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ShieldHero-Aria Wynn   200d ago

[h3 Notes]

For terms and story beats I'm throwing out.

Crossbones Bike Gang

BlackThorn village
ShieldHero-Naofumi   200d ago

Have Survival Radar (Danger Meter)

Brooch: 25gp
ShieldHero-Naofumi   200d ago

At Bluejays place of dance and song looking for a researching elf!

Marl looking for her chickens the one lead is a goblin that sells feed and snacks named Grizzle.
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   193d ago

Cillia's party is hit by a sudden storm and need to find cover soon.

They find some old abandoned ruins for cover. (Or can find)

Manticore hunting and eating a wolf is farther down the street as well!

Only DC 10 Survival to know what weather is coming.
DC 10 Perception to see the Manticore.


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