lot easier."]

He was so happy about being here. It made him feel very at ease. He looked around and noticed the people talking kind of quietly.

He started towards them kind of quietly not getting too close, but maybe close enough to hear. (Stealth Roll 16 if I need it.)

He then starts to try and listen in. (Perception Roll 3 XD EMPHASIS ON TRY LMAO)]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Bashful Knight?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince had begun to "Gush" over his knight. If the man's helmet could turn red it wouldn't. The rather gruff man let out a strange bashful chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head.]]

[center [+blue Ahh, sir you give me far too much credit truly. You are too kind.]]

[center [b (He can't hear them but he is able to get close without them noticing.) At least until she rose her voice.]]

[center [+pink Look! You either pay me or you don't get another song! Got it?!]]

[center You signed a contract mam! You can't simply just.. Leave!]

[center [+pink Yeah! Watch me! Good luck finding a replacement!!]]

"Wait! Get back here! Damn it... Who's gonna perform tonight... You think second rate entertainer will ever come back from this? Get back here!! Damn it.. I'm so screwed."

[b Percival came up behind the prince tilting his head.]

[+blue My prince is something the matter? Do you not wish to eat? This place has a request board, perhaps we could request a new chef for the castle. Heh... Sir? You okay?]]

[center [b Insight: 6 (lol)]]
-Emilia.Prince.   195d ago

[h3 [center Beautiful Place]]

[center Isaac looks towards his knight curiously. That was such an odd chuckle. He was sure he hadn't heard one like it before. (Insight 19 - 1 = 18)

He didn't hear what was said during the hushed parts, but he definitely heard what was said next. He didn't really know if this concerned him.

He turned and noticed that his knight was watching him. Isaac didn't hide the curiosity that had been on his face the whole time he had been watching the two talk.

[+red "No! It's okay! Let's find a place to sit down and eat!"] 

He smiled warmly letting his curiosity fade for now. Well... 

[+red "Do you think Melody would come and play for a place like this?"]

He asked. He looked towards the guy that had just lost his entertainment for the day.

[+red "I think he needs someone that could play."]

Helping out wouldn't be a bad idea, right?]
ShieldHero-     195d ago

[center [h3 Insightful Prince]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The prince was able to delve into the nature of that chuckle. He could tell.. Without a doubt that he was being a bit bashful. Almost like a young school girl.]]

[center [+blue Sure! What do you wanna eat?]]

[center [b The two had sat down as the barkeep looked on over]]

[center [b The barkeep through a few drinks to the two without any questions. He gave them a wry smile.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It was a lightly blue furred Leonin.]]

[center [+darkblue Hello.. You're majesty. Like father like son eh? I don't believe we've met before. You can call me.. Ace I'm an old war buddy of you're father's. Have whatever you want today on the house it is you're birthday after all. You here to pick up a job? He may act all proper nowadays but.. He was an adventurer through and through at you're age.]]

[center [b The knight looked over the prince as he asked his question.]]

[center [+blue Would she..? Maybe if you talked her into it sir. She'd be willing to. You wanna help out here sir?]]

[center [+darkblue Well.. His show starts soon. Want me to hold out on that meal?]]
-Emilia.Prince.   195d ago

[h3 [center Bashful Knight]]

[center Ah so his words did affect his knight sometimes. It was probably something small, but it actually meant a lot to think that his words could make his knight feel the way he did. He smiled lightly to himself.

He sat down with him and thought about what he wanted to eat. He looked up as a Leonin spoke to him. He tilted his head slightly unsure of what he should say.

[+red "I may pick up a job who knows!"]

It was hard to believe his father was anything like him now a days. He smiled faintly to himself and then looked over at Percival when he answered his question.

[+red "Sure let's go get her."]

He didn't see why they shouldn't try to help this place out. He actually liked being here.

[+red "Yeah let's wait on the meal. We should be back pretty soon."]

He smiled and stood up and then looked towards his knight ready to go.]


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