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The Devil Lies

By PandaMama
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A new dawn approaches. Vampires have taken over the world and humans are their menu. With most of the humans wiped out when a war broke out among the unnatural world the humans unfortunately lost. They were forced into hiding while the Vampires took over the world making it their own. Of course, there were a few "blood banks" as they liked to call them where humans were held against their will until their last breath but few that wasn't the worse of it. Those who were part of the rebellion have fought their way at some releasing little by little the humans that were healthy enough to leave with them.

Vampires: Part of the main city keeping humans as slaves for their dirty work or as blood blags.

Humans: Most have been captured by the vampires, but some are still free coming up with the revolution to take the world back.
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PandaMamaYuka Kiramei   204d ago

She had never seen the sun. Not once in her life she hadn't. It was just something her royal veins could not handle. If you could even call her that. She wasn't royalty at all just a stepping stool to get there. Her family was important don't get her wrong but if she was able to, she would choose a different path for her. Her four older siblings she couldn't really talk to because they would probably just laugh at her and tell her she was going through a stump. 

Smiling at the last conversation she had with them she'd told them hypothetically about her thoughts, but they passed it on like it was nothing. Ever since she came upon the blood bank there was something turning in her. Being the kind person, she was she didn't like how the vampires were catching the humans and using them. Some looked malnourished so of course they would be skin and bones. No way for them to come back from that. Yuka had heard of the attacks on the blood banks in the outer city but before she could even think of checking it out her father made it very clear she was to stay clear of it. "Not your business." He had said but that only piqued her curiosity.
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