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Roll D6 for the things below. [center [h3 Encounter Table/1]] D1: Easy Challenge D2: Medium D3 Hard D4: Deadly Find CR and alter accordingly with the kobold fightclub. Have the PC's find a device that allows them to sense "Mutations" attached to another device that can sense the players Combat Prowess. Senses how dangerous an area is compared to them. Green: Easy Encounters for their level or lower Yellow: Normal Encounters: Orange: Hard encounters Red: Deadly Encounters Black: Beyond Deadly and not recommended [center [h3 Non Combat Encounter List/2]] [ Here] [h3 Nature/Obstacle/Trap Encounter/3] [h3 Improvise an Encounter/Story Moment/4] 1: Improvise completely OR they find a settlement of some kind. D4 for how well populated armed. D1: Legit just a small group of 1-6 people D2: A larger Group 1-12 people D3: A full on village (Possibly) 3-60 people (Roll 3D20's) D4: A well armed base or decent civilization a hub of sorts 2: The clock turns Black for a creature they shouldn't handle in the distance or an energy around 3: Story Plot line Hook for a party member 4: Natural weather/disaster issue [h3 Possible Treasure/5] Roll a second D4 (Searching action applies here as well) 1: Magic Item Chance: (Not always weapon or armor though) (May be tied to a deadly encounter) 2: Possible money/treasure! 3: Healing potions 4: Food supplies (Explaination) [h3 Quest Given (Or quest advancement)/6] [h3 Searching] If they are searching for a specific thing that encompasses the table or does not encompass it have them roll Survival. 1/6 chance to find said thing. Survival 10 is 2/6 Survival 15 is 3/6 Survival is 4/6 chance [center [h3 Dungeon Opportunity/7]] (Other quest can lead into a dungeon easily) 1: Trap: (Use danger chart and be creative and roll for it.) 2: Ambush: Give them a chance to sneak on the party. (Can only be normal or easy encounter) 3: Have a chance to ambush them if Sneak/Perception passes! 4: Run into a friendly face in the dungeon 5: Treasure Chart (CR Appropriate to a "Boss" of Easy,Normal,Hard,Deadly) not Hoard though. 6: Paths Split (Roll for what is in each path but don't tell them just describe what they see.) D4 to see how many paths it breaks into. End of a dungeon let them face an encounter/boss and possibly gain a treasure hoard for it! [center [h3 Social Encounter/Exploration 8]] Roll D4 If 1-2 it's Social Encounter (Only if it makes sense) if not? 3-4 it's exploration like.. Running into a tunnel or a mountain. Or having multiple paths to choose from on you're journey. [h3 Hoard] When rolling for rewards if the encounter felt scary/quest worthy or just make sense I'll have them roll from the "Hoard" table for better rewards.
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[h3 Restrictions/Altercations] Coins have weight but not everywhere uses coins many places Barter. Goodberry Spell gone Instead of 3 days + con modifier before exhaustion it is 1day +con modifier. Be careful where you short and long rest the guard rules will be used as RAW [center [h3 Story]] [center [b This world's name has been lost. (The central powers slowly will name it "Fractum"]] [center [b The "great collapse" left the world torn and broken. Civilization destroyed and much knowledge was lost.. Those who had started the war? Were long gone the reasons along with them. The weapons that were used left the planet scared and fractured. It's been 25 years since that terrible event but there came another factor with the great collapse. This world hadn't had magic before but... It's collided with other planes if only for a bit. Causing humans to cast magic and develop strange fighting styles. Many beast and creatures have to ended up trapped here on this strange torn world.]] [center [b Most of the modern world is encased in nature and magic now with humanity making it's effort to rebuild. You're characters are survivors and or unexpected visitors of this world.]] [center [h3 Tislune]] [center [youtube]] Tislune is an overgrown greenland full of fauna and beast. This is where are players will be starting our journey. Here in the outback of Tislune there are Raiders Villages (Nothing too crazy but there is some leftover tech of the old world) Humanity is slowly building machines to help defend the world against these new threats. [h3 Tislune Greenlands] LV 1-3 [h3 Foraging Table Greenlands] DC 13 (If failed roll a D20 in secret) 10 or higher find something 9 or lower don't. Roll another in secret 9 or lower it's poisonous. 10 or higher it's safe. [pic] Roll D4, 1 It's a setback 2 and 3 Is dangerous 4 is deadly All relevant to the level you are. Pass a Con save following the same chart here rolling the same D4 Pass the DC and take half damage! Pass the DC by over double (Or Nat 20) and take no damage! Nature or Survival D10 -Can improvise here as well or anywhere you need to.- 1: Nature: Find a Deer can hunt the deer down with athletics/ranged attacks. Deer has 4HP and 13AC and +3 for escaping. Survival: Find some berries that half fill the players! 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: The start of our tale has our adventurers out hunting out for food. There is many overun buildings with grass and moss everywhere. In the Greenlands are wandering Raiders and Fauna Time to hunt for food and resources etc! [center [h3 Southern Tislune]] [center [h3 Northern Tislune]] Port Zala The group is in the Greenlands heading soon into the badlands! Port Zala is still.... 200 miles away. Allow for places that have mysteries and quest. Maybe have a rest where a goblin tries to steal food (Rolls sneak vs perception) A town that has a serial killer! (Serial Killer is Deadly to the party's level and gives hoard treasure for that LV) 3 Witness's 1 Scared into silence because her missing brother is actually hostage 2 Dwarf that fought the guy and arm got cut off 3: Dragon Born who knew the guy before he changed.. He lives in the outskirts of town with a disguise self spell as a herbalist. 4 Victims they can identify. 1 An aspiring herbalist 2: wanted to learn medicine 3: Nature loving druid. Red Herring, there is a guard that tells you... Constantly to drop the case and let him handle it. (He is a hard encounter by himself for party if fought) Guy is Aasmiar but a radiation zone made him go mad and become fallen. He wields a scythe with 2 hands [center [h3 Extra Notes]] For sudden dungeons roll a D12 or D20 (D20 for bigger) To decide area's can roll a smaller dice if needed.
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Mapped Out [h3 Tislune Greenlands] Starter Area North 10 Miles Black Thorn Village.  Greenland Park square Greenland Forest 14 Miles North East of Black Thorn is a Radiation Zone and Deep Greenland around and past that. Farther North of that is the "Bad Lands" And very north of Tislune is a small port town of Zala. [h3 Zala]
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Story time, perhaps ask one for a plot hook background?


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